Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Year in Review 2018 - part 2

In some not good news, Cilantro passed away ... and so did Clove and Chicory ...

We did get a new toy called Sheer Fun for Cats and love it still

Junior got caught and his teeth were cleaned

A new spice kitten that we named Annatto joined the foster room

Annatto thought he was tough and was quickly nicknamed Catzilla

Chive and Caraway were both neutered and were going to head up to the adoption center to find their new families except the cages were full so they stuck around for a while longer.

Mom decided it was time to interview a potential new kitten raiser to help socialize, so she brought home Soda...a big FIV+ boy to live in the kitten room.

Plus with the spice boys gone to the adoption center, mom brought home a new tuxedo kitten to keep Annatto and Soda company.....introducing Goldfish (yes, THAT Goldfish)

Mom discovered Soda under the bed one night and kittens running all over and had to install a chain lock on the foster room door since Soda figured out how to open the door.

A certain kitten finally weighed over 2 pounds...and Soda continued on the interview process.

Chanel had her annual vet visit and vaccines, Goldfish was tested and Annatto was retested. Goldfish was negative and upon this retest, so was Annatto.

Soda continued on interviewing, Cardamom was ADOPTED, and Daiquiri tried to give mom a heart attack.

In a change of plans, mom decided to take Soda back up to the adoption center. She came back with a mom and kittens that had been left in a carrier outside the rescue.

Annatto was ADOPTED and the new group of kittens got names - welcome the World Beer Kittens.

Mom had a crisis of conscience and Carling (the momma to the world beer kittens) got moved away from the kittens and into a crate in our living room.

Goldfish was still with us working on her social skills and Carling moved to a partner store.

The kittens got a paper bag to play with and found it to their liking.

We did have to share some sad news when Harp and Kirin suddenly passed away. The rest of the kittens weren't doing very well either but got meds and fluids and lots of purrs.

Fortunately the remaining 4 kittens turned the corner and got better.

For Remember Me Thursday we did a special post about our momma cats.

What's UP???

We did an update on the kittens and their changing personalities.

The kittens rediscovered the paper bag.

Oh - and we discovered that Goldfish had a home all along....with us.

Lots of kitten pictures and more kitten pictures

We met the Comfort Zone people at Blog Paws and got a chance to review their plug ins

We talked about the growing relationship between Goldfish and Chanel

And more kittens

A couple of supporters sent treats and toys and treat bags were made for all adoptions in December

Plus Chanel met Santa Claus

Guinness went to an adoption event and some of the other kittens were placed at partner stores

The smaller kittens were spayed and neutered and moved to a partner store - and we got to meet Mike

Mom put together the ski chalet from last year and Chanel moved right in

Ivy celebrated 10 years with us and Mike met Santa

Daiquiri celebrated 4 years with us


  1. Great fun seeing all the goings on for a year. Lots of kitties should be grateful for taking them in and finding them homes. Have a great day.

  2. Certainly some sadness in the latter half of the year, but we're grateful that so many kittens and cats found safe, happy, forever homes. (Especially Goldfish!)

  3. I loved every thing about this blog's update on all the kittens and the grownup cats too. And the pictures of everyone and the love they all have enjoyed from you.

  4. Too many losses in these six months. That will happen despite the best care - which these cats receive - but it still saddens me. But that picture of Guinness still makes me chuckle.

  5. So much happens in half a year. We didn't realize Goldfish had been with you so long!

  6. What a year! And Goldfish has turned out to be such a cool kitty!

  7. Do you keep a spreadsheet, to keep track of all of your cats?!? Or a chalkboard...

  8. The best news was about Goldfish! We don't know how you guys keep up with all the kitties that come in your house!

  9. So many great memories of last year.

  10. a may bee knot sew much post ree lated commint

    stopping bye with a new yeerz toon
    wood sure bee nice if this waz joon
    coz oh everee thing we bee a wishin…
    weed bee ona boat N due in sum fishin

    happee new yeer frum de frozen tun dra ~ !!

  11. Wow, that's a lot to keep track of! Such a year at your house!


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