Monday, August 28, 2023

Weekend report

 Things are pretty good here. The weather is cooling at least a little bit so that leads to open windows (with our screen inserts to avoid accidents).

 The fruit girls are doing well. Fig and Apricot are ready to go and on Petfinder. Just need space in a store. Lychee is finally big enough she can be spayed when the rescue has a spot.

Fig (back) and Apricot

Daiq and a kitten looking for
leftovers from breakfast


The little Italian city kittens are doing pretty good. Mom has changed their diet a couple of times hoping to get more calories in them. So far so good but mom still worries about them. They are being more active and playful so that's a good sign.

The hope is to move them maybe this week and give them a little more space. 

Monday, August 21, 2023

Names and things


Boba Tea Rex

Fig and Apricot are going to be spayed today. Lychee took longer to gain weight so she'll go in a couple of weeks. The girls will come back for a few days then go to a partner store for adoption.

Mom put a poll up on Instagram & Facebook (make sure to follow us) asking for help naming the new little kittens. They are now 5ish weeks old. They are eating on their own but they are very messy and only interested in canned food so far so it gets everywhere. 

Normally we would try to leave kittens with their mom. But this entire colony, though they have a caregiver, is in rough shape. Their mom and her sister are both trap savvy and hard to catch. But their mom was looking very thin so a decision was made to pull the kittens and the rescue did manage to trap her so she is now spayed. Her sister is next on the list and then there will only be a couple boys left as far as we know.

Since we know they are related to the Italian dessert kittens, we decided to go with Italian cities. (Yes they need another bath - but they are also little and messy so that stay clean for about 90 seconds).

Tortie girl

Orange and white boy

Darker orange boy

Lighter orange boy

They are currently in the play pen but will hopefully get an upgrade when the girls go to the store. 

Monday, August 14, 2023

Blink and it repeats

 The rescue has been trying to help a lady with outdoor cats at her home. A lot of the adultshabe been caught but not all of them yet. Some of trap savvy which makes it hard. This is the spot where the Italian dessert kittens came from.

Well their mom and her sister hadn't yet been caught. The rescue discovered that they both had another litter of kittens. One of the adults has been caught and is being spayed today. Those kittens are now here with us. They keep trying for the other mom. 

These kittens aren't quite as sick as the other kittens. But they do have crusty eyes. Their mom is pretty skinny but hopefully can now focus on caring for herself.

Meet the newbies: 3 boys and 1 girl. Still working on a name theme. They all weigh about a pound which is pretty good. Just need to keep an eye on their eyes and weight.