Friday, January 29, 2021

Muffin videos

 Just a couple of quick videos.

First mom got out a spring toy and Blueberry is obsessed.

Then evidence that dispute his whining to the contrary, Cranberry does start things with his sister. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Almost that time

 Mom hasn't weighed them in the last week, but Cranberry and Blueberry should both be big enough for surgery. 

If you look close, you can see something on her lip. We have a plan to get a vet to look at it but it isn't spreading so not entirely sure what it is.

For those of you have seen them on the web cams, don't believe for a second that Cranberry doesn't deserve the butt kickings he tends to get on a regular basis.

He's back there isn't he?

Monday, January 25, 2021

Goofy girls

 Just a couple of short videos today.

Chanel about once a day gets a case of the crazies. She tends to bounce around the sofa, chase her tail and generally act possessed.

Ivy on the other paw just occasionally gets wound up. She must be feeling good cause she has several times this weekend of running around and chasing toys.

Friday, January 22, 2021

The old lady vet visit

 Ivy is going to be 13 years old this year. Per our vet, she won't be vaccinated any more (she has been regularly up to this point so mom is OK with this decision - please talk to your vet about they recommend based on lifestyle and age). But she still needs annual wellness check ups. Plus it has been 2 years since she had bloodwork done so they did that as well just to give us a good read on where she is health wise.

She weighs in at 10 pounds 4 ounces and no comments from the vet about her weight, so she is good there (she is about the same weight as last year and scores a 3 out of 5 on the body score so she is in good shape). She got her ears cleaned and is on meds for 14 days to get those cleaned up. Yuck. 

Mom was disappointed to hear that Ivy's teeth look pretty bad still. It is frustrating since they were just cleaned and she had some pulled in September. Her gums are pretty inflamed and look painful. So mom has to make some decisions about how to move forward. Certainly she isn't comfortable considering annual dental cleanings based on Ivy's age. 

All of her blood work came back completely normal except for a high globulin level which usually indicates inflammation of some sort. Since we know her teeth are bad, for now the vet is presuming that is the reason. Rather than trying to put a band aid on everything, Ivy is scheduled for total extractions on May 25th. Better to just do it to clear up any issues she is having plus is avoids issues in the future as she gets older.

As a side note, our purple Sleepypod stays on the coffee table at all times. We suggest this to adopters all the time - leave the carrier out so it doesn't become a huge event when you have to pull it out to make a vet visit. There is generally someone asleep in it most of the time. Ivy actually spent most of Monday afternoon napping in it - getting out just before she and mom had to leave. haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Muffin update

 They were weighed on Sunday. Blueberry was 2 pounds 3 ounces and Cranberry was 1 pound 14 ounces. 

snuggled up together
(taken from the web camera)

We don't have a date for surgery yet. Clearly Cranberry doesn't weigh enough yet. Blueberry has a weird thing going on with her lips and we want to keep on eye on that for a little bit to make sure it isn't anything serious.

They are doing great. Love attention, love playing with each other. Cranberry is still pretty whiny when Blueberry chews on him, but he starts it more than half the time so don't feel sorry for him.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Weekend report

 It was cold and snowy here though not much of the white stuff stuck to the ground. Mom mostly stayed home after running a couple of errands. We mostly slept. 

Goldfish on the floor heat vent

Chanel on the cat ladder

Ivy judging

Daiquiri looking for snacks


It's Huzzah
She is now Zhima which means black seasame. Her mom says she is doing great.

And some sad news....
Kale aka Ashoka passed away suddenly
Her mom is a friend and called to tell us

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pet Bloggers Journey

 Another blogger has challenged others and mom decided we need to participate:

Except maybe Ivy

1. When did you begin your blog and what do you currently write about?  

August 10, 2009. We write about fostering kittens, my cats, rescue, education and cats. Ha

2. Name one thing about your blog or one blogging goal accomplished during 2020. 

Mom had a job change in November 2019 so the goal was just to try to keep post in 2020. We had to cut back from every day but managed to keep posting as often as I could.

3. Which 2020 post was most popular? Why do you think it does so well? 

A post about Chanel and Goldfish - and no idea why it got the most views. 

4. Biggest blogging challenge in 2020 and how you tackled it. 

2020 was just weird. It was hard to try to focus on being positive about posting and kittens when the real world was experiencing so many negative things. It helped to remember that people were following us and reading as an escape.

5. One thing you learned in 2020 that can help other bloggers. 

Do what you can. And know that everyone is frustrating with the changes to readership and technology. Focus on what you know and what you feel you can contribute.

6. Top three goals for 2021. 

Get back to a regular schedule. 

7. In a perfect world, where do you see yourself and the blog in one year? 

Honestly, doing the same thing. We never got into this for money or fame or anything like that. For us it is about tracking the kittens that come through here, our personal stories and spreading the word about rescue.

8. If you have $1,000 to spend on your blog, how would you spend it? 

Actually, mom would love to spend it on my foster room. So much of what we write about goes on in there and the room could work so much better. 

9. What is one skill you would like to learn or improve? 

No doubt there is much to learn about SEO and increasing readership and followers.

10. If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with one challenge you're having with your blog, what would it be? 

That's tough. We love being part of this community and we know we can always reach out to fellow bloggers with issues. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

From Texas to Ohio to home

You should remember the Texas Flower kittens that were here last fall. 


We heard from the rescue in Texas, The Never Nix'd Rescue Initiative. These kittens had been born into a feral colony in a rough section of their city. The colony caretaker pulled them and they were in bad shape. The rescue did a great job saving their lives and curing their mange. 

We gave them a good medicated bath once they got to our house and just gave them time and nutrition. 

If you remember, Lantana was slightly more standoffish than her siblings. The family that adopted her says she has adjusted so well and loves everyone including her kitty siblings. As you can see, her fur and body condition looks fabulous. 

We love being able to help other rescues. And we love getting updates and seeing how much progress our kittens have made in their new homes. 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Really Crash

 So some cat....who shall remain nameless....but looks like this:

Got herself in trouble the other day. 

Mom had gone to bed and heard a noise in the kitchen. A lot of noises she will ignore but this sounded like something crashing to the floor, so she got up to check. Things were moved in the basket on the dryer, so mom figured some cat (probably Daiquiri or Goldfish since they were "casually" walking away as mom came down the hall) had grabbed the edge of a bag and pulled. 

She turned to go back to bed and heard another noise. Her eyes adjusted and....there was a cat on the counter. With her front feet in the sink. Who then flicked a paw covered in water at mom. RUDE!

Mom considers herself pretty lucky in that we stay off of the kitchen counter. Though in our defense she isn't the best housekeeper so there is stuff up there we might run into. However, if you remember Chanel's run in with the momma cat, we know she can get up there since that is how she got IN the foster room. But she still got a lecture about staying off the counter.....

The kittens continue to do well. Mom needs to weigh them this weekend and they just got another vaccine. Right now it is just about feeding them, letting them play and keeping them social.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021


 The kittens are doing great. Thankfully they've gotten the hang of being self cleaning. Mom has been leaving the airlock open during the day while she works since they aren't tall enough to get over it (yet). Daiquiri likes to go over to clean the plates. Chanel can't figure out how to get over so she lays in front and flirts with the kittens.

This right here is the face of trouble. She would be to differ. But mom has chased her around the condo more than once. And this one likes to chomp on her brother to make him cry.

This would be the crybaby. He could fight back. He could run away. Instead he lays there and howls while she smacks or bites his tail.

Jail break fail