Monday, October 22, 2018

weekend report

Ivy has no shame
Also, we think she may do this just to tease the other cats since no one else has mastered this particular maneuver.

a girl and her spring toy

We were abandoned. Have no fear though - mom got home yesterday and the nice ladies from the pet sitting service come over a couple of times per day to make sure we are taken care of with food and water. We would say with attention too, but Daiquiri and Junior both hide and Ivy sits several feet away from them and just glares. Thank goodness for Chanel and the kittens or those ladies wouldn't get ANY kitty love here. 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Random Fridays

Hello? Internets peoples? It is I, Guinness. You may kiss the nose.

Saporro would prefer you not kiss him

Marzen would prefer you make some other kittens disappear

Goldfish just sits and judges

Mom had to laugh the other night. Daiquiri was chasing one of her favorite spring toys up and down the hall in a lively game of fetch. Chanel of course had to "help" and the toy disappeared. As mom watched, Chanel sat on the floor, shifting her weight back and forth, licking a back foot and looking generally uncomfortable. Just as mom was about to get up to check her out, Chanel stood up and....revealed she had been sitting on the spring. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

kitten chaos

Kilkenny looks like he doesn't approve of Guinness
but...that is just his eye bothering him. MOL

so cute....and judgy (Goldfish)

how YOU doing? (Peroni)

a good spot to supervise - and knock things off the shelf (Marzen)

that trackball is a very favorite toy among every group we have

Remarkably, everyone is getting along fairly well. It isn't uncommon for mom to check the camera during the day and see at least a couple of kittens piled up taking naps together.

Balashi could use some notice on Monday that he was drooling some and that can be a sign of a virus. She took him to the rescue to be looked over and the head of the rescue decided to keep him a couple of days just to minimize exposing his cooties to the other kittens (really that ship has sailed, but keeping him separate also allows us to be sure he is eating and doing better). We should get him back soon. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

the cliff hanger

Friday we left with you a teaser....

Our plan last week was to have Saporro and Kilkenny neutered (that happened) and then go up to the adoption center. That part didn't happen. Mom checked everyone on Friday afternoon and Kilkenny's one eye was weepy and red. Which means everyone probably has been exposed to something - if the boys went up to the adoption center, they would be back pretty quickly due to illness. Better to keep them here and have them get over it.

However, rather than leave Peroni and Marzen by themselves, mom was talking to another set of volunteers and they talked about mom taking their bottle baby. They got a call over a month ago to get a tiny kitten in danger. They took him and he is now about 5 weeks old. Like most bottle babies, he now needs to be with other kittens to learn how to "cat". In the meantime, someone brought in a single 5 week old kitten they found in a parking lot. Mom agreed to take both boys.


Balashi (Aruba beer) - our parking lot baby

Guinness - the bottle baby

Guinness has NO capacity to stand still. Unless he is sleeping, he is on the run. He is doing pretty well with the other kittens but LOVES mom as like with most bottle babies, he is very people centered.
Balashi is kind of shy. If you follow us on social media, he was the boy on Friday that was hiding behind the bird house. Fortunately it only took a couple of days for him to come down and hang out with the other kittens. He is ok with being handled (though he was hissy that first day). He is definitely shyer than the other kittens though.

So the plan was to let Goldfish out into the house and then be down to 4 kittens in the kitten room. Of course, no one actually pays any attention to mom's plans, so Goldfish won't come out of the foster room and that has us at 7 kittens in there. Marzen has had a few days of being grumpy about the new comers, but has gotten over himself. Goldfish is being very good with the babies.

Oh....and the couple that raised Guinness sent him to us with his blanket. He likes it....a lot

Friday, October 12, 2018

Random Fridays

Not only do the kittens have a paper bag, but we do too. appears that Ivy didn't get the memo about what you should be doing with the bag. This is her favorite use.

Peroni spends a lot of time being shocked and amazed. She also spends a great deal of time plotting how to get out of the kitten room. Mom has a routine now - bend down, ease open the door, grab the tiny kitten, tell Goldfish to back up, enter the room, let go of the tiny squirming kitten.

Kilkenny and Sapporo were neutered yesterday. Marzen is technically big enough, but had a goopy eye and mom just doesn't have the patience to argue with the clinic. Besides, since the two boys are ready to go, they will head up to the adoption center and mom didn't want to have to listen to Peroni's version of the "I am very lonely" song from the foster room.

Mom also got Goldfish caught Thursday morning so she went to be spayed as well. Mom dropped her off that evening and Goldfish will move on to her next adventure.

Which it turns out is living here. Mom dropped her off at the clinic and spent all day considering the options. By the pick up time, mom decided Goldfish had spent the vast majority of her life here. So now she can stay.

Oh....and we have a surprise for you next week. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

paper bag

the expression on their faces is hilarious

Mom put a paper bag in the kitten room a while ago. At first everyone was afraid of it. Now they love it - especially Marzen and Sapporo. Of course, as with all things and kittens, the bag has now seen better days and mom may have to get them a new one.

he is cute and he knows it

Today we have two videos - these two monkeys were just having so much fun with that bag.

Monday, October 8, 2018

weekend report

 checking out the toy basket
The hots came back over the weekend. It was in the mid-80s all weekend so mom closed the windows again and turned the air conditioner back on (while muttering some choice words about mother nature). It is supposed to be warm for the first part of the week then rumor has it we may get some fall weather again.

Marzen (above) and Saporro (below) are both sweet boys. They are curious and can be loved on until they decide they have other things to do in the room.

Kilkenny is a tougher nut to crack. He prefers to sit across the room and yet mom will grab him and love on him and he purrs. It may be time to break out some baby food or something as a bribe.

The boys are around 2 pounds but with the health issues they had, mom is holding off a couple of more weeks before getting them neutered.

Miss tiny Peroni continues to be her outgoing social self. Mom has taken her a couple of places to visit people. They love her even though her curiosity is overwhelming and she constantly makes it clear she has places to go and things to check out.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Random Fridays

that paper bag is still pretty popular

poor Marzen - he is pretty friendly but the camera freaks him out

still working on getting Kilkenny to ask for pets, 
but he doesn't mind it if you grab him

Saporro is a sweet boy

Just realized no Peroni picture...huh.

The kittens continue to do well. Mom doesn't have big plans for the weekend except for a few hours of yelling at the football games on Saturday. Otherwise she plan to spend some time with the kittens. The big annual fundraiser for the rescue is on Sunday and mom plans to go to that, but otherwise it should be fairly quiet around here. Mom did say that Chanel needs an outing, so maybe a coffee run.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

what's up

they like to be UP on the Kitty Kasa in the foster room

Marzen is pretty sure there is some cat UP there
and on the other side of the door

poor Peroni - everything is UP when you are tiny

Goldfish likes to be up on the cabinet

Goldfish is a whole other matter. As mom told the head of the rescue, Goldfish isn't getting better, she is just getting older. Mom can pet her maybe twice WHILE she is eating and then no more. If she isn't eating, there is no touching. Mom says we need another house feral (Junior) like we need a hole in our heads. The plan for now is to catch Goldfish one morning (haha), put her in the live trap, get her spayed and microchipped and ear tipped (just in case) and then the head of the rescue is going to take her. Miss M lives further out and away from traffic in case Goldfish gets out of her house. Goldfish has been attempting to get out of the foster room and that makes mom nervous enough. Honestly, we had better hopes for her and feel bad that her options are limited now that she has been living in a house for so long. But if she can't adjust to people, she isn't adoptable. Mom feels like she has failed, though if there is blame to go around it is the person that never got the momma cat spayed. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

weekend report

Junior was acting as guardian of the hallway. It never ends well as Ivy will have to walk past him and name calling will ensue. 

It was a supremely lazy weekend around here. Mom spent Saturday getting stuff down around the condo and spent Sunday doing....nothing!!! Chanel thought that was a great idea.

If mom would have realized how much time kittens would spend BEHIND the bird house, she would have put it up there differently. Goldfish likes to sleep up there but the little kittens tend to run up there to hide if something startles them. The trash truck, mom throwing a box down the steps, the vacuum cleaner....if it is scary, the birdhouse is the place to be.

Mom was trying to get pictures....Peroni was NOT helping. That camera strap is fascinating. Mom hasn't weighed the boys, but she did weigh Peroni on Friday. She weighs....just over a pound. No doubt she lost some weigh while all of them were sick, but she is still about half the size of the boys.

Ivy has gotten much friendlier with the weather change and decided she sometimes wants to be a lap cat....
32 seconds with Ivy

Friday, September 28, 2018

Random Friday

Junior likes to sleep IN the house
Chanel decided she could do one better and 
sleep UNDER the house

Just the girls hanging around
Ivy, Chanel and Daiquiri

skeptical - very very skeptical
Mom has no idea what she is going to do with this girl. She has been able to touch her a couple of times, but she still flinches and run. Oh - and Goldfish has a new hobby....hanging by the door to the foster room and making like she wants to escape. Mom is contemplating putting her in our trap next week and dropping her off to be spayed and making sure she gets an ear tip (and microchip just in case). The thing mom worries about is that Goldfish has now been inside so long that could she really be safely released?? Mom is going to have to talk to the head of the rescue and make some decisions.

Mom has been very grateful for our foster web cams (there are tabs at the top of the website you can click on to see what is happening at any given moment). After last week, she says it has been a huge relief to be able to check in - especially if she can catch all the kittens playing. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Remember Me Thursday

Thanks to Lola the Rescued Cat and Three Chatty Cats for hosting the blog hop.

#RememberMeThursday was started in 2013 to shine a light on pets in shelters needing homes. While the numbers are not as bad as they used to be, reports state that almost 3 million adoptable pets lose their lives every year in shelters....just because they can't find a home. 

While some promote adoption - and we are certainly in favor of that - we want to talk about spay and neuter. While adoptions reduce numbers, the sheer number of animals coming INTO shelters needs to be brought down. Spay/Neuter is the best way to do that....

Meet the momma cats of 2018:
Carling is a 5 year old calico
*she is looking for her forever home

Delphi is a 1 year old dilute tortoiseshell
*she is looking for her forever home

Cardamom is a 1 year old tuxedo
*she has already been adopted

These are just the moms of this year - between them they had 16 kittens. We don't know if Cardamom and Delphi have had previous litters...though it is possible. We HAVE to presume that Carling has had many previous litters. Just those numbers alone are scary. Now imagine they hadn't come into rescue. Three of the 16 kittens were girls. Those plus the moms continue to reproduce. Suddenly it goes from scary to staggering. Plus 2 single kittens with no moms - so who knows where they are and if they are going to be spayed.

Some of our 2017 numbers to consider:
  • 10 kittens with no mom that was brought in
  • 5 mom cats fostered
  • 16 kittens between 5 moms

There are things you can do: 
  1. Get involved with a local rescue. If they don't have an onsite clinic, we bet they would love offers to help transport animals back and forth for surgery. 
  2. Spread the word - you can search "low cost spay" on any search engine or the ASPCA has a searchable database
  3. Try some TNR - there is nothing more satisfying that hearing a door snap shut and knowing that you are helping control the local population. Keep talking about it - spread the word in your town and on social media.
  4. Support your local rescue with donations - we bet they have a wish list on their website.
We are making a difference....let's keep up the good work.

Monday, September 24, 2018

weekend and kitten report

Ivy, Chanel and Daiquiri
 The girls and Junior spent the weekend lazing around the house. The heat broke Friday night and it was in the 60s (F) here over the weekend. Lovely sleeping weather for us and for mom.

Mom and Chanel got a chance to go out Saturday and met up with an online friend who also fosters Fellmeth's Fosters. Miss L and Mr C were on vacation in our area. Everyone met up for coffee and a quick tour of the rescue's facility. (you always know great rescue people when they are excited to see other rescue set ups)

Kilkenny and Sapporo
*you gotta watch that tuxedo guy - he's a little food possessive

*mom needs to remember to get her picture with an "object" for size

Marzen and Kilkenny
*mom saw this from the kitchen. 
they are just ridiculously cute

Thanks for the condolences last week. It was hard for us and other fosters we know, including Miss Connie and some others from Instagram, that had some losses last week too, so it was hard all around.

Fortunately, the four other kittens and Goldfish are doing well. Peroni is still tiny but everyone is eating really well and gaining weight. In fact, they have gone through a case of small cans in about 6 days. Yikes!! But mom says she will get more food if it means they gain weight and get better.

Marzen, Peroni and Sapporo are all very friendly. Kilkenny is a little shy but doing better. Mom has been able to touch Goldfish a couple of times but she is still very skittish.