Tuesday, January 30, 2018

nip nanner

 Chanel's sister Cupcake has apparently learned all about catnip and decided to send her sister Chanel a nip nanner in order to check it out. Considering how Chanel reacts to some other things, mom wasn't really sure how she would react to catnip.

Mom threw out the nanner and Daiquiri was RIGHT there. Chanel walked by and gave it a sniff. Gave it another sniff. Then walked away.

still not sure

Well, that was a bust. Everyone else has been enjoying the nanner...especially Daiquiri. Chanel...not so much. Maybe that will change over time. Maybe....

Monday, January 29, 2018

weekend report

Daiquiri saw what you did there.

It was a pretty quiet weekend here. Mom was supposed to go to Tennessee but our grandma called on Thursday and said she thought she had a stomach bug. Mom cancelled the pet sitter but decided to still keep her Monday off from work (so she is home today). Then grandma called on Friday and said that her physical therapist told her she more likely had vertigo from the metal device in her neck...he tweaked something and TADA she was cured. Oh well....

Sigourney went to a partner store on Saturday. Another volunteer drove her out and got her set up. Miss Sarah said Sig was great on the drive and walked right into the cage at Petsmart. Hopefully she will get adopted quickly. Miss Sarah promised to give her a good write up and Sig is online. The only concern mom has is that the Petsmart stores had glass front windows on the cages. While this is a nice protection, it does keep people from interacting with the cats as much. We will keep you posted.

In the mean time, it is WAY cold and still winter here. Probably no kittens any time soon. But stay tuned...you never know.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Random Friday

Well, it is about that time (OK - probably past time, but whatever). Sigourney isn't going to get adopted hanging around our living room - though she is posted online. She is off today back to the rescue and then will go to one of the partner stores. She is going to one that does a pretty brisk adoption rate, so hopefully her family will find her quickly. Good luck tiny girl - it has been a pleasure.

Mom posted on Cats Going Places about getting a stroller for Chanel.
She hasn't made any final decisions, but is leaning toward getting one. It would just be so much easier since some princess has decided she won't walk but likes to jump out of the cart.

Our friend Summer posted yesterday about clicker training for cats. Mom got an app for her phone that she would like to start using with Chanel. However, bring out treats and all of us show up. She is trying to figure out a quiet place to work with Chanel without too many distractions. (cause heaven knows that kitten is distracted enough all on her own)

Stay warm people - it is actually supposed to be a little bit nicer here this weekend. Mom was supposed to go to Tennessee to visit family, but our grandma has the stomach bugs so mom is staying home.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Simply Shreds by Wellness Core

We got to review the Wellness Core Simply Shreds this month from Chewy.com.

They come 12 to a package. And have just 3 ingredients - chicken, chicken broth and water. That's it.

Mom pulled out the try she uses for kittens to see how many cats she could attract.
This is two pouches worth.
Word of warning - there is a good deal of broth and mom kind of got it
all over herself opening the pouches. Proceed over a sink. MOL

Looks like we have a few takers

Yep - it's a hit

Even got Spud to come out to check it out

Ivy probably would have enjoyed some, but she is still ticked off at mom for the ongoing ear cleaning episodes, so she didn't make an appearance. Sigourney said she was happy to fill in for her. That said, we give it a resounding 5 paws up...cause - CHICK-HEN!!

Mom says that she likes the idea that it is a single ingredient and may get more to keep on hand if she needs to entice us or foster kittens to eat.

**thanks to Chewy for the free product. Getting it does not influence our review. All opinions stated here are our own. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


With the weather being a little bit nicer this weekend, mom decided to get Chanel out of the house. Up until now they have just visited pet stores, but mom learned a local garden center is pet friendly (she should have known this considering they have adopted garden cats from the rescue) and decided to try that.

Chanel took it upon herself (again) to jump from the cart, so mom let her check out the plants from floor level for a while. She never really walked around to see what was going on - just sat there blocking traffic.

one of the garden cats
she was polite, but did a good airplane ears

Mom finally put her back in the cart and they continued looking around. The garden center was still getting their Christmas stuff packed up and it is WAY too cold here for spring planting, so there really wasn't much to check out. However, the clerks were all very nice and excited to see Chanel coming in for a visit, so once things get nicer out, mom plans to make another visit and check out everything inside plus their outdoor spaces as well. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

weekend report

It was nice weather this weekend. Finally. Of course it is January, so it won't last long, but we enjoyed it while we could.
 Chanel loves to "sneak up" on Daiquiri and then lay next to her.

Thank heaven for sun puddles. We will take what we can get while we can. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Random Fridays

Miss Connie asked WHAT the update on Ivy's ear was from the vet. Well....it looked good. She wants mom to keep using the meds once per week and then we will get her rechecked in another month or so. That said, mom checked Ivy's ear the other day and it is all crusty again. Sigh....  Cause the princess is such a great patient.

Mom has been doing some serious worrying about our feral girl Allie. With the weather being so cold, she worries about every animal left outside of course. Allie has been sticking around the garage more in this weather with the cold and the snow. She is now around 8 years old though she certainly looks pretty healthy. Mom is making sure to put warm water in her bowl every morning and plenty of food out. If mom catches her right in the area, she will put canned out too but doesn't want to leave it to just freeze. She even has a few different beds set up in different places. Allie must be getting a little used to mom as the past couple of morning she didn't even leave her bed when mom got in the car to leave for work.
in warmer weather

Mom has been thinking about maybe trying to trap her, get her vaccines updated, get her retested and microchipped. However, the other day the garage door wasn't cooperating (mom leaves it up about 6 inches to let Allie come and go). It went up, then down, then up, then down....Allie finally freaked out and RAN!! So now mom worries that trapping her and bringing her inside would just freak her out that much more. It is tough to love a feral knowing that so many things can happen to her that are outside of our control.

If you are anywhere near central Ohio tonight, be sure to stop in to the Amazing Cat Show III at 400 West Rich St. There will be some very cool art on sale along with other things, all supporting Colony Cats and TNR efforts in Franklinton. Mom will be there upstairs along with adoptable cats.

And now.....for the moment you have all been waiting for......how much does Sigourney weigh??

According to the official vet records, she weighs 6 pounds, 8 ounces and is about 3 years old (mom REALLY doubts the age part though).

Our winner - closest without going over - is: Amanda P 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

a cutie update

It hasn't been that long since our Texas boy Bristol was adopted, but mom got an email the other day from his new mom with an update and pictures to share. His name is now Archie and his new mom says he is just the sweetest thing. He loves to play and cuddle with anyone he can pin down.

Thanks to A for the update....we love seeing our former fosters in their forever homes!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Miss Sigourney goes to be spayed today. Mom thought it might be fun to run a quick contest. We have said all along that she is tiny, but just how tiny IS she?? Leave your guess in the comments and the person closest to Sig's weight without going over will win a little prize from us. Include your best guess at her age too in case we get duplicate guesses. We will take guesses through midnight on Wednesday and announce the winner on Thursday.

Monday, January 15, 2018

weekend update

Well, it got cold again. Plus we got some snow Friday night into Saturday. Fortunately mom didn't have anything going on, so she spent a good part of the weekend doing....nothing. We thought that was a good plan so we joined her in her plans.
 There is a heat vent under that scratcher. It is a popular place to nap.

Mom has had fun watching Chanel and Sigourney play over the weekend. Sig is a very sweet girl and should be available for adoption by the end of the week.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Random Fridays

It was nice while it lasted...it warmed up for a couple of days and now back to cold and possible snow.

Looks like Sig has the right idea.

Mom has been sick most of the week and not online much so we apologize if we missed anything on your blogs.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

TBT and good news

Do you recognize this face?

What about now?

Yep - that is Panache. She came to us from a hoarding case with her 3 kittens. Panache went from our house to a partner store but her eyes were runny and so one of the volunteers took her for a couple of weeks. After determining that basic meds aren't going to clear up her eyes, Panache came to the partner store where mom cleans. Mom hadn't seen her in a couple of months and Panache had filled out and grown out a lovely long coat.

Then this past weekend there was an application for Panache. Mom spent some time talking to the lady and they met on Sunday and sent Panache home. Mom explained about hoarding situations and everything...turns out that the lady previously owned a dog that had come from a puppy mill. Mom told her to think about them as being very similar when it comes to people interactions.

Mom did get a text on Sunday afternoon and Panache was out and checking out her new space and seemed very comfortable.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

book review

One of our cat lady friends Miss Bonnie is an author and asked if mom would be willing to review an anthology that she put together of cat stories.

The Fantastic Felines Heroes is available through bundle rabbit and a 10% donation will be made to Blind Cat Rescue or Milo's Sanctuary for every purchase.

Mom loves a good anthology and this contains 11 stories from different authors. There are a couple advantages to anthologies....you get several short stories and introductions to authors that you may not have read before. And since mom is always on the lookout for new authors to add to her reading list, this is a great opportunity for her.

Mom had a few favorites.... Poison Paw was interesting and she is going to look into reading more in that series. Gilroy and the Kitten was adorable and made mom laugh.

Mom says she gives it 2 thumbs up. Most of these stories are science fiction or urban fantasy type books (which mom enjoys). If you are looking for a nice series of short stories....that gives back to cats....this is a great option.

*disclosure: mom got the anthology free of charge but that did not affect her opinion. all opinions in this review are her own.

Monday, January 8, 2018

weekend report

There was a local Petsmart opening this past weekend and mom decided to take Chanel out. It is still very cold here so mom made a quick run from the car to the store with Chanel. We actually saw another kitty in the store as well as adoptable kitties from 3 different rescues - including Colony. There were give aways - including cat ears. There were coupons also so mom got a bag of food for Allie along with some treats for us and a new ESS scratcher.
 That orange kitty is Pumkpkin who was available with the rescue. She was actually adopted and went home Saturday evening.

Chanel was a big hit as always. People were surprised to see her and she got lots of attention. Thankfully she rides in the cart so she was only seen by a couple of dogs.

Mom did get a surprise at one point. There was a cricket on the floor as mom was talking to a store clerk. The clerk grabbed the cricket and put it back in the container. Chanel however had already caught sight of it but didn't see it leave. She launched herself OUT OF THE CART and landed on the floor (have we mentioned her nickname is Crash?). No harm done but she did spend a bit of time looking for the missing bug. Mom does make sure she always has a grip on the leash, so other than going over the side, Chanel wasn't going too far after that. But mom certainly got a shock since Chanel has never done anything like that before.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Random Fridays

We got snow last weekend. Chanel was a little fascinated by that, but what really got her attention was the truck that plowed out the driveways.

It is BITTER cold here. Mom worries most about Allie our feral girl - fortunately we have a nice set up in the garage. Still cold, but out of the wind. Mom has been taking down warm water to fill the bowl twice per day. It still freezes, but at least for a short period of time there is available water. Allie seems to be hanging around and mom has caught her a couple of time in a warm crate with bedding as mom comes into the garage. Allie is just so fearful of people....mom has thought about trying to catch her and bring her inside but fears it would very much back fire.

Just a short post today.....we know it is cold all over. PLEASE check on animals and the elderly. A lot of states are now implementing restrictions on companion animals being outside, so check with your local authorities and report people if they are leaving pets outside. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Since mom was home for a long weekend this past weekend and Sigourney won't be spayed until the 16th, mom decided to let her out into the house and see what happened with the rest of us. It took a little while, and while Daiquiri still occasionally hisses at Sig if she gets too close, Chanel is having a good time with her here. It was interesting to see Sig next to Chanel....wow is Sig tiny.

mom had left the carrier out on Friday since Ivy
had a vet appointment on Saturday.

Sig has been doing very well. Fortunately she has been here long enough in the foster room so everyone has smelled each other through the doors. Chanel has already snuck into the room a few times but mom suspected it would go ok.

By the end of the weekend, everyone was getting along great. Sigourney is so very sweet that we suspect she will make an easy adjustment into a new family. All we have to do is get her spayed and she will be ready to go. She has been sleeping peacefully on the bed at night, hanging out around the house and getting in some good lap time.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

video Wednesday

Mom obviously wants to keep Chanel social and going places. However, the weather here this past weekend was....miserable (and still is miserable). Temperatures in the teens and several inches of snow. Since mom wasn't running errands much, Chanel got to make a trip to the v-e-t with Ivy. Ivy got her ear checked and terrorized a new vet tech. Chanel ran around the room and charmed everyone. She now weighs 7 pounds 4 ounces (mom swears that has to be low).

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Year in Review - Part 2

Miss Julie gave us a camper at Blog Paws and the rat pack kittens put it to the test. We got to know Panache and her kittens better. We talked about cat guys. It was not only the summer of tuxedo kittens, it was the summer of one eyed tuxedo kittens as Romero and Rooney lost one eye each to infection. The rat pack kittens got new collars so mom had a better chance of telling them apart in pictures. We got close up pictures of the #littlekittens Mallard, Foxy and Fish. Chanel went up to the adoption center but wasn't adopted.

We did a Q and A about FIV in cats. Bogart, Flynn and Romero went up to the adoption center. Panache and the kittens got new housing arrangements. We posted about the rat pack girls. It was our 9th year blogoversary. Romero got adopted. Mom took Rooney and Harlow to an adoption event - upon their return to the house they got free run and Panache and the kittens got moved to the foster room. Flynn and Bogart were adopted together. Bacall stuck around the house getting over a cold. There was a minor mystery in the foster room.

Bacall went up to the adoption center and got adopted the next day. Mom took Lark and the songbird kittens - unfortunately they were all pretty sick and after going back to the rescue, they passed away. We posted some pictures showing how remarkable how much like Panache that Mallard looks. Foxy got adopted. Mom played musical cats and Rooney got adopted. Fish got adopted as well. We picked up the #berrykittens as well. Mozart turned 11 years old.

Mom took a long weekend to visit family and they all took out a pontoon boat for a day. When she got home she picked up 4 kittens rescued from Houston after Hurricane Harvey (Bristol, Shiner, Amarillo and Marfa). Mom went to visit Chanel...and ended up bringing her home. On the 6th, our elder statesman Tommy passed away with mom's help at the vet. Unfortunately later that week, Cranberry of the berry kittens passed away as well. The Texas kittens got their names and continued to charm mom. Chanel got a harness and started making trips out in public with mom. Harlow got adopted. On the 25th mom had to make the decision to take Mozart to the vet to euthanize him after a cancer diagnosis.

We kicked off the month with some VERY good news - Millie, mom to the design kittens, was adopted. Blueberry and the Texas kittens got a cold so there was snot in the foster room.The Texas gangsters decided Blueberry was fun to pick fights with on a regular basis. Chanel continued to go out and about with mom and got to meet someone interesting one day. Blueberry was finally ready to go up to the adoption center. There was a Texas kitten update and mom posted about our new log cabin house. And after several weeks, the Texas kittens were packed off for surgery.


Mom had pictures taken of Chanel for Christmas at a fundraiser for a local rescue. We got more back story on the Texas kittens before they came up here after Hurricane Harvey. After surgery and a weekend of adoption events, the Texas kittens were supposed to head up to the adoption center to find their forever homes. Blueberry was adopted on the 6th. On the day the Texas kittens were to get set up at the adoption center, Amarillo started to drool and there was random sneezing, so back to the house. They went back into the foster room but managed to pull a Houdini and escaped....gaining them access to the house full time. However, after a few days Chanel wasn't very happy about all 4 kittens being out, so they headed back up to the adoption center since no one was acting sick. Sigourney and Weaver came to us as new fosters for the end of the year. All four Texas kittens were adopted pretty quickly. Weaver continued to charm mom and Ivy had a vet check for her ear. We got our Secret Paws box. Unfortunately the year ended on a sad note when mom got a call from the pet sitter that Weaver had passed away while mom was out of town.