Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Let's see

Still stuck at home together. Rumor has it mom will be here through at least the end of May. We have mixed feelings about this....

The kittens are doing well. Mom wasn't sure all of them were eating canned food as she was seeing one black kitten and one bicolor kitten so wasn't sure who was who.

However....she caught all of them eating the other night. A couple of the black and white girls have to be shown the plate but mom feels better knowing they aren't just relying in nursing. Especially since Ree seems to have mixed feelings about it: she sometimes growls yet the other day woke them all up for a snack.
She is very very sweet
But she is super skinny too

A discovery was made
This is the bicolor boy.
He shall be Spatula

They love this Kasas

Mom can't tell the black kittens apart
But she checked when she took the picture
This is the boy

The kittens are SUPER friendly. They climb all over mom when she is in there. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Kitten report

Everyone is doing well. Momma Ree is fairly young. She tends to like the kittens then not like the kittens. Ha. The kittens are bright and active and growing. So not sure if they are bitey or mom is already done being a mom. Don't tell her she has a while.

Mom got to see the Spartan boys on Saturday. They are all growing like mad and their families day they are doing great.

Friday, April 24, 2020

New kittens

Mom was at the rescue on Wednesday and saw kittens. Apparently someone else was supposed to take them but didn't show up so mom got them.

Momma cat plus 6 kittens. Momma is young and curious but taking good care. The kittens are probably close to 4 weeks old based on their coordination (or lack there of) but are small for that age (ranging from 10 to 13 ounces). 4 girls, 2 boys. 2 black (1 girl 1 boy) 4 black and white.

There has been a naming thing in waiting (cause mom thinks she's funny).

Meet Ree and the kitchen kittens: Pot and Kettle (the black kittens), Whisk, Skillet, Griddle and Spatula. (Thanks to Cupcake's head peep for the names for the black laughed hysterically)

Monday, April 20, 2020


Mom is still working from home. Rumor is things may start reopening but no firm plans and no news from her work.

If you don't follow us on social media (and why not?), we announced on Saturday that Winston and Tillman were adopted...together!! The family has an 18 month old human kid so the 3 boys will grow up together.

In the meantime we refuse to allow mom to screw with our naps...

Monday, April 13, 2020

Kittens are weird

The boys were all neutered today. Thankfully one of our local mobile clinics has sufficient equipment to do some surgeries. For a rescue this is a huge deal.

No Langford pictures because.....he got adopted. A nice young couple wanted an,outgoing kitten and he was a good fit. They report he took a couple hours to adjust and them acted like he had been there the entire time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Well that might have been a mistake.

Mom let the boys out of the foster room for a while the last few days. Ivy is pretending nothing is going on. Daiquiri is growling at them if they get too close. Chanel and Goldfish are treating them like new fun cat toys.

The boys are having fun running up and down the steps and the hallway.

They are all over 2 pounds but surgery dates are up in the air. Once that happens we know they will get adopted quickly as we've had lots of people looking for kittens.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Wand toy fun

The kittens are all doing well. Tillman is just over 2 pounds with Winston and Langford around 2.4 pounds. The struggle right now for rescues is not having access to spay/neuter clinics so they will be here a little while.

Mom broke out the wand toy and Langford was a fan. It took Winston and Tillman a little bit to get into it but once they did, it was game on.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Family time

It's been interesting have mom home fore over a week now. Lucky for us she's pretty quiet....except the occasional HBO words. MOL

We've been just doing our normal thing, though mom caught us sleeping in close quarters yesterday.

The boys are doing well. Mom got Tillman to purr the other day though she still has to grab him to love on him. In the meantime they are playing and being boys.
(Sorry...bad video from the web cam)