Friday, September 30, 2011

Who knew you could get THAT in the mail???

First - Kiari and Cloud update: fecal...negative. We are stumped. The vet is supposed to call mom this afternoon. Oh - and we are sure they looked nervous yesterday - they were still at the v-e-t when mom got the picture on her phone. And this was BEFORE the b-a-t-h......
      11am updte: Just got a call from the vet - and it was LESS than satisfactory. She kept saying - we would normally recommend hospitalization with antibiotics and iv fluids. Really?? That is your best answer. No good reason for anything else...ok, except to say that they could have a parasite that just didn't show up as it might not be shedding. I live this vet office, but this is the first time I have dealt with this particular vet and I am less than impressed right now. So, antibiotics at home and metronidizole (I know I spelled that wrong).

Mom was home sick yesterday....she had a case of the "blahs" and the sinus thing plus finding Sora. Of course, there wasn't any rest to be had around here - the condo association was replacing our roof. It sounded like we were being invaded by rabid woodpeckers - it was loud enough on its own but the sound made all of us run around like mad or try to hide. Mom went to work this morning cause it is the end of the month, but we suspect she may be home sooner than later. Seems half the office has been sick and she was hoping to avoid it.....appears that may not have worked

As to the mail - we knew you could get some strange things from Amazon, but this is new:


(no kittens were actually shipped to create these pictures
(not that a few adult kittehs weren't tempted) but those boys sure love this box)

OK, and one last thing. In the auction to help Annie, mom bid on some soap from Pricilla. They came in the mail the other day and smell AWESOME!!!! Mom was very excited and used the first bar this morning!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

quick update....

Combo test (fiv/felv) was negative. CBC was normal. Fecal test back tomorrow. We are treating them for parasites. Both got a bath (didn't go well....MOL) and treatment for fleas.  Paws crossed.....

Another kitten

Sora died this morning. (he is the kitten on the right)

They did test and it isn't panleukopenia (distemper) but the vet doesn't understand why this is going on. I have a text out to the rescue.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How rude.....

Well, mom set the live trap again for the calico. Apparently there are two of them at the end of the road and the one doesn't look so hot. Mom was going to trap last week but it rained most nights. So, last night she went out later and set the trap with the gushy fuds in it. And this morning she went to check.....the trap door was - UP. sigh...and then she looked closer...and that darned big calico was sitting about 4 feet from the front of the trap!!!! Now mom is on a mission. She thought later to get a picture but forgot the camera was in the car. Anyhow, she put the plate of food in front of the trap after springing the door and will try again tonight.

Note from yesterday: yes, that was Mac falling very ungracefully from the condo. Goofy boy. :)

The gray kits are doing better. They are TWO containers of food this morning. Mom is going to have to shop tomorrow again.....She treated the fleas, so hopefully we can get everything under control...and then they get another bath. MOL

Sora (bottom) & Cloud

Mom was trying to get pictures of them together. She wasn't having much luck but the outtakes are cute:

Yes, that is the girl, Kairi, trying to make a run for it in the first 2 pics. sigh......

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend wrapup....

Mo: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Mom broke out the treats yesterday a couple of times - even though I did have to share. Oh, and I tried to help her with her back (a muscle in her back seized up on Saturday - she is doing better today).

The gray kittens are doing better and eating like mad. found fleas on them again - thought we had fixed that. Now she is wondering if that isn't causing some of the problem so she treated that and is checking about another med for parasites. But - they are active and yelling to be fed, so that is great. We are glad you guys are purring for them....

Mac, Troy & Trevor are having a blast together. Still no floor space, but mom is going to ask about putting them on the website until they go back. It has been done before, so she is going to check. Mac is still the most uncoordinated kitten she has met - nothing wrong with him though - she tells people he is like that teenage boy who grows 6 inches over the summer and just doesn't have any grace yet.

Mom drove a couple of transports this weekend. The one on Sunday was planned but the one on Saturday (the kittens) was a last minute thing since one of the drivers was bitten by a spider (yuck). Mom says everyone was great travelers this weekend - no drooling and no barking. MOL

Lulu - 4 month old and blind

Monte - 2 yrs old and lost an eye

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mozart!!!

We know what you are thinking....isn't kitten season usually in the spring? Then how is it that most of us have fall birthdays??? weird right.....

Anyhow, Mozart, house panther extraordinaire is 5 years old. You can read his first post here.

Mom hates to admit she has favorites, but Mo might be her favorite. He is the official door greeter and in fact has to be shut up when any workers come over since he wants to help. Never met a stranger - and yet has the word "caution" on his medical file after he tried to bite the vet, the tech, and mom the last time he was vaccinated.

Plus, Mozart is our additional reminder about Petfinder's Less Adoptable Animal Week.  Mo is a black cat - strike one. And if has a corneal scar on his left eye that causes some sight loss and the vets were originally afraid he might have to lose the eye - strike two. And when he went back to the shelter to be adopted, he was about 5 months old - strike three. Fortunately for Mo, he was only back at the shelter for a couple of weeks before mom realized she had to bring him home with us forever.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Friday.....

What a wild week....we don't want to do this again for a while.

Maestro did get some extra treats - but no birds. That would require him to get off the arm of the chair and exert himself, something he is very opposed to. MOL

Trevor's surgery went well and the v-e-t said he looks great after our scare last week. And Mac got his booster vaccination this morning....

So far the gray kits at our house are holding their own....Mom is a little concerned about Cloud. He is pretty skinny and mom hasn't seen him eating. She was syringe feeding him a/d last night. And then had a different thought this morning. So she grabbed a packet of whiskas (HEY!!! share some please) and was going to try that. She opened the door and the boys took off down the hall. Cloud can't be feeling too bad if he can run that fast. She tried the a/d again. No luck. So she tried the Whiskas....and wouldn't you know, everyone ate some. sigh.....spend all that money on nutro and science diet and they like the cheap stuff.

(hey Rumbles - where would we find slippery elm powder - mom is willing to try that)

Mom is taking tomorrow off to do some computer work for Chrystal of Cats with your Coffee.....and watch some college football. (hopefully our Spartans won't play the same embarassing game they did last week)

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

bad secretary.....

We know it has been a long week when mom discovers it is Maestro's b-day but reading about it on the CB News.....

Happy 17th Birthday Sweet Old Man!!! We love ya Maestro!!!

You can read his intro here

Rollercoster week.....

You know - up and down, round sharp corners.....

Kitten news: Sorry for the confusion yesterday. Riku is still alive - but barely and we don't expect him to make it. But Mona (the rescue lady) is trying....  Everyone at the house has runny poop and this morning Cloud didn't eat breakfast. Not sure where to go from here....but we will keep trying and keep you posted. We appreciate the notes and helps!!! Mom is having a long week and her brain hurts with all of this....

Trevor and Troy are at the shelter this am. Troy is getting his vaccination and Trevor will be vaccinated and de-nutted. :) Mom thought of that phrase last night and it cracked her up.....

Yep - that is Mac in the picture. And we have news about him too - the shelter where Troy and Trevor are from may have space and be able to take him into their system as well. There isn't room on the adoption floor immediately, so the boys would be at our house for a little while, but it is good news since we haven't gotten any leads on finding Mac a home.

And for some really good stopped last night at Colony Cats to get antibiotics for the gray kittens. Mona (the rescue lady) was holding a brown tabby teenager and talking about extra toes. hmmm  Then she cut off his collar - it was....MARTINI!!!! Mom got to meet his new family (and give them her email address for updates). It was the highlight of her day..... The couple has girl cats (not sure how many) and the new mom wants a lap cat - and Martini will be perfect. Concats Martini - it took a little while and a long journey, but we are so glad you found your forever home and it was worth the wait!!

Pee Ess: Mom just heard from the shelter and.....they can take Mac!!! So he will be available for adoption through CHA as soon as there is space on the adoption floor. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this sucks.....

Short post for now. I got home last night and fed my crew but was greeted at the bathroom door by 3 kittens - not 5. The other two were on the bed and not moving. The tinier one couldn't even stand up under his own power. I wrapped them both up and headed over to the rescue. They are with Mona (the leader) right now. I am hoping for an update this morning. Both got fluids, but I have my doubts about the tiniest gray one. The other is the striped tabby boy.

Plus, there are normall at least 3 of us at the shelter on this Tuesday. I got there over 30 minutes late and the lights in the cat room were still off. No one showed up. I knew the one girl wasn't coming but hadn't heard from the other - though I had sent her a text letting her know I was running late. Found out later she was sick as well. Fortunately my friend DeLynn lives close - she gets the big gold star for coming in to help me clean.

I will post more as I find things out......please send purrs out to these little boys.
update as of 10:20am.
Roxsas, the tabby boy passed away last night.

 His brother Riku is holding on but it doesn't sound good.

I know this is a possiblity every time I take kittens - especially from this rescue since she will take those cats that others won't - I know these kittens probably wouldn't have even made it into foster with the larger shelter around since they came in so snotty. And no matter how much I know that they were safe and loved for the time they were here, it still sucks to lose such a tiny life.....

Run free tiny boys.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

slightly late weekend update

Mom is still struggling with the new computer. She tried to get the wireless thing hooked up by herself but no luck. And when she called technical support....let's just say we learned some new werds from the bad werd list. (don't worry we plugged the kitten's ears) Can anyone explain why calling customer service is never a "service" and they never seem to fix it anyhow? And who wants to get computer technical help from someone with an accent you can't understand in the first place??? sigh..... Fortunately, last night she made 2 discoveries - she was once again a cable short (but found it under something) and brothers who are computer geeks can come in handy (yeah uncle rob!!). So, now she has the laptop and is wireless (and has discovered she is going to have to cut her fingernails to be able to type - wonder if WE get to do her manicure??).

Oh and get this - she just discover this is post number 400!!!
As for the crack of the middle of the night, she was up at 4:30am on Saturday to take the grandparents to the airport for their vacation. She came home and went back to bed for a little bit before getting up again to take another polar bear on a transport.
       I keep telling you guys - they are Great Pyrenees, not polar bears. This is Maggie about a year old on her way to her forever home in PA. Nice girl, but she drooled like a fountain. And about half way through the trip she suddenly sat up in the backseat and BARKED this deep bass bark and almost scared me off the road. :)

Trevor is feeling MUCH better. The v-e-t suspected it may have just been a heavy load of parasites and must have been cause the panacur seemed to work. He was bouncing around this weekend and slept in the bed with us and Troy the last few nights. They are also having a blast playing with Mac (who still needs a home). He will get neutered on Thursday. Hopefully there is some great adoptions and they can get back soon. If not, we think the shelter has started putting fosters up on the website....
they are going to be disappointed when they both don't fit anymore

The tiny kittens are getting bigger. Mom moved the pen into the living room for a while on Sunday and sat on the floor with them. They are pretty bouncy though a little jumpy when something new happens. They are still pretty tiny, but mom dewormed them and also found a new food they seem to like better (of course it is more expensive and in smaller cans....she is sure it is a conspiracy).

yep, that is Trevor in the background

And just for fun.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meow like a pirate.....

Arrrrr - I shall now be known as:
Black Roger Vane
"Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas,
you can be pessimistic at times.
You tend to blend into the background occaisionally,
but that's okay,
'because it's much easier to sneak up on people
and disembowel them that way. Arr!"

OK - so mom didn't run everyone through the generator, but she had to do Ivy.

Mad Mary Kidd

"Every pirate is a little bit crazy.
You, though, are more than just a little bit.
Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant,
your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adopt a less adoptable pet....

We think we can all agree that being different makes us each unique and individual. Yet, being different for adoptable animals makes it harder for them to find homes. People seem to want that "perfect" pet. We think that being a different color or having something like FIV or FeLV or CH makes us each more special. So, talk to your friends and look in your hearts the next time you go to adopt and consider taking in an animal that may not appear perfect but will shower you with love.

Tumbles is a cat at Best Friends who has cerebellar hypoplasia....which means he walks a little funny. Add to that the fact that he is a black cat, and he seems to have 2 strikes right out of the box.
Tumbles (Male) - Cat Adoptable

And he is one of many. Unfortunately, most shelters can't or won't take on those animals that need more medical care or more "work". Thankfully some places will. Here are a few more we know of:
blind cat rescue
crashs landing

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday wrap up....

We plan to goof off this weekend. Mom got a new computer, so she will be getting that set up. And something about being up at the crack of the middle of the night to take grandma and grandpa to the airport for their vacation. We are hoping to sleep through that part.

As you can see, the condo is getting used more and more. Mom even caught Mozart sleeping in one of the middle parts. The legs are new - the wood top was making the whole thing lean forward and a big wobbly, so mom put supports in the front and now we sit on top as well.

The tiny kits are doing well. Mom will get to spend more time with them this weekend and should hopefully take the flashy box with her for better pictures.

Troy is feeling no pain - he was running around this morning with Mac. Trevor seems to be feeling better. But not sure what is up with him....they left a couple of doses of panacur (which is a dewormer) for him. No note to continue the antibiotic or not and no word on what the vet said. Mom emailed the shelter this morning and is hoping someone can give her some better info.

Take is easy this weekend.....our windows are still open and we are enjoying some cooler weather!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's see......

Mom woke up this morning....and once again our breakfast was delayed. sigh..... With Troy and Trevor out, she got ready for work and put them in the PTU before feeding us. But hey - we got it before she left, so we guess we will let it go.

Trevor still slept in the condo last night. BUT....he came out this morning and met mom in the kitchen. And DEMANDED breakfast!!! Since he isn't being neutered today, mom took him in the bathroom, fed the tiny kittens and gave him some canned food as well.

Hopefully we will hear something early enough today from the vet to give you an update. Or it may end up being some weird mysterious thing. Who knows....but at least he is out on his own and eating. So, his vet check today and Troy is being neutered.

The tiny kits are doing very well. No more snot and their eyes have cleared up as well. Wild and crazy - just tiny. We are still trying to find a canned food that they will eat lots of....right now they seem to eat a little and that is about it.

And now for names: mom's office has a client that she has been working with and her boys are pretty sick but they are animal lovers, so mom gave them the opportunity to name this crew. They picked names from the "Kingdom Hearts" video game.

So, we would like to introduce: Kairi (the girl - dilute tortie in the corner), Cloud (the gray boy with the white spot on his chest), Roxsas (the striped boy - looking up at the camera), and Riku & Sora (the gray boys).

Be sure to turn up the volume - they are screamers!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trevor update

Well.....I got him in to see the operations director who is also a vet tech. This shelter doesn't have a full time vet on staff. He is running a fever....normal is about 100 and he was just under 105. Not brain frying hot, but definitely not feeling good hot.

They gave him some fluids and antibiotics. The vet is in tomorrow (surgeries). I will drop them off in the am - Troy will still be neutered - and Trevor will get checked over then. The op director suspects an infection but we can't tell if it is bacterial or viral or what right now. It snuck up pretty quick and he isn't snotty or anything. Kirsten said his gums are still pink and he put up a fight when she tried to give him the fluids, so that is good too.

He didn't eat anything when mom brought him home, but he walked around a bit and didn't go back into hiding - so we are taking that as a good sign.  We will know more tomorrow. Thanks for the good wishes and keep purrin!!!

short note today....

The five snotty babies are doing SO much better. They are bouncing around and with one minor exception, all the eyes are looking better as well. :)

However, Trevor started acting like he didn't feel well yesterday. When mom got home from work, he was curled up in one of our condos and didn't come out at all. He is hot to the touch and pretty listless. Mom didn't see him move all evening and he was in the same spot throughout the night when mom checked on him. She did get him to eat a little canned food this morning and called the shelter - they are going to look at him this afternoon. Paws crossed please.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From 100 to 105 to 107 in 24 hours....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! Mom broke out a big bag of treats when she got home from work to celebrate. Love - Ivy & Spud
Mom got a text on Friday morning from the rescue lady where we helped with Chiclet and Swizzle and the chickens. She said she had 5 6-week-old kittens that were a little snotty and could we take them - they were left at the dog shelter. Mom knew that the local shelter was full so she said sure and agreed to pick them up after work on Friday. This is what we got....

Mom is pretty sure they are not actually 6 weeks old....even if they were tiny due to lack of nutrition, their eyes are still kind of blue - mom is guessing maybe just under 5 weeks old. 1 girl - a dilute tortie and 4 boys - one the tabby in front and then 3 grays. No names yet.... The snot isn't too bad, but a couple have some eye issues we are keeping track of and treating. They are eating well (love that canned food) and using the box and playing and asking for attention. :) They got baths last night as well - mom was petting them and they had nasty flea dirt. And she put up the pen to let them run while she sat in there with them.

Then mom checked her email on Saturday and found an email that 2 kittens had come into the local shelter and as far as anyone could tell, we were the only open foster home (there isn't really good relations between some rescue groups, so mom tries to keep it under the radar that she is helping both). This pair was healthy but the only housing was with some sick kitties in the back and they would like to get them out asap. So, mom took them too. They are probably about 3 months old and due to be neutered on Thursday - just need some adoptions after that so there is space for them to go back to the shelter. One of the dog walkers found this pair walking along the path behind the shelter. Troy is the brown tabby and Trevor the gray/white (these guys came with name). They were SCREAMING at the shelter and all the way home in the car and in the 2nd bedroom, so they have been out all weekend. Mac thinks they are AWESOME. Troy is laid back, but Trevor is still hissy to everyone (though getting better). Sunday morning mom woke up to all three kittens piled up next to her pillow in bed. MOL



Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!!!!

It is Spud's birthday (or as close as we can guess). Can you believe he is 3???? You can read the original story about him here. Of everyone here, mom worries about him the most. He is very jumpy and seems just....ticked off a lot of the time. But, then he has also come around and will come up and ask for attention sometimes too. So, he has mellowed some over time.....  Mom loves you Spud - here is our wishes for many more.....

Hey!!!!!  If you are celebratin' Spud's birthday, that means....YOU MISSED MINE!!!! I am older than that guy. Geez mom.......
    Sorry Princess. I was getting all the dates together and realized I was late. It won't happen again. I promise.....can you celebrate this once with Spud? Please????

I suppose. You can read my story here. Though mom left out a lot of details.....can't trust her to do anything. I am also 3 years old....but Spud is my LITTLE brother.....

Feel free to come over and help us trash the house while mom is at work....we will have some catinis (gotta limit the nip - that Tommy guy can be a mean drunk), some ham, live dead shrimps, some lactose-free milk for the kitts and lots of treats (Mo knows where they are hidden).
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for the weekend update. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We remember......

This has to be one of the best tributes we have seen. We know there are lots out there, but this chokes mom up every time.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo Cats Day

Mozart says: YEAH!! It is a day all about ME!!!!
    um, yeah, about that - it isn't about you buddy

Sure it is - you call me Mo and I am a Cat - so it is my day. The picture clearly says "Mo Cats Day".
     nice math, but your name is Mozart and that is besides the point. read the WHOLE box....

Oh come on......people really got wound up about cats on the internet?

So how are we going to celebrate?
    well, I thought since black cats (and dogs) are the last to be adopted, we would celebrate "mo" black cats - you could be the ambassador.

I guess that would be OK. Why are black cats (and dogs) overlooked?
    I wish I knew that. I don't know if they just don't get noticed or if people just have some weird superstitions or if there are just more of that color, but it does seem that way.

That is kind of sad mom. What can we do?
    I always tell people coming into the shelter about our awesome black cats. And in the meantime, we can suggest where people can go to adopt "mo" cats.

Sounds great - here are our suggestions:
1. Chrystal from Cats with your Coffee has some great adoptable cats. There are the grey girls and even a black kitten named Bagheera. You can go here read about Winnie's Wish.

2. Check with your local shelter or rescue group.

3. Check out Petfinder

4. Check out the Back in Black promotion being sponsored by Best Friends

OK - that was great mom. And keep telling people to adopt rescue cats!!! I am exhausting and taking a nap to continue the celebration.

OK - some fun video from the shelter where mom volunteers. This is Smudge - 1 yr old neutered male. So much fun.....and just adorable. :) He was watching another cat - Magnolia Lily - drink from the faucet and thought he would try it out. His technique needs some work - though he certainly doesn't seem to mind getting wet.