Friday, November 27, 2020


 A blog post from the mom

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US. 

I think for a lot of us, you look at the surface and wonder if we have anything to be thankful for this year. I know there are people are there seriously struggling and it breaks my heart. 

The flip side of that is seeing the people quietly step forward to help. Checking on the neighbors. Supporting food banks. Giving what they can.

From a rescue perspective, while our donations have gone down some and we weren't able to hold our big annual fundraiser, there have been good things. Adoptions are actually up. We aren't getting the returns and surrenders that we feared would come in tsunami sized waves. We were able to stay open and stay safe. 

Maybe rather than listen to the news, we need to stop and listen to our friends and family and neighbors. Take hope in knowing that there are people who love others regardless of their difference. Take hope knowing that we can bring about change if we try. Take hope knowing that the small gestures can mean the most. 

Monday, November 23, 2020


 Mom had picked a naming theme and handed them our when she reviewed their original paperwork and realized they came with names from the Texas rescue. Some of them were already in use here, so with respect to the previous rescue, we introduce the Texas Flower kittens.

They are all black and white and tuxedo. 

Lantana, male tuxedo

Phlox, female black and white

Hibiscus, female black and white

Verbena, female tuxedo

They all got a medicated bath on Sunday. Their skin was pretty flaky in places. This gives them a fresh start. They were well dried off and sat in a carrier by a heating vent for a little bit to dry off and stay warm. That said, they've discovered the joy of piling blankets on the vent in the foster room.

Friday, November 20, 2020


 With the happy kittens adopted and Huzzah back at the rescue, the foster room was empty and clean.

Well we can't have that, so mom mentioned Wednesday night that we were ready for more kittens. We help other rescues when we can and on Tuesday we took in some cats and kittens from a rescue in Texas. 

This group is 1 male and 3 females. They are also a hot mess. The rescue in Texas had them in their care for over a month. They came in underweight, with parasites and also had mange (which is a mite that attacks the skin, especially in animals that are in poor condition). The kittens were treated before transport, but they look rough. Underweight, small for their age and seriously flaky skin. Hopefully with some good nutrition and time they will be back in good shape and ready for new homes. They are a little reserved when mom is in the room, but it has been a tough few days for them so it isn't too surprising. Mom can hear them playing while she works though so she knows they are out and checking out the room. They are all black and white - two more with tuxedo markings than the other two.

It is an unfortunate lesson that is learned the hard way - late season kittens are usually in much worse shape. But no matter their past, they were rescued and are now here and getting back in good shape. 

Mom thinks she has a name plan...just wants to take a couple of days to see if they stick.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Empty foster room

 Gone is the goal. But wow it's quiet.

Yippee was adopted on Wednesday and went home with another kitten. 

Hurray went home on Friday. No other cats but mom had a long conversation with her new dad about giving her time to adjust. Hurray was the kitten mom worried about most since she is black and a little shy. Well they sent an update and she is doing great playing with the toys and the kids. 

Yahoo is up at the adoption center in the kitten room. He hasn't charmed anyone yet but no doubt he will soon.

Huzzah is also at the adoption center. She work up Saturday morning howling in protest. Mom took her to the center and kind of crossed her fingers. Huzzah is now sporting a hot pink collar. She came right out of the carrier and walked around tail up checking out the whole place. She did hiss at a couple of cats but was otherwise fine. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mom bought a thing

 Once again Target has new seasonal scratchers. She was going to resist but gave us and bought us a new RV.

Someone decided she needed to help with the construction.

Like most of the recent scratchers, it was fairly easy to put together (might have gone faster if mom had read the directions, but why do that....)

Once everyone checked it out, Goldfish claimed it and took a nap. It is parked next to the case everyone decides to camp out this holiday season.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Took a couple of days

 Cats and kittens react differently to surgery and the vet. Most times the fosters come back after surgery and are a little hung over but no real issues. 

This crew came home Friday night and were all pretty unhappy about everything. After a couple of hours mom put Hurray in one Kasa cube and Yahoo in the other. The hope was that would sleep it off.

Not so much. Yahoo was better on Saturday. Yippee was fine but very confused about why everyone was hissing and growling at her. Hurray and Huzzah were still pretty mad. It might have helped if we had somewhere Huzzah could have been on her own but we don't have a good space for that.

Fortunately Huzzah seemed to remember the Ikea storage cubes, so she pulled out a drawer and hid in there. 

Hurray was better by Sunday. The kittens were all playing and being themselves. Huzzah was fine unless the kittens got up in her space. 

They are all online and were featured on the rescue's Facebook page. Hopefully everyone will have approved applications by the time they go to the adoption center on Wednesday.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Big day

 Spay and neuter day for everyone. Then ready for forever homes.


Mom ran out the other morning and look who showed up for breakfast.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Nice try

 Mom was opening the drawers looking for something and the kittens got ideas

Monday, November 2, 2020

It's everywhere

 A post from the mom

I've been getting groceries via pick up pretty much since they started offering it. I hate shopping. I will run in for some things but for staples, I order online and pick up.

Here's the downside: sometimes you don't get things, other times they will substitute.

Last week I ordered cat litter and they substituted the lightweight stuff. I don't normally use that but fine. 

Only it wasn't. I used one container in the foster room and NEVER again. It's everywhere. Huzzah is a kicker so it flings all over.

And there is a static sticks to Yippee like she ran through a box of packing peanuts:

It floats everywhere too. All over the floor. All over the blankets. Under the door. Just no thank you ever again....