Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend wrap up....

Mom doesn't get updates all the time from the shelter, but it appears that Orbit was adopted on Friday night. So the last of the space kittens has been adopted and mom doesn't have to worry about fosters over there at the shelter.

Mom got to play with her on Thursday night - she was having a blast running around with another kitten named Petra.

Another Saturday another transport:
Allie is a senior girl on her way to a foster home. She is an aussie mix and was a great traveler.

Most of the kittens seem to be feeling better. Once there are adoptions at Petco someone will move up there. But poor Jake seems to be worse. Everyone is still on meds so hopefully Jake will be better in a couple more days. He is still eating and everything so mom isn't too worried about that, but he did spend most of the weekend laying around - even better if he could find some sun to bake in.
Mom does wonder if sleeping with his nose in the carpet isn't helping the situation.....

Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Friday.....

Mom was reading all the Remember Me Thursday post yesterday. It was wonderful to see the support for the movement. But even more than that, it was a good reminder to mom and to us that there are SO MANY people out there who want the same things we do. Another reason we love being part of this community.

Goose Maverick and Oliver (the fuzzy guy) checking out that trackball
Goose looks like he is snoopervising Maverick's inspection

How many monkeys can you fit in the cat tree??
Apparently at least four - mom didn't notice Maverick down below
until she loaded the picture. MOL
Middle shelf: Amelia (Dust Bunny), Goose and Oliver

no one does disdain quite like a kitten - MOL

We could use some purrs sent to our cousin Max.

Mom's brother called her the other night asking about some dental issues that Max was having. Mom said it was time to see a vet. Mom's sister-in-law (Max's mom since before she married mom's brother) sent her a text on Thursday and said they had been into the vet and got a diagnosis of cancer. Due to his age (he is about 16 years old) and the location, there isn't much they can do but keep him comfortable. He wasn't eating much but they discovered he will eat deli turkey. They are going to keep feeding him whatever he wants and give him all the love he can stand for whatever time they have.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember me Thursday.....

The Helen Woodward Animal Center has started a movement.

Today they want everyone to light a candle to save a life. Remember Me Thursday

Over 3 million pets each year go into shelters and don't come out alive. Mom used to volunteer with an organization that would euthanize (and she hates using that word for this purpose) for space. It was that among other things that caused her to leave.

The rescue we work with now is no-kill. They will take those that other shelters would put down. Their main expense: vet bills. And as much as we would love to be "out of business" won't happen until people spay/neuter and choose to adopt rather than buy.

There is a virtual candle gallery going today.

If you are on facebook or twitter they are using #LightForPets

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

we got a new......


We had one like this one before and it was well used. But then it was "destroyed" by some kittens. So mom had brought us this one:

The problem is that is doesn't stand up - the ends have some sort of wire, but the middle just collapses. So it was played with some, but not as much as the old one. So when mom went shopping on Saturday, she got us this:

Yeah!!!  It is just like the old one. We all checked it out.....

The kittens have been having a blast with it:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not quite the plan....

Mom had yesterday off. She has vacation to use so is taking off Mondays here and there.

But there was a plan for yesterday. Junior had been dragging his behind on the carpet and our vet tried to help him but he was too squirmy and tried to get away. Mom asked the vets who help the rescue if she could bring him in and have him knocked out. They said fine so mom made the appointment.

It took mom about 20 minutes to catch him and get him in the carrier. And she suspects the neighbors may think she was killing him cause that boy can yowl!!!

As you can see above, he was THRILLED to be going. But mom threw a blanket over the carrier and he didn't even sing any warrior songs on the car ride.

Mom left the blanket over his carrier to keep him calm. Mom says she would never suspect him of being a bite risk, but he is a runner.

So the vet tech Rob came in and they gave Junior the once over in the carrier (no reason to open the door until you have to). Our vet said she thought he weighs 13 pounds. Mom and Rob agreed he looked bigger than that and guessed about 15 pounds (cause even our vet admitted that it may not be accurate as Junior was trying to get away). So they get everything together and shot him in the butt. Less than 2 minutes later and he was out like a light.

The vet cleaned out his anal glands (and said they were nasty) and they cleaned his ears and trimmed his toenails. Mom put his collar on (they checked and his chip is there and the number matches his tag). They reversed the drug and mom got ready to go.

As she was waiting to check out, she and Rob stood there talking. Junior was banging around in the carrier and Rob went and got an extra towel and a couple of pillows and they tried to pin in him so he wouldn't hurt himself.

They looked in again a couple of minutes later and....he was having a seizure. Grabbed the carrier and ran for the room with Rob yelling for the vet. It stopped pretty quick (though Rob and mom probably won't need coffee for a couple of days). The vet said it can be a common reaction to Ketamine but she wanted them to stay there for a little bit. They got him on a blanket and under a towel and mom sat next to him. Junior got up at one point and was banging around the room so mom wrapped him up burrito style and sat with him on her lap.

When she finally left (2 hours later), he was still pretty hung over and wobbly, but not nearly as bad. Mom did say she was glad about the nail trimming though as at one point he dug into her leg, into one arm and used his back foot to try to push out of her lap and his nails ran down the entire length of her hand - had those nails been sharp it could have been pretty ugly.

Mom and Junior got home several hours after leaving. Junior is sleeping off the drugs and was let out later that afternoon. And there is a big note on his file (and mom will be sure to tell our regular vet as well) about the drug reaction (though they also suspect that giving him more than he really needed for his size didn't help).  Oh and his weight? 13.1 pounds. Weird - we would swear he had to be bigger than that. The vet did call later that afternoon to check up on him and was glad he is doing much better.

Mom does say this: while she isn't happy about the drug reaction (though better to find out now), she said it was a nice change to be able to sit in a quiet room with Junior all snugged up in her lap and to be able to pet him and scratch his ears. Normally our semi-feral boy doesn't let mom touch him - so having about 90 minutes of one on one contact was a nice thing for mom.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bring on the hound....

Maestro wants to thank all of you for the birthday wishes yesterday. Mom gave him some extra treats and he slept in a good sunpuddle in the living room.

Mom had a transport run for OBR on Saturday. Cash came from a low income shelter and is now in short term boarding until he can be moved to a foster home. He was a BIG BOY!!! Seems he is also heart worm positive and had entropian (where his eyelids curl in) that has been fixed. He seriously needs a bath, but was great in the car.

Unfortunately, mom probably won't be driving as many hounds. The rescue is trying to limit how many they take due to foster homes and expenses. They just took in five 1 year old siblings and now Cash. Also, they had some serious issues with their foster near us and have had to cut ties with her. So, if something goes by us mom will help out, but it won't be as often.

Otherwise it was a quiet weekend.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Maestro!!!!

(thanks to Mo at Purrchance to Dream for the wonderful graphic)


For those who haven't heard the story, Maestro came to live with Angel Butterscotch while mom was in college (guess that means people are gonna figure out her age huh?). Mom was a senior in college and Butterscotch lived with mom's brother and our grandma and grandpa. Mom was SURE that Butterscotch was lonely so over Thanksgiving break, she got a kitten. Butterscotch HATED Maestro....he would chase Maestro around the house, pin him down and chew on his ears until Maestro cried.

Until Maestro went to get neutered....he came back and we don't know if it was the pity factor or what, but they were good friends from there on out.
it isn't a good picture of Butterscotch but one of the few digital

When mom moved out after college, both boys went to live with her. Butterscotch crossed the Bridge several years ago, but Maestro is still trekking along. He sleeps a lot more and seems a bit forgetful, but that is ok. (except at 2am when he tends to wonder where everyone is and yells until mom yells back).

So, some favorite Maestro stories: when he was about 7 months old, mom was home on break. Grandma kept saying that she was SURE the kitten was getting up on the kitchen counter. Mom swore he knew better. They went out at one point and when they came home, the flowers on the counter had left pollen scatter ALL over. And then Maestro came strolling through the kitchen with a big yellow stripe down his forehead. Mom mutter that she can't help him if he won't hide the evidence.


His first Christmas, grandma was doing daycare. Her daycare kids weren't allowed in the living room where she kept the Christmas stuff. Part of the decoration was a stable with ceramic figures and straw. Grandma kept finding it around the house and told the kids to "STAY OUT". They swore it wasn't them. And two days later grandma found Maestro curled up asleep in the manger. Too cute....

We don't have too many baby pictures of him. It was before digital cameras, plus mom was away at school most of the time.

Maestro has been a great kitty - traveled several states with mom when she has moved. Tolerates new kitties when they join the house. And even puts up with foster kittens (for the most part - he finds them annoying but generally only works up a "grrr" that doesn't sound very serious).
Sebastian is pretty sure the old guy is comfy

Happy Birthday Maestro.
We know we don't have forever, but we hope for many more.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Fridays....

Remember we told you about the kitten our friend Miss DeLynn is fostering? Well, she is a tiny house panther named She-Ra.
Miss DeLynn said the kitten wasn't too sure about Jack the lab right away. See, Jack always helped with foster kittens when they lived here and he LOVES the babies. Well, this baby wasn't too sure about the big black monster.

Until the vacuum cleaner showed up. Then Jack was a much better bet!!  And pretty good protection too.  :)  She is doing well and running around the house. Miss DeLynn said it took them about 30 minutes to catch her last night to give her the meds and put her to bed. She will get an x-ray at some point to reassess her heart and see what (if anything) has changed or they can do to help her.

Mom loves Jake and Elwood.....but wow they are trying her patience. She came home last night and the kitchen was trashed. She knows they are teenaged boys and need an outlet, but oh my.....
 Yes....that is Jake outside the screen door to the balcony....with Mo sticking his head through the hole in the screen.

We have seen the meatloaf/breadloaf position before, but Elwood's elbows seem to stick out more than we see in other kitties:

Be sure to join us on Sunday!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meow like a Pirate.....

Meow Like A Pirate Day 9.19.2013 

Jake: Ummmm....Elwood? What are you doing dude???

Elwood: I'm getting ready for Meow Like a Pirate day!!
J: what's up with the ears??

E: the foster-mom-lady got them and said they were from a space movie and I am gonna be a space pirate!!

J: about that.....I talked to the cats that live here. They said that it is a space movie, but that the guy with the ears is kinda...ummmm...gnome-like.

E: a gnome?? really??

J: sorry man. Tell you what. I will give you the lead in to your favorite pirate joke.

E: ok - thanks bro.

J: OK - here goes. What is a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?


Mozart does not appove

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Opt to Adopt.....the blues brothers

These boys continue to crack us up. They are constantly on the go. They are good with us, good with the other kittens and good in the house. OK - for the most part. We still hear a lot of "JAKE!!!" around. He likes to investigate everything....and since he is big enough he can get up on whatever he wants.

Both boys have been enjoying the cooler weather and the open windows. The other day Elwood was so excited he climbed the cat tree and mom found him hanging over the curtain rod trying to figure out the window. And no, mom couldn't find the camera fast enough.

They should be healthy pretty quickly and will then go back up to Petco when there is an open cage. Whoever adopts these boys is in for a treat....they are playful, fun, inventive and yet lovey and sweet.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Mom was supposed to do a bloodhound run on Saturday, but it was cancelled due to lack of drivers. Don't worry though, they found a long haul trucker willing to help them out and by Saturday night Scout was with his forever family. :)

Everyone here seems to be doing better. Mom thinks she may have been using an old batch of meds, so she got a new batch and it seems to be working better. Oliver still has runny eyes, but nothing as bad as it was.
Oliver and Jake snoozing

Speaking of Oliver, he had an adventure the other day.

We think we have mentioned the set up of the condo come in the garage, go up half a set of stairs, turn and go up another half set and then the condo is all on one level.
Well Oliver was up there and started chasing something. And....he fell off....and that is about a 10 foot drop. From the thud, mom suspects he didn't land on his feet. Mom checked on him and he was just sitting on the landing. As mom started down to grab him, he bounced up and took off past her up the stairs. Ugh.....those kittens are bound and determined to give mom a stroke.
We all love to sit up there (that is Elwood) but we don't normally fall off.

Sunday there was an adoption event held at the local Mars manufacturing factory (think Pedigree and Whiskas). They invite 12 groups each summer to a big event. Our rescue wasn't there but our friend Miss Karen was there with the cocker spaniel rescue so mom drove over to check it out.

Mom left at about the 1 hour mark of the event being open. At that time, 1 cat and 20 dogs had already been adopted. It was great weather and an amazing turnout....there were people everywhere.
          *Final adoption count was 76 dogs and 14 cats!!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Friday (the 13th).....

Spud says thanks for all the birthday wishes. He was kind of disappointed that no "birthday fairy" showed up to cart away Junior, but we think he will survive.

As for the rest of us....we may go into hiding. Goose and Maverick got sick and can't go to Petco. Hobbes was at Petco and is back due to snot. Which means that everyone except us and the Dust Bunny have the snot. RUN FOR YOUR....NOSES!!!!

Mo: Hey mom - why do some people say black cats are bad luck?

Mom: don't know buddy - I got some serious good luck when you joined the family.

Maestro is resting up - he has big plans for next weekend.....stayed tuned.

There were some comments yesterday about Spud's tail.....why yes, it IS pretty spectacular. :)

The weather is supposed to be MUCH cooler today. We are going to make sure the windows are open before mom leaves for works. Though she can't leave the balcony door open since Jake somecat keeps making a hole in the screen and going out.

OH - and with all the snotty kittens, Licorice is now up at Petco. She wasn't really thrilled when mom dropped her off so hopefully she adjusts soon and her new family shows up quick!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spud's Birthday.....

Spud is 5 years old today!!!!

We would love to say we are throwing a big party in his honor, but we figure what's the point. Throw a party and he is going to disappear under a piece of furniture and not come out. Which would be fine, but if we are going to celebrate HIS birthday, we should probably not freak him out.

We will make sure to have mom give him some extra treats and read him the comments.  Hey Spud - got a birthday wish??

Spud: can you make the big orange guy go away? Or maybe at least stop chasing me?

From mom: I love you very much Spud. Even if you don't appreciate it sometimes. You are the Great Spudinski....  :)  And I am sorry about the big orange guy....I am working on it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

can you stand the cute? we don't think you can

yes, she is sleeping with her head in the track

 the Angry Dust Bunny disapproves of you

notice she isn't completely black...
she has a couple of white spots and brown highlights

Mom took her to a Pet Fair on Sunday. Put a leash and harness on her....and she did great. It was a little warm for a black dust bunny, but she even walked around by herself (while mom watched for woofies).