Thursday, May 31, 2018

what is in a name

We have decided on names. There was a suggestion of tuxedo designers, but we did that last year with Chanel and her siblings, so on to something different.

Mom is Cardamom.

And here are the kittens:
(half and half black and white on his face, both front legs are black)

(more white on his face, black stocking)

Clove and Chicory
(she is on your left, he is on the right...his eyes have started
changing and she is actually smaller than him)

(black mask on his face down to his chin)

Now all we have to do is stick the note in the foster room until we remember everyone. MOL

BTW - for those who are new, we love a good theme but try to avoid regular people names. And yes, mom has a spreadsheet so she doesn't repeat herself. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

weekend report

Good news - all the greek kittens have been adopted.

Momma cat Delphi is spayed and ready to go and now at one of our partner stores. Hopefully her family shows up soon and she finds her forever home.

We have been getting updates on Sparta - now known as Elliott. Over the weekend, they had a celebration for Claire's birthday (Sparta was her birthday present)....Elliott made himself right at home...and enjoyed dessert.

The new group of kittens are doing well. Everyone is a little skinny, so no doubt they were outside on their own for a while. But mom and kittens are super sweet and will come right over for attention.

Also, upon further investigation, the tuxedos are all boys. The large black kitten is also a boy and the smaller is a girl....the only girl other than her momma.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Random Fridays

At the adoption event last Sunday, mom was stopped by a nice young couple. Come to find out, there are Rooney's (now Ragnar) mom and dad. He is doing great and is the baby of the family. His mom says he will follow her around and if she sits down even for a second, he is on her lap on his back with his big bunny feet up in the air. The continue to work with him on a leash and harness. PLUS - his mom has started volunteering every other week at Colony Cats (where Rooney was adopted from).
    Some of you have already seen this - possibly twice. Mom the techno-dork strikes again (though she swears she fixed it....both times).

Since we are sure you didn't get NEARLY enough tuxedo goodness last summer.....we introduce this new family:
Mom cat - she is very skinny but very sweet

5 kittens - 2 black, 3 tuxedo. 3 boys, 2 girls.
(mom didn't write down who was who, so more on that next week)

checking out the new place

They were found under a deck. We don't think the mom cat is very old. Mom picked them up Wednesday when she went to check on the Greek kittens at the adoption center (they are doing fine - but no adoptions yet). She cleaned the foster room and let them loose. The momma cat stretched out and then picked a spot for a nap. The kittens all did their stretchy yoga poses and checked out the entire room. One of the black kittens even purred at mom. YAY!!

However, the momma cat threw up several times Wednesday night. She is super skinny and we suspect that new food and stress just didn't agree with her. Mom gave her a dewormer and hopefully that will help as well. Nothing overnight, so we are hoping the momma cat is back on track and feeling better. The kittens were eating kibble yesterday so at least she isn't their sole source of food. They are super cute and fat and healthy which is good as well.

No names yet....suggestions on a good theme always welcome. (just no people names....not our thing)
    we are thinking another spice group - maybe all "c" names: Cardamom, Caraway, Chicory, Chive, Cilantro, Clove, Coriander

Thursday, May 24, 2018


The rescue took in a mom plus 5 kittens found under someone's deck. Everyone looks great and mom is a nice girl.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Ivy likes nip.

Chanel does not.

Daiquiri however may be headed to rehab one day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

more adoption news

Yep, Veria has figured out the containers

Argos after the trackball

Delphi and her kid

Olympia showing off her belly

Well, we thought we had an adopter for Olympia. However, she ended up rescuing a tiny kitten with some medical issues and felt she needed to focus on that kitten. She was heartbroken to give up Olympia. We assured her that the new baby needs her and Olympia is in a good place to be adopted. The rescue doesn't have many kittens on the adoption floor.

At the adoption event on Sunday, we got an emailed application for Olympia. However, that was denied by mom on Monday. Veria has a pending application as well, but the vet check is up in the air and that may not go through either.

Sunday after the event mom dropped Argos off at the adoption center. With pending applications, she didn't want to leave the girls and have arguments start. However, if the applications we have bust, the girls will go to the center this evening.

Delphi will actually be spayed tomorrow so she will be ready to go then as well.

With it being mid-May, we suspect the kitten room won't be empty very long however.

Monday, May 21, 2018


photo (c)Sarah

A few weeks ago we were contacted online about a possible family for Sparta. Mom actually took him and Argos over to meet the family. They have a small dog and an older female cat. And 2 kids. The new kitten was to be a gift for the younger daughter.

For her birthday this past week, her mom and dad put a note in a box with his picture and gave it to her letting her know that the final decision had been made and they were getting the kitten this weekend. (they had previously told her that the decision was up to our mom)

Arrangements were made and Sparta was handed off to his new family this past Saturday. The daughter apparently was up at 4:30am she was so excited. Mom has gotten several pictures - including the one above - over the weekend and it looks like he has settled right in to his new home. No report on the dog situation, but the older cat is giving him a wide berth so far. MOL

Friday, May 18, 2018

Greek kittens - this is it

The ever lovely and very friendly Delphi
She is scheduled to be spayed on 5/28
We would love if someone was interested before then though

She is super spunky and delightful

The certified goober of the family
He goes to his new home on Saturday with a big sister cat,
a dog, and 2 kids

He is constantly on the go and looking for things to do

She was shy at first but now loves attention
She will be going home with her new mom on Sunday

Well, the kittens are all at the clinic for surgery. They have to weigh 2 pounds and apparently Veria barely made it, but she was just over. Pick up is after 5pm tonight and then they are ready to go.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


What is THIS???

Sparta and Veria give it a try

When mom moved the new storage shelves into the foster room, she packed several things into the bins. When she was looking for something else (labels anyone??) she saw this ever popular trackball and got it out for the greek kittens. They were fascinated and mom can hear them playing with it in the evenings.

So far Veria and Argos seem to play with it the most. Olympia wasn't too sure about the noise and has been wary of it. Sparta likes to try to play with the others get it going and only manages to stop the ball from moving.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

so helpful

Mom was getting weights on the kittens on Sunday. With their surgery date coming up on Friday, she wants to make sure everyone is well over the 2 pound mark. They turned 8 weeks old on Saturday and are doing great.
   Argos  2 pounds 6 1/8 ounces
   Sparta  2 pounds 4 3/4 ounces
   Veria  2 pounds 3/8 ounces (still the resident light weight but she should be fine Friday)
   Olympia 2 pounds 4 7/8 ounces

Mom looked away for a second to catch Argos and found those two monkeys playing in the bowl.

Monday, May 14, 2018

weekend report



not so comfy - but not leaving either

Ivy was parked in that house on Saturday. Mom saw Daiquiri stick her head in and then pull it back out. About 10 minutes later she looked up from the book she was reading to find that Daiquiri had shoved her way in the house. Ivy looked annoyed at first but apparently decided she wasn't moving. We think Daiquiri was hoping the passive-aggressive thing would work out for her, but no luck. They stayed in there together for over an hour though before Daiquiri packed up and left.

Delphi and the kittens went to a short adoption event on Sunday. The kittens were freaked out at first and definitely weren't too sure about being out of the crate, but decided napping was better after the first 30 minutes or so. Delphi on the other hand was NOT having a good time. Mom had put her in one crate and the kittens in another. After 20 minutes or so, mom moved Delphi into the crate with the kittens. She settled a little but was still very nervous about everything around them. That said, about 5 minutes after getting home, Delphi was passed out on the Ikea it wasn't lasting stress. haha

Thursday, May 10, 2018

wild and crazy

Delphi has turned into a fairly chatty lady. It is interesting to think about the fact that she was actually kind of shy her first few days here. But she has certainly warmed up - she seeks out attention when mom is in there. A few things still make her jumpy, but she is a wonderful cat. 

Olympia is showing off her climbing skills. That multi plug and night light get lots of attention.

Just sitting around being cute says Miss Veria.

Nothing to see here says Argos.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

love the bear

We got this bear last year from Miss Julie at Cats Herd You. The kittens all seem to love it and this group has also discovered that they can get UNDER the bear. Which of course leads to all sorts of new games.

Monday, May 7, 2018

weekend report

That Ikea storage unit is pretty popular. I like how they look and the storage they provide. Delphi was the first to climb them and we suspect she was hoping the kittens wouldn't find her up there. As you can see, not so much. There were beds up there but the kittens bang around and the beds come off pretty quickly. Mom was given that bird house and loves it but the kittens have been making that move as well. She bought some double sided tape stuff and attached the house to the storage unit. She is going to see about getting some shelving sticky stuff and maybe beds will stay up there a little longer.

The kittens continue to do well and grow like weeds. Delphi is fairly chatty which is interesting. 

 The weather finally started to be nice and the windows are finally OPEN!! Mom put in the screen protectors and we are enjoying some fresh air and the noises from outside.

Chanel went out on Saturday with mom. They met a friend Miss Z at Starbucks and spent several hours just sitting around and chatting (longer than mom realized in fact). Chanel got out of her carrier once and wandered the patio, but then climbed back in and hung out in the carrier. She asked for a drink of water a couple of times but otherwise was perfectly content to hang out and be friendly. Since it is finally nicer here, mom is going to check with some local places about hanging out on their patios.