Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Treat review - Halo Healthsome

June has been a weird month around here, but are are finally get our June review done. This time we chose the Halo Healthsome Chicken treats (we don't have a picture of the bag cause mom had a picture fail). These are crunchy treats and we got about a half approval around here. Ivy and Morocco weren't interested. Tim and Junior didn't even show up..... the kittens didn't seem to care. But everyone else enjoyed them. Mom has noticed around here that we tend to enjoy the soft treats better - not sure if it is a texture thing or a smell thing.

Tommy telling mom to hurry the heck up

the girls waiting for something to happen

Daiquiri was a fan

Spud and Mozart approve

Mom seems to remember now that she has bought this around here before and we weren't very interested then either. Again - it is probably less a quality of the treats and just our preference. But those that were interested certainly give them paws up.

And we like that Halo gives so much back to rescues.

*This is a sponsored post. We received the treats for free from Chewy.com. We only share info we feel is relevant to our readers. Chewy.com is not responsible for the content of this article, our opinions are our own.

Monday, June 29, 2015

weekend wrapup

We were hoping for some open windows. Mom tried it off and on for the weekend as the temperature was cooler, but the humidity was pretty bad so she would have to give up from time to time and turn the cool air back on.

No events or transports this weekend, so it was rather relaxing. Or as relaxing as it can get with 2 kittens that run around like nuts part of the day. MOL

Daiquiri kind of smooshed herself in there but was sound asleep

Morocco isn't really allowed up there
But she is trying to wean the kittens and is having 
to find higher and higher places to hide from them

London is MUCH less snotty.
Can't even hear him breathing anymore.

snuggling brothers

no idea how that was comfortable

As most of you know, June is/was Adopt A Shelter Cat month. We kind of fell down on the job about promoting it. But....the rescue we foster for is now a partner rescue with Best Friends Animal Society and in honor of this month, they were offering adoption special prices for cats and kittens. We don't know the final number of adoptions, but mom says the adoption center has been busy every time she has been there the last week. While we love adoptions year around, we also love anything that brings attention to more adoptions for shelter cats and dogs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Friday

We wish you a peaceful weekend. Mom doesn't have plans, so hopefully it will be quiet around here. And there is a rumor that it may be cool enough that she will crack some windows and we can have some wiffies.  woohoo

We do have some good news for you:

Queso was adopted Sunday afternoon (about 2 hours after getting to the adoption center). Mom has seen the paperwork and he will have a 7 month old kitty sister to torment play with.

Salsa was adopted and went home last night. One of mom's volunteer friends let us know about and said his new mom adopted another kitten at the same time, so he will have a sister to play with (no, not one of his actually sisters, but that's ok too).

Congrats on your new homes boy!!  And let's hope the other three get adopted this weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

kittens on the run

Sorry for the late post - just a couple of quick videos. London seems to be feeling much better. He is eating well and running around like a nut. Cairo is a chunky boy and just full of himself.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

World Cat Domination

Our friend Sparkle would always celebrate, and this year her protege Summer is taking the lead.

Now, as kittens, we think these are cute enough to take over the world....but they seem to be restricting themselves to taking over the house. Not sure who exactly sat on the roof to turn it inside out, but mom was later able to fix it. Of course, the kittens put a lot of work into their demolition domination plans.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

case of the missing meezer

London is a cutie, but he sure is snotty. Since he doesn't feel well, he tends to wander off to find somewhere quiet to take a nap. Over the weekend mom would pick him up and let him nap on her, but other times he would disappear. Mom finally located him at one point in the corner of the living room behind the sofa - that seems to be his favorite spot. Whatever works. He will occasionally pop back out to get a snack or run around, so mom wasn't too worried.
meezer and his mommy

Friday afternoon was the first time mom opened the bathroom door and let everyone out. Mom got out of work early, so she was home to supervise. Morocco came right out and seemed fine with everyone. Mom had the gate up earlier in the week to see how things would go and the momma cat seemed pretty relaxed. She has gotten a little wound up over the weekend a couple of times, but nothing serious.

Cairo is completely full of himself and barreled right out and into the living room with us and the other kittens. He has no fear and is just super sweet. Mom picks him up and he completely relaxes and purrs.

Saturday evening, mom put Morocco and Cairo back in the bathroom for the night (the fiesta kittens have been spending the night in the playpen). There was no sign on London. Mom was still awake and reading, so she left the fiesta kittens out to play and figured London would appear. An hour later and still no sign of him.

And then mom heard it....snotty kitten breathing. She got up and looked around. No sign of him - even in the back corner where he likes to snooze. Mom sat back down....there was the sound again. She got back up and kept looking around - he had to be close to be heard. Mom finally moved one of the gates and looked under and end table....and there he was. Curled up and sound asleep. :) Mystery solved....and one meezer kitten back in the bathroom with his brother and his mommy.

Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend report

First some sad news: Rome passed away. We kind of knew it was coming, but losing any baby is hard. London is still pretty snotty but he is eating so mom is just keeping a close eye on him. We appreciate your purrs and all the love you send us and ALL our fosters.

Mom spent some time catching up around here. She was just catching up after being gone for Blog Paws and then was gone for 4 days again to spend time with her parents. Grandpa is feeling a little better but still in the hospital while they try to figure out some intestinal issues. He was running a high fever and that is gone but they want to keep him close at hand until they can figure everything out. Mom got groceries, did some laundry and ran the evil dyson.

And then Saturday mom spent some time with this sweet girl. This is Diane. She and her buddy Jack were found running loose in the woods in PA....both skinny, not fixed and having run into a porcupine. They were brought to Ohio for vetting. Jack is still looking for a long term foster, but Diane moved back to PA this weekend into her long term foster until she is adopted. She was great in the car....mom said the weather was pretty bad (the remnants of tropical storm Bill blew through here) but when the rain finally stopped for a bit mom cracked open the window and Diane sat with her nose up catching the breeze. Gotta love those scent hounds.


Fiesta kitten news: Queso, Blanco and Taquito are up at the adoption center looking for their homes. They were spayed/neutered on Wednesday and have their shots, so it was time for them to make their way up there. Mom will get their info up on Petfinder as well, but we suspect they won't be there long. Tostada and Salsa go for surgery tomorrow, so they will go to the adoption center on Tuesday.





We hope you all had a great relaxing weekend. Once mom got her chores out of the way, she parked in her chair and did some reading so everyone tried to get some lap time in as well.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Box day

Ok - so the house isn't a box.....but it is made of cardboard and has sides and everything....so we think it counts. The fiesta kittens have found it and think it is AWESOME!!!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend doing some of this:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

wild few days....

Sorry we have been scarce for a few days.

Thanks for all the comments about Bug.

Mom was gone for a few days. Our grandpa is in Minnesota getting some medical treatment and mom and her brother drove up on Saturday, spent a couple of days, then came home on Tuesday. Grandpa is doing better and they enjoyed seeing mom and her brother. It gave them all a break.

Taquito is no longer limping. And....she, Blanco and Queso were spayed/neutered on Wednesday. Which means next step is Petfinder and to the adoption center. Salsa and Tostado will go for surgery on Monday.

Tuesday night mom heard and saw a couple of big tomcats out on the driveways having a fight. Mom broke it up and then set the trap hoping to get one of them. No luck....but we know they are out there so mom will keep setting it and hopes to catch them both. Cross your paws.

Saturday morning on the way out of town, mom had to drop Rome off at the rescue's adoption center. He was VERY snotty and not feeling well. He hasn't come back to us yet. Mom has been in touch with the rescue lady and they are having to syringe feed him. Please send him some purrs.

London and Cairo are doing great. London is a little snotty. Cairo is so full of himself that it is hilarious.

Mom is going to spend the weekend with all of us and all the kittens just unwinding. And we hope to get around to visit our blogger friends too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the sads

Mom got a call yesterday morning. It was from the lady who adopted Bug.

Jane was out all day on Sunday and heard Bug crying. She was under the sofa and couldn't move her back legs. Jane ran her to the emergency vet but they think she had a blood clot. There wasn't much of anything that could be done.....so Bug was helped over The Bridge on Sunday. She was our sweet bottle baby and mom had to work hard to be able to adopt her out. She didn't live a long life but we've had contact with her family and know how much she was loved.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Random Fridays

Our friend Miss Connie wanted to know why if we had London, we didn't name the other meezer kitten France....yes, she went there.....
Ummmm - cause France is a country not a city.....MOL

The city kittens are doing better. They are cleaned up a bunch, though now both of the meezer boys are snotty. The three kittens are all on meds...Cairo has a runny eye. Morocco has gotten out of being medicated cause mom says she is a wench about it and mom doesn't want to be a blood donor. MOL  As for telling the meezers apart, one is slightly bigger than the other, but mom hasn't had much time to spend trying to sort it out. We suspect they will end up wearing collars.....or with initials in their ears.

Taquito ended up at the v-e-t yesterday. Mom is keeping the fiesta kittens in the play pen at night. After the conference she was reminded that sleeping with kittens doesn't always result in sleep. Anyhow, she let them out Wednesday morning and Taquito was limping - not putting one back foot down. Mom took a look and there wasn't anything evident. As of yesterday morning, she really wasn't using it.

Adoption event on Sunday. No one from here will be going. Mom called to make the spay/neuter appointments for the biggest of the fiesta kittens and they can't get in until next Wednesday.

Could we ask for some purrs too please??  Our former foster kitten Ike (Clementine) was diagnosed with HCM. They are just a year old and their mom is pretty upset. (our mom is too)

fiesta kittens

"I keel you"

baby tetris.....

mom doesn't remember how much she paid for that toy
but it gets a heck of a lot of use
we basically ignore it - until the kittens get it going and
the noise gets our attention

this is how the boys spent most of last weekend
find sun, pile up for a nap

we hope Daiquiri doesn't see her with that ball

Well, it is getting to be about that time....mom weighed the kittens on Monday night and 3 of them are big enough for surgery. Queso, Taquito and Blanco will go as soon as a time is set (hopefully this week so they can go to an adoption event over the weekend). Salsa and Tostada aren't quite over 2 pounds yet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

new kittens

On Saturday, mom had to bring a big boy back from Petsmart to the adoption center due to him having a cold. While there, since Margarita had moved to Petsmart, mom offered to take another tiny family. There were several options, but the head of the rescue ended up sending this group home with mom:

They were left in a carrier outside the rescue center. ugh.....

Anyhow, mom is a sweet torbie. And there are three boys.....one brown tabby and two flame point meezers. Their ears and tails have changed, though their noses aren't orange. The boy in the front of the picture and mom have a pretty nasty cold, so they are on meds. And no....there isn't anything else wrong with him. He has something stuck to his fur on his face and while mom has tried to clean him up some but it may need some soap and mom doesn't want to stress him out too much.

Introducing: Morocco (the mom), Cairo (the brown tabby) and London and Rome (the orange boys). The #citykittens

Morocco is super sweet and asks for attention. Though she is pretty defiant about not taking the meds. So far mom is winning, but it may end up being a draw. Cairo and the other meezer (mom is threatening to put letters in their ears cause she can't tell them apart at the moment) seem to be healthy...but that may not last. The snotty meezer is pretty stuffed up but hopefully that will clear up quickly with meds on board. He is eating, so mom isn't too worried about him.

Mom put the gate back up in front of the bathroom door to act as an airlock. However, upon smelling canned food, the fiesta kittens charged the gate and mom opened the door to a pair of orange tabbys. Now mom has to grab them every time she leaves. It is every kitten for themselves around here.

Monday, June 8, 2015

weekend report

Mom spent most of her time getting stuff done around here. Tons of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, the dreaded vacuum cleaner.....and a couple of naps of course. :)

Margarita went on Tuesday to be spayed. She was pretty done with the kittens and mom hadn't gotten to the point where she trusted Margarita out of the bathroom without supervision, so it was time for her to head out to be adopted. There was an open space at a nearby Petsmart adoption center, so on Saturday morning mom took Margarita over to there and got her set up in a cage over there. Hopefully someone will see her and fall in love quickly.

last trip to the milk bar before mom leaves

little orange stalkers

"mom mom mom mom"

Remember this girl??
In March mom was contacted by a previous adopter that this small black cat was outside her house.... in a snow storm.  Mom picked her up and then got permission for Sonata to be part of the rescue. Well....  Sonata got ADOPTED!!!  On mom's trek to Petsmart on Saturday, she met Sonata's new mom and dad. They do have another cat at home but Sonata should be fine. They talked about introductions and taking it slow. Good luck baby!!!

And then there was something else on Saturday.....but more on that tomorrow.

The fiesta kittens are doing well and getting pretty close to 2 pounds. This age is tough cause they spend a lot of time running around and burning calories.