Saturday, September 29, 2012

On the road.....

Mom helped drive some slobbery kids to their foster home again this morning..... Sophie is the black and tan, Willow is the back. They were super sweet girls and we bet they find their forever homes in no time.

Mom opened the bathroom door for Luke and Duke. One came out....sorta. the other - not so much. hahaha

Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Fridays.....

Mom tested NEGATIVE!!!

If you guys follow Miss Chrystal, you have already met the family above (and if you haven't, for pete's sake head over there  asap).  Mom has said she will foster the family and get them into rescue here....but we gotta GET them here....  SO - do you (or someone you know) live in Indiana or Illinois (near route 70) and want to spend a few hours with the cute??? Email us or Miss Chrystal.....

Oh, and like Miss Chrystal didn't have enough going on, she live trapped some kittens that her Older Daughter had seen. Caught one.....then another.....then finally the third - only this little boy has some injuries and a broken leg and needed surgery. There is a chip-in set up to help pay for his medical needs.

Duke and Luke update: mom thinks she knows EXACTLY what the neighbor-chick was thinking bringing the kittens home...cause she looked a little surprised when mom said to take them back inside and find a better alternative. (and NO that alternative is NOT US!!!) One more person who wants a pat on the back for "rescuing" without having a clue what they are doing - and expecting the rest of us to pick up the slack.

'Nuff said....  (and Connie - thanks for the pillow - the head banging is much more comfortable that way). The boys are doing much better.....they are purring when they see mom (the bringer of kibble) and letting her pet them. She was mumbling something about seeing if we can socialize them more this weekend. uh oh....

Thanks for the great comments from yesterday as well. They made mom smile. But the one from Frankie and Ernie made mom laugh out loud in the office:
I think this might be one of those...
What Goes Around (the neighborhood) Comes Around..(to the Bathroom). hehe

Oh - and mom also says that if they had been found in OUR neighborhood, she would start to wonder if they missed a big orange tabby boy in the great TNR round up.....cause that one boy kinda looks like someone who lives here:
(this is Junior - NOT one of the new guys)

After 5 days, Bourbon MAY finally be getting tired....but he loves that stringie.
He and Gin were dragging it up and down the hall last night.

Somehow that doesn't look comfortable.....yet mom finds them in there often.
Gin is the one with her feet up in the air, Bourbon is smooshed into the side.

Tim seems to have developed a small growth.

It only shows up when he lays down:

(yep, those small fuzzy bourbon appearing growths can be hazardous)

Have a great weekend. Mom is transporting some slobbery bloodhounds. And

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Why is mom thumpin' her head on the wall?
Hey mom  - would it have something to do with the new guys in the bathroom?
     yep.....that would be it

Should we tell everyone what is going on before you injure more brain cells?
    sure - that would be great

OK, so when mom was coming home from work last  Friday, she saw two juvenile orange kittens whappin' on a neighbor's door. Now, mom isn't friends with most of the neighbors, but she knows this guy has a dog but doesn't have cats. Mom's only thought? "crap"

Deciding to stick her head in the sand (and why would you want to do that anyhow? how do you breathe??), she came home, put out food for Allie (the momma to the alcohol kittens), fed us and then had some dinner. Out of curiousity, she stuck her head out the balcony door after finishing her dinner and saw this: (the big gray box is the a/c unit outside the front door)

Really.....didn't we just do this with Eclipse???

Mom headed downstairs to see if the kitty was friendly - it certainly appeared to be one of the ones she had seen banging on the neighbor's door. As she got outside, the lady who lives across from us stuck her head out and said she would be right down.

It seems the neighbor-chick was working in a bad neighborhood (security work) on Thursday and these two kittens came right up to her. And they were so skinny and scared and she felt bad so she brought them home with her. Only she can't keep them, so Friday morning she just let them loose.
        ok - at this point it was ALL I could do not to strangle her.....

Who is tellin' this story mom??? convinced the neighbor-chick to take them back inside and find a better option. Which was good cause we had us a BIG BAD storm Friday night. On Saturday mom left flea meds and a note about the shelter for the neighbor-chick - but said she couldn't promise the shelter would be able to take them.

Forward to got a call about 2 kittens needing to be in foster for about 10 days until surgery. Mom agreed and went in Tuesday night for her volunteer shift and to pick up the kittens. (PS - Eclipse is doing great and just waiting for an open cage on the adoption floor - and a kitty went home last night, so hopefully really soon)  As mom went to see who she was taking home.....she realized it was the kittens from Friday.

Irony? Karma? You decide......

But now we have these guys in the bathroom. They are about 6 months old and cute, but freaked out right now. The shelter named them Luke and Duke. Mom has no idea which is which. The one with the white is friendlier than his brother. But they got a ways to go to get socialized....

Mom took Bourbon in there last night to see what would happen. The orange guy hissed at Bourbon (who was more interested in their toys than in them). The orange/white guy was by the bathroom door and Bourbon hissed at him. ugh....  But Gin keeps sticking her toes under the door and they seem interested. Of course, the orange guy has hissed at mom coming in the room a couple of times too. Hopefully a little more time will calm them down.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (more or less)

Bourbon and Gin style

First they were...

Then they were....

Then they were all.....

(yeah, we know, mom STILL hasn't put the cat laundry away, but we aren't complaining)

Oh, and mom says that the kitts are NOT allowed to go pawty with Miss Katie Isabella ever again - it would appear she also taught Bourbon to play the mini blinds and he was showing off his skills the other night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Mom FINALLY opened our package that the Slimmer's bought for us in the FUND Raiser. THANK YOU Miss Mindy and all the kitties and woofies over there.  Want some of your own?

FUN FUN FUNdraiser!!  Check it out here

She finally opened that's a BIRD!!! (turns out that wasn't quite the case)

Mo had to check to be sure we got everything out of the package.

 Ivy grabbed the "Winnie's Wish" pillow for herself. know this won't be good for the kicker.

 Tim grabbed the heart pillow and stomped it into submission.

 Maestro, Bourbon and the kicker.....

YEAH!!!! The kittens loved the stringie.... THANKS!

Some of the feathers haven't survived intial so far has counted about 8 around the living room.

The kittens were still playing with everything a while later, but the adults had taken off for separate corners to sleep off the intoxicating fumes of the nip......

Monday, September 24, 2012

Adoption updates.....

It is always an adventure around, once again, mom is starting on another adventure with Miss Chrystal. Check out Daily dose of dogs for the newest one....

We know you love hearing about our adoptions, and thought we would share some updates.

From Whiskey's new mom and dad:
"I thought you would like an update on Whiskey. First of all, thank you for doing such a great job socializing him! He is without a doubt just the sweetest kitten ever! We are amazed at his non-stop purr. He loves to be held and falls asleep in anyone’s lap. He is so busy! We love playing with him and watching him . He is not afraid of anything, even our older cat who so far keeps hissing at him. He just looks at her as if to say “so what’s wrong with you???”. (We think Callie will eventually get tired of the hissing-bit. She is very curious about the kitten and watches everything he does.) Well, just thought you would like to know your kitten is doing fine and we really love him. And I hope you don’t mind, but we changed his name to Marley. It was a big debate between Marley and Moki, but Marley won."
      Concats Whiskey/Marley - you got a great new family. :)

Doc update:
"Hi,    We will have to send you some pictures.  He is a awesome addition to our family.  A little on the rotten side but he is my sons best friend.   No concerns at all.    Actually him being Deaf helped, he doesn't seem scared of anything.   We did have a little issue where he jumped on top of my daughters dresser and drug away one of her feather ear rings but it turned up under our bed a little soggy.  :)"
             Concats Doc - keep 'em on their toes!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easy Sunday....

Maestro wants to thank everyone for their well wishes yesterday. This is how he spent the day celebrating:

Mom did break out some treats and he shared with everyone.

We are kind of spending the day like this:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Maestro....

Happy Birthday to our resident old mancat.

Maestro is officially (more or less) 18 years old today!!!

Mom loves this picture. Normally Maestro doesn't like
the kittens sleeping near or on him. We aren't sure if he
didn't notice Gin or just couldn't get up the energy to move.

We would love to say there is going to be a huge party and everything, but honestly, Maestro would most likely just sleep through it anyhow.  So, please post your well wishes and we will pass them on to him. And yeah - we are gonna make sure mom gives him an extra treat or two.

Friday, September 21, 2012

extra special....

**A quick note: Eclipse passed her "test" at the shelter. They think she is actually closer to 2 years old and she settled in after about 24 hours there, so they are going to keep her and make her available for adoption. YEAH!!!!
we also want to take a second to let Friends Furever know we are thinking about them since Tamir ran for the Bridge.....

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

You had to know this was coming. :)
Bourbon and Gin - passed out
(no idea who turned over the cat bed)

Yep - we are featuring Da Bourb......

Of course, he doesn't know he is different. Animals with special needs don't know they are. From missing a limb to cerabellar hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome) to missing an eye (like Matilda)...... they are as normal as they can be. The only thing that makes them different is the human perspective.

Mom is procrastinating, but swears she is going to get Bourb's info in to the Petfinder person for the rescue and get him listed. (her latest excuse: Miss Marilyn is on vacation and mom wants to wait until she is home to send it)

Notice his sister Gin passed out with him. We have told mom she needs a new nickname. Mom had taken to calling her "tiny kid" or "tiny girl" as she was ALWAYS the tiniest kitten in the group.  And looking at that picture, she is still smaller than Bourbon. But, with being spayed, we got a weight on her and Moonshine. Shine weighs: 2.8 pounds (or did last week). Gin weighed.... 2.8 pounds. Huh???  Well....that seems odd.....

We hope you have a great weekend.....thank you for letting us share cats with you this week. We think Sparkle said it best yesterday that these animals are not "less adoptable" but are just more special!!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow - someone is having a birthday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

Are we still talking about this mom???

mom: yep - until people realize that FIV is NOT a death sentence and that they can live with other cats (so long as the FIV cat isn't a biter)

OK - so who do we have???

Otto: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Dublin, OH  This is Otto who is available through Colony Cats.
"This big boy was brought to a vet hospital after a client of the hospital saw him being thrown from a car. He was kept overnight to make sure he did not have injuries. Now neutered with sparkling teeth (he has had a dental cleaning) he is looking for a home of his own. Sadly he has tested positive for FIV. FIV positive cats can live happy and healthy long lives in a home enviroment. The staff at the hospital say he is the nicest cat that they ever had at the clinic. He loves to be handled and enjoys children."
(and mom thinks looking at his Petfinder page that he may be living with Miss Beckie)

Tails from the Foster Kittens has a new feature......they are interviewing fosterer(erers....) about their experiences. And us and mom got to be first!!! Go check it out......

Oh hey - and Miney that we featured yesterday was picked by the rescue to be THEIR pick of the day too (nope - that was totally unplanned - we swear) and that makes her adoption fee $10. Know anyone looking for a cute deaf house panther in O-hi-O??   MOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Say what???

We are taking a moment of silence this morning for Ann and the girls. Poppy Vic passed away yesterday. We are very very sad for Ann......  zoolatry 

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

Geez - didn't we just cover this????

Yeah, yeah, the cute white kitten was deaf. Why is that such a big deal???

mom: well, some people just don't want to deal with an animal that is different. And with dogs it is harder since they go outside and can get in more trouble if they can't hear their mom and dad.

But Doc was adopted really quick. Must be they fell for the cute.....

Miney: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Dublin, OH
This is Miney from Colony Cats.

"Miney was part of a litter born outside to a stray cat. She is such a sweet kitty, but she has a permanent head tilt from an ear infection. It was also determined she is totally deaf. It is hard to tell from watching her, but her cry is really exagerated because she can't hear herself. Miney is waiting to meet you at the cage free Colony Cats Adoption Center."

And hey, there is an advantage to being deaf too...... you can be the loudest pirate on the CB and don't care if anyone calls you out on it.  MOL

Miney got into the spirit and has her own Pirate name: Wild Eyed Emily

Someone asked us yesterday if the groups mom volunteers for halt adoptions of black cats close to Halloween. The answer is no - the adoption process is such that you have to fill out an application and go through an interview. Both places trust their adoption counselors to be able to ask the right questions and give them the ability to say no if they don't like the answers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

black animals....

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

We all know how mom feels about the house panthers.

(for anyone looking for the banners we are using, you can find them at Petfinder)
Poncho and Gin


Oh - and the Poncho was ADOPTED!!! Mom took him back last Monday. There was a very nice couple that came in on Thursday and were looking at several different cats - including the goof. Mom checked the web on Saturday morning and Poncho was off the site - meaning he got adopted. We aren't sure if it was that couple of not, but we hope so. Concats on the new home!

  This is Chloe from CHA.

She came to the shelter this spring. And while that seems bad enough, she came from another shelter. Where she had been living for 3 YEARS!!!  What the ___???

Miss Chloe is a BIG girl. (ok, mom calls her a beached whale, but whatever). But she is super sweet....  Pet her and she purrs. :)  She was living in the director's office for a while (they move some of the adults around to give them a different perspective). When mom would walk into the shelter, she said she could hear Chloe yelling to be let out. The office cats would get let out and allowed access to the lobby during the day and Chloe was SURE she should get the privilege all the time......  We agree.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Adopt A less Adoptable Pet Week

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

Petfinder every year makes an effort to show those pets that some people deem "less" adoptable. We LOVE this idea and are going to participate by taking a different aspect each day and promoting an available animal witht that issue.....  (we will keep you updated on us as well)

Today we are talking about "old" pets....
Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012   Mom says all the time that people come into the shelter and the rescue and want the cute little young kittens. Those over a certain age get overlooked. We aren't sure why. We all know that kittens grow up into cats and we all get old. Pick an older pet and you get a set personality, less bad habits and an animal that is calmer and past the young crazies.

So out feature cat of the day today is Maxx...

Maxx is 8 years old and pretty darned sweet - or so mom says since she has met him. He is a calm older gentleman who gets along with the other cats at the shelter - though he will seek high ground when the youngsters are out and running around - he loves to watch them from the new cat tree in the cat room. Or he finds a comfy spot to watch Bird TV out the windows.  You can read more about Maxx here.

We had a relaxing weekend. Open windows and lots of napping. Eclipse is still in the bathroom. Bourbon snuck in one night and she whapped him once and then ran into a corner - so she is more scared than agressive and that can be worked with. Rather than stress her out, mom has been giving her some space from us and just spending time in the bathroom with her.

Mom did a transport on Sunday......Muggs was moving from boarding to an open foster home. Cane Corso Rescue had gotten a call when someone found him and another Corso tied in a backyard with no food, water or shelter. He is a big lovey boy. Mom said he sheds, drools and need a couple of sammiches, but he couldn't have been a nicer dog. Good luck on your forever home buddy!!