Monday, December 31, 2018

Year in Review 2018 - part 1

We started the year by letting Sigourney out of the foster room. Turns out she was quite the lap cat too.

Chanel got out to see a local greenhouse:

Our momma cat Panache was adopted!!!

And we got an update on Bristol, one of the Texas kittens:

We got an update on Rooney, now Ragnar:

Chanel and Cupcake sent each other cards for Send A Friend A Card Day

Some kitten had a teenage meltdown

We got a new purple Sleepypod for everyone to check out:

Chanel got a new ride:

Our foster kitten Fish was finally adopted.

We lost Spud in March. He had been doing poorly for a while and mom finally managed to catch him and get him to the vet. Tests showed his body was failing him and it seemed kinder to let him go.

We didn't have any kittens for a while, so mom went back and did a "meet and greet" for all the resident cats.

Then mom and the kid took their 3rd bi-annual trip to Best Friends. Mom loves taking the kid and the kid loves going. They played with cats and dogs and bunnies...and took some pigs for a walk.

When mom got home.....we got these guys. Yep - Delphi and the Greek Kittens
This group pushed us over the 300 cats and kittens foster number. Wow....

Oh...and Chanel and her siblings turned a year old

The Greek kittens got names and continued to grow....

Mom did some rearranging in the foster kitten room

More kittens pictures

Then mom headed off to Blog Paws in Kansas City with Chanel. They roomed with Miss Julie who brought Cupcake (that was an adventure) and their room connected with Aunt Dee...who taught them all about water faucets.

Once they got home, there was a post about traveling and the things mom learned.

The Greek kittens now almost weighed 2 pounds....except for Veria.

The kittens made weight (yes...all of them) and it was time to move on to their new families.





We do get updates from Sparta (now Elliott) family and he is doing great. He is in LURV with their daughter (he was her birthday present).

And then there were more tuxedos.....

We had a Sparta/Elliott update and news that all of the Greek kittens (but not Delphi) had been adopted.

And the new group was named after spices.

Mom took Chanel on an outing and got a professional picture taken of her.

We did an update on the spice kittens including news that mom Cardamom was losing patience with the kittens and ended up getting spayed and moved to a partner store.

Chanel went out with mom to meet Miss Andrea for a drink:

We talked about Adopt a Cat month and the FIV+ cats at the rescue.

Mom made fun of how Chanel sleeps on the cat ladder and updated on the spice kittens

Mom also got some pictures of Chanel hanging OFF of the cat ladder

We did another kitten update

Mom did some mental math about Junior and Allie

So that is the first half of the sure to come back on Wednesday for part 2


  1. Great roundup. So much fun seeing all the cats again. You all sure do a good job in finding homes for everyone. Happy New Years Eve.

  2. It's fun to see the kittens again as they were, teeny-tiny and then onto their furever homes. (I know it isn't all goodness and light but regardless it brings me joy to see their little faces) The updates are great too.

    All the best to you and all the kitties in 2019!

    Eileen, Sasha & Saku

  3. Over 300 fostered! That's fantastic!
    Happy 'Mew' Year!

  4. Wow, you had a lot of kittens to foster in the first half of 2018!

  5. Loved looking back at the first half of your year! Lots of cuties and fun photos. Happy New Year!

  6. Another busy half-year, and a good one, except for losing Spud. I hate reading about such things, but they are the end of the story that begins with kittens. Sigh. I'll pop in again on Wednesday.

  7. We hope you have a wonderful New Year - full with love, peace, and happiness. So many kittens saved and given the best start in life possible - success by any standard.

  8. Whoa, you did so much, and fostered so many kitties. And that was only HALF a year?

    Happy new year! We are so grateful for you, and wish you a blessed, joyful and love-filled 2019. XO

  9. So far 2018 was quite the year for you guys! Our mom had a great time with yours at BlogPaws.


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