Thursday, June 30, 2011

International Box Day!!!

Like most cats out there, we LOVE tried to make sure she got one of each of us....
Mozart and Maestro just really don't do boxes....

Ivy (doing her Maru impression - there is NO box too small)

Tim (those envelope boxes from work are great)

Tom (aww - a box and a blankie)

Spud (they LOVE the clear box)

Chiclet (can you stand the cute??)

Audrey & Lucy (before the box disappeared)

Hey Junior - it is BOX day, not BASKET day!!

Sorry mom....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kind of wordy Wednesday...

Junior (now)

Junior (4 months)

Jimmy (or Junior Junior as he is becoming known)

Yeah - can't fool us - that feral family tree doesn't fork too far....

Mom took Jimmy & Zoe with to the shelter last night but no empty cages so they came back. All that after running around picking up Grace to keep Audrey company and being late....oh well. Zoe was ornery with Grace when she got back home. Too funny..... They were calling each other names this morning too, but when mom checked on them (she was in the shower), Grace was pouncing on Zoe as Zoe was growling and protesting. Mom stopped feeling sorry for Grace at that point. :)

Update (11am est): Zoe and Jimmy will go Thursday. There was a miscommunication and their cage wasn't ready but will be after today.

Chiclet might have an opportunity to be up for adoption at a local Petsmart. She would have to go from our house to a cage over there, but at least people would be able to see her cute self. She knows her name which makes mom smile. Mom called her over last night and got her up on the got to cuddle with her and when she moved her fingers over the blanket, Chiclet got that "kitten" expression and POUNCED!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About that time....

Well, mom got the email today that there is available space at CHA so Jimmy and Zoe will be going with her tonight. We know it is time for them to find a new home, but like always, it is tough.

Mom sent Miss Kelly a text asking about the rest. Grace and Lucy weren't happy about the trip over there this morning to be vaccinate with pointy things, but it had to be done. Mom is going to stop there tonight and they are going to figure out the next part of the plan - does mom take all the girls or just take 1 to pair with Audrey and Miss Kelly keep the other two for a little longer? Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat (master socializer) said that they are "her girls" and she isn't ready for them to go either. Mom says that unless they are living at her house and since she wasn't the one to grab their hissy selves out of traps, she doesn't get a vote. But, mom says Mary Pat can be their fairykitty mother....Miss Kelly thought that was pretty funny!!!

Think happy adoptive thoughts for the kids!!!

Toes and tail day.....

Spud has some serious tail and toe fuzz!

And, some bad stopped at the rescue that took Swizzle and the kittens. Midori and Malibu didn't make it. The rescue lady said they are all tiny and these two just kind of faded - which isn't uncommon with FeLV kittens at this age. Mom forgot to ask when the other two can be tested. Martini is still being wild and crazy and when he gets big enough will be neutered and ready for adoption.

Rest in peace sweet girls and run free & healthy with your mommy. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday updates....

Zoe and Jimmy are recovering well from surgery and have started playing again. They are having fun playing with Audrey. Mom tried to give them a little more freedom over the weekend, but they got a little freaked out.

Tim followed mom in there Friday night and Zoe was NOT having it. She did the halloween cat and was hissing and growling. Mom just had to laugh.... 

Jimmy is coming out more and has stopped hissing everytime he sees mom. He isn't so wild about being cuddled, but will tolerate it for about a minute or so at a time.

Audrey & Jimmy

We spent the weekend lounging around!! Mom was running around on Saturday but we got to spend the day with her on Sunday....

Friday, June 24, 2011

A quick note....

Mom just made a discovery....she can read at home but can't comment. stupid computer.... 
She is on the hunt for a new laptop, but our geeky computer uncle isn't concentrating!!

This technology thing is for the birds!!!  MOL


Well, Zoe and Jimmy are post-surgery and recovering back at our house. There have been a few good adoptions, so we hope they can get into the shelter soon to find their forever homes.

Audrey....well....she wasn't big enough. So maybe next week. :)  She did manage to freak out mom though. They were set up in a bathroom. When mom got to the shelter to check on them and then work her shift, she saw Zoe and Jimmy but no Audrey. She checked several other places, but no Audrey. Finally, in a panic, she pulled stuff around in the bathroom and there the girl was - snoozing in a corner under things.

It is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow and back to the hots on Sunday, so we are going to get in some quality window whiffin while we can.

(oh, and mom finally order a new screen after we lost one last summer, so now she can open BOTH windows in the living room)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Miss Kelly and mom played the switch with the kittens yesterday. The rescue now has them "on the books" but only had 3 surgery spots open today - 2 girls and a boy. Obviously that includes Jimmy, but which two girls??? Mom and Kelly talked about it and decided to send Zoe and Audrey with Jimmy. They will be spayed/neutered today and mom will pick them up tonight. There might even be an open spot for them at the shelter this weekend. Which means that the other three girls will come back to our house. Jimmy isn't quite ready for the adoption floor, but everyday at our house is a day he gets bigger....and people tend to like them little. So mom will make a sign saying he is a little shy and we shall see what happens.

Zoe doesn't seem to like him much...everytime she see him she hisses at him. Mom spoke to Miss Kelly this morning and is seems Lucy is doing the same thing to Josephine (who is now over with Lucy and Grace). Hopefully the other 3 girls can be spayed next week and then can get to the adoption floor.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom's assistant

First, thanks for letting us know other cats are afraid of thunder. None of us are, so mom was a little baffled by Chiclet.

And to clarify the kitten situation, we plan to get everyone (except Grace who is too small) spayed/neutered on Thursday. However, not everyone is SOCIALLY ready to be adopted. So as space opens up and the kittens are socialized, they will go to the rescue. Right now that is Zoe and Grace, maybe Audrey and Lucy. Jimmy and Josephine....not so much. (hey Katnip Lounge - don't tease mom about stuff like that!!)

However, on that note, mom took her assistant Tim in with her last night again. It is amazing the transformation that occurs when he is in there. They spent about 30 minutes and then Tim had enough. When mom went back in a couple of hours later to feed them before bed, Jimmy hissed at her again. All about the small steps....  As you can see in the last picture, socializing kittens is exhausting!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday weekend round up....

Mom worked with the kittens. And we discovered Chiclet is afraid of thunder storms. Mom found her behind a book case Friday night and then found this Saturday when she got home from getting groceries:
(yes, she is on the kitchen counter, in the corner, behind the microwave)

After reading an article on Alley Cat Allies she set up a radio in the bathroom and then took Tim in there as her assistant. He wasn't much help on Saturday, but Josephine seems to like him. Once she got a look at him, she started to chirp. They tried again on Sunday and once mom got Tim to settle, she got out Josephine and laid her next to Tim in her lap. Tim was purring and kissed Jo on the head....and she relaxed. Tim got up and mom was able to pet Josephine for a few more minutes and then Jo went over to play with a toy and contemplate pouncing on Tim's tail. Mom got out Jimmy and he let her pet him but didn't relax like Josephine.

Mom went over Sunday night to take care of the girls for Kelly. Lucy hid, but everyone else came out and after a couple of minutes warmed up and wanted attention and to play. Grace climbed right in the carrier with Jimmy and Josephine (mom took them just to see what would happen). Jimmy followed her out and made a circuit of the room. Zoe hissed at him, but no big deal. Audrey came over and kissed him too. Awwww. Mom took Josephine out of the carrier. Jo immediately went into the cat condo but Audrey went over and sat with her and kissed her. They played a little and then snoozed. Mom almost brough Audrey home with her!!

Everyone but Grace is big enough for surgery. We are making plans now to get everyone spayed/neutered and then will take them into the rescue as they are ready.

Audrey & Josephine




Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mom's long distance boy toy....

As some of you may remember from this post, mom met a kitty named Bob out at Best Friends in March.

Then, yesterday at work (she was goofing off....shhhh), she found a video that Best Friend's posted of Bob and she had to share.....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Here we go.....

First, a kitten update (cause mom is mean like that). Both were out and about in the bathroom this morning when mom got out of the shower....hiding in a corner, but out of the box. :) Josephine has taken to chirping (looking for her mommy) so mom is hoping Tim will help her out this weekend and maybe the kittens will come around.

So, Dr. Taylor and her tech came over last night. Mom had the kittens in a carrier in her bedroom. Spud was in the bathroom and Ivy and Junior were in the 2nd bedroom. There was much howling and moaning about the arrangements.

There was mostly cooperation about the drawing of the blood. Ivy got in a protest, but otherwise it went pretty well.

Except for Mo - he howled and moaned and screamed and tried to bite.....sigh....
      Mo is in the dog house - he is all cute and lovey until he has to be restrained and then he turns into dracula!
So, mom plied the vet with cookies (certain people need to be given goodies) and then had to wait it out. Dr. Taylor said we should know today or Monday at the latest.

Dr. Taylor called mom this morning about 9am. And......


What a relief.....
Thanks for all your support and well wishes and purrs for us. Mom was pretty worried...especially about Maestro since he is 16 yrs old and not in great health anyhow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is the day......

Dr. Taylor comes over this evening to grab us all and steal our bloods for "the" test. Mom seems less worried since Chiclet tested negative, but she still worries....

Anyhow, thinking about it all last night, she got to thinking about us all when we were babies. She doesn't have baby pictures of Tim & Tom since they joined us when they were 2 yrs old. And Maestro's baby pictures are not digital....

But, here are everyone else:

Ivy (to the far left)

Spud (with Ivy's sisters)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We have been tagged....

We got tagged by Margs Pets

Do you think you are hot?
Only when we are laying in the sun.

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using at the moment.

The song you've listened to the most recently.
We don't have much music on at the house. However, mom likes to put in the last Daughtery cd in her car and turn it up on the way home from work.

What were you thinking about when you were doing this?
Is it time for our mid-morning naps yet???

Do you have any nicknames?
do we??? oh geez:
   Maestro - 'tro, old man kitty
   Tim - Curly, skinny
   Tommy - Larry, moose
   Mozart - Mo (get it - 3 stooges), momo
   Ivy - princess
   Spud - "knock it off already"
   Junior - chicken boy

Tag 8 bloggers:
Celestial Kitties
Army of Four
Critter Cottage aka a cacophony of sounds
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Who is listed at #1?  Leo and Star

Say something special about #5. We love the White Dog Army - they are great about the Eskies!!!

How did you get to know #3? online - wandering he blogosphere - she is pretty funny

How about #4? a link from another blog - can't remember right now

Leave a message for #6. We are very glad we got to know you - even if it was from a loss!

*feel free to do this or not.....but it was kind of fun!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cover your eyes....

Mom is doing the happy dance....

And here is why:
James (Bond)

Josephine (Baker)

OK - so it isn't a great picture of the girl - she was freaked out and mom had to scruff her. But, WE CAUGHT HER!!! The neighbor lady called last night about 9:45pm and said she was in the trap. Both kittens are scared, but on a scale of Grace to Lucy, they are just a little more scared than Audrey. A little hissy but not trying to strike.

And here is Annie....the second picture is her and Blackie. They seem to be hanging together most times (he is the guy we have caught once per season - last fall and then again this summer).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update...

YEAH - the hots took a vacation!!! Mom opened the windows and we got some fresh air. And mom got a laugh when Junior was running around cause the birds on the balcony were taunting him and he hit the glass door....he is fine, but made quite the thud. :)

Miss Kelly said Zoe (her found kitten) and the girls are doing well. Zoe is still wild and crazy, but Kelly said that my crew were out playing on Sunday and even Lucy was deciding it wasn't too bad. Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat came over and Lucy purred when she was held. awwww.....

the girls

And then this morning the neighbor lady called and she caught the orange tabby. S/he is freaked out but wasn't hissy like Lucy. He is home for now and mom is going to work with him tonight. The trap is back up and we are hoping to catch the calico. Mom feels bad cause Annie stays right there while the kitten is in the trap. Mom wishes she could explain why she is taking Annie's babies..... Annie just looks kind of sad.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick Saturday update....

Mom promised to post pictures on Monday...our home computer is just a little too slow. :)

Mom and Chiclet went to the adoption event. Chiclet was very good - mom put on the harness and leash and they stood outside with the cocker spaniel people. Chiclet had to be up in mom's arms since one of the dogs has a high prey drive, but she did very well. Mom is friends with one of the cocker ladies and she said she thinks this cat group she works with might be getting another window at Petsmart and if so, she might let mom "borrow" it for Chiclet. Mom knows if someone could just see her out like we see her, Chiclet would be adopted quick. Right now, no one sees her but us!! MOL

The girls are on vacation with Miss Kelly. Mom still thinks one of the girls could be a good match for Zoe the kitten. However, she can't make up her mind which she took everyone this morning. And Miss Kelly said, just leave them for a couple of days to see what happens. The girls were ok, Zoe is NUTS and it could be interesting. More on that Monday as well.

So mom got home from the adoption event and scrubbed the bathroom and then we were subjected to torture by the Dyson monster!!!!!

Mom is still hoping the neighbor lady can catch those other two kittens. Especially now since the girls are with Zoe and Miss Kelly.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Foster Friday....

Our very first foster litter was August 2006. Mom had signed up and got a call that a current foster was having to leave town and would we be willing to finish the time for 3 kittens. Sure!!

Mom arranged to meet the lady. She handed mom that green/white feeding tray someone asked about (no idea where she got it - and we haven't ever seen it anywhere else), a container of food and a carrier with three kittens in it. Mom asked there names and the lady shrugged and said she hadn't named them. (WHAT??)

This is what was in the carrier:

Mom named them Topaz (brown tabby), Onyx (black) & Silver (gray). They were very sweet and kept mom on her toes - it had been a while since we had kittens in the house!

A couple of years later, someone stopped mom at the shelter and asked if she had fostered a kitten named Silver. Mom nodded and the guy pulled up a picture on his phone to show her the full grown version - and they had come back to adopt another cat!!!