Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend wrapup....

Well mom spent Friday with grandma. Grandma was in some pain most of the day, but by Saturday they seemed to have a better handle on it. Mom took Kiari over with her on Friday to snuggle with grandma. She took both Kiari and Cloud on Saturday....and they slept together in the other chair. MOL

Friday was apparently a bad day all around. The volunteers got to the shelter on Friday and found one of the kittens dead - no idea what happened. Then someone brought in another hit-by-car that had to be helped across the Bridge. And then mom found Kletus and had to call the director. Not a good day for anyone. But the director told mom the same thing that mom has told others.....yes, it is heart breaking, but when it stops affecting you, then you need to be doing something else.  We want to thank you all for your kind words.... mom knows there isn't anything she could have done, but to have him go from fine to not-fine to gone in 24 hours is just helps to know you all care and understand.

We snuggled with mom Friday night to comfort her. She got up early Saturday to help this woofie get to his forever home. As mom says, no matter the heartbreak, life continues on and there is always another animal to save. She drove this run in honor of Kletus.
 Murphy, 2 yr old cattle dog - on his way to his forever home

And then Sparty imploded Saturday afternoon and got run over by the Cornhuskers. sigh.....

So mom decided to crack open a bottle of Witches Brew

We did manage to get some good news on Sunday. Our foster Daffy/Gizmo (there was a paperwork screw up - MOL) was adopted with our friend DeLynn's foster Mozart on Saturday!!! Yeah....

Mom spent Sunday doing some cleaning. Laundry....clean sheets on the bed...and....THE DYSON MONSTER!!!  Run for your lives......

OK - too much excitement for the kittens....time for a nap:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween - we managed to avoid any costumes this year!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show us your treat jar.....

The cyber-sibes are having an event today:

Mom will be taking some of our extra treats to the local shelter. And here is our treat jar.... nothing very exciting, but mom says the important part is that the lid SCREWS on so that some cats can't get it open. sigh....

Friday, October 28, 2011

RIP Sweet Kletus.....

Mom got home tonight and discovered Kletus huddled on the floor. His gums were white and he wasn't responsive. Mom called the shelter director and was told to take him to the nearby emergency vet. Mom spent about 90 minutes there. They finally got an IV in and were giving him fluids and dextrose. His blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature were all very low. The director of the shelter told the vet to take a couple of hours to give him a chance. She just called and said that Kletus was helped over the Bridge. The vet believes it was a liver there isn't anything we could have done or could have known.....but mom's heart is broken. It has been a hard year for us and while mom says she will keep fostering, sometimes it sucks....

Finally Friday.....

Mom is gone for the day taking care of grandma - she has weird reactions to anesthesia, so mom planned to take the day off and spend it over there.  She is taking her laptop, but grandma doesn't have wi-fi and their computer is REALLY she may not be online much.

But, we thought we would share some cute baby shots....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....

First, we are thankful for the lady that came to the shelter on Tuesday night and put aside her grief for her cat that died to adopt and save a life. And since she couldn't decide, she adopted 2 cats. And her son and daughter-in-law adopted the third that mom put in the room with them. Makes us wonder how many we could have gotten them to adopt???  MOL

Second, we are thankful for the dog walkers on Tuesday. A family came in and said that there was a cat in a nearby parking lot that was hurt. Did they bring it to us? NO!! Did they take some responsibility for finding the cat?? NO!!! However, despite these people, two dog walkers grabbed a crate and some towels and brought the kitty back. We don't know much about him or how bad he was hurt, but even if he had to be helped across the Bridge, he spent the night safe and warm....not outside and suffering.

Third, as always, we are thankful for mom and for the matter the good news or bad news, people step up to give a word of encouragement and that makes mom willing to keep going, no matter what....

Our grandma is having surgery on her hand today, so could you guys send some purrs and grrs in her direction? Mom is taking tomorrow off to play nurse - grandma doesn't react so well to the drugs, so she needs supervision. :)  Mom says that grandma's side of the family has parts where the warranties expire early and often. We aren't sure we get that, but it makes mom laugh when she says it.

OK, we are off to take a nap...being thankful is hard work!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wordless wednesday....

The gray kitts had their hoo-haaectomies yesterday. Came home stoned out of their minds, but hungry and wild this on to families!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Can you guess who these toes belong to?

A word about Junior: he seems to be feeling....OK. Mom won't treat us adults unless we get really snotty and stop eating. Otherwise, she just lets us work through it. This is really the first major exposure Junior has had to URI that is this bad, so she knows she shouldn't be surprised he got it. Normally we can have snotty kittens and it is no big deal since we are all adults and "relatively" stress free. MOL  For now, mom is just keeping on eye on him. She did notice Sunday that she didn't see much of him and after a few hours got worried.... after searching for a while, she found this:

We were all kinda surprised his big orange mancat self could get under the couch. And hey mom - could you retrieve those toys???

Last night mom put out some treats and Junior decided to see if the kittens would share....
Mom thinks she heard Kletus growling....  :)

Oh, and the toes?? They belong to the big alpha mancat Tommy:

Monday, October 24, 2011

weekend wrapup....

The yetis made it home safe...though cold. :)

Mom was supposed to drive a transport on Saturday.....but a couple of legs didn't get filled, so she was off the hook.

However, she did end up working at the shelter on Saturday afternoon.  And, guess who got adopted??

Troy and Trevor were adopted together. Troy went home but Trevor wasn't quite ready as he is on drugs for URI.... hopefully he will be ready early in the week and join his brother.  Mac was also adopted by another family. Plus there were 3 adults adopted as well.....a good Saturday.

Sunday morning mom and grandma went for a walk to support step up for stefanie to raise money for breast cancer awareness. For those who follow sports, Chris Spielman quit the NFL back when his wife Stefanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lived several more years but since passed away. He joined with Panera and OSU Cancer Centers to raise money.....first year and there were 4000 runners/walkers and they raised over $100,000.

And Saturday night was a nail biter according to Sparty managed to beat those Badgers in the last 10 seconds.....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yetis in South Carolina.....

A week ago, our grandpa and Uncle Rob (mom's brother) headed off for North Carolina to walk part of the Appalachian Trail. They did part of it last year in Pennsylvania and decided to move south this year. We think their goal is to do most of it in parts, but we shall see....

Anyhow, mom got a phone call on Thursday from grandma that said the guys were coming out. "Are they OK?" mom asked. "They are," replied grandma, "but they got 3 inches of snow and it is  20 degrees." "Huh? Where are they?" "South Carolina."

OK, we may be bad with a map, but we are pretty sure South Carolina is in, well, the south. Shouldn't it be warmer down there? It isn't even that cold here in Ohio. So, of course mom had to send a text to Uncle Rob. "seen any yetis? heard you chicked out due to some snow. :)"

She got an email later that night....

Here are the yetis:

This is why we came out:

Friday, October 21, 2011

The saga of the sneeze....

Mom picked up new drugs for Kletus this morning...hopefully that will clear things up for him.

She had made the comment that she felt pretty lucky that no one in the house was sneezing - especially the little ones.

Well, mom got home from work tonight and guess who is sneezing.....

mom says he better get over it on his own cause the meer THOUGHT of having to medicate him gives her chills.....  MOL

Not so fun Friday.....

Mom says no real post today.....her work office is moving....doesn't sound like fun to us so we are going to take a nap on her behalf. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Darth Kletus....

OK - before you think we are totally making fun of the sick boy, mom says to reassure you all that, while we think he sounds funny, she is keeping a close eye on him to make sure he is feeling better. He was kind of cuddly last night toward the end of the evening, but was bouncing out the bathroom door this morning. Mom was concerned that he is ignoring the canned kitten food, but she caught him eating the dry last night, so she knows he is eating. (pick up food, crunch, crunch, snorck, crunch crunch; repeat)

However, turn up your sound....and stay till the end for a surprise! The second video was taken first as all three kittens were running around and playing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Puppy Mill Transport....

Mom got to help Best Friends with another transport last night....Missouri to New York with a stop here in Ohio.....  You can read their latest blog about puppy mills.

Mom got to see all sorts of breeds of dogs - mostly little ones, but there were some big dogs on this one as well. Amazingly, a lot of them are so very friendly and are happy to be out. And the others will break your heart....a big female siberian that was wonderful to walk but wouldn't go near the grass. A female bulldog who has been so overbred she hung almost to the ground. A female corgi who just sat in the grass and trembled. Mom walked an 8 year old male standard poodle.....he LOVED it....walked in the grass and peed on everything. :)  He had haircut and the BF staff said he had been pulled by a poodle rescue who gave him a bath and a shave before putting him on the transport.

They should be "landing" in New York this morning and getting everyone settled in with the rescues there.... and then on to good forever homes. :)

Also, Crystal from Daily Dose of Dogs/Cats with your Coffee emailed me last night and they had another kitten run for the bridge. Plus she has the kitty cold going around and she is just having a hard time...if you stop over, please share a hug and some purrs/grrs!! THANKS

Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend wrapup.....

First, Parker and her family needs our purrs, prayers and support.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mom was gone all weekend, so we napped by ourselves...except that little Kletus guy was out all the time...and man is he SNOTTY!!! Mom said Sunday night that she can hear him snort at 10 paces. :) No big deal - he is on drugs and will get better soon, but he makes some interesting noises right now. And likes to sneeze on mom..... haha!!

And, get this: mom was laying in bed last night reading a book and.... Junior got up on the bed. Mom almost fell out of bed. She felt the thump of a cat hit the bed and saw an orange butt walk by her leg. Wait - orange??? He got down on the hope chest at the end of the bed and watched for a while. And then, he got back up on the bed and LAID DOWN!!! Curled up with his head down and everything. He stayed for about 10 minutes too. Even swiveled an ear to listen to mom talk, though he wouldn't come any closer then about 3 feet away. but still - this is huge!!!

The gray kitts are doing well. Mom thinks they are just about big enough to be spayed/neutered. She has to contact the rescue group to make arrangements. She even has an application on Kiari.....but we shall see since we got it at least a couple of weeks ago. Mom let them out into the living room to play last night as well. As you can see from the last picture, they still aren't too sure about Kletus. :)



Cloud & Kletus

Sunday, October 16, 2011

National Feral Cat Day.....

Alley Cat Allies started this to raise awareness about feral cats and the communities they live in. As some of you are aware, we have been doing TNR in our neighborhood with a pretty good success rate.

Some of our favorite groups with ideas to help you out:
First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville FL
SOS of Ohio
Best Friends Animal Society

There are groups out there that say ferals are a menace. However, TNR has been shown to control populations. Trap and kill isn't a solution.....

Friday, October 14, 2011

working cats.....

This summer a gentleman came into the shelter where mom volunteers. They started to talk and he said he was looking for a shop cat for their flower shop. Their previous shop cat had crossed the Bridge and the place just wasn't the same. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but as we stood there, a very nice and large tomcat started rubbing on him. He thought about it and came back a few days and adopted Tamali.

A few weeks later, he was back. He and his wife decided they wanted a pair of kittens to have at home. We talked about it and he also seemed to fall in love with an adult female named Sudari.

After a few days of thought, he adopted all three.

Mom went this past Saturday to visit Sudari (now Sophia) and Tamali (now Tony). Both were so relaxed and enjoying their "work". April (the shop lady) said that Tony's favorite place is in the one cooler where he can chew on some of the isn't set that cold to endanger him, but they find him in there and kick him out about once per day.

Plus the shop sells lots of great cat stuff as well...

We think every shop/office/bookstore/etc needs a cat!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....

We are thankful for local rescues.....and for those foster monsters - but don't tell mom!!

And we are thankful for the CB and good friends: which is why we are asking for some help. We are going to help Chrystal transport a kitten but we need help getting him from Illinois to Ohio next weekend. Live somewhere in there? Wander over to cats with your coffee and let her know. Or post a comment here and we will hook you up!!

Troy, Trevor and Mac are doing....ok. Trevor and Troy are good if they are out. Troy got a good look at mom last night and HOWLED to get out. And mom got an email from the cat caregiver about Mac on Tuesday. Seems he is having some adjustment pains - he is growling at everyone. The boys are set up in adjoining cages with the portholes out so they can go back and forth and keep each other company. Mom had a "talk" with Mac and we hope he starts to behave. She did have them out to play and he was playing and a little calmer when she left to come home.

Speaking of coming home - she brought us: Kletus. The shelter has some major URI/snot problems with the kittehs right now. So when she said she was bringing back Troy, Trevor & Mac, she was asked to take a sickie. Of course, they don't know about the gray kits in the bathroom. And telling them would just get mom in trouble....long story.... Anyhow, she asked who they were thinking about? (maybe it would be an adult - can't take those - Tommy's head would BLOW OFF!!!) Kletus....yep, a hillbilly boy (his brothers were Bobbi Bob, Jim Bob, Joe Bob and his mom is Cindy Sue).

He is smaller that the other boys, so mom decided to try him in the bathroom. Bad idea!!! Kiari and Cloud DO NOT LIKE HIM!! He wants to play and they scream. A lot....and very loud! After listening to them last night and while she was taking a shower, she punted him out of the bathroom. And we had to deal with his wound up little self ALL DAY! sigh......  Mom loved the comments from yesterday. She tried so hard to get a cute picture and he would not cooperate.....but he does look like he is playing an instrument.  And those nails?? They got clipped!!

Mom did decide to put him back in the bathroom last night for bed and things went ok until this morning and so she put him back out with us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Mom got "the" email yesterday. There is space at the shelter and Troy, Trevor and Mac were dropped off this morning. Mom is a little sad...she knows they need to go back to be adopted and have homes of their own but this has been a very nice group plus they have been out the whole time since the bathroom is occupied. Most groups are in the bathroom at night but these guys were out and Troy and Trevor are snugglers. :)

Had to be bad one last time. MOL

Mom will be able to check on them tonight as it is her shift to volunteer.....We will keep you posted.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Report

Let's see..... Kiari and Cloud were vaccinated Friday after work and were very brave. And they went to an adoption event on Sunday. They aren't ready to be adopted yet, but they were a big hit. Cloud was a little freaked out but mom says Kiari came out of the carrier and seemed to enjoy being held. Mom even got them out of the bathroom and into the pen in the living room Sunday afternoon for a while. Fun was had by most.

Mom did another transport for Bloodhound Rescue. This is Gomer - an 8 month old male who was rescued from a shelter. He was found wandering - probably just followed his nose, but no one ever came to find him. He was very good in the car....

Mom helped at the shelter on Saturday and there were 8 cat/kitten adoptions. She suspects she will get the email soon about Troy, Trevor and Mac having to go back. These guys may be tough to give up - they are just so darned sweet and lovey. Mac and Troy got up in Mom's lap last night and dozed off in her arms. She ended up watching the NFL for about 20 minutes cause she didn't want to make them move.

The weather was nice and we got in some quality window whiffin' as well.  Oh, and mom made another stop Saturday morning, but we will tell you about that later in the week.....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally Friday....

It has been a long week....Mom in fact woke up yesterday and thought it was Friday. Was she disappointed when she realized it was only Thursday.  MOL

Our football team has a bye this weekend, so mom is hanging around the house. A potential transport and we shall see from there....  We do know the weather is supposed to be nice, so thankfully the windows should be open.

Kiari and Cloud are doing very well. Eating about 3 small cans per day of kitten food plus some dry that mom leaves out for them. They get their first vaccination today.

And then last night there was a flat cat contest:

And for a is Mac:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Night sounds.....

We have a routine in the house at night. I feed the adults and clean the boxes. Then take care of kittens in the bathroom. Once everyone is settled in, I go to bed and read for a while. When I am ready, I put up the book and turn out the lights....and lay there and listen as I fall asleep:

purrrrrr: Troy has discovered he LOVES to snuggle and is getting comfortable

whish: traffic outside the windows and leaves blowing down the road (I love being able to leave the windows open at night in this weather)

thump/rustle: cats jumping up on the bed and getting comfortable - generally Tim & Tom

scritch/scritch: someone digging in the box

twang....twang/twang: great, the kittens discovered the door stop in the bathroom again. :)

thumpa/thumpa/thumpa...crinkle: at least 2 cats running down the hall and going through the tunnel

MEORW: Maestro howling for no good reason

HEY: me yelling at Maestro to knock it off

purrrrrrrrr: Troy is joined by Trevor and they purr as we all doze off

Some people say they can only sleep where it is silent. I can't sleep in absolute silence....I need the swish of the ceiling fan and the reassurance of the cats around me....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.....

Thanks for all the good wishes - it was a great party!!!

About Grandma and her id problems: we think part of it may be that she doesn't normally see Tim and Tom together. (Tim normally hides - grandma likes to use the dyson monster). Actually, she doesn't see most of us out together...she likes to come over and use the dyson monster. Of course, grandma has said before that she can tell who Mozart is, but otherwise isn't sure. Then she called mom while she was out of town once and said she finally knows who Ivy is - cause Ivy would hiss at grandma every time she came over to feed us..... We just shrug...nothing you can do about it. :)  But we loved the comments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Mo (and Spud)


(mom thinks Troy was in the thing, but can't remember)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birfday to us!!!

Happy Birfday Tim and Tom!!!

We can't believes you is 8 years old already.....

You can read our Gotcha Story and our First after-adoption adventure.



Grandma says she can't tell us apart and is glad mom makes us wear collars. Mom just sighs.....

We hope you can teleport over for some fun. We will raid the fridge and see what goodies we can find.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend wrap up.....

Our Spartans beat the evil Buckeyes!!!!

Otherwise, we spent the weekend relaxing. Mom is feeling better - just stuffed up (could be sinuses could be fall allergies). Still no real resolution on Cloud & Kiari, but they are eating and playing so we are paws crossed. No transport this just spent the time relaxing and playing on the laptop.

Speaking of which, mom was helping Chrystal with her Petfinder account. Check it out and let us know what you think....  Winnie's Wish