Monday, January 30, 2023

A few more days

 Mom has enjoyed having Frances and Felicity here. They are mostly good kittens. Mom wishes they would stay off her desk and computer but it could be worse. 

Mom leaves Friday to deliver the girls to their new mom and kitty brother. 

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Keeping warm

 Mom bought covers for our floor vents to direct the heat out rather than just up. Especially the one vent that is under an end table.

Chanel and Ivy have liked sleeping by that vent before. With the heat now pointing right at them, it's even more popular. Mom finally gave up and out a bed under the table.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Weekend report

 The girls did really well after surgery. Like most kittens they had no idea and were back to normal by the next day.

Since they are going to a friend, mom decided to leave them loose in the house 24/7 starting Friday. (They go home on 2/3 per the current olan) They've been out during the day but not at night. No idea where they slept Friday night but Frances discovered the bed early Sunday morning. 

They are very sweet girls and have been great to have here. They are curious but respectful of the permanent residents so that's been very nice. 

Thursday, January 19, 2023

That was quick....sort of

 Well the girls are off for their spay surgery today. They have been a joy....mostly since they seem to think that they are VERY helpful during the day when mom is working. She can sometimes distract them, but has also had to restart the computer a couple of times.

Frances sleeping ON the air lock

Ummm. No we not doing anything

Sleepy Felicity

Double trouble

Now.....normally with the shelter they stay after surgery and go up for adoption. But not these two. They will come back for a couple of weeks before they go home. Yes - they have been adopted together but a special friend. We will give more details after everything in finalized but mom is pretty excited. 


Monday, January 9, 2023

First kittens of 2023

 Well we were expecting it to take longer, but the shelter reached out to see if we would take a pair of kittens who just need to gain weight for surgery. Not sure their background but they are super sweet and people friendly.



Mom is going to have to recheck the doors in the foster room. Frances figured out how to escape on day two. Fortunately they are vaccinated so no worries there. 

They are pretty respectful of everyone here.

But they are still learning to respect moms desk space so that's been a challenge. 

But it certainly isn't a bad way to spend a chilly weekend with napping kittens.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Slow time of the year

 But.....we got to do some kitten sitting this weekend. Just a couple of days but it was fun to have some small cuteness in the house.

Candy is a cute little tortie. She is probably 5ish weeks old and full of attitude. Mom says her tortie card is gold plated. But she quickly climbed into moms lap for napping.

This is Clover. He's probably just over 8 weeks old. He was super lovey....if mom sat down he was looking for attention. 

They aren't ready for adoption quite yet. So their foster mom gets to enjoy them for a while longer.