Monday, December 30, 2019

New beds

First - mom got another web cam. It is under the same tab as the other (in the header) but is a different angle. Of course the first night some unnamed (fuzzy brown tabby) kitten unplugged it and drug it across the room but mom thinks she's fixed that now.

Our local partner store where mom cleans is going out of business. The landlord jacked the rent up and it was impossible for them to stay open. The staff is going to other local stores but it's sad.

That said, everything is on sale. Mom stocked up on food and bought some cute beds:
This was the first one

Then mom bought 2 more. They were all occupied until mom went to take pictures. Then some tuxedo cat had to get up and move.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Really lady?

Dragon and Wyvern should be ready to go probably after the first of the year.

Dragon is a little sneezy sometimes but not bad.

Wyvern seems to have developed a fur issues. We have the rescue checking on it and started treating him for suspected mites just in case.

Mom found this shirt (ok...made for a ferret) and put it on him. He was fine with it for the most part though it bunched up at his belly. He doesn't need to wear it and mom took it off after a few minutes, but he was pretty cute.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Random Fridays

Yep - all the toys in the world and they play with the box the food came in from the store.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Monday, December 16, 2019

adoption news

If you didn't see it on social media, Gargoyle and Selkie went home TOGETHER on Friday. Another volunteer shared a picture of Gargoyle with a friend who showed another friend who was interested. They have a 16 year old calico girl cat at their house so there was a conversation about single kittens and Gargoyle being a bit of a big personality.

They decided to take both kittens and we know it will go great. They went home Friday night and we got an update on Saturday already. They had decided to let the kittens out into the house. Zeta (the resident old lady cat) was a little growly but nothing serious. Gargoyle was out and about and curious. Selkie was a little more reserved but we have no doubt he will come around in a couple of days.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Santa pictures

Mom took Chanel and Gargoyle on Saturday to have our favorite photographer take Christmas pictures.

Chanel isn't a fan of being held so mom needs to watch that for next time, but she cooperated.

Gargoyle wasn't too sure about that Santa, but was cute for the pictures.

Miss G was spayed on Monday and is doing well. She is all ready to pack her bags for her next adventure!! (Stay tuned....)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Weekend report

Selkie went back to the rescue on Saturday. He wasn't happy about his new roommates but seemed to adjust fairly quickly.

Gargoyle will be going today to be spayed.

Mom met with a nice couple on Sunday to introduce them to Gargoyle. They had expressed some interest after seeing a picture from a friend of a friend. They have a very senior girl cat and mom expressed some concerns about sending home a single kitten with an older cat. After talking to them, they had been discussed taking a pair as well. Mom suggested Selkie since he had been with Gargoyle already here with us. Mom kitten-napped Selkie back from the rescue on Sunday to meet his potential new family.

Gargoyle and Chanel had an adventure on Saturday and went to meet Santa and have pictures taken. Since it was easier for mom, they went in the same carrier. They were fine on the way TO Santa but decided to curse each other on the way home. We will share pictures as soon as we have them.

In other news, ROOMBA GOT ADOPTED.

Mom wasn't there for the whole thing, but she got to see Roo on Wednesday and Friday which was great for mom. Despite what seemed like forever in our medical department for URI and ringworm, she came back to the adoption center her friendly and outgoing self.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Kitten report





We would love to give you better (less blurry) kitten pictures, but they won't hold still. Gargoyle and Selkie are ready to go and just need to get on the surgery schedule. Wyvern and Dragon just need to gain a little more weight.

Selkie has become very sweet. He still takes a couple of minutes to warm up, but once he is ready, he is very lovey.

Wyvern is also very people oriented and wants to be right in your face.

Dragon is lovey, but after being medicated by mom for a while, she is a little hand shy.

Gargoyle is.....a character. Mom knows that using "negative" words is bad for adoptions. But let's be honest - that kitten is just ornery. She is cute but it is her way or the highway.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Holiday travels

Mom went to visit her family for Thanksgiving. Since Dragon and Wyvern are much smaller and the pet sitter was scheduled for once a day, mom decided to take them along with her. She took the Sturdi crate and set it up in the back seat for the kittens. Plus she figured it would be a safe way to keep them contained in her parents' house.

See? Custom baby jail. Though if you look closely, the one door is rolled up. After a couple of hours mom decided to let them out to run around a little bit. The crate is nice but not enough space for active kittens to run off some energy.
They quickly discovered they could climb the crate, walk across the night stand and sleep on the bed. Mom was going to leave them out all night but Wyvern wouldn't leave her alone, so they slept in the crate.
Friday night mom went over and spent the night with the kid (her niece). The kittens - especially Wyvern - loved all over her.

Grandma and Grandpa's dog decided to help with the decorating for Christmas.