Monday, January 31, 2022

Taco accident


The taco truck is pretty popular. Chanel and Daiquiri like to sleep inside, Baloo prefers the top.

Well the other day he may have leaned too far to one side:

Monday, January 17, 2022

Weekend report

 Horton went up to the adoption center on Saturday and went to his forever home that afternoon.

Mike is on the website and ready to go. We just need to find the right family for her. If you know anyone wothon a couple of hours of central Ohio, send them our way.

Chickpea needs to go back to the vet. Her breathing issues are SO frustrating.

Thaddeus is doing better. He was neutered on Thursday. Mom felt bad as he was friendly for the first time that morning and she had to grwb him and haul him to the vet. She still has to catch him to love on him but he is much better.

We also now have Titus that cane from the same area and is likely Thad's brother. He is much friendlier and comes up for love pretty quickly. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Happy 2022

 We hope you had a safe holiday. We are all good here. 

Good news: Buster went up to the adoption center on Saturday and was adopted on Sunday!! No details on the family but congrats on your new forever Buster.

Mike is on the rescue website. Chickpea is still snorty and we are working with the vet on that. Horton was neutered last Thursday but has a little cold so he is here another week. 

And mom brought this guy home on Saturday. Meet Thaddeus. He needs to be neutered but he's also a little spicy. Thought he seems to be more undecided about being spicy. We suspect he will come around fairly quickly.