Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bug alert

It is stink bug season here. Ugh. They get in the house and buzz around and they are passed the point where mom will squish them (plus they smell really bad of you do). 

Normally they get flushed or tossed back outside. Except the one the other night was out of mom's reach.

Friday, October 15, 2021

A tunnel

 Mom had been doing some research on how to help Mike gain some independence. 

For example he can stand up to eat but mostly if mom puts a hand under him to keep him from falling over. She had seen a few things online and contacted a local plastics company for help. 

Mike's new tunnel:

It is made from acrylic and is heavy enough he can't tip it over. The box has to be in there for now since mom "might" have gotten the dimensions wrong. She also needs to rig something across the front so he doesn't fall out. will help him stand up while giving him enough room to wobble some and build up his muscles.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Weekend report

 The Beans and the Noodles all got their first vaccines. Some eye boogers going on in there but nothing serious. Mom is saying she needs to get more dishes cause she gets run over on there at mealtime. 

Baloo enjoyed some cooker weather this weekend:

Mike is a joy. There are waterproof pads in his own and he makes his own cave system. Mom did order some silicone bowls for him to use since she worries about him banging his head on the dishes as he eats.