Wednesday, August 15, 2018

give us the foods [sponsored]

We met the representative of Weruva at Blog Paws this spring. We have sampled some of their other canned and pouched foods and were interested to find out that they had a new product coming out that was a pate in pouches. We signed up to try some out and recently got a box in the mail. We would show you the whole thing but it was raining like mad when it was delivered and the box did not make it...thankfully the pouches survived!!

The box had pouches along with information and....a couple of toys!! Goldfish and Annatto have been having fun with the toys.

The pouches we have tried before weren't our favorite delivery system. The pouches have an indent (for lack of a better term) on the bottom so they can stand up. The problem is that chunks of food get stuck in those and it can be a pain to get them out.

That said, the pate really does slide right out. Mom says she wishes they would just make a flat pouch with no indent on the bottom, but at least with the pate variety everything comes out for easy serving.

They have enjoyed the food as well. We do know that some cat owners have concerns about fish. That said, all but 2 varieties have fish in them. Annatto and Goldfish loved the food and ate almost all of the 2.8 ounce pouch. There was much banging from the other side of the door hoping for leftovers (sorry guys).

post dinner clean up

clean up crew - Soda was happy to help out

We like the idea of pouches as they certainly take up less space than cans. And this new version with the pate comes right out and is easy to use. Plus...the cats and kittens loved it. We are going to add these to the rotation of food for the fosters.

Thanks Weruva for letting us test out the new Slide N' Serve Pate formulas.

This is what Weruva has to say:

Paté Done Right

What does it mean to make a paté the Weruva way?
  • What you see is what you get - Because we purée simple and wholesome ingredients, you literally see the difference in each recipe!
  • Puréed foods - Just like using your kitchen mixer at home, we purée real ingredients to purrrfection, making sure those quality proteins taste delicious. 
  • No Bad Stuff - Free of BPA, Grain, Gluten, Carrageenan, Artificial Flavors or Colors, and MSG.
  • Protein Options - Fish free, chicken free, or mixed protein recipes!
  • Paté in a pouch - Slide N' Serve Patés are the first paté in a pouch in the industry. We’re making it easier to feed without the mess.
**disclosure: we got the food for review at no charge. This did not affect our opinions or this review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

Monday, August 13, 2018

weekend report

We hope you all had a great weekend. A friend of mom who volunteers with the same rescue is fostering a momma cat that had kittens on Saturday morning....

There was a fundraiser auction for Paws 2 People, Bridges to Cure earlier this year and mom had to bid on this poster. Now she just has to get it up on the wall.

For whatever reason, she loves to sleep on top of the Sheer Fun toy. She will sometimes get excited and slide around but it is a favored napping spot. 

Mom did chores on Saturday and then was done for the weekend.

Chive and Caraway haven't been adopted yet. It seems to be a little slower right now at the rescue - maybe with families getting their kids ready to go back to school. Hopefully things will pick up while the kittens available are still little.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Random Fridays

Hey look - it's Sparta - now known as Elliott.

Cute right?? His new family adores him and he constantly makes them laugh.

Mom rigged the lock on the foster door, but Soda is still managing to pull the door open.

Not enough that HE can get out, but when mom got up Wednesday morning, Chanel was half under a side table. Mom went and looked and saw a pair of eyes looking back. Quick check in the foster room and it had to be Goldfish. No way did mom have time to chase her around the house, so she was out for the day.

Mom worked all day and had a shift at the rescue after work, so it was about 7:30 pm before she got home - dreading having to chase Goldfish around the house. She is already scared and this manuever wouldn't do anything to help her like mom more. it a miracle, but mom glanced in the foster room when she got home and both kittens were in there. Soda must have pulled the door open (again) and she decided it was better in there than in the house. Mom is now blocking the door and has bought a new hook and eye lock that she hopes works better.

Annatto continues to do well. He is still little...tiny but mighty. He and Goldfish are getting along well though there seems to be an astounding amount of rude words used in there between them.
surprised seems to be his default expression

Everyone else is doing well here. Still hot fall coming soon???