Friday, May 29, 2020

On the go

Mom went in last night to spend some time with Ree and the kittens. Ree decided mom wasn't moving fast enough with the canned food. Drama momma fell over and whined pitifully.

Kettle is a boy on the go. He is also kind of bitey so mom is working on that since not every one wants a piranha kitten.

Whisk took to the cubes to escape but turns out that wasn't her best choice as Spatula followed her inside.

She eventually left for greener pastures....or in her case the dinner plate.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Whisk went on an adventure on Saturday. Mom needed to get kitten food so she took the kitten along. She traveled pretty well so like most cats in the car she did her some complaints. She was great meeting new people though.

Everyone is over a pound and Kettle is sneaking up on 2 pounds. The boys may be ready by mid June, Whisk sometime after that. 

Ree could probably go anytime but mom would like to get some weight on her first. She doesn't let the kittens nurse much at all any more. She is super sweet, can be held, doesn't care about the other cats here (she's even been hissed at by Daiquiri and was unmoved).

The kittens haven't purred for mom yet, but kittens raised by a cat mom tend not to early. But all three are playful and sweet.

Whisk will climb into a lap and sit.

Kettle is super curious.

Spatula is a good boy but does seem to have a question mark hanging over his head most of the time.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Random Fridays

Our fairy catmother struck again and sent up a Tespo playpen. We thought we would need it with the kitchen kittens to keep them in part of the foster room. Thankfully they came fairly healthy and didn't need to be restricted. But they will come in handy with the next batch of tiny kittens to keep them in place.

The tuxedo girls had a moment on Thursday. They get up the ladder and sometimes block each other. In this case, Goldfish wanted down and Chanel wasn't moving. Don't feel too bad....Goldfish has done the same.