Monday, January 20, 2020

Still here

They were spayed/neutered the beginning of the month. Mom went on a quick vacation, so the plan was they would go back this week. There was an adoption event on Saturday so mom kept them around for that. Dragon seems to have stopped sneezing (yay) but Wyvern has some....digestive issues. Since mom doesn't want him here alone, they will be here for a few more days. They are available and on the website though.

While mom was gone, Wyvern discovered the webcams. He grabbed one and pulled it down to face the wall. So helpful that boy.

Monday, January 6, 2020

2019 year in review part 2

Mom gave a review of how life is going with Goldfish.
There was a report on the single kittens and mom's weekend in Chicago at Meow Meetup. We still had the single kittens and mom got a new fountain....and it died.

We celebrated Ivy's 11th birthday. As the single kittens got older they starting getting into some trouble.

Mom wrote another post about FIV cats and the bug kittens came to join us.

Unfortunately, the single kittens went in for spay/neuter and Mopar was euthanized due to FIP (we hate that disease).

Lane and Fate were introduced to the bug kittens but weren't together for long as they were ready for adoption and moved to a partner store to find their forever homes. However, we also got a text that the couple that adopted Puzzle, renamed Anubis, was euthanized for FIP as well. The bug kittens sort of held still for a family picture.

We got a surprise additional kitten in September that we named Firefly when he joined the bug kittens.
Lane and Fate came back for an overnight. Unfortunately Firefly wasn't with us very long as mom found him one morning after he passed away overnight. It is the hardest part of rescue. We all had some treats. Mom had been leaving the foster room door open with the gate up to create a breeze in the house, but the kittens figured out how to get over the gate. We also posted about Remember Me Thursday. And Fate came back to us with a cold.

October brought us another jail break.
The rescue teamed up with another local non-profit that promotes lost pet posts and did a microchip clinic. There was a new kitten: Gargoyle
The bug kittens were spayed/neutered and headed up to our adoption center to find their forever homes. We brought home some new kitten friends for Gargoyle. The new kittens were named Gryphon and Dragon but unfortunately Gryphon wasn't well from the start and passed away. Goldfish wasn't happy with Fate being back here and mom posted about how she was doing.

November of course is that time of year when single kittens "mysteriously" appear at the rescue, so mom took another pair who were named Selkie and Wyvern. Mom bought one of those Christmas campers and set up a village of cat houses.

Mom wrote a post about having an emergency plan in place with your pet sitter. There was an update on the mythical kittens and mom wrote about our annual vet visits (for most of us anyhow). Mom got a new job, Cipher was adopted, and Gargoyle and Selkie were spayed/neutered.

Mom took Wyvern and Dragon with her over Thanksgiving and the kid got to spend some time with them. Roomba was adopted, Selkie went up to the rescue (and came back) and Gargoyle met her new family who was also interested in Selkie turns out. Gargoyle and Chanel met Santa.

All of our fosters from last year have been adopted except for Bissell, Wyvern and Dragon.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Year in review

We started out 2019 with 4 cats/kittens not adopted from 2018 but quickly got news that momma cat Delphi had been adopted. Mom also spent New Year's Eve doing a rescue.

Marzen was also adopted. Mom traveled a little west and visited a cat cafe in Dayton.

And to round out January, everyone was adopted as Kilkenny and then Carling with both (separately) adopted.

February brought us new floors in our living room and dining room (foster room). Goldfish continued to make progress and coming out of her shell.

Mom brought some snow into the house and the tuxedo girls decided to snoopervise the guy doing the transitions on the new flooring.

March brought us a new water fountain (that didn't last very long) and Chanel was fascinated.

That danged tuxedo cat discovered she could get into the foster room. That discovery will come back to haunt her later in the year. They helped with the recycling as well. Mom also took a trip and stayed at Chateau Cupcake and went to Global Pet Expo with Julie.  And....we got our first litter of kittens for the year- the vacuums - Bissel, Roomba, Dyson and Hoover.

The kittens continued to do well and grow - as kittens tend to do.

Remember our comment about Chanel and the foster room? Well she got in there with Bissell and the kittens and got her butt kicked. The kittens were 26 days old. Plus we added 3 more kittens - the decoder boys: Enigma, Puzzle and Cipher (also known as yellow, green and screamy).

The smaller kittens got their freedom, Chanel ended up in the cone of shame after an abscess on her foot opened up, and the vacuum kittens got cuter

April came with more updates on the vacuum kittens and the decoders. Goldfish celebrated her first birthday.

Bissell went back to the rescue to be spayed and get adopted. Mom took that opportunity to introduce the vacuum kittens and the decoder kittens. As always, mom tried to get family pictures and didn't have much luck. Kitten mischief ensued and mom got some weights.

Mom and Chanel traveled to St Louis for the Cat Writers' Association meeting. She bought a new crate for the car and to use with kittens. We picked up a new spare kitten named Fate, 4 kittens went to the adoption center and Puzzle got adopted.