Friday, June 11, 2021

too many balls in the air

 a post from the mom

There have been some changes at the rescue and I've been helping but geez I'm tired. Between work and kittens and paperwork and people texting me, I am developing a twitch.

Celtic kittens are still here until there are surgery openings. Between covid backups and kitten season, it is hard to get spots. 

Gordon is doing well and feisty as ever. It helps that he purrs while he chews on me - at least he is cute. He is set up in the living room in a pen with the clear Tespo panels and Chanel is baffled on a regular basis on why she can SEE the baby but she can't TOUCH the baby. 

The permanent residents are doing well. Ivy seems more comfortable so hopefully the dental bought us some time with her until she can get back in again. 

So other than I need a vacation or I'm going to throw my phone out the window, it's pretty good here. Well it's hot....but it's June. haha

Monday, June 7, 2021

Weekend report

 First some sad news: as happens in foster care when you take in strays and the very vulnerable, there are losses. Carsen died on Sunday. We didn't have him very long but he was loved. The rescue has a trapper working hard at the trailer park where he was found doing spay and neuter to break the cycle. If you would like to help, you can donate at using the yellow donate button on the left. 


Gordon was getting a little wild in the crate, so with the help of Miss Z the large Tespo panels were put up and he now has a bigger spot. In the middle of the living room. He and Chanel are very confused by the invisible walls. Haha

It didn't take very long for Daiquiri to figure out how to get in to raid his food dish either. 

Mom did a bunch of laundry on Sunday and Gordon's lamb and in with it. He got the sniff test and then they curled up for a nap.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Stop biting the new guy

 One of the TNR trappers for the rescue reached out to mom about a single kitten she had found. Since Gordon needs a kitty friend, mom offered to take him.

Well, turns out the new guy is about half the size of Gordon. But he is fiesty so that helps. Gordon spent the first part of the introduction treating him like a cat toy. By Thursday morning, they were getting along better. The new guy is named Carsen after the daughter of the volunteer. He needs some work but hopefully as he puts on some weight he will start kicking Gordon's butt.