Friday, September 13, 2019

Random Fridays

he is cute
but he is giving mom heartburn
There seemed to be some....poop issues....going on in the kitten room. Everyone had been dewormed so mom was baffled. In an effort to change course, she switched them to raw for about 10 days (leaving out kibble since she is gone all day and they are still little). After about 3 days, things seemed to get better. Then the raw food supply ran out (bound to happen - it ain't cheap, mom ain't rich - and honestly they can't be on it forever and go to our adoption center). The older kittens still seems fine but SOMEONE is having issues again. So, back to meds. Mom did renew our supply of panacur with the rescue. The head lady said she didn't think it went laughed and said it was so old it was partly solid (why no, that couldn't POSSIBLY be the problem).

these 2 on the other hand

Goldfish LOVES toys. But she found this one and carries it around the house - mom has taken to calling it her baby. She will occasionally announce that she found it and has brought it to bed on occasion as well.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Overnight visitors

Goldfish is all "wait...what??"

well make yourself at home already

You may recognize those kittens. That is Lane in the first picture and Fate in the second picture. Mom loves our partner store, but she (jokingly - sorta) says that she can't GIVE kittens away away at that store. She grabbed them Friday so the cage could be cleaned. At that point they didn't have a landing space - either the adoption center or another store. So she brought them back here. Keep in mind they are just about 5 months old at this point.

Lane LOST HER MIND. She walked around for the evening and most of the night growling at every cat she saw. Mom was concerned about the big kittens and the little kittens, so Lane and Fate were out in the house rather than in the kitten room. Fate on the other hand was fine with the other cats. But when mom went to bed....he discovered we have BED MICE. Mom didn't get a ton of sleep as he spent most of the night jumping all over the bed and stabbing mom's feet. (note to self - next time trim their nails in the evening)

Fate toe beans 

The rescue had an event at a local home and garden show on Saturday and the volunteer who was going asked to take these two. Mom met her Saturday morning and handed them off. We got a report that the kittens had a blast.

There ended up being open spaces at the adoption center, so after the event, mom set them both up there. They are now in a cage with another kitten (black of course) and neither Lane nor Fate was too happy about the change. But no doubt they will be fine after a few hours to figure it out. Now we cross our paws they get adopted quickly. It's tough since they are getting to the "teenage" stage and are black.