Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23rd kitten update

The kittens went in May 22 for their revaccinations. Nocturne is the little guy at 1.6#. Requiem and Cadence weigh in at right around 2#. Minuet and Treble are in between. I took Chloe also and she weighs around 6.4#. She is still nursing right now. At this rate, I am looking at around another 2-4 weeks before they go back.

vaccinations wear us out...but not for long (see video of Requiem vs Minuet below)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wow are they getting big

These pictures are from May 16, 2010 - which makes the kittens officially 7 weeks old. I have to get new paper collars tonight as they seem to be outgrowing theirs. Tommy & Spud still hiss at everyone. Bless Chloe - she either ignores them or rolls over to avoid things. Of course, I looked on Sunday and found Treble using Spud's tail as a pillow. :)


Treble & Spud

Treble sleeping in the cat toy basket

Friday, May 14, 2010

Real Men Love Cats

Last year at Mardi Paws (the big fall fundraiser for CAHS), one of our members purchased making a PSA for the shelter. A local production company put it together for her. Here is the final product:

I laughed myself silly. One of the orange tabbies belongs to Alisa (the woman in the video). The rest are cats from the shelter. I had to watch it twice as I was distracted the first time playing "name that cat".

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the doorstop

I know what you are could something that cute be trouble?? I will explain:
First, Treble (in the green) ALMOST made it over the baby gate this morning. I have been putting it up to let Chloe run around for a few minutes as I get ready for work. The scrambling noise tipped me off - I looked over and 4 kittens in the bathroom and one in the hall. I showered with the bathroom door closed to make sure everyone stayed in.
But I will never understand why the doorstop in the bathroom is such an amazing toy. I mean, last night there were 5 kittens, one momma cat and at least 2 cat toys. What do I hear around 2:30am? The twanging of the doorstop. Which means there was a kitten jumping on it. I finally figured out the noise a few litters ago. And it seems every group eventually finds the door stop and feels the need to try to turn it into a toy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kitten update

The time of chaos has arrived. Everytime the bathroom door opens, everyone scrambles to make a run for it. I can at least put up the baby gate to keep the kittens in, but that may only last a couple of days...I almost had one get over this morning.
You may notice they are wearing collars. I got paper collars from the shelter and cut them to size. Starting in the upper left hand corner, they are as follows: Cadence (no collar), Nocturne (blue), Requiem (red), Treble (green) and Minuet (pink). They will run around in their pen in the evening and then fall over to nap - sometimes in this figure and sometimes in a big heap.