Monday, June 30, 2014

weekend wrapup

Mom did two transports this weekend.

Moses was being sent from a shelter to a foster home. 

Buster Brown was pulled from a rural shelter and going to rescue - we hear he may already have some interest.

The kittens are getting bigger and are generally up to .... something. :)  When they aren't going this:

There is a calico girl wandering around outside that mom is trying to catch. She isn't feral and it appears that someone moved and left her....grrrr  More on that as we get more details.

Otherwise mom spent the weekend doing laundry and some cleaning. We got the hots here so we mostly lounged around. MOL But we hear it is a short week for mom so we are planning a nice relaxing weekend next weekend.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weight day Caturday

We are running a little behind with this week's weigh update due to mom's vacation pictures. However, here we go.

Ash and Mica were neutered on Wednesday as they are big enough. Amber and Pearl are scheduled for next Wednesday.

Mica weighs: 3 pounds 3 1/8 ounces (holy moly)

 Coral weighs: 1 pound 6 7/8 ounces

 Pearl weighs 2 pounds 1 1/8 ounces

Ash weighs: 2 pounds 8 ounces

Amber and Jet refused to cooperate with the pawparazzi.  Amber weighs 1 pound 15 3/4 ounces and Jet weighs 1 pound 6 1/4 ounces. Amber is a lover and just gets SO close to the camera. Jet is actually a little shy and mom is working with her. And yes, you read that right....Jet, who is about 6 weeks younger than the older kittens weighs almost as much as Coral.  MOL

Quartz weighs 1 pound 2 1/2 ounces

Topaz weighs 1 pound  1 5/8 ounces

Friday, June 27, 2014

vacation day 4-5

Thursday mom and the kid went to Morgaine's to work all day.

This is Arnie. He is about 3 years old and came to Best Friends when his family could no longer care for him. His back feet are both deformed but holy cats can he move!!  He had only been in Morgaine's for a couple of days and was making himself completely at home. This was his first stroller ride that he LOVED! And by the time they were leaving, he had an application for adoption!

This is Duncan getting some love.
(we tell you - mom says every time that kid sat down,
some cat was in her lap)

oooo.....scritch my ears

mom says she isn't sure who this is, but she looked up
and all she saw were feet sticking out of the box and
it made her laugh. :)  these boxes are all over each
room in every building.

and then there are these cuties!!!
kittens are either put in foster care or kept in their own quarantine
until they are bigger or adopted (whichever comes first)
these guys (and their sister) were in the quarantine rooms
mom and the kid were able to see them from outside (everyone has a catio)
and both the boys stood up and were yelling. the one on the right
is SERIOUSLY crossed eyed, which adds to the cute.

Friday morning mom and the kid said goodbye to everyone and packed off to Las Vegas since their flight home on Saturday was pretty early. They were going to use the pool at the hotel but when they got there it was 108 degrees F outside!!! Mom said it was "melt your fillings" hot. So they got some dinner, stayed inside and relaxed. (the kid found the Disney channel - she was happy)

From the mom: If you ever get the chance to visit or volunteer, I truly suggest you do it. The work they do inspires me to do better for every animal out there. They have picked up the mantle of "Save Them All" and are doing what they can both at the sanctuary and through partnerships across the US to make it happen. The animals, people and location are all pretty amazing.

We do have some sad news:
Harper, the little girl that slept overnight with mom and the kid on Wednesday and Thursday crossed the Bridge on Sunday. The vets and caregivers think it may have been FIP, but considering she was FeLV positive, it is hard to say. Mom had to break it to the kid and that was pretty miserable. Harper was so very very sweet.....we know she is happy and healthy over the Bridge. And we hope that those nights that she got to spend in the hotel were wonderful for her as they were for mom and the kid. Fly Free Harper.

Yes, that was her typical expression - just added to the cute

Thursday, June 26, 2014

vacation day 2-3

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More vacation:

Tuesday am was over in Dogtown. They wanted to go to the Puppy Pre School but it was full so went over to the Gardens to walk the young adult dogs. They walked 2 dogs before mom saw....a SNAKE. Yep - rattlesnake. So they sat for a while in order for one of the employees to come see if she could find it and move it (she did [yes, that is part of her job....ewwwww], caught it and the snake was moved out further in the sanctuary). It wasn't a huge snake, but between that and the lizards and the sand, the kid said "I have had enough wilderness". :) [for the record, the snake was maybe a foot long and the lady said maybe 2-3 years old - not huge but big enough for mom]

The kid communing with Nizhoni
(who was wonderful and is looking for a home)

This is Amy. She is an older girl and has cancer.
They are doing their best to keep her comfortable until she has to cross the Bridge.
Mom and the kid sat with her while waiting for the snake lady to show up.

Tuesday afternoon they went to the Bunny House. Mom had to take picture to prove the kid does actually know what a broom is for. MOL  Actually, the kid was wonderful and a great help. They clean cages and socialized some bunnies by hand feeding cilantro. 

There was even a guinea pig named Fritz. The kid got to cut up fruits and veggies for his dinner and feed him as well. They said that the guinea pigs usually aren't with them long as they tend to get adopted very quickly.

Tuesday night was another sleepover. This guy is Beethoven. He was a wonderful dog. Again slept with the kid. At one point mom said they were both sleeping sideways on the bed. And Beethoven is one of the dogs approved for eating on patios (the people eat, he just hangs out), so they went to dinner with mom's friends who live and work out there. They have him listed as a St.Bernard but he looks like he weighs about 50 pounds and certainly wasn't very fuzzy. He did bark at people outside the window, so they shut the curtains. Mom had to hush him a couple of times during the night when he heard noises outside, but he was a great dog.

Wednesday morning and they made it here:

The kid was thrilled - they got to meet a group of puppies that are Great Pryneess/Anatolian Shepard mixes (remember the kid lives with a Pry). Two of the pups were fuzzy and the rest were short haired. They were taken in from another shelter. All but one had applications as of last week and in fact one was being adopted and going home that week as well. They were 9 weeks old and just learning some basic trainining and how to walk on a leash (that is going to take some more work - most of the pups weren't so sure about those leashes).

Wednesday afternoon they went back to the cats. The kid requested they go back to Cal-Mar and that's what they did. It was getting way to hot for walks, so they socialized and did some cleaning as well. Mom says the kid appears to be well on her way to being the cat whisperer.

Here she is with Foley on the shelf and Barney and Bronte in her lap.

The lucky sleepover girl that night was Harper (seen above). She is SO sweet. She loved to snuggled and purred and slept right next to the kid all night. (mom said she was feeling a little deprived by now)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mom's vacation

Mom met up with her brother and sister-in-law in Kentucky to get the kid and fly to Las Vegas and then drive to Kanab UT on the 14th. It makes for a long day of travel, but it was worth it. Mom and the kid stayed with friends who now live and work out there and on Sunday took the tour of the sanctuary and checked in as volunteers.

Monday morning they took a few short tours of different areas where they were signed up to volunteer.
There are horses and goats and sheep.

 Wild Friends has birds of prey and even ducks (the ducks and chickens are available for adoption).
Mom took these pictures thinking of the publicist over at The Maaaaa of Pricilla

 And then the Parrot Garden. They are available for adoption as well.

Monday afternoon they went and worked in Cat World in a house called Cal-Mar. This building houses their cats that have tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). The great part is they have to live in their own building but are available for adoption so long as you don't have other cats or have other FeLV cats.

 Barney going for a stroller ride

Bo is Barney's brother
(they were kittens when mom saw them last time she volunteered)

This cutie is Elwood. Unfortunately, mom got a note from her friend that works out that that he crossed Rainbow Bridge overnight last Friday.

Not only can you volunteer, but you can take cats on sleepovers. This big handsome guy is Foley. He was rescued by a group in West Virginia after he was found shot with buckshot (not sure if that is how he lost his eye or not). Then he tested positive for FeLV and Best Friends agreed to take him. He was super sweet and slept on the bed with the kid all night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cat World Domination Day

Time to Party!!!

What mom??? We still aren't allowed outside. But how are we going to help take over the world?


Guess we will have to stick to taking over the living room.

Monday, June 23, 2014

What was going on last week....

Well - we took a vacation....left us with Miss Rita the petsitter. So she scheduled some posts but was bad about commenting. Sometimes when she goes places she takes the laptop, but this time she other things to concentrate on and didn't want to have one more thing to think about.

Where was she???

Yep - mom trekked out to Utah and spent some time with her friend Miss DeLynn and volunteering at Best Friends. And she took - THE KID!!!

Mom will be posting about their adventures and pictures over the week. Before she left they played musical kittens and our friend Miss Karen took Jade and the little kittens. And then on the Sunday after she got home there was an adoption hopefully she will get things posted soon. Bear with us.....

Mom made is back safe and in fact took the kittens to an event on Sunday.

Everyone did great while mom was gone, but everyone is also very happy to have her home.