Saturday, March 30, 2013

after yesterday.....

Found this late yesterday after our TNR post and had to share. Thanks to No Kill Revolution for the pic on facebook..... It really is all about education - mom enjoys telling people about TNR and the reason for ear tipping - and most people seem to listen and take it to heart.

Yes- the couple did adopt Uncle from our story yesterday.....

Sparkle asked about the vet listed in the article we mentioned, so we did a little more research and found some more info. The article listed the AAHA 2013 Seminars.
AAHA Facilitator Info

Niels W. Pedersen, DVM

Dr. Pedersen received his DVM from UC Davis in 1967 and interned in small animal medicine and surgery at Colorado State University. He then completed a PhD in experimental pathology and immunology from the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University. Dr. Pedersen was hired to the faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis in 1972 and is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology. His time is split between an active research program on the genetics of autoimmune diseases in dogs and infectious diseases of cats, and with the Center for Companion Animal Health, which he helped found in 1994 and directs to this day. Dr. Pedersen holds honorary doctorates from the University of Zurich and Utrecht University, and has won a number of national and international honors for excellence in feline infectious disease research. He is the author of over 220 scientific publications and two textbooks. His family is his most important achievement, with his wife of 48 years, four successful children and 7 grandchildren. Dr. Pedersen’s hobby is photographing wildflowers in Western Australia and growing some of them in his home in Winters, CA. He has given some thought about retiring, but feels that there are still new things to learn and explore.  

Session Details

You Cannot Understand Feline Medicine Without First Understanding the Species

Niels W. Pedersen, DVM
Friday, March 15, 2013 from 8:00am-9:40am

Cats have co-evolved with humans for thousands of years and are not domesticated in the strictest sense. Rather, they are now the predominant small carnivore wherever humans exist in any numbers and this role is essential for the health of the ecosystems that we share. Some of these cats have become our pets, and as such, we are responsible for their health. Although the emphasis is now on “one health”, where all species including humans are considered equal in terms of their reactions to disease, there are unique features of cats that we need to first understand in order to give them the care they deserve. Dr. Pedersen will open with a history of the cat, move next to a discussion of the lives of feral cats and the fluid nature of feral and domestic existences, and end with a review of the uniqueness and similarities of cats in “one disease and health.” 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Quick note: we gotted an email from the head rescue lady and she said one of the volunteers from the rescue is driving right through Charlotte next week and will be picking up DW. We will try to get a picture of him once he gets back to Ohio. thanks for all of you for suggestions and offers to help!!

Today isn't going to be so random....

As part of what we do here on the blog, education will always have to be part of it. We can tell people to adopt from shelter, we can foster, we (ok, mom) can drive transports, but without education, nothing will change....

Today - more TNR.

A few weeks ago, mom was at the adoption center for the rescue. She was picking up kittens for the Petco. Anyhow, there was a nice young brown tabby male at the adoption center - super sweet and very curious and named Uncle. This young couple came in and had been approved but hadn't decided on the right cat yet. As mom was talking to Miss Mona, the couple came up with Uncle in the man's arms. Miss Mona asked if they had decided on Uncle...the young man said they had but wanted to know if he had any "other congenital medical conditions". Mom doesn't know all the cats at the adoption center, she had run into Uncle before. Mom looked at Miss Mona and reaffirmed that Uncle didn't have ANY medical issues. Mom turned to the young couple and asked about their concerns. The young man looked down at Uncle and pointed to his ear. See - Uncle is ear tipped since he was caught in a feral colony. Mom glanced at Miss Mona who by now was holding her breath not to laugh. So, mom explained the ear tip wasn't a "medical condition" but showing how he was trapped. You could see the couple nod and realize what mom was talking about as she explained about the feral cat population as well as strays being trapped with ferals.  It makes us smile though - we have never heard of an ear tip being termed "congenital medical condition".  :)

Allie in the trap before being spayed

Mom was reading this article too on Pet Health Care Gazette:
Here are some of the myths that are commonly circulated about free-roaming cats:

  • Free-roaming cats lead a cruel existence riddled by disease and other dangers, suffering greatly and dying young.
  • Most cats come from shelters and shelters play a an important role in reuniting lost pet cats with their owners.
  • Free-roaming cats suffer from poor immune systems and are much more prone to infectious disease.
Here are the actual truths (according to Dr. Pedersen):

  • 30% of cats adopted from shelters will become free-roaming.
  • The survival rate of community cats located in urban areas is 90% per year.
  • Only 2% of cats placed in shelters are actually reunited with their owners.
  • 66% of lost cats are found because they return home on their own. Only 7% are found via a call or a visit to a shelter.
  • Lost cats are 3 times more likely to be returned to their home via non-shelter means (such as a neighbor locating the cat and returning it) than via a shelter.
  • When asked what should be done about free-roaming cats, the majority of people (81%) say they favor leaving the cats alone. Only 14% are in favor of trapping and killing these cats.

Our Allie - stretching it out on the wood being used to replace a balcony across from us. 
Mom sees her most days....and worries when she doesn't.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday....

Quick transport update: DW is still in NC. We don't have any offers right now to drive him and aren't able to get him to Tennessee before our grandma and grandpa leave to come back to Ohio. So we are sorta back to square one. If you have any ideas to help us get him from Charlotte NC to Columbus OH, please let us know....  THANKS

What are we thankful for today????


In other news, Cookie is going today to be spayed. She isn't nursing the kittens and is keeping mom from letting the kittens have a little more space to run around with the baby gate up in front of the bathroom....Cookie is a little crabby sometimes. We don't think she is aggressive to us or even really protecting the kittens - we think she just has some social skill weirdness.  And since she isn't nursing, is basically dry and the kittens are eating on their own, best to get her spayed before she goes into heat and maybe get her up to Petco.

We loved the comment yesterday from Tails from the Foster Kittens.....Maxwell being allergic to Petco - hahaha.....  Though we wouldn't put it past her.  For now, mom is thinking Cookie may go up to Petco and Maxine will come back here to hang with Maxwell. (oh joy....  MOL)

We haven't gotten any help getting DW to Oak Ridge by the end of today, so we will work with the rescue to get him up here some other way.....but don't worry, we will get him back up here and find him another loving family. If you have suggestions or ideas or can help, please let us know. And remember - we are also still trying to get Hershey and Frosting from daily dose of dogs out to LA.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So, mom took Maxwell to Petco on Friday evening when she sent Tiger home.....

Then she got a call on Saturday morning that Maxwell was pretty sneezy. Mom knew that but suspects that sneezy is just going to be a part of loving Maxwell. She went over and checked and said she would like to give it until Sunday morning to see what happens.

Well, they called back Saturday night and said that Maxwell was sneezing so hard that her nose was bleeding and could mom come get her? Sure.....

Mom said she sneezed...maybe a 3 times...Saturday night into Sunday - and a few times since then. She is kind of stuffed up or something - Max sleeps on the bed at night and mom said she is going to start calling her "darth max". So, that will have to be checked out. But otherwise, mom is pretty sure that stress makes it worse. Great......

yep - feel the stress.....
Mom is feeling a little better and attempting to go back to work. We are still trying to get DW to TN on Thursday afternoon.....Katie Isabella's v-e-t said they will overnight him for us Thursday night, but we have to get him from Charlotte NC to Oak Ridge TN by 6pm on Thursday.  We have a few leads, but if you have ideas or want to help, email us....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

are you new here???

Well, the new kitts are still in the bathroom. Mom says they aren't really "reliable" yet.....  But mom put up baby jail and Cookie did come out. But she got a little freaked out when mom closed the door to let the kittens eat. And then....Tim went into the bathroom and it was GAME ON!! (Cookie stood on the other side of the baby gate and yelled....not sure what she was hoping to accomplish)  So, gonna have to give that one a little more time.

Mom brought Cheeto out into the living room last week and he has no fear....jumped around, checked out the place and sniffed Ivy. :)  Mom says she hates to say she has favorites, but um - that Cheeto is a ham.
Mom thought she was feeling better, but apparently she was wrong. One short trip to Petco (we was out of kitten food) and she had to drive home in a hurry.

Frieda has the kitty - it is a boy and his name is DW. Now we just have to get him north to Ohio......

Monday, March 25, 2013

URGENT rescue - update

OK - Mona has contacted Frieda in Charlotte about pulling the cat. Now....we just have to figure out how to get her back to Columbus. Not sure how long Frieda is willing to hold her either. No confirmation on her being pulled just yet, but Mona has been in contact with the shelter and they know we are sending someone for her.

THANK YOU for the support and the made a HUGE difference and we should be able to get this baby back here.....  paw crossed!!

We got news.....

First, thanks for all the reposting, and facebooking and tweeting about the request for help yesterday. Sparkle posted about it on her facebook page and a very nice lady stepped up and offered to help. The CB posted the info as well. We sent the info to the head of the rescue.....we will keep you posted as we find out more. But once again - ALL OF YOU ROCK!!!!  All mom knows about the kitty is that it is a nice brown tabby that got shunted around due to divorce. But rather than call the rescue, someone in the family took the kitty to a local shelter. We are disappointed by that - and by a shelter that will check for a microchip and call the rescue and then not give them much time to get the kitty out.

And in other news, mom has the "I am freezing, where's the blanket, get off my lap cause I'm gonna barf"s......we are baffled about how much can come out of the mom based on the fact that not much is going IN to the mom.  And mom says that tripping over kittens in the bathroom has been taken to a new level. Next house - more bedrooms. :)

We had two adoptions from Petco this weekend:

Tiger went home Friday night. He is an 8 month old short hair brown tabby. Mom said he was super sweet, very adorable, loved by mom and everyone at Petco, and....dumb as a box of rocks. :)  His new family said "who cares?" And his new mom said he will fit right in....seems the 2 dogs in Tiger's new house aren't rocket scientists either. :) His new mom sent us an update:
"I just wanted to send a quick up date on Tiger, now known as Puddy.  (We’re Seinfeld fans and feel he is a perfect feline version of Elaine’s boyfriend David Puddy).
Anyway, he has made a seamless transition into our lives.  The first night he slept with A (2).  He lets the girls have their way with him while incessantly purring. He is probably the happiest cat I’ve know.  :) Last night after a busy day of none stop play and relentless exploring, he went to bed right at 8:30p with the girls. Although he couldn’t quite make up his mind which girl to sleep with and jumped between beds during stories.  He has met the dogs and could care less that the smallest one out weighs him by at least sixty pounds."

And...... our bratty kid Emma went home on Sunday!!!!  She has a new mom who works from home and a new kitty brofur who is 8 years old. Mom is certain this is the family that Emma has been waiting for (and the new mom didn't freak out when mom mentioned the fungus).  We love you brat - and are glad you new mom found you!! (and yes, Emma is feeling much better and not limping any more) Oh - and Emma's new mom said she is going to keep her name. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

URGENT request for help

PLEASE if you know anyone in Charlotte NC or a rescue that can help....

Colony Cats, the rescue that I foster and volunteer with got a call this morning from a kill shelter in Charlotte. A cat turned up there (not sure if surrender or found or what) and they did scan for a microchip. The chip came back registered to Colony Cats. The rescue will ALWAYS take back our cats. Mona (the head of the rescue) asked for 24 hours to find a way to get the cat back to central Ohio. The shelter made it sound like we would NOT be given that time. I don't know how much time we have to save this girl.....she has a safe place to go up here.

If you know a person or rescue that might be willing to help - PLEASE let me know. I will have my computer on all afternoon trying to help with this situation.

THANKS - the mom

Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Fridays...

One of our favorite local rescue vets posted this on their facebook page - a link to a list of common poisons in the can never be too careful and have too many of these.

It has been a sad week around the CB. We are sure most of you have heard, but we wanted to add our sadness and purrs here too.  Please be sure to check on the CB and leave your purrs for all the families.


In the catagory of kids say the darndest things, one of our favorite rescues Crash's Landing in Grand Rapids MI had some "cub" reporters come visit. You have to read their reports. MOL


gratutious Emma baby shot

Emma is doing much better. She has a limp and is on cage rest for another week. But she comes up to the front of the cage and is back to herself. Oh, and the vet hospital trimmed her pantaloons....which looks even funnier cause her hairs are different colors and the trim job is a little lot uneven. Mom said she shouldn't make she snickers every time Emma turns around. (of course Mom didn't do the trimming, so we aren't sure she is allowed to laugh)

We met a new friend you may all like to meet as well: Sushi

And check this out:  Health and Harmony Animal Hospital is now listed on as being "pro-claw" and the only vet hospital in our area. Have we mentioned how much we love these vets??? And...our favorite low cost clinic SOS won't do it either!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday....

We gotted an award from The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady

There were lots of rules....we are cats....we are bad about following rules.....however, there were 11 questions she posted that we are going to try to answer. It is awarded to blogs with less than 200 followers....if you qualify, feel free to take this and let us and everyone else know about you. :)

1. What/who inspired you to become a blogger?  Mom: I had seen a few and decided I wanted a way to record the life and time of the cats. Turns out this is now more about the fosters, but the crew gets in from time to time as well.

2. What/who was the inspiration for your blog? Mom: at first the cats that live here and then the fosters which expanded into education and fun foster stories

3. What are your favorite hobbies?  Mo: if spring would only get here and it would get a little warmer with some more sunpuddles

4. Have you been changed by a place you visited?  Mom: Best Friends in Utah. It is an amazing sanctuary - not just for saving the animals, but the setting out in a canyon in southern Utah.  Cats: we don't travel - no way, no how.

5. Did you ever have a special connection with an animal that you had with no other being? Mom: I try not to have favorites here.....not that it doesn't happen. I will admit, there was a definite connection with our foster kitten Bourbon - not only special needs but super sweet and just a special kitten.

6. What is your favorite animal? Why? Tommy: doesn't she have to say the domestic cat??

7. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?  Cats: none thanks....  Mom: milk :)

8. What is the farthest place from home you've visited?  Maestro: I used to live in Texas with mom (we now live in Ohio). Other cats: we have always lived here  Mom: Utah

9.  How did you get your first pet?  Mom: when I was a kid, we got a white german shepard. most of our family on my mom's side had had these dogs and we found a good breeder. Hazzard (guess when we got him) came to us as a puppy and we had him through my sophomore year in college.I didn't have cats until I was out on my own.

10. What/who is/are your inspirations for choosing names for your pets?  Mom: I am all about a good theme. I do try to avoid people names....I want something that is going to catch people's attention.  Tommy: what about Tim and me then?  Mom: you guys had your names when I adopted you and I didn't want to change them.

11. Do you have a favorite animal related book?  Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper or Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday outtakes....

Poor Maxwell doesn't get much action here on the blog. Mostly cause, while she is here as a foster getting over an upper respiratory infection (aka "the snot"), she isn't so friendly with mom. She does play chase the other cats. She has in the last few nights gotten up and been affectionate with mom when mom is laying in bed reading before turning out the lights to go to sleep. But during the day - not so much. However, mom has been trying to get some pictures. It would seem that Maxwell is taking lessons in how to avoid the pawparazzi.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cookie and the snacks....

Another quick Emma update: Mom took her to Petco - she is on cage rest...and won't get that around here. She is acting pretty tired but was more alert. Plus, when mom popped the top of the can of Fancy Feast, Emma started screaming for dinner. She is limping, but getting around a little. Thanks for your purrs and prayers and woofs.....we appreciate it.

Yep - they are about a month old now (give or take - Cookie won't fess up when they were really born). They are getting around, using the box (sorta), eating canned food (sorta) and being cute (of course).

(sorry bad pic - flash on white tile - and yes, the floor is a mess)

(how YOU doin'?)

Samoa and Triscuit



Dorita and Samoa still have slightly goopy eyes. But all things together, they are doing very well. Triscuit and Samoa are still the tinies of the crew - and yet Triscuit was the one that made it out the door the other day and mom had to chase her down the hall. :)

Mom was laughing the other night. She went in to clean (again...all the time) and put the kittens in the bathtub to keep them contained. As she gets half done, Milano walks between her ankles. Mom looks back and Dorito is sitting outside the tub as well. Shortly to be followed by Cheeto and Chex. Leaving Samoa and Triscuit in the tub.....tough being the little ones. :)  Guess next time mom is gonna have to shut the shower door.

Monday, March 18, 2013

plan, what plan???

Quick Emma update: Mom got a text this morning. X-ray showed just soft tissue injury to her back leg. No real definitive answers on what is going on her with her when they arrived at the hospital but she seems to be acting better. She is supposed to be on cage rest, so mom is going to talk to the manager at Petco about just taking her back there. Heaven knows she won't get any rest at our house. MOL  (hey Kelly: what kind of climber do you use at Petco - we have tried a couple of different ones and can't find anything that is really tall enough).

Mom had a plan for Saturday. Pick up the blood hounds, run north. Come back, get lunch. Pick up the cane corso, drive west. Come back, get groceries. Go home watch basketball.

Well, the transports went well, but if you read the post yesterday about Emma, you will know the day didn't go quite as planned. But, we thought we would share the transport part with you.

Charlie and Ellie Mae are headed to Canada. Charlie is going to his foster home and Ellie Mae is headed to a foster-to-adopt home. Charlie was super sweet. Mom doesn't normally crate dogs for transport, but she knew that Charlie didn't know Ellie Mae and worried what would happen in the back seat of a small car.

Ellie Mae was the bloodhound you think about when you think about bloodhounds. Joyful, goofy and wonderful. Mom said she and Ellie Mae had to tango a couple of time to convince Ellie Mae to sit IN THE BACK!!! And Ellie Mae was a kisser....she got mom a couple of times from the back seat. :)

Mom says if she ever gets a dog, it may end up being a bloodhound and she wants one like Ellie Mae. We know her foster-to-adopt family is going to meet her and know they can't live without her.

And then the afternoon was Apollo. He is an 8 month old Cane Corso....weighing in at 65 pounds (mom mumbled something about "puppy my @##"). But he was super sweet and great in the car. And another kisser. Mom was meeting his new mom and dad so got to hand him off on his way home.

Mom will say this - she picked up Apollo at a local vet office. As she got there, another client walked in with a very overweight Malamute. Apparently had an appointment with the groomer. And the appointment had been screwed up and he was getting angry with the receptionist. In the meantime, he let his dog wander all over the lobby. Rachel (with the rescue who also works at the vet office) came out with Apollo and mom asked the guy to grab his dog. His response "she wouldn't hurt a fly". ugh! Rachel said that Apollo was a rescue and we don't know his background. Mom ended up body blocking the Mal so Rachel and Apollo could get out the door. As the dog wandered closer, mom slammed her foot down on the dog's leash. The guy turned and look like he was gonna say something to mom - she said she raised one eyebrow in the "dare you" expression and he never said another word. Makes mom certain that some people should be required to take a quiz before getting a dog.....or an IQ test.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Emma update....

Mona got in touch with the animal hospital this morning. Emma seems to be doing much better this morning. There is some concern that she had a seizure and that made her fall or maybe the fall made her seizure. Mom says she didn't see anything last night at the hospital, but Emma was trembling and turns out that could have been it. Or it could have been shock. Or....

For right now, she is up and walking around. They are going to do an x-ray on her back paw but suspect it is soft tissue. They are going to keep her overnight tonight to make sure there is no seizure issues and then will update mom/Mona tomorrow about when Emma can go home. Not sure at this point if she will need to come back here or if she will be able to go back to Petco.

Thanks for the purrs. Mom didn't sleep much last night with worry. So now she is planning to get some lunch and take a nap.

FYI: Priscilla/Patty asked if we are sure she fell. The cage set up at Petco is 2 across, 2 down - and the cages can be opened so the cats can go up and down. But....and this is something that has concerned mom for a get up, the cats have to jump and there is no good way to do it. The cages are locked unless someone is up there with them. Mom suspects Emma jumped to go up - though she has made it before - slipped on the cage floor and fell back into the bottom cage.

BTW - work is still nuts so our commenting has been limited. Mom is trying to keep up with reading but know we are around.....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

purrs please.....

Mom here:
I got a text earlier this morning from the assistant manager at Petco while I was driving a transport. They heard a cry from the cat cages and discovered Emma not putting weight on one paw. They separated her into her own cage and I told them I would be in later to check on her.

I stopped by around noon and while her back leg seemed sore and she just wanted to lay in the cat bed and nap (probably due to being sore), she seemed ok.

I got a call around 4pm saying she was looking worse. I called the head of the rescue and ran over to get Emma. I met with Mona (the head of the rescue) and she agreed that Emma should be seen by a vet. I headed off to the 24 hour vet. Unfortunately, there were several other more urgent emergencies, so I sat there with her for a while. She seemed alert and fine.

However, the longer we sat there, the more concerned I got. She peed on the blanket without seeming to be aware. She got the runs twice. And she just laid there on her pink blanket. I got her back up on the table and she sat up....but with her head bent over. She looked so uncomfortable. I said something to the receptionist and a tech finally stuck her head in. They had a 1 day old puppy brought in that had been bitten by its mom. I told her I understood, but that Emma was now looking neurologic and that had me more concerned then just not putting weight on a paw (or two). They took her back and I headed is now 9:40pm and I don't know anything. But for those of you reading this, PLEASE purr and pray for her. I am worried and trying not to imagine the worst. I will try to get an update in the morning as soon as I can.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Fridays.....

It was so cold here the other day, that our feral garage cat Allie came running TOWARD the garage the other night. :)  Mom had come home and cracked the door like normal. But she had to run out for about 30 miuntes and shut the door all the way. She saw Allie as she was driving into the condo complex and Allie ran along the building and then waited (about 10 second) for mom to close the garage door and get into the house.

We may have a lead on the transport that Miss Chrystal is trying to get moving from Southern Illinois to Los Angeles.  Paws crossed. In the meantime, Miss Chrystal is having some major bad computer problems.... mom has her number though, so if you have suggestions or ideas or whatever, let us know and we will pass it along.

So mom had to name the momma-cat on Tuesday when she was tested. Mom has some ideas for baby names, though usually the momma-cat and the kittens don't have related names. Anyhow, the mom cat is now Cookie.

As to the kittens: the black tabby (boy) is Samoa. The buff/white and white/buff (both girls - we think) are now Cheeto and Dorito. The little white with gray (female) is Triscuit. The gray with white (female) is Milano. The solid gray (male - maybe) is Chex.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thurday....

Tim and Tom are thankful for being brothers......

even when we have to deal with interlopers.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wordless Wednesday

But before we get to that: momcat is now Cookie and....she tested NEGATIVE!!! They think she is under a year old...sigh - darned teenaged moms.

oh, and Happy Birthday to our Uncle Rob

Laundry inspectors

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yep, more of them.....

Yes all you out there, kitten season has struck the Random Felines house....

We know, there were the pepper boys, but they were a little older and born inside. 

Someone called the rescue Saturday about cats and kitten in a garage. Mom was over there dropping off paperwork and Miss Mona said there may be kittens coming in. Mom said she would be at Petco on Sunday but to let her know.

Miss Mona sent mom a text about 4pm on Sunday. Mom went right over to the adoption center. There was a pregnant ladycat, 2 older kittens (6ish weeks old) and a box with duct tape on it with 6 kittens in it. The hope was the other kitty was the mom.....she was put in a carrier with the kittens and was run over pretty quick....yep, they must be hers. They are little, one of them tinier than the others (in the picture above, the white with gray on his head). Everyone had FLEAS!!!  And got....

Yep....a bath.
OK - momma cat didn't....  Mom was gonna try and momma cat stuck out all four legs and ALL her claws and mom decided that she didn't want to donate that much blood. Momcat got a capstar and revolution. It took about an hour to get the baths done and fleas picked off. And mom is still picking off dead fleas. The tinies just can't survive an infestation like that so the bath was necessary. The goal is to kill the fleas, then get the soap off and get the kittens warm and dry as quick as possible.  Oh, and that black tabby - a screamer!!!

you can see how much tinier the white with gray baby is from everyone else

takin' after mom already

There are some goopy eyes but no snot (so far). Momcat is eating and is being very attentive to the kittens. Here is the line up: boys - white with gray, gray, buff with white black tabby and white with buff. Girls: gray with white, gray, white with gray and buff with white black tabby.  We think.....don't hold us to it. Mom usually changes her mind a few times before coming to a final conclusion about gender. And then names. :)  [mom says her chances might be better this second time]

They are sorta eating on their own. The buff kitts have been seen standing in the dry food dish and crunching away. Others have tried the canned food but it is hit and miss. Mom is keeping on eye on that tiny girl and she may end of getting supplemented. Oh, and last night while momcat was eating, she heard one of us outside the door and was using some bad werds. Mom tried to reassure the momcat that we are ok, but we think it may be a work in progress. But at least the momcat isn't trying to charge out the door.

That momcat is pretty adorable.....

Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend update...

Well, we are a little baffled. Emma went to Petco Friday night....and she is still there. We honestly thought she would have someone interested in adopting her pretty quickly. Mom says she will never understand what attracts some people to certain cats and not to others. Yesterday at the adoption event, the biggest question was "are you sure she is 5 months old?" yep - we are sure.....

We are still working on some details to help Miss Chrystal get Frosting and Hershey Bear from southern Illinois to Los Angeles CA. We have a few leads and have made a few suggestions to Miss Chrystal as well. We thought UKRRN only did from rescues/foster but it sounds like they might help, so we have sent a link over to have it checked out. The request has to come from the adopter and Miss Chrystal was having some email issues yesterday.

BUT: it was so very nice yesterday and we got in some window whiffin......yeah for SPRING!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update on the transport....

There were some questions about the transport. Honestly, we have been working on it and even we didn't notice that the city in California wasn't listed. gonna fire the mom and those other peoples. If they would just let US do the posting....ok, so there is that thumb problem, but we could figure it out. :)

Frosting and Hershey will need to travel from mid-Illinois to Los Angeles CA. Mom may have a lead to get them there. Their new mom M is working from their end. We do know M is willing to meet part way but while she originally thought she could get to Denver, she can't get quite that far.

Thanks for asking......any and all options are being looked at.

You guys rock....there has been so much good news this week for us: 2 long termers from the shelter where mom volunteers were adopted!!  Emma is going to Petco!!! Maxwell is slowly getting less snotty!!  The Royals were sprung and are heading home!!  And we are all doing well too.....

Have a great weekend!!  We are supposed to have some nice weather....paws crossed that mom will crack a window for some whiffin'.  No transport this weekend either.  Mom will be at Petco on Sunday for the monthly adoption event.

Oh, and you have to check this out: alley cats and angels have a very cute new family - and the names cracked us up!!