Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Fridays.....

Continue to check out the auction for the kitts. Last day to bid is tomorrow....


Cupcake and Lula went for their lady-gardenectomies on Thursday and stayed at the shelter. There is space on the adoption floor and we hope that they find their forever homes.


Bourbon was at it again. Mom got up early Thursday morning and found this:
 He must have carried everything out of the living and down the hall to the bathroom door (was he missing the girls??). He was sleeping in the bed when mom saw him, but got up before mom could get back with the camera.

Yep - that is the size difference - Emma vs Bourb
(and no Miss Priscilla, mom says he is NOT staying)

Emma does not approve of your tv viewing choices

Our friend Brian is having a commentathon (click HERE). For each comment, a bowl of food will be donated to a shelter....can't beat that.

Allie update: Allie is the mom to the alcohol kittens. She is feral and really doesn't like people. As you may remember, mom had been feeding her outside the condo but worried about her when it started getting colder. So, after some experimenting, we discovered that she will come in the garage. We have a ptu set up for her to sleep in with blankets and a cover over the top. It was about 35F this morning outside and about 43F in the garage this am, so not really warm, but out of the elements. We know she is in there cause mom keeps seeing paw prints on the car. :)  Mom did have to switch Allie's food to a plastic container as she had been leaving it in a zip top bag and Allie chewed through it.

Anyhow, this morning when mom opened the garage door she saw this:

Mom put out more food and got in the car to head to work. Allie actually started back across the driveway and mom waited to start the car until she saw her again. Then mom pulled out and closed the door, leaving it up about 6 inches. Mom saw Allie head back into the garage before mom made it out of the condo driveway. While we can't make her a house cat, we at least know she has food and shelter and is safe. Mom got this pic from the car as she pulled out. Allie is next to our garage, and as you can see it appears she has her winter pjs on now.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Very Thankful Thursday....

  We are lighting a candle for Traci, Lauryn and Korinna as we learned that judibug passed away this evening. She will be very very missed......  

The auction to help us with the gemstone kittens is running through December 1st. THANK YOU to Marg and Jan and Ann for the hard work setting it up and the graphics. Mom is a techno-dork and couldn't have done it without them.
THANK YOU for all those that have donated to the auction!!

THANK YOU for those who have made donations!!

THANK YOU for those making bids at the auction!!

THANK YOU to those who have commented, blogged, tweeted and facebooked about the auction and the kittens. And the comments supporting us now and over the years are so appreciated. :)

We may moan and groan about some of the kitts running around the house sometimes but we know we are helping and giving these babies a chance they might not otherwise have - from showing up on a porch with their momma to being picked up by Miss Chrystal to coming here. And we couldn't do it without you.

There are still some things that don't have bids:
MaryAnne from Cats Inc. just made some recent donations that are adorable.
Ginger Jasper donated some adorable Scotty pjs  and dog cards
Au, Guido and Target's mom donated 2 copies of her e-books
Pugs and Purrs donated a Thundershirt (medium for dogs) and three sets of jewelry (#27, 28 and 30)
Miss Peaches donated a lovely shell necklace
Faraday and his siblings from a Tonk's tail donated a love letter pillow

The kittens continue to do very well - though they only get out under supervision. Miss Emma is now being called "ouch dammit" cause when she gets hungry she comes up and BITES mom's toes. Opal is (mostly) fearless. And the boys are.....boys. They were practicing their ninja moves the other night.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bourb almost killed mom

PLEASE keep checking out the CB Auction for the kitts.  There are great things and ONLY 3 days left!!!

The condos mom made for us now reside in the former dining room. Near, in and around the condos are a couple of round cat beds and some fleece blankets.

Last night when mom got home, one of the beds and one of the blankets was in the middle of the family room. Weird..... So she put everything back.

And then mom saw this:

Bourbon dragging the blanket BACK into the living room. This was after dragging the bed back. Mom almost choked on her dinner she was laughing so hard. Be glad she got a couple of pictures. Really - she almost snorted potato up her NOSE!!!
 Lula and Moonshine decided to come over and see what he was up to.

You can get a good look at him walking. In the meantime, mom was laughing like mad watching him drag everything back and forth and back and forth.......

Here is something else to consider - he could walk around mom's chair into the living room - it isn't a straight shot, but it avoids furniture. Nope, instead he walks UNDER an end table behind mom's chair, then between the chair and the wall and then out into the living room. A straight line, but a little more complicated when dragging things around. Gotta love that boy. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

um mom....

We know these new kitts are temporary, but some of us are NOT happy.....

Our local shelter needed a place to keep a couple of kittens since there was no surgery last week and they want kittens to stay healthy. Of course, the lady that called said she had a mom and kittens. Apparently she "forgot" to mention the kittens are about 5 months old. The boy cat came with his sisters, but he started a pee war here with Tommy, so he had to go back to the shelter (who knew that was mom's line in the sand - so to speak). The kittens are named after characters from The Big Bang Theory, but mom didn't get any names, so the tortie is being called Lula and the torbie Cupcake. They have been out with us for a couple of days. Both girls aren't sure what to think about Moonshine, but they have both developed an apparent crush on da Bourb..... who can blame them??? Mom caught Cupcake laying about 6 inches away from Bourb last night giving him the googlie eyes. Mom didn't get a picture, but it made her laugh.

Then Uncle Bill from Petco got a little sick so mom brought him here too. sheesh.... Mom thinks he may be part Persian....he has a flatter face, a round body and short tail with a LOT of fuzz. :)  He is spending all of his time out with us (the girls above spend the nights in the bathroom with the gemstone kitts). He even climbed into bed with mom on Sunday night and slept right next to her - when Tommy growled at Bill, Bill just rolled over and yawned. That is one cool kitten.

And no, we don't suggest you try to do the math about how many of us there are right now, it will make your head hurt. :)

The auction for the gemstone kitts is in full swing and running through December 1. Click on the sidebar and go see what is available.

Mom is letting the kitts out with supervision. They have what she calls "baby brains" - they get so involved in playing that they forget important things. So yesterday morning mom let them out (mom was taking a baycation day) and after an hour or so walked back and called them....yes, they do follow her. They got into the bathroom - and 3 out of 4 kitts decided they had to pee - at the same time. MOL

Monday, November 26, 2012

A moment with da Bourb

This has been a moment with da Bourb 
(co-starring Moonshine, Gin and Junior)

Please be sure to check out the CB Auction to help with the expenses we have with the gemstone kitts. It will be up and running through December 1 and there are some really great things available.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

no easy Caturday.....

Please be sure to check out the auction using the sidebar button. It will be up through December 1!!

Mom says that Gin is staying at Petco until she gets adopted so help her cod!!!  As of yesterday morning, Gin wasn't being very nice to Uncle Bill, but it wasn't attempted murder.....yet. :)

Moonshine is still here. Mom says she isn't sure what to do with the boy. He is a lovey guy when he is here but a serious crab at the store.

In the meantime, he and Bourbon are playing. Be sure to check your volume before hitting play - Moonshine is a screamer. MOL

Friday, November 23, 2012

Random Fridays....

Well, we were destined to be disappointed. Mom didn't bring any turkey home. Something about grandpa making a small one. sigh.....

Oh, and mom was going to try to get a picture of Bourbon's double fangs while he was snoozing.... only he lost his baby teeth as well. So much for that. But at least is is one less thing we have to worry about. :)

 Miss Gin is heading out for an adventure today. There was another adoption at Petco, so mom is taking Gin back up there. There is a very nice and adorable male kitten up there named Uncle Bill. Mom is hoping having her separate from Moonshine and with an outgoing kitten will help her find her forever home. Paws crossed.

 It was kitten-palooza here on Thursday morning. Those kittens DO NOT want to stay in the bathroom and the gate created by baby jail is just useless at this point. So mom has been letting the kitts out for a while when she is home. As you can see, they have discovered the cat tree. Emma tends to climb up and then yell for help:


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Fangsgiving.....

Moonshine and Bourbon were growing in extra front fangs for the occasion. Mom can't get a picture but then she discovered that Moonshine's baby teeth fell out. Does that mean he gets less turkey????

                  ham or turkey   (aka Gin and Bourbon)

Mom: ummm, guys? It is Happy THANKSgiving.....we are supposed to spend time with family and friends and give thanks for the wonderful things in our lives.

What? You mean Bourbon still has those extra fangs for nothing????

Mom: no, Bourbon has extra fangs cause his baby teeth haven't fallen out. They will, it just takes some time.

Moonshine and Gin taking a snooze

We are thankful for all of you, for your support of the auction and all the hard work Marg and Jan are putting into it!!  We are thankful everyone here is healthy and that grandma is doing better every day.

Enjoy your turkey and time off (for our US friends) and stay safe!!

And.....  We are very thankful that 18 years ago mom decided that Angel Butterscotch needed a friend (Butterscotch wasn't convinced right away). Grandpa wasn't thrilled either. MOL!!!
Happy Gotcha Day Maestro!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday......

The auction is doing great - but some things don't even have a bid yet. Go check it out....and just think - shopping without the crowds. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mom is in trouble.....

See a certain mom type person had accused us of stealing the flashy box.

Only Saturday morning, we got her up for breakfast. She did a load of laundry and took a shower to get ready to meet some friends for breakfast. She grabbed a hooded sweatshirt and heard something thump on the floor. She grabbed jeans and shoes and....

There on the floor was the camera. She must have put it in the front pocket of her sweatshirt and didn't notice it when she put the sweatshirt back in the closet.

Bad mom....accusing the innocent cats.

Mo does not approve of your false accusations

 The furriends of the cb auction is going on now to help us with those Gemstone kittens. There are so many wonderful things donated by so many wonderful people and animals out there.....

Oh and mom is all full of herself cause she got the chipin to update....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jail break

For your sidebar/posts  the auction is on. There are so many great things over sure to stop by.

Mom is still having difficulties getting the chip-in to do math, but we are getting any donations that are made - THANKS. Plus she MAY have figured it out...something about verification, so it may take a couple of days to show the updated numbers. Once again, the adventures of living with a techno-dork. MOL
We just read that Huffle Mawson ran for the Bridge. There isn't anything on their blog yet, but we are VERY sad and sending them purrs.....

And, now onto the main event: the reason for the auction

Don't believe for a second that these faces are innocent. Nope, not a chance.

Cory: in the back with the white stripe on his head. He is the second biggest (just behind Opal) and is very sure that mom is out to get him. He will come over but mom is still working on him. But he and Kyan are up for any game....real or invented.

Emma: next to Cory, more color on her face. She is the tiniest of the crew and the most cuddly so far. She is willing to play and run around....but mom suspects there is a girl out there that will be more than happy to buy Emma a shiny collar and carry her around like she is sure she deserves. She is a princess in training.

Kyan: the other boy, left side of the picture. Master of trouble and the second smallest kitten. He is always up to SOMETHING. That being said, mom picked him up the other day and he touched her nose and started to purr very loudly. aww.....

Opal: our other girl and also up for any and all adventures. She is also the kitten most likely to pounce on someone else. Like Cory, we are still working on her cuddling. But she will sit there with this look and it melts mom's heart.

But, we have other issues......they have discovered how to get over the baby gate!!!

Mom was hoping to have a little more time. Mom was working on the laptop Saturday evening when she noticed Emma coming down the hall, closely followed by Kyan. We have no idea how the littlest ones got out first.....but there it is. They don't like having the door closed now but that is the only way to keep them in there now. They are pretty little yet and can get into too much. So over the weekend they have been out for short periods of time.

Miss Emma the cute in the corner tent

The alcohol kittens are still here as well and Gin and Moonshine DO NOT like the little ones. And the little ones don't seem to care...... MOL

Marg requested video: we aim to please!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Independence and Gratitude.....

The auction is up and running. furriends of the cb

THANK YOU to those who have contributed something to auction off. THANK YOU to those of you who are going to shop. THANK YOU to those who have contributed through the chip-in.

On that note, mom wanted to talk to all of you:

I have been thinking a lot about independence and gratitude. I hope you will bear with me.

I think woman of a certain age and background are raised to think for themselves and be independent. And I am a big supporter of that ideal. But I think part of raising independent women is that we learn, consciously or unconsciously, to think that we need to be able to do everything by ourselves. And that asking for help shouldn't be done. I am not talking about the flat-tire-on-the-side-of-the-road-and-I-need-a-towtruck help. I am talking about the crap-up-to-my-eyeballs-trying-to-survive help. Somehow asking for help became the same as being weak. And we can't somehow be independent and weak at the same time. So we learn to suck it up and get by no matter what. Until we break or someone forces us to accept help.

And then there is gratitude. As kids we are taught to be polite and say please and thank you. I think it becomes routine. Not insincere, but used to the point where you can say it for everything. But I think there are levels of gratitude. There is the "thank you" to the person who holds the door while you are juggling your morning coffee. Then there is the "thank you" for unexpected help.

And then there is this auction. I keep saying THANK YOU. Yet it seems inadequate for all the help you are giving....and for how I feel in response. I wish I had better words to express it. But I don't have those words, but I don'


Saturday, November 17, 2012

And the door revolves again.....

We wouldn't be surprised if Moonshine and Gin are dizzy by now. MOL

Mom got thinking about Cleo. She needed to be away from the kitts and get some quiet after surgery. Yeah, that ain't gonna happen here. :)  So, mom got to thinking (a dangerous proposition, we admit). What if Gin and Shine came back here (again) and Cleo took their spot at Petco? Seemed like a good idea. So Cleo took their spot and they ended up in Cleo's carrier to come back to the house.

And Shine nearly got himself in BIG trouble....he threw a fit about getting in the carrier. And then growled and hissed and whacked at Gin until they got home. Mom knows it is cause the carrier smelled like Cleo, but sheesh.  About an hour after getting home, everyone was back to normal. Or as normal as it gets around here. 

We can't say thanks enough for the support for the auction. Miss Marg says she is getting lots of donations. We put up the chip in (though it appears to not be updating - mom will have to get on that and we wish her good luck with her general lack of technical skills MOL). If you are baffled by that but want to help, let us know.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Fridays.....

For all the comments, support and everything else yesterday. Mom gets choked up reading the comments. We are so very grateful to be a part of this community!!!  Purrs and kisses to all of you.....  Marg said the auction should be up Monday and she has already gotten a lot of donations.  We know we keep saying it, but thank you......  The chip-in for the auction in on our sidebar as well.


Who is that cutie in the carrier you ask???  That would be Cleo. :)  Mom took her yesterday for her lady-gardenectomy. And then she will move to Petco. The kittens aren't nursing anymore (darned teenage mom lost interest) and she is adorable and needs a home. Plus we is hoping that some "alone time" for Cleo will mellow her out a little. (sure - good luck with THAT)  MOL
   Mom: hey - she isn't that bad. OK, so she lays in the middle of the hall and uses some grouchy werds on you guys, but at least she isn't chasing you down the hall like some other momma cat we had here.

If you are on that facebook thingy, we would like to introduce you to a "new" kitty. Her name is Lahela and she was a Guardian Angel cat from Best Friends. She is blind and was VERY VERY shy when she was first rescued. She has now been adopted and posts about her adventures adjusting to her new home.

A local rescue Black and Orange Foundation blogged an article about adoptions from rescues. It seems that some people get frustrated by certain requirements and questions that rescues ask. The article was great (and so is Black and Orange). Should be required reading for all potential adopters. :)

As most of you know by now, mom loves driving for Ontario Bloodhounds. If you click on the link you can read about 3 of their adoptable dogs in the news!!!  Hoss was in a music video and Pete and Lily are going to be ON BROADWAY!!! That is right, these sweet hounds were selected by a reknowed trainer to be the Bumpus Hounds in "A Christmas Story". And once the show is done, these well trained kids will be available for adoption!! And if you live in or around New York City, get tickets and let us know how the hounds did in the show.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mom is thankful - Tim not so much....

Mom has asked and the CB is going to try to set up an auction to diffuse some of the cost for the medical care the gemstone kittens incurred along with their spay/neuters. Mom knew when the kittens came from Miss Chrystal in Illinois that she was responsible for them. She feels that way about all her fosters. But she never anticipated that they would get so sick - no one happens more often than not - especially in rescue. No animal is allowed to suffer she got them to the vet.

(THANK YOU Ann for the is all choked up from the offers to help)

Now, Bourbon and Moonshine are most likely going to need dentals as well as their adult top canines grew in - but their baby teeth didn't fall out. So they have 4 top canine fangs....and inflamed gums....and dragon breath (stand back - it really is lethal). The rescue, like many others, is struggling. They took in a kitten that had to have her tail amputated due to abuse. And then October 31st they took in 2 black kittens that had been set on fire (yes, you did read that right). And they took the alcohol kittens and the gemstones kittens (that Miss Chrystal originally saved) as a favor to us.

So, if you have something you would like to donate, please see above for information. Mom says she hates asking for help, but she is going to have to bend her pride a little. It was hard for her to admit she needs help. But last night she was laying in bed.....Cory seems to be sliding backwards, Maestro has developed a strange limp, and Junior and Spud got into it - twice around 12:30am. We hate to tell people this, but mom was laying in bed and almost cried. It is hard to care so much and feel overwhelmed. So, THANKS
Tuesday was interesting.  We didn't get breakfast in a timely manner. The kitts and Cleo did, but not the rest of us. Then it happened.......

Tim was uncerimoniously grabbed and shoved in the PTU. He put up a good fight, but mom overpowered him. He started singing the warrior song and Tommy came over to check on him.

And then we got distracted by breakfast. (sorry Tim)

Mom hauled him off in the car and he was gone ALL DAY!!!

He came back moaning and groaning about a weird v-e-t and a hospital and dogs and funny smells. And he wasn't walking too straight either.

Mom said he needed his teeths cleaned. He did very well but did have to have a couple of molars in the back removed. He was ALL ABOUT the canned food when he got home - mom had to stand guard as the rest of us wanted it too!!! By morning he was pretty much back to normal. He is on an aunty-biotic for a few days....and put up a fight with mom that first night (mom has the wound to prove it....and his toenails were just trimmed too!).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wordy Wednesday

It is such a shame that Bourbon can't relax at all. MOL

Of course, considering he does the following on a regular basis, no wonder he sleeps so soundly:

He is OBSESSED with the red sting we got from Miss Mandy and the kitties and pugs (from Miss Andrea's fundraiser). He carries it around and plays like mad. However, the other night he did something new. He LOVES sleeping on the bed and he was curled up next to Maestro sleeping. Mom rolled over and touched a kitty - then realized it was Bourb. She then felt something funny and moved her fingers around until she figured it out. Bourb had brought the stringy to bed and was sleeping on it. Now THAT is obsession. MOL

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the gemstone kitts

Thanks for the comments yesterday. A couple of responses: We do have some vertical spaces. But Spud is not a "vertical" kind of guy. Mom has bought some beds and cubes so he can hide, but he won't get in them - mom suspects cause he feels trapped. About the Feliway- we suspect Dr T just hasn't seen great results with it and therefore is reluctant to suggest it (cause it ain't cheap) when the results can be so mixed. However, mom says she may have to consider it (hey lady - price of doing business).  Mom is going to lay out a couple more spots for food....since it mainly starts in the room with the dishes, she is hoping maybe that will help some.

An update. Everyone is doing great. Mom had them out in the family room in baby jail on Sunday and they had a blast.
Cory - he is the biggest boy and generally up to no good :)

 Emma - the tiniest kitten and already in "princess mode"
 Kyan - mom calls him spider cat - he attempts to climb everything

Opal - cute and she knows it

They are feeling much better and eating like mad and playing. Luckily no one has figured out baby jail yet - though the boys made a serious effort on Sunday. Oh, and mom has yet to get a picture, but there is a scratcher thingy on the back of the bathroom door. Mom walked in the other day and did a head count. Kyan. She turned and there he was - hanging off the climber. :)

Cleo is doing well also. She does like to lay in the middle of the hallway and that can create some issues.

Oh - and mom talked to the rescue lady and they are going to get adopted through the rescue. YEAH!!!

And in case you need a laugh - beware the cute - it can be ferocious (sorta):

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mancat Monday.....

Spud may look all relaxed, but he isn't so much.

Twice this weekend he has been on the receiving end of some ferociousness. Saturday afternoon he was chased down the hall by Tommy (mom didn't see what started it) and when he went to run behind the chair, he hit Cleo and it was war (thankfully Spud is longhaired and only lost some fuzz).

Sunday morning something happened in the second bedroom again (where our stuff is kept) and Spud ended up on the run again as well (and mom found Spud fuzz on the floor in there too). And mom heard us again this morning.

So, mom has a question: Has anyone tried feeding separately? As much as she likes having everything in one room, she wonders if it is too much too close together and if having bowls spread around a little might calm things down some.

Of course, about an hour after Spud got nailed on Saturday, mom had to stop him from stalking Ivy, so she will be the first to admit that he does sometimes bring it on himself. She is baffled by the infighting around here sometimes. Our v-e-t said feliway isn't her favorite thing. Mom isn't sure that a calming collar on Spud will help since he doesn't always start it. And with only 980 square feet here, there are only so many places she can use to separate us. Not to mention it is so hit and miss. We can go for quite a while and get along fine and then something (that mom never sees) set someone off.

What do you all think????

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another mystery....

Mom came home last night and discovered this:

OK - we know he is on the counter, but that isn't the mystery. Nope - notice there is NO collar on the cat. Mozart's collar is red and there was no sign of it. Mom sighed and figured it was at the same place as the camera....and never to be seen again.

Until this morning. Mom was laying in bed and we decided she needed to get up. Tim went over to the window and pulled the shades back. And there, hanging on the hook to hold the curtain back was this:
Well, at least we know the breakaway function works. He must have stuck his head back there yesterday morning before mom kicked him out of the room to go to work and didn't notice his collar was missing at that point.

So, one mystery solved.  :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Fridays.....

About the flashy box. Mom knows she used it last Friday to post our weekend editions. She had the picture of Junior on the camera. But, someone had yakked on her chair so she was sitting on the sofa with the laptop on the coffee table. She got the picture loaded and eventually put the laptop back in its case. But she thinks she may have left the flashy box on the coffee table. And it has a stringy attached to it for people to slip over their wrists. And..... still no sign of it. And mom says she refuses to pay another $100 for another camera (she just got this one this summer after the other one died) when the minute she does the old one will show up. So instead she went to Wally's World and bought a cheapy. rats.......

Opal's paw: sometimes after having in IV, there will be some swelling. Only, if it is fluids, the swelling will go down. Opal's front paw kept getting bigger and BIGGER. So mom took her BACK to the v-e-t. She has cellulitis (infection of the skin and underlying tissues). So now she is on a different aunty-biotics. Opal is still running around and being active and eating and everything but man does it look uncomfortable (it is about 3x the size it should be). Mom and Opal saw the same v-e-t from Thursday night/Friday morning and she was very impressed about how much better Opal looked and felt. Just...healthier. :)


Tim got whapped....again. He has 3 scratched down his poor nose. (we would show you, but still no sign of the flashy box) Mom suspected that Cleo might have whapped him. He likes to go in the bathroom on the hunt for kitten food and Cleo has been a little more possessive of the kittens since last weekend. Mom heard some name calling and some banging the other night. And about 2 hours later saw the new scratches on Tim. Plus mom saw Cleo take a swing at him last night too. Gotta love a boy who can't be distracted from a possible treat by a ticked off momma cat. :)


Gin and Moonshine are headed back to Petco. There was another adoption. So now there is a bigger kitten (named Toby) and a little kitten (named Belle). Mom put them together on Wednesday but this weekend will be the first chance she has to take Gin and Shine back up there. The goal is to keep the cages separate and hopefully that will help to keep our kitts a little calmer. They have been great at the house and mom knows they will be a great addition to a family out there.

that is Gin in the back looking at the camera and Shine between Ivy and Tommy

Some comments from the week (we love reading your comments BTW):
Brian (11/5/12): What a day! We are all sending purrs to Grandma and the little Germ kitties.
  This one cracked us up....we know it was a typo, but considering the kitts were sick, it was pretty funny.

Priscilla (11/7/12): What? No rooster sounds?
   Nope - no roosters here....we are very sure the condo association would find that a violation. MOL

We hope you all have a great weekend. No transports and no Sparty football this weekend. Mom said something about the sucky beast and laundry though. And maybe a a few naps. We can get into that last part - it is supposed to be nice here on Caturday so maybe we can bribe her to crack a window for some whiffies.