Thursday, October 29, 2009


Would you trust this face? What if it came right up and gave you a mighty purr???
This is Mozart - 2 years old and black. He came to my house as a foster with his brother Picasso (orange tabby). He got pretty sick and ended up with a NASTY eye infection. In fact, he has a corneal scar on one eye.
I had taken him back to the shelter, but by then he was a black teenager among many. I woke up one Sunday morning and was convinced someone was going to adopt him and I would never see him again. His adoption was finshed within 30 minutes of the shelter opening that same day.
He has been a joy. Doesn't mind the foster kittens and he is young enough to put up with the antics of Spud & Ivy. He is my lover kitty....looking for a lap or somewhere to snuggle. He slept behind my knees under the covers the other night. :)

and a spare

OJ & Cider had to go in for vaccinations on October 25. There was this tiny black and white kitten being carried around by one of our intake counselors. I told her if she could get the vet ok, I would add him to my crew. Well, she did and I brought home Blackberry that same day. He is the same size as Cider, though much less fuzzy. Just as whiny as everyone else though....the three of them make quite the racket when I go into the bathroom. No, they aren't starving, but they would like you to think that. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

New fosters and an update

This is the new pair - OJ is the orange and his sister is Cider. I picked them up on 10/18/09. They are MAYBE 4 weeks old. Tiny and VERY messy. You don't even want to see my bathroom.

In other news, Daisy and Mouse have both been adopted. I didn't get to meet either family, but I hope they have other cats to play with. Minnie is in the CAHS medical department - she decided she didn't want to leave her spay incision alone and ended up having to be knocked out again so they could fix it. Now she has big stitches and a blue cone on her head (gonna have to get a picture of her).

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daisy Mae, Minnie & Mouse (in that order)

Well, the girls went back to the shelter on 10/11/09. I know I can't keep them, but I miss them. I even miss them running around the house at all hours of the night. I had never let a group out like that, but since they weren't official fosters, it didn't seem to matter. Saturday morning they were out and spent I have no idea how long running laps around the condo - down the hall, into the bedroom, over the bed, out the door, down the hall and around again. And then Mouse stopped on my chest and just looked at me for a few seconds before taking off again after her sisters. Cross your fingers they find their forever homes soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a moment to reflect

I think sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day of work and family and volunteering that I forget how far we have come helping make progress for the cats at the shelter.

So, last night I was sitting and reading the book Rescue Ink about the group by the same name in New York City ( As I sat there reading, I looked around my living room. Tommy was asleep on the pillow on the sofa. Mozart was asleep behind Tommy on the back of the sofa. Maestro was on the chair arm next to me and Tim was snoozing on the hassock by my feet. Spud was curled up (with one leg sticking out) in the corner cat cubby I have. Ivy was behind my in the dining room - licking the carpet (don't ask).

Minnie was asleep on my lap and her sisters were doing laps around the living room.

I may not be able to affect every life out there, but I have made a difference for these felines - and many more at the shelter and through fostering. It was an interesting reflection....