Friday, September 29, 2017

Random Fridays

Yay.....the hots are gone and the windows are open!! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Remember Me Thursday

 It is estimated that almost 3 million pets lose their lives every year in shelters waiting for homes. Each year, rescues work hard to do what they can to save these lives....and today the Helen Woodward Animal Center has set up a date to remind all of us that Rescue Pets deserve better.

We foster to save lives. Daiquiri wouldn't have survived in a typical shelter once her first test result can back positive for FeLV. But she was LUCKY enough to be part of a no-kill rescue that gave her a second (and third) chance at living the life she deserves.

But is can't be all about adoption - it has to be about education. Pet overpopulation is a HUGE problem in this country. Spay and neuter is the best way we can go about reducing numbers and saving lives.

So get involved:
  • share on social media using #RememberMeThursday and #RememberTheRescue 
  • support a local rescue - or considering the disasters going on now, find a reputable local rescue in Houston TX, Florida or Puerto Rico and make a donation.
  • can't give a donation - consider donating your time or supplies
  • adopt - or if you can't adopt, sponsor a pet at a local shelter - or pick a pet at a shelter and promote them on your social media
Animals on social media have signed up to show their support along with human celebrities. Do your part and get social.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the lady cats

Right now there are 3 beautiful lady cats at the partner store where mom cleans.

Millie is the momma cat to the design kittens. Can you believe she hasn't been adopted yet?? What is up with that? She is very sweet though needs to be in a home without little kids since she does like to give love nips.
someone was not so interested in having her picture taken

Quinn is about 4 years old and very sweet. She would love a quiet home where she can lounge around and be treated like a princess.

Cyndi was found as a stray. She gave birth at the rescue but none of the kitten survived. However, she stepped up and helped raise some orphaned kittens. She is about 2 years old and very lovey (she was fostered by a friend of mom's).

Panache will head up to another partner store on Thursday. Her dental surgery went well and while she did have to have 3 extractions, mom was expecting more so that was good news.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

weekend report

Mom was actually kind of busy this weekend....running around on Saturday doing errands and getting stuck in traffic. MOL

She stopped at the adoption center after a conversation about bringing Chanel back to the house to finish her meds. Mom spent about 15 minutes searching everywhere for her only to discover that apparently her meds were over and she had been put back in the teenage kitten room. When mom circled around the second time, Chanel was sitting in the middle of the room like she had been there the entire time. Mom did hear that on Sunday, Chanel made a break for it, escaped the kitten room and ran around the adoption desk until the head rescue lady grabbed her and realized which kitten she had. And then Chanel was popped back in the kitten room.


Mom visited a friend on Sunday morning at the local university hospital. She then spent 30 minutes trying to find her car....

Panache went to an adoption event on Sunday afternoon. She really is unfazed by much of anything. She just hung out and watch everyone go by. She was dropped off after that at the clinic and had her dental done on Monday. There is an opening at a local partner store, so she will go up there later in the week.

The berry kittens are doing well. Blueberry is more affectionate than his sister for the moment, but they are both warming up.

Of course, we also still had the HOLY HOTS here this weekend. Don't get us wrong, we get the hots...but this is September!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Mozart

HAPPY Birthday Mozart
hard to believe he is 11 years old

For those that don't know his back story, he came to us as a foster with his orange tabby brother that mom named Picasso. Mo got a serious eye infection and hung around the house WAY longer than most foster kittens. She finally got him healthy and back to the shelter....then panicked when she realized she might never see him again. She went back the next day and filled out his adoption application.

He really is a sweet boy - greets people at the door and has to check everything out. He doesn't mind the other cats in the house....though he HATES foster kittens. They try to snuggle and he is all "GET OFF MY LAWN". Grumpy old man.

He had his annual check up a couple of weeks ago and was declared fit as could be. In fact (gasp), the vet suggested he could put ON a pound. More treats for him we guess.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Random Fridays

Happy 1st day of Fall. 

Or not considering that it is supposed to be almost 90 degrees here over the weekend and mom had to turn on the cold air thingy last weekend cause the condo got too warm.

Panache is doing well with the kittens though she seems to be rather "take them or leave them" most of the time. She has a dental cleaning scheduled for Monday and we suspect she may end up losing some teeth. Another downfall of coming from a terrible home condition before we got her. However, once that happens she will be ready for a new home. Mom listed her on the website earlier this week but no interest so far.

Blueberry playing in the cabinet by the sliding door. Notice around the edges? Mom cut the backing out of the cabinet and now no one can hide back there. Cranberry was VERY disappointed.

Cranberry says: this fuzzy ladycat may not like me much, but she is good protection

As far as we know Harlow hasn't been adopted yet, but we hope her family comes along soon. The adoptions have been going very well so far so we are hopeful her time is coming.

Should be a mostly quiet weekend here though mom does have an adoption event on Sunday at one of the partner stores. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Getting pictures of Daiquiri can be a challenge. If you have followed us for very long, you may notice a trend of her snoozing or facing away from the camera. That is due to the fact that if she hears the camera or sees it pointed in her direction (and this includes the phone), she immediately comes over to get up close and purrsonal.

As you can see, getting a good shot can be a challenge sometimes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

nip head

Mom broke out some of the good catnip the other day. Seems Junior enjoyed himself....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

berry kittens

Since everyone is back at the adoption center or at a partner store with the exception of Panache (who needs a dental but is available for adoption), mom told the rescue that the foster room is clean and ready to go.

Everyone was kind of in a hurry on Saturday when mom picked up this pair, so she doesn't have a lot of background. They are a little shy but already coming around.

Mom is also still working on Panache's people skills, so rather than have to chase Panache around the house, she left her in the foster room and introduced the kittens. Considering how well Panache did when Bacall was playing space invader, mom figured it wouldn't be an issue.

Panache checked them both out and did give them a couple of licks. Then she decided that kittens are overrated and hisses at them. Not in an aggressive manner (and mom honestly thinks hissing is just Panache's way of communicating), but just enough to let the kittens know that she is NOT their momma.

Anyhow, meet Cranberry and Blueberry. Cranberry (above) is a gray and white female. She actually does have faint stripes on her sides. She is definitely the shyer of the pair but on Sunday was sniffing and licking mom's toes (and of course mom had to try desperately not to laugh and scare off the kitten). Blueberry (below) is a gray and white tabby male. He is more outgoing than his sister though still a little bit shy. They are probably 6-7 weeks old based on eye color, but they are pretty little.

Welcome kids!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

weekend report

MORE adoption news....

Fish went home Wednesday night.

Mom played musical kittens and moved Rooney and Harlow from the partner store to the adoption center and took Mallard from the house to the adoption center on Friday. She dropped everyone off around 4pm and by 6:30pm Rooney was adopted by a family that had adopted from us before and had seen him at the store. Mallard was also adopted, into a home with no other cats. Mom emailed both and has heard back from Mallard's family - she is now named Mila and while she hid the first night she has since come out and is doing great.

That leaves Harlow at the adoption center, Millie at the partner store and Panache at the house. Mom did talk to the head of the rescue and Panache will at least go up on the website since she is spayed.

Wait you may ask....what about Chanel? Mom saw her on Saturday. It seems she got over her cold and was back on the adoption floor when a volunteer found her and freaked out thinking she was dying. Turns out that teenagers freak out at the drop of a hat....but Chanel did have a NASTY ear infection that was causing her head to tilt. As of Saturday she still has a minor tilt and is still on meds but the head of the rescue said she is MUCH better. However, if you know of someone around Ohio looking for a nice tuxedo girl, let us know.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Random Fridays

For those of you that read here and not social media, Lark, the momma cat to the songbird kittens, passed away last Friday night. There are 2 kittens left from the litter and they are staying with the head of the rescue right now. Please keep them in your thoughts - we got an update on Tuesday and they are both still doing well.

We did have some questions about what happened. While there is some speculation, ultimately it comes down to neglect. If someone had taken care of Lark when she was younger (and considering how friendly she was, someone had to have cared for her at some point) and gotten her spayed and vaccinated, none of this would have happened. For those of us in rescue, these are the hardest stories...heart break that could have been avoided had someone done something early rather than wait until it is too late and then shove their animals off on those in rescue.

Mom stopped at the adoption center on Tuesday evening. Foxy and Fish were both out in a tower and not acting too freaked out. Mom got home that night and got a text that Foxy went home!! We don't have details, but YAY!

The girls have the right idea for the weekend - though it is supposed to get close to 80 both days during the day.

There will be some cat shifting going on....Mom is going to move Rooney and Harlow from the partner store up to the adoption center today. She was really hoping they would get some great attention at the store and she would be able to do their adoption, but no luck. They are getting rowdy there in a cage so it is time to move them to the larger kitten room. Considering how outgoing they both are, hopefully they will catch someone's attention right away.

Mallard was spayed on Wednesday and will also go to the adoption center today. No doubt she will go quickly.

Panache was spayed yesterday. Mom was going to move her on Sunday to the store space that Rooney and Harlow were using. However, the clinic was supposed to do a dental and didn't, so now we have to wait for that. (yes, that noise you hear is mom banging her head on her desk)

Millie is still at that same store and mom needs to check on Chanel. We have had some great adoptions this year, but those families for Millie and Chanel need to get a move on already.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. To those cleaning up after fires and Harvey and Irma, you are in our thoughts.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

feed the kitten

  We are doing a kitten food review for this month. We received the food free of charge but any and all opinions belong to the cats. Receiving the food did not influence their opinions in any way. (sponsored post)
Dis r for me right?

Pro Plan Kitten was our choice this month since we still have a kitten around the house. We like that there is a variety, though you should be aware that 2 of the 3 varieties have fish since some people are wary of that. Mom did smile that it is labeled "Focus"...not sure if that means it is focused on kittens or what, but since Mallard has the attention span of a turnip, we doubt this is going to help HER focus. MOL

"hurry up weird foster lady and open the box"

Well, it got the two cat approval. Mom did finally have to get another dish as Panache wouldn't get her head out long enough for Mallard to get her head in there.

To be honest, mom is thinking maybe Tommy might enjoy some as a treat since he is currently having skinny old mancat issues (nothing medical....just skinny) and the v-e-t has approved kitten food for him as a snack.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

something in the air

We don't know what was going on this weekend, but a couple of cats were feeling rolly

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Spud

Guess who is turning 9 years old?

hanging with Ivy and her sisters

For those that don't know the story, mom was fostering for a different group back then. She had Ivy and her sisters and mom when she got a call from a neighbor of our grandparents that one of their kids had found a kitten. Mom of course went to pick up the kitten and ran to Petsmart to get the kitten tested before bringing him or her home. They needed a name and the kitten was this little brown ball of fuzz....and was christened Spud - which stuck. The intention was to have him adopted through the humane society, but that didn't pan out so much.

Monday, September 11, 2017

mini me

Mom took Panache and Mallard to an adoption event on Saturday. They were both very good and seemed pretty relaxed at the event. That said, Panache HATED being in the carrier in the car and banged around until they got where they were going.

No real interest in adopting them, though everyone thought it very interesting how much alike they look. A few people said they should be adopted together. It would be cute, but not necessary.

beware the contagious yawns

Mallard goes for her spay on Wednesday. Panache is scheduled for her spay and a dental on Thursday.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Random Fridays

We are purring for all our friends our there dealing with forest fires, Harvey and now Irma. PLEASE stay safe.

Fall is in the air and Mozart has parked himself by the floor vents hoping the warm airs get turned on.

Daiquiri is just hanging around showing off her fabulous stripes.

Mom has an adoption event tomorrow and will take Panache and Mallard. Foxy and Fish are up at the adoption center and we hope (paws crossed) they get adopted this weekend. Fish is a little shy and black so hopefully she will put out some effort.

Some good news and bad news:

After Bacall was adopted, mom sent the family a quick email. She had made a note on the paperwork that Bacall tends to get carsick (she was 4 for 4 in the last 3 weeks with mom), however mom wrote the note on the wrong copy. The family responded and said she was "a little anxious" in the car (hopefully that means she didn't throw up) but once they got home she came right out of the carrier and was super confident. YAY!!!

That said, it has been a tough week here. Lark and the songbird kittens were never really doing great. However, Monday they weren't eating much and lethargic. By Tuesday mom was more worried and took them to the adoption center. She got a different food and headed back home and was syringe feeding the kittens. She got a call on Tuesday night from her friend who has the other 4 kittens and Finch was doing poorly - she passed away Wednesday morning. When mom got home from work on Wednesday, Kestral had died...she took everyone to the center and met up with the head of the rescue. Bless Miss Mona she took mom and the other 2 kittens. Unfortunately Grackle and Starling both passed away Thursday morning. The other three kittens with mom's friend seem ok and are now on meds, but it is touch and go. Miss Mona has Lark and she will hopefully be ok as well. Mom knows it is part of rescue, but losing them all that quick and so soon after getting them is very hard.
   *8am update: Chickadee passed away early this morning. The other two kittens Robin and Wren will be going with the rescue director. Paws crossed....