Friday, September 30, 2022

A night at the shelter

 The girls did well and mom got to see them last night. Also turns out Buttercup's name is actually Butterfly. Oh well

We suspect they will be adopted by the end of the weekend.

Mom goes in to volunteer every other week and met some other great cats too:




Thursday, September 29, 2022

Next steps

 Well the girls go for their spay today and then to the adoption floor at the shelter. They have berm sweet girls and it's always nice to have easy kittens here. They've been friendly and outgoing and fun. 

Friday, September 23, 2022

The girls

 They are doing well. They love to play with the toys and fortunately haven't discovered the covers on the doors are probably too low and they could escape if they wanted. Jasmine (the orange tabby) continues to be a little shy but doesn't struggle once she is caught. The torbie girls are very outgoing and friendly.

Mom did get another cabinet for the room and rehung some of the decorations so for now it is done. It seems to be working well.

Mike is still hanging out with Miss Heather. She is having a good time with more space and mom is learning more about Mike's habits for anyone who adopts her.

Monday, September 19, 2022


 The shelter names kittens when they come in so it's not up to mom. But - she got to see their paperwork at the shelter so we know which kitten is which.

All torbie but more brown
Resembles a sand cat
A little shy but now asking for attention

Torbie with matching orange socks
Totally into ALL the attention
May think she is part parrot

All orange tabby
Still pretty timid
Would like you to not be all grabby please

Orange and white tabby
Not as concerned as she appears
Will cone over after thinking about it

All the girls have purred for mom now. Jasmine seemed very displeased by it but settled in. They love all the toys especially the springs.

Mom had thought maybe she could store canned food on the shelf in the new cabinet. Clearly the kittens have other ideas. As they always do.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New kittens

 The shelter where mom has volunteered for years needed fosters so mom sent an email and Monday night picked up a 4 pack of girls. The shelter does do the naming though so mom may lose her game of themes. 

These four are Jasmine, Katniss, Primrose and Buttercup. However, it was a rush getting their paperwork so mom isn't sure exactly who is who in the group. But they are easy to tell apart: one orange, one orange and white, one torbie who is more brown and one torbie with front orange tabby leggings. 

We don't know anything about their backgrounds. They are curious but a little timid except for the tabby with orange socks. We will have them at least a couple of weeks. 

Welcome girls!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Another change

 Mom redid the foster room. She bought a cabinet for the corner. That open space isn't meant to be a kitten sleeping spot, but we all know how that goes.

She laid some remnant vinyl flooring over out floors to protect them. Easier clean up too. Mom actually thinks the room looks bigger. 

There has been a personal change for mom as well. If you've followed along, you know she started with another rescue this winter. She is no longer with them. It's a story she doesn't want to get into here but it happens sometimes. 

She is still with another shelter and is leaving herself open for the future. 

Mike is our responsibility. She was never signed over to the new rescue so mom will continue to look for Mike's forever family on her own for as long as it takes.