Tuesday, November 24, 2009

foster update

awwww....aren't they cute? They were vaccinated 11/22/09 and were all worn out. Fortunately, everyone is eating without standing in the food dish, so all of them and my bathroom are MUCH cleaning. Blackberry (black and white) is still pretty whiny but loveable. The other two will PURR the minute you pick them up.
I did laugh the other day at them. Cider was sitting cleaning on back foot. OJ was lying about 12 inches away. I look over and he is reaching out with one paw. I thought he was just stretching until he grabbed the carpet and pulled himself toward his sister - and then repeated it. I think his stalking technique needs some work.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tim & Tom

This is Tom & his brother Tim. As of 11/09 they are 7 years old. They were brought to the shelter 5 years ago together. Fortunately for Tim, our processing department said they should be adopted together. They were put in one of the glass cat atriums. However, a cat fight broke out. Tim got scratched up and Tommy was blamed for starting it. I still say that my best guess is that someone went after Tim and Tommy stood up for his little brother. After a few days in medical, I convinced our adoptions department to make them "special adoptables" and put them in a foster home. What I didn't realize is that they planned to make ME the foster home.
After fostering them for about 4 months, I got a call that someone might be interested. I thought about it and realized I couldn't give them up.
They are quite the pair. Almost every night there is either races around the condo or a wrestling match. They will groom each other and are usually asleep on the bed at night pretty close to each other.