Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Quick turn around

 Well the kittens are scheduled to go to the shelter tomorrow for spay and neuter and then to the adoption floor.  They have been a good group of kittens. Mom didn't have any big plans for the long weekend so they were allowed freedom from the foster room during the day (and back in at night). 

They were mostly respectful of the adults, though Buckeye got popped by Daiquiri after bouncing on her tail for the third time. 

Sweet but a little shy

Playful and always under foot

Loves toys and is learning to snuggle

Happy duck for Phantom to take a nap and all was right with the world.

After a few months off, mom wasn't sure what Boba would think about little kittens (even the kittens we had this winter were older than these). She was....ok. She did want to play with them but would hiss if they got too much in her face. 

Honestly, mom is OK with her and Daiq giving the kittens instructions on behaving since they didn't have a mom here to teach them the cat rules. 

Kittens are exhausting

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Yes, maybe and mostly no

 Well some progress has been made.

Mom tried setting up the airlock for the kittens this morning. Unfortunately Gilly (black female) managed to escape so that didn't last very long.

Buckeye is proving to be super sweet and loves attention. He comes up to mom right away and even chirps for attention during the day. Gonna be fuzzy and loves churu.

Gilly (mom is calling her that) is the maybe. She will run at first and then seems to have an "aha" moment and remember she likes people. She will purr when she's held so clearly she's decided to be friends. 

And then there is this little monkey. Phantom is still being tough. Fortunately it's mainly hissing and running away. He doesn't fight once he's caught and will allow himself to be held for a little bit. He does love churu so that is helping. Mom is also giving them canned food but only when she is in there and they have to come close to her to get it. We bet a few more days and he will be fine.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

We haz kittens

 Meet Buckeye (male gray tabby), Phantom (male brown tabby) and Gillig (female black). They come in with the names so we have no idea about that last one.

They are about 7 week old but need some serious socialization.  Phantom in particular is very sure he is not to be touched. They came to us yesterday, so mom will give them a day then start working with them. They are pretty relaxed in the foster room - they are eating and playing so that's good.

Step one - trim the murder mittens.