Monday, March 30, 2020

Thanks for the love

Mom has been checking on Ree and the remaining 3 kittens. Whisk didn't look great on Saturday but looked better yesterday. The boys were playing and looked good. Ree is still thin but letting the kittens nurse.

Mom is hoping they come back today or tomorrow.

The problem with kittens this little getting sick is they don't have many reserves. Mom spent the weekend cleaning. Laundry in hot water with bleach. Dishes through the dishwasher. Scrub down everything else. Tossed the litterboxes and scratcher. Bought new and got set back up.

Thank you for your purrs and prayers. We know fostering is hard and we are thankful you continue on this journey with us.

A new to them toy

Mom broke out a few new toys for the kitten boys. The felt circle was apparently scary....but only at first.

Then Langford decided it was HIS

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kitten on

These are trying times. We all know that. Mom is now working from home for at least 2 weeks. We know this to keep her and everyone safe. We do suspect this may screw up our naps. So far so good though.

Please know we are thinking of you. Watch the webcams....the boys are nuts and fun to watch - awake or asleep. These times are scary...we know that and don't take it lightly. We are sending you all furry love. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Guess what we got

Well, the time has come....the foster room has new residents....kitten season is here.

These three boys came in to the rescue on Saturday after being found dumped in a trailer park. No idea where mom might be any more. That for us is always very sad.

They are a little concerned about being handled and mom being in the room. But mom got a purr out of the gray one on Sunday morning so we bet they are begging for attention in no time.

As you know if you follow us, mom loves a good naming theme. She is also a big fan of Michigan State University. With all the scary Covid-19 stuff going on, basketball was cancelled for the end of the season. In honor of that, she decided to name these boys after Spartans.

After Cassius Winston the MSU point guard

After Xavier Tillman Sr the outstanding guard

After Joshua Langford. He was a senior this
year and a captain though he wasn't able to 
play due to an ongoing injury. 

These boys are about 7 weeks old - Tillman's eyes are just a little blue around the edges. Probably here for a couple of weeks. Although if the local spay/neuter clinic closes under orders from the governor, it could be longer than that....

Be sure to check out the web cams (links at the top) to watch them during the day.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

teach your children

**a post from the mom

Over the weekend, a cat that was adopted 3 years ago was returned. They got a new puppy and the cat "wasn't adjusting" so he was brought back. After 3 years....and being declawed.

While this is enough to frustrate me by itself, I went back and looked at his paperwork. At the time he was adopted, they listed a kid age of 10 years. Which means the kid is now 13 years old.

And it got me thinking...what kind of lesson are they teaching her??

When kids come in to the rescue to donate stuff or volunteer, I try to make sure they know they are appreciated. They are the future of rescue. Their knowledge and compassion will lead us forward.

I do the same thing with my niece (aka the kid). She has been going with me to volunteer since she was probably about 4 years old (we would put her in a room with all the kittens and let them wear each other out). She and I go on vacation every other year and volunteer at Best Friends in Utah. She has gone to vet appointments with me with foster kittens.

I hope that kid grows up and learns better.

In the mean time - I know I'm at least making a difference with the kid in my life. 
We need to learn that kids learn so much more from what they see than what they are told. We need to be the example of compassion and responsibility. We need to be the better example. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Chanel and Goldfish

Mom was relaxing on Sunday and smelled something from the foster room. Turns out Chanel was in there and used the litter box - with no litter in it. Mom cleaned up and then shut the door to the foster room.

Chanel then parked herself in the Sleepypod and stayed there for a while. Mom was a little concerned and was contemplating a vet visit for the girl. Well mom was putting the Kindle back in the kitchen after reading and Chanel stretched and wandered by the door. seems she may have just been pouting about the closed door (she is fine this morning too).

However, it got a little funnier. Mom wanted to check later that night. Of course the interior of the Sleepypod is black. Mom stuck her hand in and scared the daylights out of a different tuxedo:

Monday, March 2, 2020

We love updates...

Do those faces look familiar? Top picture is Jovie (formerly Gargoyle) and then Buddy (formerly Selkie).

Mom got a text from their mom asking if the rescue could use towels. It seems a certain cat dad turned all the good towels like green when he washed them with a beach towel. MOL

The kittens are doing well. Jovie is smart and curious. Buddy seems to be a few fries short but is super sweet. His favorite game is bopping his older sister Zeta to make her growl. She doesn't do anything else, so we are pretty sure he now just does it for fun.
Zeta did decide the kittens were hogging all,the lap space however, so she just sat on Benny when he wouldn't move. Good job girl!!