Friday, July 31, 2020

a cooler morning

When we got up Wednesday morning, it was a little cooler out (though it went back to 90 during the day) so mom cracked a couple of windows and opened the sliding door to let in some fresh air.

bird watching
monkey see monkey do

why does everyone need to be between the door and the screen??

mom loves this picture
Napa on the right, Savoy on the left
The boys are ready to go, though mom is having a hard time. It seems tougher to let them move on once they have been loose in the house for a while. Luckily one of the partner stores for the rescue has an open cage so the boys will be going there. They are listed on the website as preferred going together. The store where they are going has great employees who will help the boys adjust to their new surroundings and will socialize them as well.

The kittens adore the bear bed. Since mom doesn't want to take that to the store, she threw a blanket on it to get their scent. Seems a certain senior torbie thought that was a great idea and went back to sleeping on it. Oh well. At least the scent will be familiar. The boys have spent the last 2 days sneaking up on Ivy and sleeping next to her. Mom isn't sure if Ivy has mellowed on kittens or she just doesn't care enough to get up and leave.

Monday, July 27, 2020

weekend report

Kale was adopted and went home on Saturday. Her name is now Ahsoka (they are Star Wars fans). They have a 9 year old male cat who spent most of Saturday and Sunday hissing at the door. We have no doubt she will win him over in time. You can follow them on Instagram @kididiskitties

We don't think the boys have missed her. They are doing well loose in the house though they are into everything. They are having a good time playing with the older cats, though Daiquiri has made it very clear they are not to get near her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


In order to introduce the kittens to new things and expand their horizons, mom has let them out for a few hours each day this week. They get to meet the permanent residents, learn some manners and explore new places.

Monday they were pretty unsure of everything. Kale got way too close to Daiquiri and learn a quick lesson im personal space. Which she then politely respected. The boys checked out Chanel and Goldfish but weren't pushy about it.

By Tuesday they were relaxed enough to even come back over to mom and ask for attention. They are still going to need patient homes but it's been interesting to see how much progress they've made in two days.

Monday, July 20, 2020

weekend report

Kale got to meet her new family on Saturday. They are a young couple, no kids, 9 year old male cat. Apollo sniffed her in the carrier and was unamused. But mom was surprised at how well Kale did in a new environment. If startled she would find a corner to hide, but came out and checked out their living room, tail up and curious. Then she came around the corner and saw Apollo. He hissed and mom figured Kale would back up. Nope...she ran right up to him and got popped in the head before Apollo ran.

Next steps mom is going to open the door into the house to see news spaces but also get "personal space 101" from us.

Friday, July 17, 2020

they've come SO far

Napa and Kale greet me at the door. Savoy chirps at me when I come in the room. They are going to need families willing to let them bloom at their own pace. But to think they were so hissy and afraid when they first came here. Now we just need surgery dates....

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

these kittens

Napa, Kale and Savoy




We think the hissy problem is solved. Haha

Savoy and Kale are still nervous about hands and new things. Napa seems to have lost his mind.

If you think about it, check the web cams around 8:30pm. They tend to get wound up and it's a party.

Monday, July 13, 2020

vet adventures

Ivy and Daiquiri both need dentals. They were scheduled for March but well....that didn't happen. They were then scheduled again for June but that ended up getting cancelled as well. Mom found a local clinic and they are now scheduled in September. (cross your paws)

The clinic asked for their vaccine records so mom called our regular vet (she doesn't do surgeries and there has been scheduling issues which is why mom is using the clinic). Well, it turns out Daquiri's rabies was due in April.

So Saturday the princess was packed up and off to the vet. They have safety protocols in place so they called and then came out to get her. Got her shot but Dr F said her mouth looks worse so she is on antibiotics before surgery.
She sang ALL the way there and ALL the way home.

Her teeth may be bad but her lungs are fine.

Friday, July 10, 2020

they have all cracked

The goal with this crew was to get them friendly.

It took Napa about 10 days. Now he winds himself around mom's ankles and chirps at her all the time. He purrs when she carries him around. He is still a little nervous when she first reaches for him but recovers very quickly.

Kale is still a little jumpy but so much better. Like the others she is a little hand shy but doesn't mind being picked up and is also purring. If you move too fast she will run but isn't hissy or anything else.

Brussel Sprout of course was friendly within a couple of days of landing here. She comes up looking for attention and sits close waiting for someone to pet her. She is constantly purring.

Savoy is still a little shy but has come so far. Like Kale you have to grab him but he has figured it out. Mom thinks watching Napa has made a big difference. And as of last weekend, he started to purr.

The other thing is they will play with mom in the room. When no one is in there, they are constantly on the go. But until the last few days they would pick a spot to watch when mom was in there. Now they are willing to play with her and with each other.

Of course, they are fighting colds so there is that. But once that runs its course, they should be ready to get spayed/neutered and ready to be adopted.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Our weekend

These monkeys. Kale purred for mom on Sunday. Napa has turned in to quite the flirt. Savoy is still reserving judgment about mom. Kohlrabi and Brussel Sprout are still their happy purry selves.

Mom spent part of the weekend chasing a cat with the help of one of the teen volunteers from the rescue and one of his neighbors. The fear was she would be pregnant and she is VERY feral. Mom wasn't sure about all of the details so she set up a space for the cat here in case she was friendly and was pregnant. Turns out the cat was trap savvy so mom ended up driving across town Sunday afternoon to borrow a drop trap. Within a couple of hours they had the cat and she was very very pissed off. She was transferred to a live trap and is being spayed today. So one less unspayed cat out there. But dang it was a hot and muggy weekend to be outside.

We hope you all are safe here in the US after the fireworks. The kittens were a little freaked out at first but settled down once they realized they were still safe here in the house. Mom was most surprised by Daiquiri - she is afraid of storms and the trash truck but didn't seem to care about the fireworks. There was a big one that went off fairly close to our condo and Daiq and Goldfish jumped and ran but fortunately came back out fairly quickly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We had a visitor

A friend of mine had to drop something off here and of course was invited up to meet the kittens.

Sprout is definitely the most outgoing. She also has the worst of the cold and it's hard to listen to her purr and sneeze at the same time.

Rabi is also outgoing. Followed next by Napa and Kale. Those two have to be caught but don't struggle as much to get down. Savoy gave the stranger a big nope.

If you move too quickly, the 3 jumpier ones will run. But it's been pretty good progress for just a week.