Tuesday, May 31, 2011

something about those 3 day summer holiday weekends....

It was a HOT weekend here. Mom slammed the windows and turned on the a/c. While some of us would prefer open windows, she found Spud and Chiclet sleeping on the floor vents at different times over the weekend (no not together - MOL).

Saturday was running around. Sunday was the transport and more laying around.

And then Monday. Mom went to the shelter to help clean since it was a holiday. Then home to do laundry. And about 1:30pm she got a call from a neighbor. They.....caught a kitten!!!

And no, that isn't Bug. But it is one of her relatives. Even down to the gray spot on the top of her head (you will have to take our word for it). This is a little girl as well. She was pretty scared at first, but by the 3rd time mom got her out and held her, she was purring (loudly) and loving on mom. She weighs just over a pound, but appears to be about 6 weeks old.

At 5am however, this morning, she was screaming for attention. And we do mean screaming!!! Mom kicked us out of the bedroom and took her in there thinking she might calm down, but no such luck. Mom finally ignored her and she cried some but did settle down a little to let mom get a bit more sleep. Funny that she didn't want to be caught or have anything to do with people and now, in about 18 hours, she is all needy.

Mom checked her phone this morning and.....they caught 2 more!!! Mom ran over to pick them up and they are now in the bathroom with their sister. One fuzzy girl and the other is short haired (no gender - that kitten was ticked off). All of them white. We know there is a calico kitten and they think there might be a tabby. They are going to keep trying to catch them over the next couple of days.

Oh, and they are stuck in the bathroom until we get the all clear on the FeLV cooties. Mom is going to contact the shelter and see if they will take these guys when they get big enough.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day....

The local Rotary Club set up this field near us every Memorial Day weekend. The Field of Heroes is pretty amazing....mom's picture doesn't do it justice.

We remember all those currently servicing here and abroad - and those who went before to keep us safe.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet Maggie

Maggie is a 15 week old Aussie mix puppy - mom says she is cuter in person - which is good cause in this picture she looks like an alien. MOL  She was rescued by Wolf Run and is on her way to her new home. She is blind but a good girl. Mom says she bounced around the car for a while but then crawled into the footwell of the passenger seat and fell asleep.  Good luck in your new home Miss Maggie!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Teaching the next generation

Mom read this story on MSNBC.com and had to share. She has heard of this group and thinks they are pretty awesome. But, the best part is not only is the dad sharing his time and money to help save animals, he is passing that lesson on to his sons....give the man a gold star!!!


How one high-flying dad is making pet rescue a family affair

Recreational pilot John Quimby and his son Ethan, 13 have never had snakes on their plane.

But they do regularly fly with dogs and cats.

The first canine passengers on their single-engine plane were two border collies rescued from euthanasia in a shelter at the eleventh hour. The father and son team picked them up at an airport in Kentucky and flew them to Tiffin, Ohio where animal rescuers were on hand to receive them and take them into foster care.

Quimby is one of 2000 pilots nationwide registered with an organization called Pilots N Paws. It’s an online message board that links animal rescuers around the country with pilots who pick up pets that have been removed from high kill shelters, puppy mills and other abusive situations and fly them to other parts of the country. Once there, they're picked up by adoptive families or rescue organizations who will foster them until they find forever homes.

Pilots donate their time, use their own planes and foot the bill for fuel, which averages around $250 per trip.

“Recreational flying is the dumbest hobby ever,” says Quimby, who lives in West Chester, OH and works as a computer project executive for IBM Global Services. “Nowadays, there’s simply no justification for the expense. People refer to this pastime as the hundred-dollar hamburger syndrome — flying somewhere to have a hamburger and returning home. But these animal rescue flights have given me a purpose and a very good reason to fuel up my plane and go somewhere every weekend.”

Pilots N Paws is the brainchild of longtime animal rescuer and horse breeder Debi Boies of Landrum, SC and her friend Jon Wehrenberg, a former businessman and recreational pilot.

Back in 2007, when Boies was trying to adopt a Doberman that had been used as bait in a dog-fighting ring in Florida, Wehrenberg offered to fly his own plane from his home in Knoxville to pick her up in South Carolina so that they could collect the dog and fly back again.

“I was flabbergasted and in awe that anyone would make such a generous offer,” recalls Boies. “But I soon learned that recreational pilots are as passionate about flying as animal people are about rescuing pets. And, since pilots are always looking for reasons to fly, introducing them to animal rescuers seemed like a perfect match. So Jon and I pooled our contacts and launched Pilots N Paws. I was amazed at the response from the moment the message board was up and running.”

John Quimby learned about the organization from a newspaper article he’d read while flying home on a business trip.

“The first thing I did after putting down my bags was log on to the site and, the following weekend, I had my first rescue flight booked," he said.

Quimby's dad was a pilot and he flew with him as a kid. Today, his younger son Aidan, 11, has been getting into the game, and the two young brothers take turns accompanying their father on trips.

"We’re all animal lovers," said Quimby. "And as a family, are so blessed that I am happy to pay the fuel and plane costs out of my own pocket.”

Apart from the quality father-and-son-time, Quimby's sons work on board the flights, helping to calm and reassure the pets until they reach their destination.

The pilots registered with the site typically fly to destinations about 250 nautical miles from their home base.

Rescues take place around the country, though Boies points out that certain rural areas in the southeast and northeast of the country are known to have a high kill rate in shelters. Puppy mills are rife in Missouri, and Los Angeles has a lot of overcrowded high-kill shelters.

Around 9,000 rescue groups are registered with Pilots N Paws. Boies has set herself a goal of having 10,000 pilots linked to the message board in the not too distant future. And since the organization is registered as a 501c3, flyers can recoup some expenses when they file taxes.

Although the Quimbys prefer canine passengers, other pilots have been known to fly snakes such as pythons and boa constrictors — in addition to cats, pot-bellied pigs and even day-old chicks.

“It’s not unheard of for animal rescuers to set up pony express–style ground transportation runs involving up to 16 drivers to cover a distance of about 1600 miles, a trip that could take an entire weekend,” explained Quimby. “Whereas on a single flight, I can replace about three to four people and cover a couple of hundred miles in several hours. I also team up with other pilots in order to transport pets greater distances. This frees up rescuers for other important work they do.”

Ethan fondly remembers that first flight with his dad when they rescued the border collies.

“The dogs were so scared,” he recalled. “I helped walk them before they boarded, made sure they weren’t thirsty and sat and played them throughout the journey to calm them down. One of them was so special. I couldn’t bear the idea of her having to go into foster care and possibly wait months before being adopted, so I asked my Dad if we could adopt her.”

A week later, Ethan and his dad flew back to Tiffin to pick up Marcie, who has remained firmly attached to her young rescuer and his brother ever since.

Ethan's job duties also include taking photographs to keep a record of the pets they have helped find better lives.

“I know I can't take them all home," he said. "Even though my brother and I are with them for just a short time in the air, we both get attached and feel sad when we drop them off.”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project Toto

Tank has started Project Toto to help the Joplin Humane Society in Joplin MO. They have their own shelter animals to care for and are taking in those that are lost. Can you help??? We are sending a blue fleece blankie today....  There is a wish list created as well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on the kittens....

Well.....mom has been thinking about them a lot. Hard not too....

So she sent the rescue lady a text this am. Here is the latest: they are doing well. (no update on Swizzle - sorry) They will be tested mid-June. Negative kittens will be moved and available for adoption. Positive kittens will go back into foster and retested at 90 days from that test. More than likely there will still be positive kittens at the end of this. Mom asked about getting them into rescue - we know it will be hard and we may get lots of "no" but at this point she needs to at least ask. Never know..... once we get there, we will post them here too and hope maybe someone out there know someone who is willing to take these kids. She was going to start looking now, but plans to wait and see what happens with the first test.

We think mom is just so used to shelters having the knee-jerk reaction of "positive = euthanasia" that she has to keep checking to see what is up with this lady. At least they are getting a chance.

Mom just paid the last bill and even with the rescue discounts, the total bill was scary. We are not getting treats or new toys any time soon.....but we know it was worth it. Even if mom is gonna have to catch us and torture us. Chiclet gets tested on 6/10 and Dr Taylor comes for the rest of us on 6/16. Wish us luck!!!
     screw that - wish the vet luck!!!

Oh - and to change the subject, this is the latest picture of our cousin Minnie. She went in yesterday to get her stitches out from her ladygardenectomy and got a bath. She is the Pet Doctors of America Pet of the Day (you can click on their facebook link and see her on their wall as well). She now weighs 60 pounds and is taller than mom's niece!!! We all think she just looks pitiful....   MOL

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Like a lot of you out there, mom seems to be fascinated with our toes. Ivy was lounging on the end table by mom's chair last night and mom was able to lean over and get a good shot of Ivy's back toes. She HATES them being touched, so mom thought this was fun. Mom loves that since Ivy is a torbie (calico/tabby), her toes are pink and black both.....plus you can see some of the color variations on Ivy's legs.

Mo was being cute too, but again, mostly black hole pictures.... MOL

Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend news you can use....

Let's see:
We were abandoned!!!!
    You were not...I was gone Friday night and got back Saturday night and Miss Carolee came to visit all of you twice....sheesh

OK - well, since the weather was nice, we will let you off the hook. Except mom says she is in the "doghouse" with grandma. Apparently grandma is trying to kill the chickweed in their front yard but everytime she puts down the weed killer, it rains. Mom was over there yesterday and told grandma she heard it was supposed to be nice through today. As she was leaving, grandma was making plans to put down the weed killer. And it started raining about 5am this morning....and is still raining....and is supposed to last most of the day.

There were some GREAT adoptions at CHA this weekend!!! 5 of the long term cats were adopted - Graco and Gabriella together, Krystal, Yvette and Peppermint. Graco and Yvette came in last summer, so this was great news!!!

And mom was playing with the flashy box last night, so here is some cuteness:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Foster Friday

Mom got to thinking about all the foster kittens she has had over the years. And she decided to start sharing some of the stories that she has collected that not everyone has heard.

So, today we start with Butterfly and her kittens (from January 2008). Butterfly was the first momma cat that came to foster with us. She came in with 5 tiny babies. One didn't make it but the other 4 seemed OK - but they were tiny. Mom was very worried about them and after some emails managed to get her put in the medical department. Once they were sure Butterfly was eating, they allowed mom to bring her home with the kids. Over the next few weeks we lost Willow and Sage. And mom was very sad since these were the first kittens that died while they were with us.

However, Marigold and Violet grew into lively and wild kittens. Mom took to calling them the "skeeter sisters" since they were tiny, buzzing around and they liked to bite!! Violet loved to wait until mom was distracted and then would gnaw on her ankles. One morning mom could hear them howling from the bathroom. She opened the door to find this:
this became Butterfly's new favorite spot!!

The vet at the time was concerned about the kittens coming back to the shelter since they had been sick. They allowed mom to post the girls online and she got an email from a nice lady and they decided the family would take the girls together. YEAH!!!

about 2 months old: Marigold (left) and Violet (right)

the girls and their new sister (about 6 months old)

Mom tried to email them for an update, but the email bounced, so we weren't able to find out how they are doing now, but we hope they are well!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

TNR Thursday....

Good news and bad news.....

Mom thinks she has posted before about that saying "we are only given as much as we can handle". Once again, she wishes someone didn't think she could handle quite so much.  She in fact like the chinese proverb/curse that says "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".  MOL

Anyhow, the other lady helping with the neighborhood TNR is on vacation this week and able to leave the trap open later in the morning. She called about 10am and said she caught the other white cat. Yep - another girl. We suspect they are sisters - but either way can't imagine they aren't related. We named this one Annie and she is just a little bigger than her sister.

The neighbor lady called again about 3pm. SOS called and said....she has already had kittens and is producing milk which means the kittens are out there somewhere. sigh...... Mom went over after work and searched and her friend DeLynn came over to help too (everyone needs a friend that will drop everything to come tramp through the bushes looking for kittens). No luck. They let Annie out of the trap around 9pm (normally they keep them overnight, but the clinic said let her go due to the kittens) and watched where she went. Everyone is going to keep an eye out and try to find where she is hiding them. Mom wants to catch them before they get too big....

Oh - and she laughed about the comments about Mo yesterday. Everyone thought he was very handsome - mom thought he looked hung over. MOL!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wacky Wednesday....

Mo says: for those of you that are owned by a house panther, you know it can be hard to get a picture. Mom usually ends up with something appearing to be a black spot when she comes after me with the flashy box. However, the other night I was in a lovey mood and mom grabbed the box. You can see the results below.

       No cats were harmed in the making of these pictures - and no, he hadn't been drinking or on the nip. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A couple of you found my blog on Wordpress. Like several others, I have contemplated changing over. However, I am not very technically adept (ok, I am clueless). I changed the setting over there to private and will continue to post here until I can figure out what the **** I am doing over there. Stay tuned....and until then, stick with me....and be aware I may not move at all.....it may have seemed like a better idea in my head than it actually turns out to be in reality.  :)

Torbie Tuesday

We always wondered what Ivy was doing with the heater all winter.... (see below)

Iznt dis a drive froo?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am learning more as I go.

There just doesn't seem to be much indication that this shouldn't have been caught. Best guess is that the first test done on her was done incorrectly, but that is just a guess.

For now, Martini tested negative and has been separated from everyone else. None of them can come back here since they may have exposed mine and could still test positive. Everyone will be retested in 6 weeks (not sure why that is the magic number) and we will see. I guess there is a chance Martini could stay negative or he could then test positive. And it is possible for the others to throw the virus and test negative. But not likely for all of them. And from what I have now read, kittens with it this early in life have an expected life span of 1-2 years. That is a tough sell.

I have a couple of contacts that I am going to reach out to. And if ANYONE knows someone out there that is willing to take on these kittens knowing what is going on, PLEASE let me know. I am invested and would go to some pretty long lengths to give them a chance.

In the meantime, the risk to mine is apparently pretty low since, while Swizzle was out, she wasn't overly friendly with mine. However, I am still planning to test everyone. It won't change anything here, but it will stop my fostering and it will help my peace of mind either way. Though I may have to come up with combat pay for my vet to test everyone here....I told my friend Kelly she is invited over for the run and to be prepared to video the events. ;)

Thanks for all your support and purrs and kind words.....there just isn't much to say other than this sucks.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I just got back. Everyone tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  I am heart broken. The vet called the rescue and the head lady said she would come pick all of them up - so I kissed the kittens and left them. I don't know what her plans are, and I am not strong enough to ask right now.....Swizzle probably won't last too long anyhow - she is just too sick. And I don't know what this means for the kittens...they can't live with healthy cats. And there just aren't that many rescues that deal with FeLV cats.

And as an added bonus, I have to test everyone here in 6 weeks since they have been exposed.

All because the vet the rescuers used told them she was FeLV negative. And there is no way she could have been.....I am sad and angry and.....I don't know.

freaking out....

I am freaking out and just need to get this down....

I took Swizzle in this am for follow up blood work. Her blood was really thin and her gums were pale. I had to get Chiclet to the adoption event, so the tech said why don't I leave Swiz and she would have the vet call me.

Which she did. Red cell count for a healthy cat should be between 32-55. Swizzle's is 10. Which is bad. The vet couldn't remember if a combo FIV/FeLV test had been done, so she ran it again. And it came back a mild positive for Feline Leukemia. I am freaking out.

I am taking the kittens over now to have them tested. I will ask if it could be a false negative/positive for them at this age.

The vet is going to send out blood work today for a PCR test for FeLV which is more definitive....but we won't hear until maybe Tuesday. She said if it is positive, there isn't much we can do for her but let her go. And even if it is negative, her chances may still not be good unless she can bounce back from this - and since we don't know what "this" is, there are so many things that could go wrong.

I managed to get through the event (no adoption for Chiclet) but started to cry on the way home. And I am crying again now.....

Please be thinking about us here....it is going to be a few long days.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday....

Let's see - what are we up to this weekend????

Mom is taking Chiclet to another adoption event. In Central Ohio? Come see us at Byers Subaru

Den mom is drivin' another transport on Sunday. Something about one of Minnie's kissin' cousins. We aren't even sure Minnie is old enough yet to be kissin', but whatever. We plan to nap through it anyhow. We are just hoping it cools off a little here so mom will reopen the windows. It has been in the mid-80s most of the week and our condo gets kinda warm....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OK, we don't often post twice in the same day, but we just got new pictures from Bug's new family and we couldn't wait to share. Mom emailed back with lots of questions, but she nearly fell out of her chair when she saw the first picture:

Bug & her big sister Mitatsu

For those of you that missed the Bug saga, you can read the start of it here: Meet Bug  To think she started out at 0.3 pounds and fit in the palm of mom's hand.  We think mom is going to pop she is so proud....

Slightly wordy Wednesday

First, mom read in her email this morning from catster.com that citizens in Japan will be allowed back in the restricted areas to get their pets!! Mom isn't sure what they are going to be able to do for housing when they get out, but at least the government has realized these people need to help their animals!

In other news, we caught another cat:
The other lady helping with this said she looked out this am to see this girl (??) in the trap and another white cat and our buddy Blackie (he of the "caught many times in the trap" history) sitting nearby. I suspect the whites are relatives...and one is Junior's mom and the other Bug's mom. No one has seen Senior since last summer, so mom is worried something happened to him.

Oh, and mom hasn't verified it yet, but the lady at the other end of the road where they trap said she thinks the calico is now sporting an ear tip. No idea who else is trapping in the area and mom wants to see for herself.....  MOL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Update...

First, you have to check out the video posted on Jans Funny Farm. Mom still has the giggles.....

The kittens and Swizzle went for vaccines (mom read the records and realized Swiz hadn't had her distemper yet). Everyone was very good.  OK - not really...mom said that Midori and Martini hissed at everyone when the carrier door was opened. sigh....we are raising heathens.....

Oh, and we forgot to mention mom's hissy fit over the weekend. Several weeks ago she helped two of her favorite kitties at the rescue get adopted together. She was looking at the website Saturday morning and saw their pictures back up.  Huh???  Come to find out, they were brought back based on their microchip tags after animal control found them abandoned in an apartment.  WHAT?!?!?!  Mom is furry upset!!! The mancat seems ok, but the ladycat seems pretty upset to be back....mom is gonna spend some quality time with her tonight..... Her friend told her it isn't her fault, but mom feels guilty that these people "scammed" her. Granted, we don't know the circumstances, but if you can't keep them, bring them back!!

Tabby Tuesday....

Maestro seems to be holding his own - thanks for the well wishes. He was sleeping on the bed again last night, so maybe he had the same bug that grandma had last weekend. :)

Mom loves to take pictures of Tim & Tom together. She knows they are related and their markings are very similar. But they have very different body types. Tommy has that big burly mancat body and head - mom likes to scratch under his chin to make him grunt. Tim is leaner and longer legged - and his head is almost triangular like an oriental/siamese.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend update...

We did....NOTHING!!! And it was pretty awesome....

Everyone is doing pretty well. Mom is a little worried about Maestro - he turned 16 in September and mom wasn't sure he was going to make it past Christmas. However, he rallied and was doing much better. Over the weekend, he ate some but not too much and seemed a little lethargic. He didn't sleep with mom Friday and Saturday night either. However, he ate more yesterday and was up on the bed last night. Mom isn't going to panic and call the v-e-t yet since she is pretty sure it is old age - last time Dr. Taylor said his kidney numbers were down, but mom said she isn't going to put him through a lot of tests....she figures what does it really prove. So, they agreed to keep him comfortable and go from there. He still seems ok, so mom is taking it one day at a time with him for now.

Swizzle and the kittens are doing well also. Everyone is eating well and the kittens have started to play more (though mom could do without them putting the bitey on her).
still pretty skinny....but making progress

l to r: Malibu, Martini (front), Midori, Mimosa, Mojito

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday....

Long week, but no weekend plans. Supposed to be in the 60s with a possibility of rain here - what else is new.  ;P

Got the test results on Swizzle. The numbers were a little off, but nothing major. So, good news, she should be fine, bad news, we have no idea what caused it. sigh....  The v-e-t did ask if the blood was drawn prior to her tube being pulled and said that might make the numbers off. So, she will go back in a week or so to have more drawn and another test run just to be sure.

Mom laughs at her - the baby gate is up in front of the bathroom door. Most adults will just jump the gate - Swizzle climbs over. Mom isn't sure if she isn't strong enough yet to jump (though she gets up on the counter by the sink) or if she just hasn't figured it out (her kittens climb it). Mom opened the bathroom door this morning and Swiz climbed out. Mom left the door open a crack when she was taking a shower and when she opened the door, Swiz was perched on top of the gate - she climbed down when breakfast was served. MOL

Oh, and in other developments, check out this picture from last night:
Mom was watching TV when Miss Malibu came walking down the hall - Swizzle met her halfway chirpping at her.... So much for the baby gate. Maybe time to break out the pen (you can see it here set up as Bug's condo.
Mom put a jingly ball in the bathroom and someone is having a good time - not sure if it is the kittens or Swizzle. Either way it makes mom smile when she hears it - it was as similar toy that she put in there for Junior and hearing it reminds her of how she knew he would be OK when he was playing at night.

The kittens are getting better at eating canned food and Mojito has been caught eating the dry. They have been out a few times and are having fun!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco Di Mayo

We is partyin' with The Sherwood Bunch. Mom broke out the nip for us and a Mike's lemonade for her. She is loading our video below.

**side note: Swizzle is still getting along. No word on the test results yet - gotta call this morning. She has decided to get her "diva" on and likes one flavor of one brand of cat food....Oh well, what are you gonna do??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found this online....

It should be well known by now how we feel about animal abuse and all that. However, mom read an article that made her laugh about the karma of the whole thing. It seems that Dogs Deserve Better (they work to save dogs chained or left outside and to change state laws about chaining dogs) has raised some money and got approved for a loan to buy some property to open a new rehab center and sanctuary. The property? A certain piece of land in Virginia that used to be owned by Michael Vick....  MOL!!!

Here is the Press Release

Mom gets paid Friday and we will be raiding the green papers to send some to them.

Tabby Tuesday

Today's feature is Tim & Tom - brofurs!! Tommy is the "head alpha mancat" and Tim is his "ninja sidekick".
   Wait - ninja sidekick...who came up with that one? More like chicken in a cat suit. If Tim saw a ninja he would break a landspeed record getting under the covers.

First Tommy took a nap to build up his strength.

Then we was wrasslin' on Sunday night and mom decided to get our manliness in pictures.
   Oh - and the game ended when they rolled across the living room into the crinkly tunnel and then shot across the room like they were being attacked!!! Still makes me laugh!

Not funny mom - we weren't scared - just surprised...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend report

We are going to apologize right now - we know some of the last few posts have been long, and this one is going to be too....it was a busy weekend!!!

Let's rewind to Thursday night - a guy came into the shelter with a 2 week old kitten. There is no staff in the evenings, just volunteers. The cat team lead took the kitten, but no one else knew how to deal with a bottle baby. So he came to stay with us overnight and then back to the shelter Friday morning and into foster care (the team lead agreed to foster him once she got some baby 101). As of the weekend, he latched onto the bottle and is doing great. His name is Rocky.

Swizzle had a v-e-t appt on Friday am. They pulled the feeding tube and drew some blood to retest her (we are still not sure what caused the temperature). She is on an antibiotic, so hopefully this will be it. They will discuss testing her further based on the results of this. Mom asked about letting her back with the kittens and the vet said ok with supervision. Swizzle stayed in mom's room on Friday and SLEPT WITH HER Friday night. She hisses at us and mom finally shut the bedroom door!!!!
    OK - wait a second...I shut the door at 6am when I got tired of listening to everyone. I couldn't very well shut her outside. It was a couple of hours....

The site where her tube was looked funny on Saturday, so mom took her back to the vet. They cleaned her up and were amazed at how much better she looks. Mom noticed this morning that she doesn't think she looks quite so skinny. Anyhow, they upped her dose of clavamox and mom is just to keep the site clean. But they said it was healing well so she is fine.

The reintroduction to the kids went very well. They cried and she loved on them. Mom had cleaned the bathroom and then given them all a bath, so they were still damp by the time Swizzle got in there. She curled up with them and groomed them. Mom said that she thinks Swizzle has made more progress to get them weaned in 2 days than mom made in a week.

Another transport Sunday and then she was home.....yeah!! The weather was nice enough here yesterday that the glass door was open so we could taunt the birds.

And now, per requests, more baby pictures:

Mom's back!!!

Midori (this is what she looks like most of the time)

Mojito (slightly damp)

Malibu (seriously cute)