Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Fridays

Mom has been using canned/pate food to bribe Goldfish. Mom sits on the floor and puts the dish right near her lap. When Goldfish comes up to eat, mom slowly pets her and talks to her. She is a little jumpy at first and then relaxes and keeps eating. Unfortunately, Goldfish is still pretty scared when mom tries to reach out and grab her while mom is standing. We have an experiment lined up for the weekend and hopefully that will help.

Soda is still here. Mom still isn't sure he is the exact fit she wants for a kitten raiser, but the FIV room had an outbreak of ringworm, so he is here for a while until that clears up and we can switch him out. There is another FIV boy that mom would like to interview, but he has to be cleared from the FIV room before that can happen. It may turn out that the right fit is in fact Soda, but mom would like to interview a couple more candidates just to be sure.

Oh - and that picture? Mom was feeding the kittens the pate above and Daiquiri started banging on the doors while sitting on a shelf outside the room. Soda heard and then SAW her and was fascinated.

picture thanks to @Emily K
In other news....we have been holding on you all just a little bit. Cardamom went home a couple of weeks ago. YAY!! However, we held off posting just in case it didn't work out. See...she didn't exactly want to go INTO the carrier. And she was going to be at one house for a couple of days before her final home (she was adopted by a retired couple by the husband as a gift for his wife - not something we normally do, but in this case made an exception since they are an older couple and have a great pet history). She was staying with their son until the party. However, since we haven't heard back and she is still with them, we think it is safe to announce she has been ADOPTED!!

Speaking of Daiquiri, if you missed it on social media, she turned 4 years old on Wednesday. And in an apparent effort to give mom a stroke, was missing when mom got home on Wednesday night.

See, on Wednesdays, mom works all day and then has a 2 hour shift at the rescue. Which means she doesn't get home until usually after 7:30 pm. This week hasn't exactly been quiet around here either - trash pickup was Tuesday morning and mom got home Tuesday afternoon to find guys hired by the condo association power washing the siding. The recycling truck came Wednesday after mom left and the more mom thinks about it, it was probably just too much for poor Daiq to deal with in 2 days.

Anyhow, Daiquiri didn't come out when mom got home. Didn't make a sound when mom called her name. Didn't come out for treats. After 40 minutes and turning the condo upside down, mom is freaking out. Then a paw comes out from under the sofa. Keep in mind, mom didn't think any of us could actually FIT under the sofa. Daiq wasn't coming out either - mom finally had to move the sofa and tip it up. Mom also got a new soccer ball out and they played a little fetch and Daiquiri seemed to be her normal self. Still no idea what exactly freaked her out....and why she didn't pick any of the hundreds of beds or cubes in the house for her hiding spot.


  1. Oh I so know what you are talking about. I have two feral cats in my extra bedroom and they have been in there for a week. The smaller one came out this morning to eat and the other one peeked at me. So I am thrilled. They are going to stay in there until I can at least touch them. Good luck with your kitties.

  2. Glad that Daiquiri was found safe and sound. Poor girl! Happy belated birthday.

    The kittens are so cute. Mom bean would find it very hard to not touch them. We sure hope Soda sticks around too.

  3. Yay for Cardamom! Happy Birthday to Daiquiri, and they ALWAYS find new places to hide so their humans get heart palpitations while looking for them. Often, we never found the hiding place, because the cat would just show up out of nowhere. Part of their cloaking abilities, I think...

  4. That is GREAT news about Cardamom!!!! Yay!!!
    Happy birthday to Daiquiri - that must have freaked you out, not being able to find her! whew!

  5. Yippee, Cardamom! Yippee, You, for finding such a great fit! Oh, that precious Goldfish! We're already in love!

  6. Daiquiri! What a scare you gave your mom. Glad you were just under the sofa.

  7. So happy for Cardamom! Daiquiri may have just discovered she could get under the sofa. My younger cat loves to snooze under the sofa.

  8. Cats always find a hiding place you cannot discover. It is scary when one is missing and you can't find him. Happy birthday Daiquiri as well!

  9. Hooray for Cardamom and her new family!

    We love that mom is making progress with Goldfish. We hope the experiment works out.

    Sorry to hear about the ringworm outbreak in the shelter FIV room. Maybe with some extra time, Soda will be more comfortable in his role. :)

    Daiquiri! Don't scare Mom like that. Oh, and happy birthday!

  10. What a lot has happened there. I certainly know that dreadful feeling when you can’t find a cat. In my case, the ‘lost’ beast usually appears from a spot I had just searched. Something got to Daiquiri, though I suspect it was a combination of time, place and disturbance that won’t happen again. Don’t scare your mum like that, Daiquiri! (And happy birthday, by the way!)

  11. I hope the experiment with Goldfish works out! Keep us posted.

  12. We do that to Jan on occasion, especially Percy. Jan goes crazy thinking something happened to him.

  13. Happy Birthday a little late, Daiquiri. I get so tired of my Momma feeding other cats ... I mean, HELLO! I'm RIGHT here! I can SMELL the food! ~Bear Cat

  14. We're glad you finally found Daiquiri ! We hope the trick with Goldfish works ! Purrs


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