Monday, February 24, 2020

Exciting news....

We had 2 cats still at the rescue that were our former fosters. Chester (formerly Kyan of the gemstone kittens) and Bissell (momma cat to the vacuum kittens).

Well....exciting news: Bissell was adopted and went home on Thursday and Chester went home on Saturday.

We are always excited when our momma cats get adopted. Concats Bissell.

But Chester came back to the rescue about 18 months ago when his family moved to Hawaii. They knew he would not do well in the required quarantine and decided to return him. He has waited a very long time. His new family is just a couple of adults and no kids. Mom sent them a text and he is already doing great. He hid for a couple of hours but is now out and snuggling and playing. Concats Chester.

This is our boy in his new home (Thanks for the picture L)

Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend report

Mom took a sweet kitty to an adoption event on Saturday. Vulpix had been with the rescue since 5/19. No interest but Vulpix was charming the public.
Imagine mom's surprise when she got the list of cats adopted on Saturday and... Vulpix had been adopted!!
No kittens here yet. But....

Tails from the Foster Kittens is taming a pair of adorable kittens.

As the World Purrs has a mom and kittens named in honor of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Love and Hisses has a mom with kittens just a week old.

While mom can't love on those kittens but she gets cute kitten pictures.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Mom got an update from the family that adopted Sparta now Elliott. As a reminder, he was a birthday gift for their daughter. She is 9 years old now and Elliott is her buddy. They sleep together every night. He waits for her bus to get her home after school. And this past Saturday she was making a movie that required him to wear some business attire.

Mom also ran into Dragon's new mom last week. She is doing well....and discovered their piano. She isn't very good and won't be getting much practice since they are remembering to leave the top down now. She discovered it about 11:30pm one night and danced around on the keyboard.

No kittens yet. Could be a while....but stay tuned.

Monday, February 10, 2020

It takes a village

Last week mom got an email from the director of the rescue asking if mom could figure out how to get a cat back from TN. Mom ran with it, reaching out to her favorite bloodhound people for help and posting on social media. Within 4 days We had drivers lined up and a plan in place. Mom's sister-in-law along with her niece (aka the kid) would pick Roxy up and start the chain. laid plans and all that. It started to snow on Saturday. Traffic sucked. But Abby and the kid were on the road. It was decided they would get Roxy and keep her overnight but call off the transport and try again on Sunday.

After several hours they got to the a sign that were closed due to weather. After banging on the door they found a person, tracked down the cat and paperwork and everyone got back on the road.

Roxy spent the night with mom's family and everyone got on the road on Sunday.

She made it back to the rescue safe. Now we start the process to find her a new forever home.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up: Abby and Lanah, Jacquelyn (sorry Saturday didn't work out), Roberta, and Amanda. Chris for getting us organized and Karen with our local cocker rescue for reaching out to their KY adopters to help us fill the run.
In honor of a new start, the kid voted she keep the name she was given in TN. Welcome home Linley.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Kitten Bowl...local style

For the past few years a volunteer and her fiancee have done our own kitten bowl thing live on Facebook.

This year was no exception and mom went over to help out.

 The field was laid out and catnip and treats brought the players to the field.

 We tried to provide streamers but Matilda decided they all belonged to her.

We do this as a fundraiser and as mom was typing last night it raised over $1,000 dollars plus a $250 sponsorship donation from a local business the Grandfather Clock Company (who have an office cat).

Sombrero was supposed to sub in on the defensive line but got sidetracked:

We did get some promotional stuff at the rescue and mom has 2 packs of trading cards she is giving away. She will assign a number to every comment and let us pick the winners.