Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good heavens....

We can't trust that woman to do anything right.  We have been reading about Blogoversarys and 100 posts and gotcha days and birthdays and realized: MOM MISSES EVERYTHING!!! 

So, we are going to mess with her.  In celebration of the New Year, we are going to host a commentathon.  We know we don't get too many visitors here, so we are hoping our loyal followers will pass the word on and maybe we can meet some new kitties, doggies and peoples.

For our commentathon, we are gonna make mom donate $.25 per comment to Citizens for Humane Action which is where mom is currently volunteering.  So hop to it people!!!

If you are curious, this is Ivy & Spud in March 2009 - when they were only about 7 months old.
Edit as of 12/30/10: Mom said that it is for this post only and that she will count all posts through 11:59pm 12/31/10.  (and as of right now we have 46 posts and mom almost fell out of her chair).  MOL!!

The girls are back in town...

I stopped last night to check on them and decided to take them back.  There are LOTS of kittens in the kitten room and these 3 need a chance to run around.  The leader said that she has heard from Georgia's new family and she is doing very well.  I hope to get their info over the weekend and send her toys to her.

Maine, Utah and Carolina are back in the house...Chiclet seemed pretty glad to see them.  Carolina was rubbing on her and loving on her.  They were in the bathroom until I got home from volunteering and then got out to run around for a while.  I think my crew was a little dismayed that they are back, but no big deal.  Oh - and Chiclet is scheduled to be spayed tomorrow so I can start taking her places to find her a home as well!!

I got a new Flip camera for Christmas and got some cute video last night.  Only I can't figure out how to save it to my work there will be a lapse until I figure it out.  I was able to view it but kept getting a message saying there is insufficient memory to save it to my computer.  I think I am going to have to set up a You Tube account and maybe transfer from there....or something.  :)  Gotta get some anti-virus on the computer at home and then try it there....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LONG weekend....

Well, Mom made it back from a Florida Christmas with the family.  :)  It would have been nicer if it had been warmer...she said it wasn't much warmer than it was here in Ohio.  But it was fun to see her niece and her brother and sister-in-law.  She got back late last night and left for work this morning....Ivy was chirping at her as she left.  The petsitter is nice, but we missed mom....

In good news, Georgia was adopted over the weekend and Utah has a family interested in her too.  Mom plans to stop over at the adoption center after work to check on the girls.  She was afraid they were about to come down with a kitty cold, so she may be bringing them back to the house.

our Florida cousins: Max and Boots

Lanah with her new pillow pet from Aunt Jeanne

Lanah, Abby & Rob

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meowy Catmas

This is our Christmas cactus that we got from our friend Stephanie the Christmas before she died from cancer.  It seems to be the only plant mom is able to keep alive - maybe it is a sign.  :)  Of course, it helps that she keeps it on the top shelf so no one can nom on it.

We hope you all have a very Meowy Catmas and Santa Claws finds you with your presents (and no coal in your stockings).

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maybe homes for Christmas

I got a text from the leader of Colony Cats that they have an application on Georgia and have had calls about the other girls so they want them at the adoption center for the weekend.  I will drop them off tonight after work and we shall see how things go.  I will miss them, but know they deserve to have their own homes for Christmas!!  Next....Chiclet!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How we spent the weekend...


snoozing (Maine)

laying in wait (Utah)

holding down the chair (Tim & Tom)

screwing around (Junior & Utah)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bug's cat mansion...

I got a picture of Bug playing on the cat mansion her new family has for their cats.  I also got an update that Bug is doing very well and Mitatsu is beginning to accept her.  A very nice Christmas present all around...

Weekend update....

Well, no great adoptions this weekend....  Had a few people look at the kittens, but no takers.  So, we are taking a couple of weeks off and will be back on the adoption circuit in January.  They are up on Petfinder, so maybe that will help too.  And Anna and Italy are still at CHA.  :(

Mom took some pictures of us lazing around on Sunday, but then the batteries died in the camera and she discovered she only has 1 battery in the fridge and the camera takes 4.  oops....  Maybe tomorrow....

In the meantime, the shopping is done.  She got the last presents on Saturday for our feline cousins Max and Boots.

Hope you are staying is still pretty cold here!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured Friday...

Mom was debating what to post about today and then we reminded her about Miss Anna and Miss Italy at CHA that have been at the shelter for over a year now.  So, she is going to post about them...

  Anna is 3 years old and came to CHA in August 2009.  She can be a little standoffish, but after that long, can you blame her??  She does have her favorite people that she loves on.  We are sure a nice safe secure home would be just the thing to help her celebrate Christmas.

  Italy is almost 2 years old and is about to hit the one year mark of being at the shelter.  She lives in a open space room with Graco and Reba.  Italy is a nice quiet girl who enjoys a good ear scratching and loves to sit with people.  She is a big girl, but we bet running around her own home would get back her "girlish" figure.

Utah is doing very well after her surgery.  Like most kittens, mom is sure she doesn't even have a clue about what happened.  Mom did notice some swelling on the side of Carolina's face, so she has to contact the rescue this morning to see what they want to do about that.

We are going back out to adoption events this weekend.  Mom wasn't really happy with the kittens last weekend - they are big enough to get it now and when the carrier came out, they took off.  Mom spent at least 5 minutes trying to catch everyone and get them stuffed in the carrier...and then Utah popped back out and took off again.  The little girl is SLIPPERY!!!

Cross your paws we find us some homes for the kittens this weekend!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last kitten having surgery today...

Utah was dropped off at the clinic this morning.  I am pretty sure of their ages (I think born right around Memorial Day) but laugh when the clinic changes their ages to younger and don't give them a rabies vaccine.  Can't blame them...the whole crew was tiny.  The tech this morning looked in her carrier and we got an "awwww".  :)

Another adoption event this weekend.  Please cross your fingers - I would love the girls to have homes by Christmas!!  Plus this is a fundraiser for the rescue that saved them, so lots of Santa pictures would be great too.

For those who commented about Ivy forgiving me, she is actually pretty good - within a few hours, she decides she likes me again.  I am lucky she doesn't hold a grudge as that would be worse.  Still not sure what the answer is for the girl - I hate drugging her every 4-6 weeks just to cut her nails.  But they were bad - she was sticking to the carpet and DeLynn said a couple were pretty curved.  She uses the scratching pad, but that won't keep them short.  All ideas are welcome.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catmas presents....

Grandma came yesterday and left our Catmas the bedroom behind the closed door where we can't get to them!!!

We can't wait to use the kicker - but Mom says Tommy is a "mean drunk" when he is on the nip, so she wants to be home to supervise when we first get to use the kicker and spider...The snowman is a purse.  :)

Grandma also left our present to mom.  It is a mug that says "cat lover" with hot chocolate and hand lotion and some CAT TOYS!!  Mom said it was amazing that we managed to get grandma to buy a present that got gifts for us too.  We just call that planning ahead.
Ivy got her nails done last night again.  Miss DeLynn came over to help mom after they met up at the shelter to do some manicures over there.  Mom gave Ivy 1/2 of the ace pill and it didn't work as well as the whole pill.  She was still pretty crabby.  Chiclet had to be locked in the bathroom cause her "mommy" insticts kick in and she wants to protect Ivy.  Mom is still not sure what to do about Ivy.  Ivy was screaching and she pooped on the floor and this time she even peed on mom.  It is stressfull on everyone and poor Junior was ever more jumpy after they were done.
And now, for fun, mom was playing with the camera last night and got some video of Utah, the tiny cat.  She is finally over 2 pounds, so mom has a note on her phone to call the clinic to get Utah spayed.

The video quality isn't great - and if you turn up the volume, you can hear Mike Rowe in the background cause Mom was watching "Dirty Jobs" last night while we were playing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Bug update....

There was a request for a newer pic of Bug - I posted about her adoption from home and most of my pics are on my work computer.

Anyhow, it sounds like Bug is doing very well.  Their 12 yr old sent me an email on Sunday saying that Bug is doing very well and they aren't sure if they will keep her name or not.  But that she is sure I miss her and she wanted me to know that they love her very much.  (say it with me.  awwwww)

Jane (the mom) has emailed me a couple of times.  Seems her husband is VERY smitten by Bug.  They have tried introducing her (slowly) to their 3 yr old house panther Mitatsu....hissing on both sides.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bug Update

Bug went home this afternoon.  A friend of a friend expressed an interest in a friendly people loving kitty.  They have no idea what they are getting.  I am a little sad in that she won't be here anymore, but happy that she has a home of her own where she can be more the center of attention.  They have one other cat that is 3 yrs old and 4 kids: 10, 12, 15, & 17 (I think).  Jane promised to keep me updated - I told her that was a condition of adoption....  :)

I am not sure it has entirely hit me that she is no longer in the house.  I have known all along that I couldn't keep her - she deserves to be more than the last kitten in the line of what goes on around here.  I certainly have enough love for another cat, but there is only so much space and so much time in the day.  But she was a joy to raise and I am thankful everyday that a neighbor heard her crying under the stairs and we managed to pull her out, help her grow up and find her a home.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Junior's doppelganger....

When I go to the shelter to volunteer, I normally walk through the rooms and see who is still there and touch noses and say hi to everyone before getting to work.

Last Tuesday, I walked into the front room and saw a kitten that made me stop and look a second time.  Holy smoke - he looks JUST LIKE Junior....



I was so stunned I took a picture and sent it to my friend Kelly.  Justin is a little younger and smaller.  I think he is the version of Junior I would have gotten had I caught him a little sooner.  Justin is outgoing, friendly and purrs as soon as you pick him up.  Junior couldn't care if I was in the house except to open the container with the food in it and he won't let me pick him up at all.  Still love the littel booger, but it is odd to think about what could have been.....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pecan's Christmas

As some of you may remember, Pecan (renamed Squeakers) was adopted by the brother and sister-in-law of my friend Kelly.  Well, they put up their Christmas tree and put up their family ornaments....some of which are almost 100 years old.  So far she hasn't detroyed anything, but she likes to take the snowflakes down and carry them around the living room.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Junior update

I don't honestly know what I am going to do with the boy.  With so many adoptable cats out there, I have my doubts that the right family is going to come along.  I had a friend over last night and he eventually came out and was playing with a toy mouse nearby.  So, in that respect, he is better than Spud - who never comes out at all.  Junior was in the window this morning looking out as I was leaving for work.  It is about 20 degrees here - though he doesn't know that being inside.  I wonder what he thinks though....

In the meantime, he certainly seems to be enjoying blocking the heating vents!

In other news, my Dad ROCKS!!!  He spent part of the summer doing work in my condo.  And then he built me a coffee table.  He gets the woodworking skills from his father, who has passed away several years ago.  He made my niece's cradle when she was born and has since built her a cabinet for her art supplies.

Monday, December 6, 2010

weekend update....

All the kitten got packed off to an adoption event on Saturday.  They were taking pet pictures with Santa and had adoptable cats at the store.

A mom and her two kids came in looking for a mellow kitten.  I let the boy carry Nevada around.  Then he gave Nevada to his sister and picked up Dakota.  Mom tried to make them choose and they told her they couldn't do that and this way they each have their own kitten.  So, they adopted BOTH Nevada and Dakota.  YEAH!

There was a family looking at Bug that said they would come back on Sunday, but they didn't.  The other volunteer has their contact info though, so she is going to contact them and see what is up.

Oh, and remember Hazel?  She was adopted on Sunday from CHA as well!

All and all a good weekend.  Utah "officially" weighed in at the vet when I got Bug's rabies shot on Friday.  She weighs.....  1.96 pounds.  That girl....  at least she is close to 2 pounds.  I am going to try to get her in to be spayed maybe next week.

The girls slept most of the day at the event and then were more than ready to run around when we got back home.  However, after a good run, Maine curled up with her mommy.

Here is your Monday morning awww pics:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Good way to start a Friday morning...

The kittens are doing very well after their surgery.  Once again, no one got the memo about taking it easy, so they are off to the races as soon as the bathroom door opens.

Nevada was chasing his tail this morning and I managed to get some video.  :)

And for good measure, one of my favorite pics of him.  Yeah, I know most of them are of him sleeping, but he is so CUTE!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

orange tabbies....

I was wandering around the internet (cause I am bored and have another hour at work...sigh).  Anyhow, I found this article on Dogster about orange females tabbies.  how rare are female orange tabbies?

First let me say, Utah is female and an orange tabby...
Second, she is by far NOT the first orange female tabby I have ever seen or fostered.

I did laugh at the comment about "no orange cats".  I went to a cat show (where I met Teri from Curlz & Swirlz) and the colors that were being tossed around made me smile.  I had a friend who breeds Maine Coons and British Shorthairs send me a picture of her female Brit - color blue something something or other.  I opened the picture and was "oh, a dilute tortie".  :)

And I have within the last couple of years discovered what a "torbie" color cat actually is: a cross between a tabby and a calico (or a tortie, but torbies all have white, so I am not sure how that works, but hey, I didn't make up the word).  Anyhow, they are tabby cats that have orange and brown markings with stripes (and are probably female like calicos and torties).  Ivy is a torbie:
(and yeah, this is an old pic before she bulked up like a thanksgiving turkey)

Of course, you can always make up your own colors...I am all for originality!

Random Thoughts....

I had a friend ask me if I used the function on my cell phone for texting that guesses the word you are trying to find.  Nope, it isn't worth it for me and seems to take more time.  Beside, do you really think that the phone is going to figure out this text "4 kittens had surgery and Nevadas nuts dropped. yeah!"?  :)

Kittens came home from surgery last night and had a drunken brawl in the bathroom.  Not sure what they were doing, but the food container was dumped off the sink counter into the litter box (thankfully remaining upright and closed) and the water dish was flipped over to create a lake on the floor.  This is why kittens stay in the bathroom - at least the floor is tile!

Is it really only Thursday?  sheesh.... I need another 4 day weekend to recover from the last 4 day weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed - adoption event Saturday.  I am taking all the kittens (yeah, I know Utah isn't spayed, but she is going anyhow) and a poster for Junior.

Find a friend, snuggle up and stay warm (cause it is really cold here - mother nature realized it was December and winter arrived in a hurry)....