Wednesday, August 31, 2011

not wordless Wednesday....

Good news: Bat went home last night!!! The family that adopted Mohawk came back for her.... the lady felt bad that Bat was left behind and her husband said "just go get her".  MOL She said Mohawk is doing very well - gives the dogs the halloween cat pose which they ignore. He is doing very well with Peanut, their cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. She said Peanut has fallen on Mohawk a couple of times and he just gets up and keeps on going. She has our email, so hopefully we will hear from them.

Daffy was adopted as well. But is appears that her microchip info got mixed up with Gizmo, so the facebook post said Gizmo was adopted with Simba (who Daffy was living with). So Daffy went home with Simba. Greta and Gizmo with go to Petsmart tonight (though Gizmo is now Daffy....confused yet??).

Mac is in the bathroom by himself. Mom is happy cause he is trashing the bathtub every night so he will have a little more space. Mom is having him neutered on Tuesday. We have put up posted and have him listed in a couple of places as "found" but mom isn't holding out much hope. So over the weekend she will start introducing him to the adults.

Mom was playing with the flashy box over the weekend trying to catch our whiskers. Spud and Ivy have some pretty spectacular whiskers and we hope you enjoy.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We will get to that in a second.

To answer a couple of questions: Katnip Lounge - no, the revolving door never stops. MOL Father Tom - how do we keep up? Lots of napping.....MOL And mom juggles kittens pretty well after 6 years of fostering.

Mac update: he is doing a little better. Mom sat in there with him last night with Greta. You can tell that Greta is curious and she didn't hiss at Mac at all. So mom scratched Greta (who dozed off) under the chin to get her scent. She went to scratch Mac and he hissed at mom and tried to whap her....and then he saw his tail come up over the side of the vanity and tried to whap that as well. But, mom thinks he is just making noise..whapping is to be expected. So she will keep slowly working at it. Of course, as these things go, about the time she gets him comfortable with Greta, Greta and Gizmo will go back to the shelter. :)

Now for the cuteness....Gizmo was snoozing on the floor the other day and mom discovered patterns in his stripes:
mom sees heart on this side

and she thinks this side has a smiley face

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wild weekend....

First - we hope everyone on the East Coast and at BlogPaws survived Irene - mom worried about you!!!!

Second, mom wrote it weird on Friday. Mohawk wasn't adopted Thursday night. But.....the lady came back on Saturday with her son and adopted him then!! Mom gave her our email address so we hope to hear updates. And we hope he is a great companion for his new sister Peanut.  Plus with Mohawk getting adopted, we hope that Gizmo can go back today and keep Bat company. Thanks to everyone for their help with the brain teaser.....obviously it was meant for Mohawk to go back when he did.

No transport this weekend. Mom likes to check on the fosters when they are back at the shelter and the only transport she could have done was mid-afternoon.

The weather was great this weekend....all the windows were open!!

And then mom got a call on Saturday night. Carol (the lady helping with the TNR) got a call from a neighbor and wanted to know if he could call me. Seems he was sitting outside on Saturday and this kitten came up and jumped into his lap. The kid took it inside but his dad said it could not stay. They agreed to keep it overnight and mom went over Sunday morning. She called the nice people at Noahs Ark and they agreed to scan him for a microchip. If not, then on to plan B....could they combo test him? No chip - but mom figured out when she saw him that he wasn't neutered, so she didn't hold out much hope. They tested him (and he screamed like a banshee) and he is....NEGATIVE!!! So, he can stay with us for a while. Mom listed him on but there was no listing for any kitten like him. He is about 5 months old and very nice - though mom tried to introduce him to Gizmo and the new guy hissed. Our local shelter is at capacity, so we aren't sure what we are going to do with him. Mom is going to put up flyers after work hoping someone is missing him.

Mom did have to do some math trying to figure out where everyone was sleeping last night. The new guy ended up in the shower (it has a door) and Greta and Gizmo were in the main part of the bathroom. Mom has let kittens out at night, but no one enjoys it except the kittens.....  At one point mom walked into the bathroom and Greta was on top of the shower door chirping at the new guy. :)

In the mean time, meet Mac:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally Friday....

So mom ended up taking Bat, Mohawk & Daffy back to the shelter last night. It was as hard as always. Daffy is in  with 3 other kittens - one is an orange male tabby named Simba and they seemed to have become friends by the end of the night. Mohawk and Bat were together.

Mom said for a little while to make sure they got settled in ok. A woman came in who has a special needs cat with Cerebellar hypoplasia which is a disease that makes cats wobbly but doesn't affect their lifespan - they aren't in pain, they just walk a little differently. Anyhow, Peanut is about 1.5 yrs old and in need of a companion. She met a few kittens but no one seemed to jump out at her. We tried a 1 yr old cat named Smudge, but he didn't seem overly interested. :)  So mom introduced her to Mohawk - she thinks a kitten might be an easier introduction to her other 2 older cats (which is probably true). It was told her that Mohawk is a combination of wise old man and vacant kid. He gave her his patented blank look which made her smile. And then she leaned her head down and he kissed her thinks that did it.
Greta was pretty lovey when mom got home from the shelter. She wanted up and was asking for attention. Always a good sign. Gizmo was off doing his own thing....  Greta did cry for a few minutes when they were put in the bathroom last night, but she stopped pretty quick. Still made mom a little sad though.

No plans for the weekend....but it is supposed to be cooler, so hopefully some window whiffin'!!!

For those in the path of Irene....STAY SAFE!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a logic problem....

Mom says she had to take a class called symbolic logic in college....and that if it weren't for a friend in the class, probably would have had to take it more than once. MOL

Anyhow, this one sounds like something she would have had in class.....
We currently have 5 fosters. The shelter has space for 3 of them to come back. We need to figure out who to send....

Greta: she can't go. While mom says she isn't sick, she is "supposed" to be on meds until 8/31.

Bat, Daffy & Mohawk are all fine.

Gizmo has a little bit of eye goobers. Mom has noticed but doesn't think it is worth saying something. She has treated it with terramycin and it really isn't that bad. But....there it the potential for him to go back and someone make a big deal about it.

So, it would seem that Greta and Gizmo stay and everyone else goes back. would prefer that either Bat or Mohawk stay with Greta since she is more comfortable with those two (mom finds them curled up next to each other at night).

Plus then we have to figure out who is rooming together since there is a cage for 2 kittens and the other one will go in with a group of 3 other kittens.....

What to do, what to do????? Suggestions welcome....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

whisker wednesday.....

Mom is having problems getting decent pics of our whiskers....she said something about too much white on white....

Please go say a kind word to Paula at Sweet Purrfections.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Tuesday....

The girls at Zoolatry decided we need to have a Cat Talk Time....

Here are some of our favorites:
snoopervising: making sure the mom doesn't mess with our stuff

crabillated: a cat who has had enough of the mom and everything else
(in Ivy's case, a semi-permanent state)

floofy: self explanatory.....

squee: cute times infinity  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend update....

Another Saturday, another transport..... Buck was going from a shelter to a foster home. Poor baby had the party hat since he was neutered on Friday. He was rescued by Ohio English Setter Rescue.

Us??? We spent the weekend laying around....

Greta, Mohawk & Bat

Daffy & Gizmo


Tim - are you our mommy??

Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally Friday.....

And look what mom found in a box on the counter the other night....

We hope you have a wonderful and cool window whiffin' weekend!!!  It is supposed to be hot here on Saturday and stormy on Sunday. sigh.....

The kittens all came through surgery very well. In fact, we could hear them playing in the bathroom most of last night. Greta has a baby cold, so she is on meds for 2 weeks but seems ok. They made a run for it this morning and were playing like mad when mom left for work. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

surgery thursday....

Mom dropped the gremlins off for their spay/neuter surgeries this morning. No telling if everyone will make weight - and sometimes it depends on the vet.....

We weren't really happy with mom this morning. She let the gremlins out and then took a shower and got ready for work and didn't give us breakfast. Something about the gremlins not being able to have breakfast. Who cares???? Anyhow, she finally caved in once the gremlins were in the PTU, but still....the delay was not appreciated.

That being said, those gremlins were having a good time last night....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Cat Appreciation Day....

Mom loves her some house panther!!! Mozart is the first all black Random Feline, but mom knows he won't be the last. We don't know why black cats in shelters are so overlooked. Do they blend into the background? Are people still under some sort of weird suspicion of these kittehs??? Check this post from Your Daily Cute for her view on the subject.

Looking to add a house panther??? Check out Petfinder to make a wonderful addition to your home!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some of mom's favorite house panther pics of Mo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

gremlin update.....

Well the kitts were vaccinated this morning and will have surgery on Thursday. Presuming everyone makes weight....and that is in question. As of this morning, we have a couple right at 2 pounds and one just under 2 pounds. Mom asked about delaying, but they really don't have any other kittens big enough so mom will drop them off on Thursday morning and see what happens....

Greta is still freaked out by us. So long as she has room, she is OK, but don't get her cornered. Oh, and mom has seen her snoozing in the "superman" position.

The other four are having a fact, they played so hard on Sunday, everyone took a nap about the same time!!

Bat & Gizmo



Monday, August 15, 2011


Geez - you can't even BUY good help these days.... MOL

Mom ran the posts through the Random Number Generator and....the prize goes to Admiral Hestorb - just email us your address to and we will make sure the mom gets it in the mail.

Also, a certain very handsome mancat named Clooney gave us this award:
We are supposed to tell 7 things about us that people don't know - since there are 7 of us, we will each tell something.
1. Maestro: I like to sleep right near mom so I can reach out and touch her with one paw whenever I want.

2. Tommy: I am obssessed with cheese....and will stick my head in the refridgerator to try to steal some.

3. Tim: I like to kill the fuzzy toy mice...and leave them on the bed for mom to find (or in the water dish).

4. Mozart: I am really sure I would like to go to work with mom, but she won't let me.

5. Ivy: I am NOT crabby.....I just don't like the Spud guy - he is annoying.

6. Spud: am not am not am not......

7. Junior: It isn't that I don't like the mom lady, I just have trust issues.....

weekend update....

Our weekend was good - windows open on Saturday but it got warm again on Sunday and the windows were closed.. Since we live on the second floor, it gets warm pretty quick. Will fall be here soon???

The gremlins are having a good time. They are pretty active and fun to watch. Greta is still pretty fearful of the adults - fine if she has her space. But she got cornered by Junior last night when he decided to try to play with everyone and she had a screaming fit!!! Poor Junior slunk off...... Mom still is going to try to get video of him "playing" with the kittens.

Oh - and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our comment-a-thon. Mom will be making her donation this week!!!

On Saturday, Mom transported....

    It was not a polar bear - this is Chumlee a 2 yr old Great Pryenees on his way to his forever home. He is just like your cousin dog Minnie.

If you say so, but we have never seen this Minnie creature either, so she could be a polar bear too.....


Oh, and mom found something for the car that she wants to talk about....
      If you look behind Chumlee, you can see a tan cover on the car seats. My mom was ordering from Harriet Carter getting these clips for seatbelts that you can use to move the shoulder strap over and keep it from digging into your neck (my other set was in my previous car and mom wanted a set for the truck). On the opposite page was a Pet seat cover. For the price, I figured it was worth a try. Now, it is one size fits all, so the fit isn't perfect. kept the dog hair out of the hatchback, the dog could be in the back seat and not have to jump into the hatchback, and it kept toenails off my leather seats. On cloth seats, this would be HUGE!! Now, I wasn't asked do to this review, bought it of my own accord, but this was great. (oh and be careful on their website.... you will wander around and discover all sorts of things you never knew you needed. LOL)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Has it really been a year????

Mom was looking through our archives and realized it was a year ago today that we trapped Junior. Wow....

Check out the back story: caught-us-kitten  and then junior
you aren't going to touch me are you?
He was SO freaked out when mom first caught him. First couple of days she thought she would have to just release him, but now she knows she did the right thing by keeping him - despite the "no touching" rule. She has a weak spot for kittens. :)

these other kitties aren't so bad
but you still aren't going to touch me, are you?

We know some people don't like the term "semi-feral" but mom doesn't know quite what else to call him. He was probably about 3 months old when she caught him. And she really didn't know much about socializing feral kittens. So, she feels a little guilty that he got the short end of the social stick. And while he may not have much use for mom (other than knowing she can get the food container open), he does seem to enjoy the toys, the boxes and the other cats. He was even playing with our last group of fosters Ebony and Xander - running up and down the stairs!!!
(btw - he can't sleep here anymore - doesn't fit - haha)

Mom was sort of making progress with him until they had to catch him for vaccines. And then 2 weeks later to actually get his microchip in (didn't go in the first time). And then 3 months later for a blood test. Go figure he doesn't trust her much.

this is my opinion of you and the v-e-t

But, he is inside. And he is safe. And he really does love the rest of us. Mom loves his whine. Someday she needs to get it on video - it is pretty cute - and about the only noise he makes. And he is slowly warming up again. Mom caught him on the bed the other day while she was laying there before the alarm went off. He jumped down when she moved, but not when she started talking to her. baby steps.....

So, while mom may not have decided to actually "gotcha" Junior until April 2011, we are celebrating the day he was trapped today. And....for every comment, mom will donate $.50 to SOS of Ohio (through midnight tonight) to help them do more TNR (they are the group where mom took Junior, Bug and the neighborhood community cats for their spay/neuters)!!!

whatever - but mom says I have to tell you that
we will have a prize for one random comment

Thursday, August 11, 2011

release the gremlins.....

Mom let the gremlins out last night to run around. And then left them under our supervision while she ran some cats up to petsmart for the shelter. They are well.....nuts. But, mom noticed the bigger kitten is running around and playing, so she is obviously feeling MUCH better. Her wound has healed over and now her fur just needs to grow back.... MOL  Oh, and mom managed to find their paperwork, so we know their names too!
Mohawk (female) - the whiner

Bat (male) - the chaser

Daffy (female) - the escape artist

Gizmo (male) - who me?

Greta (female) - the "un"brave

All the gremlins are out and about. Mom left the second bedroom open last night while they were out and they were partying in there between racing into the living room. Poor Greta isn't very brave with the adults yet - not that you can blame her based on the bite wound - but she is out and about and playing.