Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Friday....

Mom didn't realized she made a funny about the "hung over" alcohol kittens until she saw some comments yesterday..... MOL

Bourbon (??) and Gin

Moonshine killing the trackball

The White Dog Army is once again helping to organize the Puppy Up! Walk in their area in NM. They are also raising money. Please check them out and help if you can. They are also taking tributes to put up on their wall about survivors and those that has passed on from the evil c monster.
Join us in a new hope for dogs and humans

The auction for the Zooaltry girls and their parents is still going on as well and will end Sunday. There is LOTS of good stuff over there. Just don't be thinking about outbidding us for that blankie we want!!!
Grab the button

OK - one more. Leo and Star over at the Celestial Kitties are having their mom make toys that you can buy and all the profit is going to Miss Chrystal and the kitties and doggies over at the daily dose.

We want to wish everyone in the US a Happy Labor Day Weekend. Mom is declaring her day off on Monday to be a "no labor day". YEAH!!!!

Mom finally stopped procrastinating and sent Doc and Sally's info into the rescue contact to get them up on Petfinder. They are healthy and ready to go and any delay now just means they are getting bigger - at our house rather than in their new homes. :)

Sally May

Doc Holliday

Thursday, August 30, 2012

They're back....

Bourbon - slightly hungover

Whiskey - slightly MORE hungover

Bourbon & Whiskey here.....we got fooled yesterday. Dat foster mom lady said we was goin' somewhere funs and she LIED!!!! The vet tech lady did smile at our names - the foster mom lady said that with feral mom cats having kittens outside the door now, it seemed like a good idea. :)  The ladies were nice, but still..... there were stabby things and den we took a nap and den we woke up and didn't feel very good and den the foster mom lady showed up and took us home. AND......Sally and Gin and Moonshine HISSED at us!!!  The foster mom lady said the stabby place made us smell funny and we would be ok soon, but it still wasn't very nice of them. Moonshine was still hissy this morning, but the foster mom lady let us all out of the bathroom and we was playin' when she left for the work place.

Gin: they smell bad - even worse than normal. no likey the boys!!!!

Mom here: the boys really were feeling good this morning. Last night was some serious hangovers and they were pretty lovey for a while. I did feel bad for Bourbon - that poor kitten. If it weren't for bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Turns out not only are his legs screwy, his is a cryptorchid. For those not in the biz, that means parts didn't come in (ok - in his case it was one man part), so they had to make an incision up on his belleh and "spay" him. All I can do is shake my head.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Off to the v-e-t....

Well, Bourbon and Whiskey were dropped off this morning to be neutered. :)  Moonshine probably would have been big enough, but Gin not so much and mom prefers they go in pairs for company. Everything looked good and mom will be able to pick them up tonight. NO ONE was happy about the "no breakfast until the boys are locked up" routine this morning.....there was LOTS of complaining.

Bourbon using Whiskey as a body pillow

Eileen made the comment yesterday that Doc must have been startled by the TV - he did look kind of surprised and ran around trying to find the sound. It was kind of wishes now she had grabbed the camera but she was just too darned surprised to think of it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The chair in our living room is oversized and mom's favorite spot. There is a big pillow on it too. As mom was sitting there over the weekend, Bourbon balanced himself in the crack between the pillow and the arm of the chair.....and fell asleep. Mom couldn't resist taking more pictures of his cute self......
(no, no one got adopted)

So, we all know that Doc is deaf. Ignores the vaccuum, can sleep through anything (including the cat food cans opening), etc....

But there was a weird event last night. See, mom has seen Doc's ears swivel before - but she wasn't sure if it was habit or whatever. Last night, however, she was watching a special she dvr'd about a month ago. It was about a wolf pack in Washington state (the special was good too). At one point the pack howled.

Now, here is the important part. The TV wasn't overly loud. Doc was about 4 feet away on the floor playing - not facing the TV. And the picture on the screen was just a night shot - the sound was the important part.

An adult howled - a lower sound. And then some pups joined in and their howl had a much higher pitch. And Doc's ears snapped up and his head snapped around to face the TV. And then ran over and was trying to find the noise in the TV.

Mom's jaw hit the floor. So now we suspect he can hear "something" - but it must be above a certain pitch. This is probably the first time mom has truly seen him react to a sound. This won't change his adoption status - he will still be listed as special needs and deaf - with no small kids to startle him. But it is interesting that he must be able to here certain things.....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend update.....

Mom did another transport run on Saturday for Ontario Bloodhound. Though she did say that while the girls (Cagney & Lacey) are cute, she didn't think they were "truly" bloodhounds. But, they are very sweet and were saved from a kill shelter in Kentucky. They are now in foster in Canada.

There were some comments about Bourbon last week. Honestly, while mom worries about him, she knows that he doesn't know he is different. He climbs the cat tree, does the stairs and climbs up in the chair (where he and mom took a nap on Saturday afternoon - what a tough life). He can't really jump too far, but otherwise no big deal. :) And he isn't in any pain which is a HUGE thing.

you can't resist the Bourbony cuteness

Moonshine giving one of his brothers the look

In response to several comments, yep, the foster monsters woke up from their naps and ran around like lunatics - before falling over for another nap. Mom didn't have the camera out, but at one point Doc got the crazies and was bouncing around in halloween cat style and climbing all over the sofa.

Everyone here is doing very well. Mom has decided that where there is an opening at Petco that Doc and Sally will go up next. However, August is typically slow for adoptions for most rescues, so it may be a little bit. Hopefully not too long.....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

easy Sunday....

Mom did laundry and is now hanging around and watching TV.  This is how we plan to spend our day.....

Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Friday....

Mom took Bourbon to the v-e-t yesterday for follow up x-rays of his knees. There is a sign in sheet at the front desk and while the receptionist was on the phone, mom glanced at it. Someone brought in 2 dogs the night before (this place is 24/7) for "kettle cough". Mom blinked and then laughed. She emailed Miss DeLynn and Miss Kelly and both wondered if you got that from eating too much kettle corn too fast. MOL

Our cousin Max could use some purrs. He was pretty sick this summer and when Mom's brother and sister-in-law got home from picking up the kid from grandma and grandpa, Max had had another episode. He is being treated for a pretty bad infection and will only eat soft fuds. He is about 16 years old now. They know they don't have forever left with him and are keeping him as comfortable as possible.

Speaking of Bourbon, it has been confirmed - the boy has no kneecaps. Which means there isn't really anything they can do for him. Nothing really there to fix. So, he will be adopted out as a special needs kitty. He will have to be kept pretty fit and not be allowed to get overweight. And he may at some point develop arthritis. But we know there is a special family out there that will be charmed by him. Heaven knows the vet staff didn't think she was going to get him back. :)

Oh, and they weighed him for us and Bourbon weighs in at 2.26 pounds. And we know Whiskey is bigger, so mom has to call today to get them scheduled for surgery. Moonshine is pretty skinny and Gin is just... little. :)  (yes, that is her sprawled over the top of the scratching post)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Today we are thankful for people who step up and do the right thing - without wanting applause or thanks or payment or whatever.

Once upon a time in the spring, a social worker was called to help a little girl in a family that wasn't treating her very well. The social worker decided that the little girl (about 8 years old) could no longer live with her family and be safe. But the little girl was distraught - she did not want to leave her kitty behind. The social worker understood the situation and also knew the statistics: animals in homes of abusers tend to be abused and can also be used a leverage against the people in the home.

The social worker made some phone calls. And a local rescue stepped up and said they would take the kitty. So the social worker packed up the little girl and together they packed up the kitty. The little girl wrote a letter to the rescue - "please take care of my kitty, she is very nice and likes her ears scratched, she has never been mean to anyone unless they were mean to her". The social worker took the little girl with her to drop off the kitty so the little girl could be reassured that the kitty would be safe.

That was in April. Banyon came into the rescue with cigarette burns on her neck and very thin. Heaven only knows what she went through, but we know she brought that little girl some sense of security. Banyon is now ready and looking for her new forever home.....maybe with another little girl she can love.

We may never know the ending of the story of the little girl and we can't applaud the social worker in person, but we can pay it forward..... 

Mom took Banyon to Petco on Sunday - so far she has charmed everyone who has met her. She is tiny but has the voice of a lion.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(sorta) wordless wednesday...

let's just say, thank cod for digital....

we think this is Gin

Gin and one of her brothers - givin' mom the back of disdain

humpback-less kitten???

one ear - no head....

we know Bourbon is fuzzy, but this is taking it too far....

we think this is Sally - she may be complainin' about Gin sleeping on her
or she may be on the nip

mass exodus - picture takin' time is over

Mom just noticed a running theme in the last few days....we tend to finding Gin sleeping ON someone else....guess when you have no body fat, you have to use someone else. MOL

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Mom loves Tim's toes.....she was going to try to get closer, but Junior was sleeping on the level above Tim and mom tries not to freak him out if she doesn't have too.

Gratuitous alcohol kitten picture (we have no idea why half of them look ticked off). Three of them got up there and mom put Moonshine up and viola. :)  Bourbon is in the back, Moonshine is on the left, then Whiskey and Gin over Whiskey's back. We know some blogs manage to get cute group photos of their fosters - this seems to be as close as mom can get. MOL

And a cute "toesday" kitten story. Mom was settling the kittens in for the night last night and Gin and Bourbon were both eating from the crunchy food bowl. Bourbon had one foot IN the dish and Gin had one foot ON the middle of Bourbon's head.  :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random things....

Well, mom is doing....OK. She said she isn't sure if it is a nasty cold or what. She keeps kicking us off the bed mumbling about being hot enough without our help. And she sounds like she has a hairball. Do they make laxatone for that???

@Frankie Furter - thanks for the advice about the plus sign in the upper left corner. Ours was hidden on the tool bar but mom found it and no longer has to squint at the screen.

Gin & Maestro

someone (maybe Sally) & Gin

Whiskey & Bourbon

Everyone got updated on their vaccines on Sunday. Now, paws crossed and maybe in another couple of weeks Doc and Sally can head to Petco.

The a/c is working very nicely. Mom has found several of us at different times sleeping on the floor vents. :)

The rescue lady made the comment about Gin being tiny - she is easily about half the size of Whiskey - who is the biggest of that group. And she takes NO crap from her brothers.

And mom wants to know if it is wrong to love recently vaccinated kittens just a little bit more. They were all so very lovey (and tired) on Sunday that at one point mom was dozing in her chair with Whiskey, Bourbon and Moonshine sleeping on her. MOL

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Sunday....

We know it seems like mom posts a ton of pictures of Doc (probably cause she DOES), but he was being adorable and it is EASY to take his picture when he is asleep.  :)  Have a nice peaceful relaxing day...

Mom has a cold thingie. She is more snotty than she normally is just from her allergies. And she is coughing too.....

Oh, and she screwed up the laptop. All her other online pages are regular size, but her blogger page page now has tiny print. Any idea what she did????  (PS - figures it out and now can read the page like a normal person)

We do have some news to share. Mom got an update on baby Bear and he didn't make it either. Miss Beckie and us are hanging on to the kitts for another couple of weeks. So far everyone here seems fine.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Transport Saturday....

Mom got up early, locked us up (again!!!!) so the a/c could finish the install....(mom says don't ask - it is long, involved and relatively stupid).

Anyhow, she was helping move Reba from temp foster care to long term foster care. Reba is SUPER sweet and adorable..... She is available through Ontario Bloodhound Rescue.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day.....

Of course, Mozart thinks that should be EVERY day. And his siblings say....pfffft.

Mo gives his siblings the evil eye for their disregard

Mo says we need to feature a few black cats that need to be adopted:

Winnie's Wish has a couple of adorable black kittens:
Hershey Bear: Domestic Medium Hair - Brown, Cat; Grand Chain, IL  Hershey Bear
Maverick: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Grand Chain, IL  Maverick
Mickey Mouse: Domestic Short Hair-Black And White, Cat; Grand Chain, IL Mickey Mouse
**yeah, yeah, we know he isn't black, but he is Maverick's brother and he is SORTA black. :)
The rescue where mom volunteers has several black cats & kittens, but we want to tell you about 2 of them:
She had been adopted but was returned when her family was tranferred to Japan. Now, normally we get a little annoyed by returns "for moving" but we think the distance and the fact that we have heard it is really super hard to find housing in Japan that will allow pets is a good enough reason in this case.
From the shelter: Antonia has a lot of love to give and she would be happy to give some to you. Antonia is a beautiful ebony cat with a calm and quiet disposition. She loves to quietly follow staff around during the day and to rub up against their legs as they walk around the room. She really enjoys having her head petted and especially loves it when she is scratched behind her ears. She does not like to be held too much, but she loves to sit in laps and constantly tries to be with anyone she can. She sometimes is a little hesitant to hang out with the other cats at the shelter, but she tolerates them as long as they do not try to wrestle with her too much or steal her favorite cat beds. Antonia was adopted from our shelter a year ago but was returned recently because her adopters had to move to China and could not take Antonia along. She is a little stressed to be back at the shelter, but please give her a chance to show you her amazing personality and sweet disposition. Antonia promises to make your days and nights less lonely.
Chloe is a BIG girl. Mom calls her the beach whale - she is living in the directors office. You can hear her calling for attention when you walk into the shelter. And when you walk in the office, she immediate drops to the floor and rolls over for tummy rubs.
From the shelter: Chloe is a wonderful girl who has had a rough start to life. She was originally brought to Logan County Humane Society over two and a half years ago. At the Humane Society, adult cats take a very long time to be adopted, even if they are as sweet and wonderful as Chloe. For this reason, she stayed at Logan County for over three years. She recently was transferred to us in the hope that her adoptive family will come soon to CHA and take her home. She is a goofy girl - When you come in the room with her, she will instantly lay down and arch up her back and invite you to pet her. She LOVES attention and is a purr machine. When you pet her, she will happily knead her paws and purr away. When you sit down, Chloe will come right up and put her two paws on your lap. Chloe has been exposed to other cats thoroughly for the last three years and as a result, she gets along with everyone.
So, there you have it. Our house panther and some house panthers that need homes. Need more incentive?  Our pal Romeo the cat posted about Why Black Cats are Awesome
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grandpa is.....


We asked mom how tired he had to be to get re-tired, but after she stop snickering, she said that it just means that grandpa doesn't have to go to work anymore.

WHAT???  How do we get mom to sign up for that????  She said "it ain't gonna happen any time soon".

Anyhow, his first duty as the "newly" retired grandpa is to take the kid home so she can go back to school next week. We will miss her (OK - not so much - mom made us say that). Mom says he was also working on a list of things to do next week and it was already pretty long.   haha

They had a nice reception at work for him yesterday and grandma told mom that lots of people showed up and grandpa was really surprised. It is nice sometimes to know you have touched someone even if you don't know it at the time. Our grandpa is a pretty special guy.

So, today we is wishing our grandpa a very happy retirement.
And we is wondering how long it takes before he drives grandma NUTS. MOL