Wednesday, August 24, 2022


If you missed it on social media, Blueberry and Garibaldi were both adopted. 

That leaves Laredo. He needed a friend so another kitten named Gunny was over here from another foster.

Turns out we needed to switch. Gunny is one of 4 kittens. The 3 girls were nursing on their brother. So Gunny went back and Romy is here now. It took about a day but the boys are having a good time. 

Monday, August 22, 2022

animal rescue and customer service

                                                                                                                          a post by the mom

If you hang out in rescue long enough, you will eventually hear someone say "I get into animal rescue because I don't like people". And others will snicker or whatever.

But in fact the opposite it true - animal rescue is still a PEOPLE oriented service group. Very few aspects of rescue will keep you away from people, though some will allow you to avoid the general public (and maybe that is more what they mean when they say that).

However, I think with that general mindset, some forget that people - the general public - are our most important audience. They share our posts on social media, they are donors, they are adopters. I think sometimes rescues act like they are doing the public a favor. 

Of course, I've had people from the public act that way with me - as though I need to be even more grateful for their attention or ignore things on applications because "they are doing us a favor by adopting". Yeah - not how that works.

But recently I've seen a couple of instances where adoptions could have gone very wrong or not happened at all because of things that were handled badly. Rescues need to remember they can live or die by their reputation - and bad word of mouth spreads much farther and faster then good. I can't begin to tell you the number of people who have told me "bad" rescue stories. 

Don't get me wrong - rescue is hard and sometimes you are catching people on a bad day. I've had it happen. But I think we all need to step back and remember that we are ALL human and we ALL need to get along and take a breath.

So if you are in rescue remember the public sees cute animals not the work that got them ready for adoption. If you are the public remember that rescue is hard and heartbreaking. Let's meet somewhere in the middle.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Mike

 Mike is 1 year old!!! Break out the treats!

If you would have asked when she came here as a foster, we wouldn't have thought she would celebrate here. But we are glad she is happy and healthy. 

Baby Mike

Last night Mike

We are still looking to get her into her forever home. Mom's friend Heather actually has Mike right now for a couple of weeks. She gets more space and is around other cats all day. She is doing really well but was happy to see mom last night. 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Quick update

 Winslow and Sedona were adopted TOGETHER! The family has kids and we are optimistic it's a great fit.

Bisbee was also adopted separately. 

Just 3 Arizona kittens to get adopted.

Laredo has a friend. Mom borrowed a kitten from another foster so he can learn to kitten. 

Harvey is at the pet store. Garibaldi is still here and having fun playing with Blueberry who is taking a break from the store. Since they are older they are loose in the house and having a good time.

And Mike is still here doing Mike things.

Stay cool and safe!!