Friday, August 17, 2018

random Fridays

I weigh how much???
That said, the little monkey weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces at last check. Mom needs to get him scheduled for his neuter surgery. She is going to get him retest on Monday just so we have that paperwork...and hey, maybe something will have changed. Either way, he needs to be neutered and then the rescue can move forward with the next step.

He's still back there isn't he?
Soda is still being a nice boy, but not as helpful as mom keeps hoping for. So the interview continues.

Goldfish is doing better. She is still pretty hissy, but she has never been aggressive, so that is good. She is big enough to be spayed, but mom isn't sure how cooperative she would be with that idea. It is hard since she would be more adoptable while she is little, but she is so darn hissy that no one would want her.

For now both kittens will be sticking around here. Adoptions have been slow anyhow, but at least one they both have surgery we can get them on the website.


  1. Hmmm ... that crinkle ball looks familiar ;)
    Kitty had her person and the rest could hiss off - and that was that.

  2. Too cute, that kitten on the scales, just checking out what he weighs.You all have a fabulous day.

  3. We hope all works out for the best for them all, including Soda.

    Have a good day and weekend!

  4. We're glad Goldfish is doing a little better!
    Mags and Cam

  5. The look on Soda's face in photo #2 is delightful! Kea's comment hits the mark; however things work out for the cats individually and for you, is best.

  6. Paws crossed homes come along for all of them, sooner than later!

    Boodie was a hissy kitten, and way older than Goldfish (5 months) when she came to the rescue. The only way she wanted to relate to people was by playtime - she was, and has always been a playful cat. When my human brought her home to foster at nine months, she basically had to isolate her for a week from Binga so she only saw and interacted with humans (she was fine with other cats), and learned to accept them. Don't know what it's gonna take to un-hiss this little girl, but I'm sure you'll figure it out!

  7. Good luck to the kitties. You are all adorable and we're sure some fortunate beans will be lucky to have you.

  8. We hope that Soda warms up to that possible new role soon. And good luck/fingers crossed for the little ones with their surgeries and getting adopted!

  9. People need to realise that the hissiness is a phase that will pass when Goldfish gets to know her humans. People need to take a chance sometimes.


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