Friday, July 31, 2015

Dallas pop up Cat Cafe


Our friend Miss Tamar from I Have Cat is helping spread the word for a month long August Cat Cafe pop up in Dallas TX. For four weekends starting August 8th, there will be a pop up cafe located at The Cat Connection with adoptable cats available from Operation Kindness.

Below is their press release:

First Ever Dallas Cat Café at The Cat Connection

The Cat Connection, a locally based pet supply store and cat only hotel and spa, will be home to the first Cat Café in Dallas for four weekends starting Saturday August 8th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Dallas Café will be a first for the DFW metroplex and will feature adoptable cats and kittens compliments of various local rescue groups. Guests will be able to play with cats on a first-come-first-serve basis for up to twenty minutes. Operation Kindness will provide adoptable cats and kittens for the Grand Opening on August 8th, and be on hand to facilitate adoptions. Donations are not required but are appreciated as they will go to support local rescue.

For their launch weekend, guests will have the opportunity to indulge in specialty coffee drinks and treats in addition to meeting a special guest of honor, internet “celebrate” Sauerkraut Kitty.

While popular in Japan for decades, cat cafés have become a reality in the United States within the last year. These cafes appeal to a wide audience from those who can’t have a cat due to rental restrictions or an allergic housemate; to those looking to adopt and want to interact more intimately out of their cages to order to get a better sense of a cat’s temperament.

Errin West, co-owner of The Cat Connection believes the café will be, “A great opportunity for cat lovers in the area to connect with and interact with adoptable animals in a relaxed setting, hopefully increasing adoptions for local rescue groups.”

The Cat Café will be open on Saturday August 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT. For more event details, please visit or follow them on social media. They are located at 14233 Inwood Road in Dallas.

To ensure both feline and human attendees have an enjoyable time, The Cat Connection asks that no outside animals be brought to the event. Children are allowed under an adult guardian’s supervision. A complete set of guidelines can be accessed at The Cat Connection's website:

About The Cat Connection: The Cat Connection is a women-owned business founded in 1985. The shop prides itself as being the premiere DFW resource for everything cat. from boarding and grooming to all-natural organic foods and hard-to-find toys and supplies.

About Sauerkraut Kitty: Sauerkraut is a special needs rescue kitty from Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Rising to internet fame due to her adorable scowl and struggles with Feline Hyperesthesia, Sauerkraut now serves as an ambassador for shelter cats nation-wide.

About Operation Kindness: Operation Kindness is the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, saving more than 75,000 cats and dogs over almost 40 years. The organization cares for approximately 300 cats and dogs on a daily basis, with another 100 in foster homes.

For further information, contact:
Errin West

Thursday, July 30, 2015

spice kittens

Well, the meds are sorta working, but the kittens are eating and feeling pretty feisty, so that's all good. Mom swears if they were healthy, the boys would be big enough to be neutered.


Tumeric (tabby) and Tamarind (snowshoe)


They desperately want out to run around, but that isn't going to happen until we are sure what is going on with them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

new tower

Mom bought the playpen several years ago and it certainly served a great purpose. However, it is an odd shape, takes up a serious amount of space and it kind of hard to clean. So mom decided it was time to upgrade. She found a 2 story tower (and bought it using Amazon Smile so part of the money goes back to the rescue too...heehee) and decided to bite the bullet. It wasn't cheap, but for the amount of use it will get, mom decided the cost was worth it. Of course, once it was delivered, she had to get it UP the stairs....

Topeka is the assembly inspector

It took mom probably longer than normal to get it together. Due to the construction, it would have gone together much easier with two people - you stand up a wall, connect the front and back and the hope nothing comes undone. It did - a couple of times before mom managed to get it to stay together long enough to get up the second wall.  :) The shelves were included and so was the puffy bed.

Mom bought the hammock separate. Right now it is attached to the ceiling of the tower, but she is thinking about moving it a little lower. You can't see the doors, but there are double doors at the top and the bottom making it much easier to get in to clean and everything else. Tim has discovered he can stick his paw in to steal food, so mom is going to try to devise a way to block the sides of the tower so he can't get access.

Daiquiri has discovered she can get up on top. Mom says she may consider getting a flat bed or something to put up there to keep toes from going through the bars.

Mom was looking at the tower and realized that the kittens may not be able to get all the way up. After seeing baskets attached to the cage over at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, mom decided to borrow the idea. We haven't seen the kittens in the baskets yet, but it gives them an added step. She got the baskets cheap and they are just zip tied to the back of the tower.

It has been a hit. The kittens have figured it out. Yesterday morning mom got up to find Topeka sleeping on the shelf with the bed, so they can get all the way up there.

Monday, July 27, 2015

lazy weekend

The spice kittens are doing better, but still kind of messy. They did get a bath on Friday afternoon.... mom says thank heaven for shower doors. They weren't very happy about it, but they are certainly cleaner. However, since they still have the runs, they aren't allowed out yet. But they are friendly and getting attention from mom.

mistress of the stink eye (Topeka)

no, we don't get it either

Nashville, London and Topeka

when mom left the door to the play pen, Daiquiri would
sleep in there....
This isn't a great picture, but she is upside down...and quite comfy.

still more kittens in the basket

Mom has had that basket for years. It was the cat toy basket for a while but mom didn't like the size - it has a handle and big stiff bow on it. Mom moved our toys to a smaller basket that fits in some shelves. But she didn't want to just throw out the basket. So she cut off the handle, put a blanket in the basket, put it under an end table.....and it is a very popular sleeping spot.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Random Fridays

We got the REALLY hots coming this weekend, so mom says she has no big plans to do much of anything. She has a book from the library to read and a few books saved to her Kindle, so that should keep her out of trouble. We kind of like these types of weekends cause her lap is available for snoozing.

Nashville keeps finding London sleeping in this cup 
(a friend gave it to us)
and climbing in to nap together...awww

Reno and Topeka snoozing in the sun by the sliding door
The TNR kittens are still little but doing very well. They love being out and are all lovey and snuggly. Just don't stand too close when they get their canned they are a bit....aggressive. The other morning mom was leaving for work and they weren't quite done but she opened the door to the playpen anyhow. The boys ran out. Tim stuck his head in and Topeka growled at him. He of course doesn't really care, but mom was laughing as she walked down the stairs to her car.

Surf & Turf FUNdraiser!
In case you missed it, Miss Andrea and the kitties over at Celestial Kitties are having another fun-draiser for Miss Chrystal and the Winnie's Wish kitties. We are stealing mom's magic card today and getting ours. If you haven't ever gotten some toys from her, they are hand made, wonderfully crafted and have the serious high test nip in them.

Mom has the spice kittens on new meds. they will be getting baths and then she will be cleaning the bathroom (again - for the bazillionth time it seems). Hopefully the kittens will be on the upswing. The meds seem to be starting to work, but they will be on them until next week. They are eating like mad and WANT OUT!! (which is so NOT gonna happen quite yet).

Thursday, July 23, 2015

BFF Chewy review

Our friends at asked us for our honest review again this month. There were several different choices, but with kittens in the house mom decided to pick the variety pack of BFF canned food. Here are a couple of things:

  Pros: we like the idea of a variety pack available. It's all grain free and organic when possible. Mom likes that they offer a 10 ounce can size (not in the variety pack but you can at least BUY bigger cans....).
  Cons: most vets don't suggest feeding tuna on a regular basis. While there are different varieties of this food, tuna is an ingredient in every variety.

The TNR kittens thought it was pretty awesome. They have tried a couple of different varieties and give them all 3 paws up. Of course, right now they also try to beat the daylights out of each other over canned food, so we aren't so sure that their opinion counts. MOL

So mom gave some to London. As you can see above, Spud decided to make an appearance and steal some from London. Mom has to stand guard so the kitten can eat in peace.

The spice kittens have had a couple of cans as well and like one but not another. They have decided they like more gravy please and the tuna and chicken (mom thinks) was more compact and they weren't so interested in that.

So, mom isn't sure this is something she would stock up on, but it sure makes for a nice treat for everyone. (well, everyone that GOT some)

**we are part of the blogger review for we get the items involved in our reviews at no charge, but our opinions are still our own.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

going going gone

9am edit: no neuter today. He still has a baby cold....brat - he cleared up over the weekend but apparently heard about the appointment and decided to mess with mom.

Over the weekend, mom spent some quality time in her favorite chair reading a book (or two). London came up looking for attention and eventually wedged himself in the corner of the chair. For reference, the top of the picture is the arm of the chair and the gray is mom's hip. Be sure to check out those orangey bunny feet. It has been interesting to watch his colors change. His tail is definitely orange. His ears are faintly orange along with all four feet. But there really isn't any color on his face. His eyes are still siamese blue but heaven help us, he CAN hear. And has the siamese voice to go with it. MOL

London is being neutered today.....tomorrow he heads up to the adoption center. We doubt he will be there very long. He started out kind of shy with us but has turned into a sweet lovey boy. While we know that his looks will attract someone first, whoever adopts him will get a very sweet (mouthy - did we mention that?) kitten.

not sleepy

ok maybe

fighting it

and he's out

Monday, July 20, 2015

weekend report

Not much going on here this weekend. Laundry, the evil dyson....and TNR kittens all over the living room.

We could use some purrs for the spice kittens. As mom says, they are a hot mess. Mom has given them a couple of meds, but they have the runs in a bad way. Once everything gets cleared up, they are so getting a bath. Mom cleaned the bathroom once but it is still kinda messy. Not sure what is up with them, but we are working on it.

Nashville on the move

Topeka - checking out the living room

Nashville checking out London

London goes tomorrow to be neutered. His snot cleared up pretty quick this time.
He will come back here Tuesday night and then to the adoption center on Wednesday.

We're pretty sure Ivy didn't know Reno was that close.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Fridays

Good news!!!
Cairo was adopted on Sunday. He was actually neutered on Saturday and when mom stopped in to check on him Sunday, he was still on the intake side of the rescue. She went and brought him over and put him in with Blanco (which resulted in some minor name calling...silly boys). Anyhow, there was a family there looking at kittens, and the daughter fell in love with the boy. Mom left before they made a decision, but found out Wednesday night that Cairo went home that same day!!

In other city kitten news, London is doing much better and mom is going to try to get him in to be neutered next week. Of course now that this is in print, we are sure he will spend the weekend sneezing on the mom. He has been out 24/7 and enjoying himself. He has found his favorite spot to sleep at night - right on mom's pillow.

The other little kittens are doing well though not gaining weight as much as mom would like. We have given them a couple of different meds and tried some different foods. We shall keep an eye on them. The TNR kittens get out at night when mom is home. Mom tried putting the gate up for the spice kittens but Cinnamon can climb over, so they won't get much free time until this weekend....and boy won't that be fun. (or not...holy moly)

We currently have the hots here again so thank heaven for the a/c and the cold air vents. As far as we know mom doesn't have plans for the weekend, so other than her regular chores, there shouldn't be too much more excitement than the regular kitten chaos. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

poor London


poor guy was pretty snotty over the weekend and mom caught him
sleeping in this position a few times

It may help him breathe a little easier
but it sure doesn't look very comfy

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog the Change

We wanted to talk about how hard it can be sometimes for the public to understand why the rescue responds the way it does at times. When mom does an adoption, she will give adopters the rescue information and remind them that the main number is a cell phone - and the rescue can get upwards of 200-250 calls PER DAY. Leave voicemail and someone will get back to you but it may take 24 hours. Mom will give people adopting our fosters OUR information.

Of those phone calls, the majority are people asking for help. Or more to the point, "telling" the rescue that they can't keep their pets and have to leave them with the rescue. It can be exceedingly frustrating. And remember...the main goal of our rescue is TNR. The head of the rescue is very reluctant to take owner surrender animals (unless they are previous adoptions). She will make suggestions and give ideas and try to educate, but it doesn't always work.

And then you get calls like the rescue got last week. A neighbor noticed cats wandering near a house where the people had recently moved out. The cats were getting skinnier and skinnier and the lady knew she had to do something. She contacted several groups and said our rescue was the one that called her back. Volunteers went out and it was a disaster. The house was trashed. There were cats inside and out. Some already dead. Some in VERY bad shape. Some were feral as well. Luckily the neighbor that reached out agreed to help with the ferals, so they were medical checked, spayed/neutered and returned to the neighborhood. The rest are now in our care - about 30 to 40 cats. In this case, the news was also contacted and came out to do a story...which will hopefully help bring in some donations and adoptions. (we can't imbed the story, but you can see it by clicking here)

Which leads us to change.....what can YOU do?? Step up...volunteer, get involved in TNR, foster, educate or donate (or all of them).

The first step to change we believe is TNR - control the population and the rest gets a little easier.
Allie - our feral girl

caught - and not happy about it
but spayed, released and cared for

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

up to our ears

We are up to our ears in kittens....if you hear anyone say we are reaching the end of kitten season, whap them!!

We have the TNR kittens from before July 4th:
Mom has decided on names. She wanted to do something after TNR,
since they were rounded up during an effort to spay/neuter a colony.
Top to bottom: Reno (with the spot), Nashville, and Topeka (the girl)

Oh course, London is still here too. He is SO snotty. Back on meds and hopefully this round will work. If not, we may have to upgrade to another drug, but the next one up isn't so great for kittens, so we are hoping this one works for him. He did get better after the last round, but only for about 10 days.

Over the weekend, another plea went out for help. Our rescue was involved in helping a neighborhood where a lady moved out leaving many cats in her wake. Some didn't make it, some were feral and TNR'd. And the rest are with the rescue. But space was needed, so mom agreed to take another group of kittens to free up space in the intake side of the rescue.

A gentleman had called the rescue asking for help. The policy of the director is that we will help you, but you have to be willing to step up as well. He was, being willing to let us spay the mom and he will take her back with him (you can see her in the last picture). The kittens are with us until they are big enough to be fixed and then adopted. 2 boys, 2 girls. They are a little shy, so we know they didn't get much socialization. Maybe 6 weeks old. Mom put up a request for naming help in a group on facebook as she had some ideas but couldn't complete the group. Meet the spice kittens:

These are the boys: Tamarind (the snowshoe mix) and Tumeric

The girls are both brown tabbys
short hair is Anise (below with her mom), long hair is Cinnamon
(we thought we had a picture of both but apparently not - MOL)

Monday, July 13, 2015

weekend report

Mom started off Friday afternoon by stopping to see Morocco at the partner pet store. She is doing very well and seems to be chatty and outgoing with people as they stop to talk to her. Hopefully she will get adopted and into her own home very soon.

Saturday mom took off early to see a man about a hound:
This is Jack. He and his buddy Diane were found by a good samaritan wandering the woods after a run in with a porcupine. They were taken in by OBR and Diane moved a couple of weeks ago to a long term foster. Jack just moved this past Saturday. He is a bigger boy but jumped right in the car ready to go.

Mom went to a fundraiser Saturday afternoon and spent Sunday relaxing. London is still here and snotty again so he is back on meds. The TNR kittens still need names and are getting bigger and more eager to explore. Mom put the white pen up as a gate to give them some space to run outside the pen while being contained. They can't climb the gate, but one of the boys figured out how to climb the pen to get out. Fun and games.

Friday, July 10, 2015

National Kitten Day

Well there is a holiday we can celebrate!!!

But did you know that kittens - especially tiny kittens - are the most often killed in shelters? 

If Daiquiri had not been found by rescue where mom volunteers, she wouldn't have had a chance. She was 2 weeks old and in need of round the clock care (we were lucky that Cass was willing to take another surrogate kitten).

Most shelters won't take kittens that don't have a mom or aren't eating on their own. There just aren't the resources to foster and support tiny kittens. Beyond that, these tiny kittens are sensitive to just about everything they are exposed too - and too young to be vaccinated. They have to be kept warm and fed about every two hours until they start eating on their own.

Best Friends Animal Society is trying to change that. They have an agreement with the City of Los Angeles to help with rescue. According to their numbers, 61% of animals killed in LA in 2014 were kittens. To make a change, they are trying to add more space to their current kitten nursery, but they need some help. Their new campaign and fundraiser is to #SaveTheKittens and you can help them here. Best Friends estimates that the additional space could save more than 4,400 tiny lives.

OK - we know what you are don't live in LA, so what does this have to do with you? Just think...if LA can get to a point where they can save these lives, isn't that an example for the rest of the country?? Heaven knows it isn't cheap to set a safe space set up with all the things kittens need - food, shelter, toys and love. But thank goodness for lots of volunteers ...and don't get us started on clean up and laundry. MOL

Best Friends in Utah located in Salt Lake City is already making strides. They have a nursery and take these tiny kittens from other shelters. According to their webpage, in 2014, the nursery saved 1,372 kittens. Pretty amazing right??

In the LA nursery, there are generally about 150 kitten in residence at a time. Mom thinks the cute could be deadly...

**We were asked to participate in this campaign by Best Friends. We were not compensated, but even if we were, we only talk about stuff we believe in and can stand up for. And hey...kittens!!