Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Fridays....

A couple of adoption updates:

Opal is doing well. The young couple that adopted her promised to make sure their dog (a 9 year old Samoyed named Angel) kept her distance until Opal was sure about everything. We got an update the other day and it sounds like everything is going well.....

Yep - if you look close, that would be Miss Opal curled up sleeping next to Angel. They are still going to crate Angel during the day to be safe, but it sounds like everything is great for Opal. And a quick turn around at Petco as well. :)

And....we got an update on Milano (now Elinor) and Chex (now Theodor). They are doing great as well and keep their new boy VERY busy.
Say it with us people: awwwwww

Our local rescue where mom volunteers (shouldn't we say where WE volunteer...for heaven sake, we do all the work while she isn't here), is having their kitten shower tomorrow.  Colony Cats will have adoptions and snacks and will be accepting donations.


And finally, check out this bloodhound in the news: Chillicothe OH got a new bloodhound to help track people  :)

Have a great weekend. We got the hots, so Mo and Spud will spend most of it sleeping on the floor registers.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday.....

Two things from yesterday: Triscuit is NOT joining the permanent crew. Just staying a little longer to be sure she doesn't get sick.  And mom tried to get pictures of her with the beer kittens....they move WAY too fast. MOL
Mom says she doesn't tell us enough how thankful she is to have us in her life. We couldn't agree more. MOL

Junior: resident charmer. Mom says she is glad he is
so nice to the foster kittens and willing to play with them.
Mozart: resident housepanther. Our family greeter of all
who come to visit and constantly looking for love.
Ivy: resident princess. Mom loves your sweet face and
the way you fall over looking for love.
Spud: resident chick-hen. Mom says she is glad you are
getting more friendly with her.
Maestro: resident old mancat. Mom loves your sweet disposition -
even when the foster kittens invade your space.

Tommy: resident head mancat. Mom says she is glad you
are such a nice boy and are the kitten "enforcer".

Tim: residence mancat sidekick. Mom says she loves your sweet
face and that you are willing to help her socialize kittens.
(ok, for treats, but still)

Mom says she is still amazed at what we put up with around here (for the most part). Kittens in and kittens out. Even those momma cats that can sometimes get ornery. But most of all she says that she loves having us in the house and part of her life. awww.....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Those new kittens.....

Once again, mom stopped over at the adoption center and ended up coming home with kittens. After spending a couple of days with them, she is glad she did. They need to gain some weight to be able to have surgery before they can be adopted.

But, seems that the rescue got a call from a guy about 30 minutes away asking for help. The momma cat (and a couple of others) were spayed and we got the kittens. They don't seem too socialized, so mom is working with them. She did try to clip their nails and clean their ears on Sunday and um....yeah, it got done but didn't end well. Mom finally had to wrap Stella in her t-shirt to calm her down.

As for the names, mom gets to name the kittens from the rescue. The shelter normally names their cats/kittens (though mom got to name the space kittens cause there were so many kittens). So the drinker around here would be....Mom!!!

Actually, she was trying to come up with something when she saw a Stella Artois commercial and that gave her the idea. :)

Killian is the red kitten. Stella the girl. Miller is a BITER. And Busch is a little shy. Mom did grab paper collars from the rescue for the two brown tabby boys so she can tell them apart at a glance - though it does appear that Busch is almost a gray tabby.

They are staying in baby jail for now. After some interactions, mom is afraid they will get under the sofa and she will never get them out. Tim has been in there with them and sits with mom and Busch was ALL about that. And Triscuit runs around the outside of baby jail (yes, Triscuit is still here - more on that later).

And, it has happened. Last night - Miller escaped from baby jail. No one else figured it out, but mom opened the gate to let everyone out to play. And it was chaos!!!  Mom is going to put them back in baby jail for the night, but we suspect we may end up with a Miller kitten sleeping with us. We don't mind them being out, though Tommy minds them running all over him. hahaha

Triscuit is still here for the moment. There are two big boys up at Petco and Triscuit is a little snotty, so she is here. When the beer kittens got out, she was torn between "what fun" and "holy smokes".  MOL

Speaking of beer kittens, Kelly from Whiskers in the Window was our winner. Miss Kelly - email us and we will get your prize out to you.  :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


we learned tonight that Skeezix has the cancer. His family doesn't know how much time they have with him. As a community we share the joys and the tears. We know his family can use all the purrs and prayers and support we have.

nom nom nom....

So last week mom got an email from asking if we would like to review some treats for them.

Really?  There is a review we can get on board with......

Hey Mom - open the is addresses to us!!!  And talk about fast - it showed up about 2 days after mom heard from the nice man via email.

They sent us some Natural Balance chick-hen flavor. And they were a hit!!!

 Faster mom!!!  Faster!!!
(In fact, Tommy got so excited at one point he nommed mom's finger)

 left to right: Tommy, Tim, Ivy, Spud, Maestro and Mozart

The new kittens got some and give them 4 paws up!!!

Triscuit was a fan as well....she snuck under a couple of us to sneak our treats!!!

We love that they deliver - and so quick!!! And they now have more than just, treats, leashes, bowls. Lots of stuff. And still free shipping over $49. We have to say, if we lived further out, this would be an ideal service - plus you can set it up so that you get regular deliveries (so we don't have to worry about mom opening the food container and then having to run out to buy more).

**Disclaimer: no moms were injured in the making of this post. We weren't compensated for this either - except for the free treats. Any opinions expressed are our own!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day


Thank you to all the men and women who have served and are serving.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We should know better

Mom went to the rescue's adoption center on Friday to drop off paperwork. Looky what she came home with. They just need a couple of weeks to be big enough for surgery.

Their names are Miller, Stella, Busch and Killian.

Can you guess the theme? Everyone who gets it right will be entered to win a prize!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Space kitten Saturday....

Mom took the kittens on Wednesday morning to get their first vaccines. We aren't sure what was going on in their room as mom was trying to get them in the carrier, but there were some bad werds (and she wonders where those kittens learn them). they went.

The cat advocate at the shelter said that these are the best kittens she has seen coming in from all those she brought from the other shelter. Mom said it is about time she had a "good" group after some of the bad things that happened last year.  Everyone is gaining weight and will go back in 2 weeks for another set.

So, they are trying food and are getting pretty good about using the box - even the big "mom" box (without eating the litter which is always a good thing).

Rocket and Orbit

 Either Sputnik or Gemini IN the dish

 "outta the way"

coming respect for the diners

no peace for the momma (that is Rocket in the dish)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Triscuit is going to Petco tomorrow.....yep - time for her to find her own home. Mom does say she is gonna miss the girl (don't tell mom - we might miss her a little too).

There was a bug on the window the other night and mom got a picture and then.....there was this
(sorry you are having to click the link - mom changed her password and somehow she can't imbed movies anymore....)

To Allie, Maxwell and Faraday's mom: we are sorry you didn't get to meet Triscuit. Mom says she didn't realize that and had she known you could have come up to the room to meet the baby....

This is David. He was brought into the shelter....he is 12 year old and wasn't neutered. The shelter neutered him and cleaned his teeth. But then determined he was super shy and due to his age weren't going to make him available for adoption. A man I volunteer with (Mike) saw him in one room and was determined to save him. David is now with Mike and Carole (Mike's wife). They have two cats of their own and are going to try to integrate him into their home, but they aren't sure how their Maine Coon will do. So......if you know of anyone that may want to add a VERY sweet old man cat into their family, let us know. He needs a few sammiches, but otherwise is in good health and is FIV/FeLV negative.

If someone in your area offered Kitten Kindergarten, would you have taken your kitten? Mom keeps hearing interesting things. Plus, with taking Triscuit to Blog Paws, it has become even more evident to her how much socialization can make a difference. She is thinking about talking to the vets that help the rescue.....thoughts? ideas?

For those who are interested, the award ceremony from Blog Paws is online here. And remember....more catbell!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday....

We are still purring for everyone in Oklahoma..... If you want to help, World Vets is helping with the animals and you can always support the Red Cross

And, mom is BURIED at work after being off - she is skimming her reader, but we aren't able to comment much - hopefully we can whap her into shape over the weekend.

Mom took Monday off from the green paper job to get stuff done around here and relax. Good thing too......

She got a call in the morning from a former adopter. Seems that a kitten that was adopted last December is not using the litter box. They had her vet checked and it isn't medical. They talked about things and seems that she doesn't like the dog. Or like the kids.  Which makes us wonder about the activity level in the house and how they did introductions (this girl was about 10 weeks old when she was adopted).

Then as they talked about what was going on around the house, the lady mentioned that the kitten had a complete medical workup.....when she was taken in to be front declawed.  ARGH!!!!

Anyhow, we are thankful today that the adoption contract for the rescue includes a "bring them back" clause - and that the lady did the right thing and called mom.

Yep - that is Opal (from last fall - Cleo's kittens that came to us from Miss Chrystal). So far she is doing ok. Spud hissed at her (of course, so did Triscuit). But she is back with us and she is safe and we will make it work for her. Opal did pretty well around the house for her first night on Monday. She kind of treats Triscuit like a toy (which results in some hissing from Triscuit) but within a couple of hours was out and wandering the condo.

Cookie was adopted and went home on Tuesday. So, Opal went up to Petco last night and will hopefully find her NEW home quickly.

Update: yep - Opal IS Emma's sister. Mom almost fell over when she saw Opal cause she is SO much bigger than Emma was when Emma went home. As for declawing, we do ask on our applications and will talk to people about it. While it isn't an automatic reason to deny, we will do it if we a bad feeling about people in addition to that (Uncle Bill was one of these). In this case, they didn't put that on the application and the lady said she only did it after Opal "destroyed her leather sofa". (and now mom is going to go off and mumble more bad werds)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

wordless wednesday.....

It appears that our connection to You tube isn't working. took video of Triscuit walking on her leash in the hall at Blog Paws. You can see it here

We got a comment Monday about Triscuit becoming a therapy cat. We got lots of comments about that at Blog Paws too. Certainly something to recommend to her new family. As for no one taking her home, mom said one lady offered but turned a couple shades of pale when mom said Triscuit was already spayed and her paperwork was in the car. MOL

Anyhow, more pictures from Blog Paws.

Mom got the collar from the very nice ferret people

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Space kitten update

Like so many others around the country and the world - we are sending purrs and positive thoughts to those in Oklahoma....we hope families are reunited quickly and safely and can start to rebuild their lives.

Never fails - mom leaves for a few days and comes home to squeeee all over the tiny kitts about how much they have grown.  They are certainly getting around more in the bathroom - in fact mom walked in there on Sunday and missed someone exiting - fortunately the baby didn't get very far. MOL

There has been some put out the litter box with the non-clumping litter so they can start trying that. And there was some screaming so mom tried putting some canned food on the tray. Mom put the kittens by it but only had a couple takers - Rocket and Corona. Actually, not too bad for a first try.  :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Paws wrap up....

First announcement - mom got us a page on facebook - come visit and like the Random Felines page. We think you can just search for it. We would love to give you the link and maybe put it on the side bar, but despite Miss Connie giving mom a link to the plugins for facebook, she can't figure it out. Go figure......

Update: THANKS to Miss Connie (who did it for us), we now have a "follow" button on the left hand side of the blog for our facebook page.

OK - take it away mom to tell everyone about your trip:

I had a good time. I met SO many wonderful people that I don't dare make a list for fear of leaving someone off.  :)  It was great to meet so many animal people and put faces to names to blogs. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Of course, I took Triscuit, so having the cuteness didn't hurt. I am pretty sure between Triscuit and Odilia, if there had been a cute award, we would have had to share it.

I will say this up front - I was disappointed with the amount of cat information and products. OK - there was the Cat Lounge, but the companies that sent products didn't send representatives. The swag bag had barely any cat stuff in it - and they asked if I wanted cat or dog when I checked in so they obviously thought they had enough to make a difference. Sparkle's mom posted on facebook that she took the bag back - I don't blame her.  The sessions were ok...some WAY better than others. My thought would be to pick the good ones and expand the time so we could LEARN something rather than just get an overview. There were lots of sessions about tech info and monetizing your blog and getting more readers. I am sure that is all great, but I do this because I love it. I don't want it to become a job....that sounds too much like work. :)  I had a good time, but unless there were some serious changes, I don't know if I would go again. It would be an expensive way to see people I like. Of course, the award party was GREAT fun!!

Coco from Curlz and Swirlz

Deb of Zee and Zoey's Chronicles and Triscuit

 Dorian from Your Daily Cute and Triscuit

Triscuit curled up with Ingrid of The Conscious Cat the first day and snoozed

Maus and her mom from coffee cats n yarn

She and Triscuit weren't too sure about each other. Odilia is a single kitten and doesn't yet speak "cat" fluently. So Triscuit would walk up to her and wait for a signal to play which she wouldn't get as Odilia wasn't sure what to do. But they never fought and finally on Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave, they were chasing each other around the hotel room. Figures...

 Tamar from I Have Cat and Triscuit

Notice a theme???  That kitten was SO popular. And honestly, I figured she would behave but I never could have figured she would be as good as she was. I took her to sessions and she would sleep in my arms. I would have her out for 2-3 hours at a time before giving her a break in the room. She posed for pictures and was kissed and was passed around and was GREAT!!  Barking dogs, applause and catbells during the award show..... she didn't mind a bit. Her new family is going to get a great addition to their family.

I have lots of other pictures that I will try to get up later....