Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Things...

Sultan isn't doing any better. Mom took him to the adoption center yesterday and he got some fluids under the skin and was sent home with some cat milk. He ate OK last night but mom got up in the middle of the night and he was stuffed up and sneezy.  Mom left him and Holland in the bathroom this morning with canned food, cat milk and the humidifier going.  Mom doesn't work close enough to the house to come home at lunch and check on everyone, so she is hoping he is OK.

No news on Chiclet....sigh

MSU beat those Hoosiers.  Mom says if there are any more close games like that, grandma is gonna blow a blood vessel.  Not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good.

Our dog cousin Minnie is doing better.  She is very good with Lanah and has found her voice. They are signing her up for puppy classes.

Mom didn't catch the calico cat on Friday, but they are going to keep trying.

Please be purring for our friend DeLynns new dog Jack.  They adopted a 3 year old lab and over the weekend he wasn't being active and stopped eating.  His third eyelid was up and swollen.  They thought it might be a tooth, but she took him to work on Sunday (lucky lady works for a vet) and they knocked him out to check better and his ear canel is all swollen.  He is on antibiotics and everything hoping that will help.  DeLynn is just worried that only having him home for a week and then leaving for a few days at the vet won't help the introductions.  We know Hannah the cat will be ok, but cross your paws that Maddie and Wendy the dogs are ok when he comes back to the house after being sick.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not so easy Sunday.....

For those who asked about our Spartan connection, mom didn't attend there, but our grandpa did (class of 1969).  Mom graduated from Grove City College in Grove City PA.  However, she likes to tell people that since she went to a Division III school, she gets to pick who she roots for and she has the MSU ties!!  Let's just hope they can beat Indiana today.

Mom got a text yesterday that someone had expressed some interest in Chiclet (who is currently being used as a pillow by Maestro).  They were sent an application and we haven't heard back yet, but our paws are crossed.  Mom took this picture on her phone, which leaves much to be desired sometimes.

And, in other news, Watson/Hercules got ADOPTED!!!  A lady saw him at Petsmart and fell in love and picked him up the other day.  We are very excited for him.

Holland seems to be putting on a little weight, but Sultan is still pretty bony.  Mom is trying panacur on the entire bunch hoping that might help.  He is eating like a fiend though (mom has to run out today to get more canned food).  Both of them are pretty possessive....which mom thinks is kind of funny.  :)  We will keep you posted....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mozart is famous...

He is the feature cat on Blog'n Waco Foster Cat.  She features a different house panther on Fridays.  Plus she is going to start featuring black adoptables from various shelters on Saturdays.  Be sure to check it out!!!

Nothing exciting for the weekend.  Set the trap this am and we are hoping to catch a big calico girl that we have been seein' around the neighborhood and get her spayed.  Mom is upset that her Spartans got mowed over lost to those darned Wolverines.  BOO!!!

Mom is gonna try to get the rescue lady to check Sultan and Holland.  They aren't as active as the other kittens and mom said that if someone gave her Sultan without her knowing any better, she would think he was being starved....he is pretty tiny and his bones stick out.  They have all been dewormed a couple of times, so we don't think that is it.  Not sure what is going on, but mom is worried about them. 

Holland & Sultan

Thursday, January 27, 2011

warm and fuzzy moment....

I got a text yesterday from Bug's mom and I wanted to share.  As a little background, when she adopted Bug I told her there was no official adoption fee since Bug was my kitten and didn't belong to a rescue group.  However, I had covered most of her medical/other expenses and if she wanted to cover part of that, I would appreciate it.  Jane wrote me a check and I didn't even look at it, just folded it and put it in my back pocket.  Now, those couple of weeks were nuts and by Monday afternoon, I was wondering where the check was.  And then it dawned on me....I had run it through the wash.  I checked that night and the check was fused in half with another receipt I had shoved in my pocket.  I emailed Jane to let her know the check wasn't ever going to clear the bank and didn't think anything about it.  And then I got a text from her yesterday:

"Just wanted to let you know...I finally sent a replacement check.  We would also like to continue sending checks each month to help pay off all of Bugs medical bills so you can keep on saving kittens like Bug. We love her so much."

Say it with me: awwwww

I don't do this for any pay back (though I will pay it forward with their money and use it with other kittens).  For me, it is all about seeing my kittens find wonderful forever homes.  And I know Bug has a winner here.  Hard to believe she is already 5 months old.  I will post new pictures as I get them, but I had to share this text from her family.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

newest addition

No, not to our house.  No doggies here thanks....

But mom's brother and sister-in-law and niece got....

A new puppy!!  She is a 7 week old Great Pyrenees and super cute.  Slowly adjusting to living in the house since she was born on a farm and her parents are working dogs.  Boots is afraid of her and Max seems interested (though he may be more interested cause that annoying Boots cat is afraid of her - the enemy of my enemy and all that).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shelter Aware 24

Our friend Brian asked us to be sure to post about the great things that shelter do.  While everyone knows that we do a lot to support our local shelters, we thought we would honor a "shelter" of a different sort today.

SOS of Ohio is a local low-cost spay/neuter clinic.  Now through March 1, 2011, all donations go to their voucher funds so that they can sponsor families that need help getting their pets spayed/neutered.    And they help out adoptable animals too.  Dr. DeHaan is their founder and she went to Bloomingdale Ohio to help out with a pitt bull fighting case and brought some back to help them find homes.  We love Miss Gremlin!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

office cats....

I got to thinking about this.  It was pretty amazing when I got to bring Bug with me to work when she was still bottle feeding.  Then a friend of mine adopted a cat from a local shelter to take to a bookstore in Youngstown (I am trying to get their website address if they have one).

Then I saw this article on Catster: Auto the auto parts store cat  This guy had been attacked by an owl and the people that found him surrendered him to a local vet.  He was a nice guy and she didn't have the heart to put him down.  So she fixed him up and eventually found him a home in a local auto parts store.

Then there is Max at CHA.  He is looking for a home and would be a GREAT office cat.  They let him wander the office in the morning and his favorite spot is sleeping on the copier (they have to leave it turned off to keep him from making copies).

I understand some places can't have cats, but what a great thing to have an animal (be it dog or cat) in the office.  I have to admit, I would be a little more prone to show there knowing that they are animal friendly.  Or, maybe take in a shelter animal and help to find it a home???

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So mom remembered to grab the camera yesterday.  First is the mad dash out the bathroom door in the morning.  Then Java found the fuzzy spider toy we got for Christmas and was killing it as mom was getting ready for work.  Then dinner with the chickens....turn up the volume - they are rowdy!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The test results are.....NEGATIVE!!  Yeah.....  I have to get video of two things with these guys - running out of the bathroom in the morning and when I am getting the canned food ready.  I am surprised my neighbors can hear the howling as I am getting the food onto plates.

I was trying to get a picture of Tim's nose the other day...someone scratched him pretty good.  No telling who it was, but it shouldn't have been Tommy or Mo - I managed to cut their nails.  Anyhow, as I was trying to get the picture, I ended up getting some close ups and then tried to do the same to Ivy and Chiclet (no one else would cooperate).  Ended up kind of cute.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

testy tuesday....

Took the kittens in this am for their FIV/FeLV test.  Apparently they are a new breed: bloodless kittens.  :)  Took a couple of tries on more than one kitten.  But we got them and should have the results tomorrow.

Phoenix and Java are scheduled to be neutered on Friday.  Then back to the adoption center.  Apparently the kittens are being adopted pretty quick. 

This group doesn't seem to be eating much (which probably didn't help with the test this am).  So I stopped and got some canned kitten food.  And like a bunch of vultures, they attacked me as soon as the can was opened.  Phoenix was growling like a madman when I tried to move him.  Bet they weigh more now....

And for my favorite pic of the weekend - I caught Spud and Mo sleeping together.  Spud is actually getting friendlier....still jumpy but he has gotten up on my lap a couple of times (of course he was stalking Tim at the time, but that isn't the point).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mankitten Monday (and our sisters too)

Well, those pesky kittens managed to convince mom to let them out of the bathroom.  About an hour Friday evening, a couple of hours on Caturday.  And they were out ALL DAY on Sunday.  Plus they kept piling up as a group on mom's lap.....

We got our laughs thought Chiclet would enjoy the kittens.  Nope - she hisses at them!!


Holland (L) & Sultan (R)




Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog the Change for Animals...

Blog the Change

Mom is all about it this year.  See, last fall she got a call from her friend Kelly asking about helping another friend living in a small suburb nearby.  She had been feeding some ferals/outdoor cats and got a notice posted from animal control that the cats were going to be taken if she couldn't relocate them.  Kelly and I were upset.  Kelly called and spoke to the animal control officer.  She was told that the lady tries to find homes for the ones she cans and relocates those she can't and if she can't do that then she euthanizes them.  But when she takes them out to farms, she just takes them without sterilizing them since "they only live 1-2 years anyhow".  Mom went NUTS!!!  That is just so WRONG!!!  She checked the local ordinances and there is nothing to protect feral colonies.  And the local county states that you cannot feed ferals.  However, the local Chief Humane Officer said that this suburb is THE ONLY one that upholds the county code.  So, mom did a bunch of research and sent emails for help.  She compiled everything and put together a suggested code to be looked at by the city council.  She hadn't got a response so she emailed the city clerk on Friday.  She got an email back that was a forward of an email from animal control that restated the county health code and then said that mom doesn't have a grasp of the problem.

We are pretty sure steam came out of mom's ears.  She emailed the clerk back but hasn't heard anything.  She forwarded the email to a woman from HSUS that was helping her as well.  Grandpa knows a woman on the city council and mom is tempted to pull a string and get a meeting with this woman to discuss it.  Cause now she is just REALLY MAD!!!  (which can be a good thing)

So, among the other rescue things she has going on, this is her goal for the year...get this town to realize that TNR (not relocation) is the best solution.

Adoption update....

Normally we are not around on the weekends.  Our internet connection at home is OK, but mom's brother told her to load AVG onto her computer to stop viruses and now it runs REALLY SLOW!!!  Just gets her frustrated, so we normally get her to post from work.

However, she got a text yesterday from Utah's new family.  Fun story - when they were doing the paperwork, the kids were checking out the adoption center and their mom was holding Utah.  Mom leaned over and said "ok tiny, you be good".  The lady asked what mom had said.  Mom said, her name is Utah, but due to her size, I have jokeingly been calling her tiny.  The lady looked amazed and called her son over (Utah was to be HIS cat).  She asked him what he wanted to name the kitten and he replied.... "Tiny!"  Talk about fate.  Anyhow, she sent me a picture of Utah and Silas (her new boy) sleeping together with this note: He loves her and she loves to snuggle with him all the time so thank you for his new best friend

Say it with me people: awwwwww

Mom also took a picture on her phone of Carolina and her new brother Tempe. Her camera phone isn't great, but their new mom promised to send pictures, so we will post those when we get them.

The chickens have been out a couple of times.  Yes, Malay has a nice set of pipes on her.  Even this morning, she was wandering around yowling.  Fortunately, she does mostly stop when mom picks her up.  Java and one other kitten (they so need name bands) have come out a little bit, but the other 3 stick pretty close to the bathroom.  It doesn't help that Tommy and Spud hiss and growl at them (this is pretty standard for the first couple of days).  And of course the kittens do their best halloween cat impressions!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Frootbat Friday....

First, a dad update: I called the house this morning to see if mom needed help getting him to the doctor appointment and....he answered the phone.  Sounded pretty chipper too.  Asked about his pain and he said he didn't have any...asked about the pain pills and he said they were great.  :)

Carolina went home last night with another slightly older male kitten.  YEAH!!!

Dr. Watson/Hercules is available at CHA.

Normally we don't get to participate in frootbat friday since our frootbats aren't that interesting.  But mom thinks the ones on the kittens are pretty good.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday....

I am just thankful that it IS Thursday.  I was sure yesterday was (and in fact had to go back and edit the Wedneday post to change the header...LOL). 

Watson is doing well.  Neutered today.  But they changed his name to Hercules (boo!!!).  I will keep everyone posted.

The chickens/kittens are doing well.  LOL  Java is pretty brave and Malay is chatty - everytime I go in there she has something to say about everything.  There are a couple that keep trying to make it break for it out the bathroom door, so I will have to try them out and about this weekend.

They were partying last night - I got up and when I went in there to feed them and get ready for work I discovered they had SHATTERED a pair of cheap glass dishes that I was using for canned food.  No one was injured in the process, but the kittens got locked in the shower stall (it has a door) until I could get the glass cleaned up.  Not the best way to start the morning.

My dad had shoulder surgery this morning and mom called to say he was out and it went well.  Not as bad as they feared, so hopefully that will go well for his recovery.  They should be home by now, so since mom hasn't called, I am guessing she got him in the house ok.

Oh - and Maine was adopted last night.  Carolina has an application on her (I got to meet them last night - nice young couple looking at her and another kitten to take as a pair - they have a 9 yr old golden retreiver at home).  Cross your paws for a positive outcome!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

CHA took in Dr. Watson.  He actually fell asleep in the car from Kelly's house to CHA.  Mom would like to know how that works and if he would be willing to share the secret.  :)  Kelsey from CHA said they should be able to neuter him on Thursday.  Kelly's vet wasn't able to shave the mats on his undercarriage - they said the mats were pretty tight.  Since he has to be knocked out anyhow, they will shave him after surgery.  In the meantime, he has a nice big cage and was pretty settled in last night when Mom checked on him.  The lead we had was a woman currently living in an apartment.  She has had persians before, but can't take him until she moves.  We are sure he will find a great family at CHA.

The kittens didn't get their blood tests.  The weather was bad here yesterday and the vet left early.  :(  So, no idea when that is going to happen.  They are getting a little bolder.  One little girl likes to meow at mom when she is in the bathroom with them.  The black male is still the bravest and the fuzzy male is still WAY jumpy.  And at least two of them have tried to get out the bathroom door.

Mom did pick names for them: girls - Sumatra and Malay. Male tabbies: Holland and Sultan. black male: Java and fuzzy male: Phoenix.  Now, if you remember, she likes to use a theme.  Any guesses???  Nope, not coffee.  Chickens!! All of these are varieties of chickens.  Mom thought it was appropriate and still cute enough that most people won't get it - but it made her laugh. (still does)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mancat Monday....

This is Dr. Watson.  After picking him up Saturday night, I called my friend Kelly (who already has a special placed reserved for her in heaven).  She agreed to let me borrow her basement foster room.  We went over yesterday and got him set up and she is taking him to her vet this am.  His top coat seems OK, but I suspect they will have to shave off most of his undercarriage due to mats.  He does have his claws and is not neutered.  And, after seeing him, Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat said she may have a lead on a home for him.  :)

Update as of 11:30am EST: Dr Watson weighs about 9.5 pounds and was last seen lounging around the vet's office. They aer going to combo test him (FIV/FeLV) and shave off his mats for us today and Kelly will get him back this afternoon.

And now for the kitten news:
2 litters were dropped off at the county dog shelter.  I took the litter of 6.  4 boys, 2 names yet.  They MAY be big enough to spay/neuter already but they are jumpy!!  Gotta work on the social skills some.  I know the fuzzy one and the black one are boys.  From there it is light tabby, medium tabby and 2 darker tabbys.  I may have to resort to name bands again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It is official.....

I have somehow become the "crazy cat lady" of the condo association.

I went to breakfast with friends yesterday and then to my parents' house for lunch and basketball (darn those Nittany Lions!!) and then picked up some foster kittens (more on them tomorrow).

Around 8pm I got a call from Carol who is helping with the TNR we are trying to do in our neighborhood.  She wanted to give me a heads up that she gave my number to another neighbor...

It seems that some idiot dropped 2 persians in the neighborhood.  Very friendly and outgoing.  It was thought they might be owned until they were seen too many times to think that someone was just letting them outside.  So last night I went and picked up a very nice FRONT DECLAWED smoke gray persian.  S/he is in an airline crate in my garage until I figure out what to do.  I have an email out to the director of the shelter where I volunteer - I am hoping with the adoptions we have had in the last few days that there will be a space.  If not, then I am off to find a rescue.  The white one hasn't been seen in a few days (but, I am hopeful that it was the persian that was mysteriously dropped at CHA a few days ago).

I want a new law - it says that if you do things like this to an animal (it was less than 20 degrees last night - and this poor kitty is matted pretty bad), then I get to hunt you down and you get to spend a few nights outside.  And don't give me this "we didn't have a choice" thing either....there are ALWAYS choices and you made a stupid one. my soap box now.  I will keep you posted on this kitty and try to get a picture up too.  If you know of anyone in Central Ohio who might want a persian, let me know.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Friday....

Thought we would do a Junior update today.  Mom really wishes he would be less skittish.  She has read that you can sit and read and eventually the quiet will make the cat curious and you can work from there.  The problem is that he is out in the condo and not in one room with limited space.  Mom has tried sitting on the floor and slowly moving closer, but if she gets within about 5 feet, he is gone.

Now, his normal routine is to wait until the lights are off and then he will jump up on the bed for some scritches...he seems to like them the best right between the ears. 

But last night he tried something new.  Mom was laying in bed reading a book when he jumped up to look around.  She saw him out of the corner of one eye and ignored him.  He came up and stood on her and looked at her over the book.  She glanced up and said "hi junior" and went back to reading.  He actually stuck around for a few minutes - until Maestro hacked up in the other room and mom got up to clean.  But mom said it is progress and she is willing to take it.

While the boy is still listed on Petfinder, she is coming to terms with the fact that he may be staying.  It is tough to place the average cat no less the semi-feral ones.  Besides, if someone really wanted him, she would have to figure out how to catch him and get him in a PTU to take him somewhere....and might need a blood transfusion after that event.  :)

So, keep thinking about us and the Junior man.  He is getting bigger and has at least stopped stalking Mozart (for which Mo is eternally grateful).  Mom said she has to have the camera on hand one night when she feeds us dinner to get Junior's whine on tape.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

adorable adoptable!!

Meet Bogart....

Bogart is an adoptable kitty from Colony Cats.  He is about 7-8 months old and a VERY sweet boy.  He lives (off and on) at a local Complete Petmart.  I got to meet him in December when we were doing Santa pictures.  He and his buddy Max are generally up to no good - but what can you expect from a pair of teenagers???  He has even learned to fetch - they throw a cat toy down the aisle and he will run after it and bring it back.  He has cat tested all the cat furniture, and as you can see here, the dog beds as well.  :)  I have jokingly told his foster mom that I am going to change his name to "no no bad kitty" since he is so mischievious.  But altogether a sweet boy!!!

Cross your paws he finds a home soon.  A man who works near the store is in love with him, but has yet to convince his fiance.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our commentathon monies...

Mom was just checking in with our blog friends and ready this on Sparkle's blog last-hope-cat-kingdom about a tragedy for a cat rescue in California.  She got to thinking that they could probably use our green monies from the commentathon more than our local rescue.  While all rescues need monies, our local group has a roof over their heads and is safe.... more than can be said for this group.  Mom will be sending our monies out to them this week....we are sure everyone that posted will understand the change.

Movie tuesday.....

Well, mom has been having fun with the video camera....she was sitting in the chair the other night and we were mostly all piled on or around her.  So she grabbed the camera and tried to everyone to participate....

It is a little long, but when mom played it back after recording, Ivy and Mo were frantic trying to figure out why mom's voice was coming out of the little box.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mozart Monday...

Mom is off to work, so I have taken it upon myself to do the weekend update.

Carolina and Maine are now living at the adoption center as they wait for their new homes.  Mom dropped them off Saturday morning and they joined the rest of the kittens in the kitten room once the room had been cleaned.  Mom stopped to see them in the afternoon, and said those girls WERE NOT HAPPY!  Both were under the bench that hides the litter boxes and were growling at everyone - including mom.  She was pretty sad that they were so upset, but left them there since she knows that is the best place for them to find their forever homes.  She did stop to see them yesterday again and while they were still a little snippy with the other kittens (the girls are the youngest and smallest), they were coming out and the rescue lady said she had seen them playing that morning.

We gots a package from Angie and the kitties at catladyland.  Mom said we have plenty of treats of our own, so these are going to the shelter with mom tomorrow.  But we are sending BIG THANKS for the treats that we won.

Let's see....Mom went to see her college roommate and her family on Friday.  She got some Christmas presents, including treats for us.  There was salmon flavored, tuna flavored, dairy flavored (Tommy can't wait for these) and kitten flavor.  We can't figure out what kitten flavor means, but upon rereading the package, apparently kittens taste like chicken.

What mom???  Oh, my says that the chicken treats are FOR kittens.  Geez....

Mom finally broke out the new toys from grandma.  We were pretty excited - for about five minutes and then we all fell over for our afternoon naps.

Junior & Mo check out the kicker

Maesto isn't sure what to do with it

Tim has figured it out


Chiclet has chosen to ignore the games in favor of stealing the warms from the floor thingie

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It has been a couple of days since Mom posted, but she was off visiting friends.  So, we will allow it....

Good news - Utah was ADOPTED!!!  A very nice family was looking for a female orange tabby kitten.  They picked her up Friday night.  Chiclet had her lady surgery on Thursday and seems to be doing very well.  The vets confirmed mom's guess that she is just about a year old....WAY too young to be having babies, but we are very glad she was such a good mommy.  Carolina and Maine will spend the weekend at the adoption center....the rescue lady said someone had called about Carolina, so we have our paws crossed.

THANK YOU so much to everyone that commented on our post.  We raised a lot of green papers for CHA and mom was thrilled to meet so many new people.  What a great way to start the new year.

About that football coma - we don't think it is going to happen.  She has to drop off the kittens, check in with a friend to get instructions about caring for their dogs while they are out of town and then said she is going to watch the game with her parents.  Oh well....we guess we will root for those Spartans anyhow.

We wish all of our friends out there a very safe and happy 2011.  Mom has some plans for the year that she will fill you in on as we go.