Monday, February 20, 2023

Kitten update

 The girls are doing much better and their meds are done in a couple of days. Stripes has some definite opinions about the permanent residents here. While the foster room door is open, she isn't coming out much. She will wander out for a few minutes but retreats. 

Tortuga is out most of the day. She would do great in an active family cause she is very bored here and it makes her a little needy and whiny. She did settle down some on Saturday for a nap.

Mom will be reaching out to the shelter to see when they have available space for them to go back. 

Monday, February 13, 2023


 Kitten colds aren't uncommon. Shelters do their very best but it's stressful and add on spay surgery and kittens can get sick. 

For the next couple of weeks we are fostering a couple of girls for the shelter as they get over colds. They are sisters and about 3 months old.

She is very bold and has
already decided she wants out
of the foster room. She loves people 
and is soft and cuddly when she 
isn't running around.

She is a little more unsure about
being here but mom can pick her up
and cuddle her and she purrs right away.

They found the basket

Keep in mind that the shelter names the kittens we get so mom is taking no responsibility for naming a tabby kitten Stripes. Haha

Monday, February 6, 2023


 Mom drove the girls to their forever home this weekend. Mom won't do it for everyone but special people will get it. 

Several years ago Dee about a tiny tortie from us named Calais who became Isadora (Izzy). Then she became Aunt Dee to Chanel and Cupcake. 

Izzy passed away in December and Dee kept seeing pictures of the girls and applied to adopt them. 

So now the girls are together forever with a great mom and new kitty brother. Initial supervised introductions went well. Frances got a little floofy but Dusty was fine with it. Felicity has been just curious. 

Names to be determined. 

This is Dusty: