Monday, November 29, 2010

Kitten update...

It's a miracle!!!  All the kittens got revaccinated on Wednesday and mom decided to weigh them at the same time to keep their records up to date.   And....everyone is over 2 pounds. (except Utah - but even she is up to 1.75 pounds)

We spent the weekend lounging around....
Carolina & Maine

Georgia, Nevada & Utah

Georgia & Utah

Maine, Carolina & Chiclet

Mom made the appointment to have the girls (again, except Utah) spayed on Wednesday.  She asked the clinic about Nevada having his surgery.  The lady on the phone said they usually wait - mom said she would rather do it now so he can get adopted sooner.  So he is going in with the girls.

Mom grabbed Maine and Utah to compare a few things on the tiny girl.  It appears that her head and body are about the same size as Maine.  However, from her elbow to her paw, she is significantly shorter.  Which we think must make her part munchkin.  Either way, she is seriously cute.

Chiclet is recovering VERY well.  You can't even see her incision site anymore and her furs are growing back.  Mom has caught her nursing the kittens occasionally and has had to break up the party.  Chiclet doesn't have any more milk, so they are just getting some comfort.  The upside is that Chiclet is putting on some weight now and you can't see her hips and spine anymore either.  Since mom won't let her sleep in the bathroom with the kittens, this is how she spends the nights....

And one final thing....Nevada found a yellow fuzzy mouse the other day and spent several minutes trying to kill it.....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did someone say ice cream???

I left my parents' house before desert on Thanksgiving and about half way home (and it is only about a 10 minute drive), I felt the urge for ice cream.  So I stopped at the local grocery store and bought a couple of different pints.

I broke one out when I got home, and low and behold, but who should appear?  Tommy, of course.
Mom, I need ice cream...

 Nope, buddy, no sharing.  Maybe a taste when I am done.

Are you sure??

Come on - personal space here kid.

OK, I will try to wait...

I hate being stared at while I eat....  See, Tommy has a minor dairy obsession.  I have to eat cereal standing up in the kitchen to keep him from head butting the bowl.  Break out the cheese for anything, and he is right there.  Ice cream?  Sure.  Glass of milk??  All over it.  Hot chocolate?  He can live with that.

After a few bites, I gave up.  I figure a taste isn't going to do him any harm.

Thanks Mom, you're the best!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Or as Mozart would have us believe....
Happy Fangsiving

Things we are thankful for: Mom has a job, family, more toys than we know what to do with, a generous heart to open our home to other kitties waiting to find their forever homes
(and the kitties hope to be thankful for turkey later today and hope grandma sends some back)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so much for that plan....

I picked up the vaccines last night to get the kittens their second set.  The rescue coordinator said that if Nevada weighed enough, he could be neutered today and to drop him off in the morning.

OK, so I tried that.  Except he didn't have an appointment.  And they wouldn't do the surgery anyhow as it wouldn't be a normal neuter.  See, Nevada is a chryptorcid (his testicles haven't descended).  Great.... So they want to wait a couple of months for him to get a little bit bigger.

I am going to have these kittens forever....  All this since I found a 2 week old kitten under a set of stairs and felt she needed a feline family.

I am blaming Bug.....   (LOL)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Napping the afternoon away....

Work is getting a little less crazy....

I think Nevada might be over 2 pounds so I am going to try to get him scheduled for his neuter next week.  I don't know about those girls....I am beginning to think it is a conspiracy.  And don't get me started on Utah - I am going to have her as long as I have her mommy at this rate.

Speaking of Chiclet, she is doing very well and actually seems to be putting on some weight.  She was up in my lap lap last night and doesn't seem nearly so bony as she did a couple of weeks ago.  Don't know how long she had been sick before the surgery, but I am glad we caught it and she is back on the road.  She is great with the kittens and seems to know they are hers...though she also seems to know they can take some rough housing now as well.

Please be thinking about Maestro, my old man cat.  He is so very thin now.  I think the prednisone and pepcid are helping, but I noticed over the last couple of days that he isn't so steady on his feet.  I hate to drag the vet out to have her tell me that there isn't much we can do, but I do worry about him.

And now for some cute napping pictures.....
Carolina & Utah

Nevada (and he was REALLY out)


Junior (napping with his eyes open in case of danger)

Monday, November 22, 2010

What a weekend....

Did my first transport on Saturday.  My Mom went with me and we delivered Mary to the next leg on her way to her new foster home.
We were helping out Coonhound Rescue.  It was originally supposed to be a pair of puppies, but one of the transporters is also a foster and he kept the puppies and Mary moved to the new foster home.  She is about 9 months old and was so sweet.  I got her in the back of my car and she walked up and tried to kiss Mom.  Once the car got moving, she laid right down and traveled like a champ.  We send her good wishes!!!

Sunday was spent running errands.  I got my car over to my parents house.  I am getting a new car in February and will sell mine.  However, Dad bought himself a truck and so since they now have 3 cars, I am using his Jetta so we can put my Beetle in the school parking lot over the holiday weekend.

Spent Sunday afternoon playing with the kittens....they are a lot of fun!!  And we discovered a new game - cat in the box.  I took home a box used for envelopes from work and the kittens had been sleeping in it.  Since everyone is out now, the box is in the living room....and being used by everyone:

Dakota, Utah & Maine


Ivy (honestly, I didn't think she would fit all the way in that box)



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one orange jack

So this orange jack came in a package of other cat toys.  Who knew it would cause so much entertainment??

The kittens love to chase it.  I caught Maine sitting about 4 inches away from it the other day and smacking it, then jumping back, then smacking it....

Ivy LOVES this toy.  She takes it over to the stairs and drops it on the ledge where the railing should be.  It slides down the ledge and she runs down the stairs after it.  Carries it back up and does it over and over again....

Like all cat toys, it occasionally disappears and Ivy is overjoyed when it reappears!!  She carries it around. 

I have seen everyone play with it and several carry it around.  I don't know why this toy is better than others (except for those catnip pillows), but it is!!!

Everyone is doing well.  Chiclet is out and about all the time.  The kittens are out during the day and in the bathroom at night.  The bigger litter box seems to be working - YEAH!!!

I am still trying to get a decent shot of Utah standing next to another cat to get some perspective - no one will hold still long enough.  This is the best I could do last night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Long weekend....

Dakota and Bug spent 3 hours at the adoption event on Saturday.  Everyone thought they were cute - no one wanted to take them home.  sigh....

Chiclet got sprung from the bathroom when I got home.  However, I ran out today at lunch to buy one of those under the bed containers to use as a bigger litter box since she is going right in front of the box.  At least I have to presume it is her - didn't have any problems until she got back out.  She was having fun running around and chasing the kittens on Sunday.  Spud and Tommy are hissing/growling at her, but they will get over it in a couple of days.

On Saturday the kittens were released from the kitchen as well.  It wasn't my intention, but Carolina decided to learn a new trick - climbing the gate.  For me, that is the sign that they are ready to be out and about.  Once one learns it, they all do.  Except in this case Utah would have been stuck in there since she is WAY to short to climb over.  I smiled as I watched her run around yesterday - I think she is beginning to resemble a daschund - long and low.  She keeps us with her siblings (though a pace or two behind) and tends to get run over when they change directions before she catches up, but she is right there with them.  :) 

So, the kittens were left out today.  Chiclet is locked back up in the bathroom until I get home and get everything set up.

Nevada was being adorable while he was napping, so I will leave you with cute pictures from the weekend. (no, Dakota didn't pounce on him, though it does look like it)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day...

Veterans Day Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook

We here at Random Felines salute those that currently serve and have served in the past.

In our family:
Rudolph Kudich (paternal grandfather) - WWII Navy
Ivan Anderson (my dad's uncle on his mother side) - WWII Marine
Theodore Kudich (paternal great uncle - Rudy's brother) - WWII Army
Lloyd "Bud" Anderson (my dad's uncle on his mother side) - Korea Army

We are very proud of those that served - though we smile knowing that Grandpa Kudich never made it passed Panama before the war ended. 

Surgery went well....

Bug and Dakota got home last night after their spay/neuter surgery with no real after effects.  Though they must have been done late in the day since both of them were pretty drugged out.  Dakota sat and stared around him for a while - no idea what he was actually seeing.  Bug curled up with me later in the evening to take a nap - something she usually doesn't slow down for.

I am going to try to let Chiclet out of the bathroom tomorrow after work.  I am sure she will be very greatful!!

I tried to get some good face shots of everyone last night - Dakota wasn't cooperating though...



Maine & Nevada


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another transport...

Another 154 dogs going from Missouri puppy mills to NY and new homes.  You can read about it on the Best Friends website.  It was long, tiring and smelly, but seeing those terrified dogs and knowing they were headed to great rescues and great homes makes all the difference!!

Bug and Dakota are at the clinic today for surgery.  I was afraid they were going to bring me back Bug and tell me she didn't weigh enough, but she made it.

And you know it is getting colder at night when Mozart spends the night under the covers.  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tabby/Torbie Tuesday.....

Mom said something about being up to her eyeballs in work, so she is just posting some of her favorite pics.


Spud & Tim


Tim & Tom
Ivy showing off her belly

Monday, November 8, 2010

Where did the extra hour go???

Well, Bug is schedule for her spay surgery on Wednesday.  Mom weighed the rest of the kittens last night.  See, the plan was to take those that are big enough to Grove City on Thursday to have their surgery done by NOMAD.  Only one small problem....Dakota is the only one that weighs over 2 pounds.  Mom let out a very big sigh....this means only Bug and Dakota can go to Petsmart on Saturday.  She sent a text thingie to the leader of the rescue who agreed it would be faster to just take Dakota with Bug on Wednesday and then get them both microchipped on Saturday before the event.  (everyone else is between 1.4 and 1.75 pounds...except for Miss Utah who weighs a hefty 0.9 pounds)

Then there is Chiclet.  She is doing VERY much better and is anxious to get out of the bathroom.  We can't seem to get anyone to tell us if she was spayed when she had her surgery last week, so we aren't sure if she can go to the adoption event on Saturday as well.  Mom was a little annoyed this morning when she called the clinic that did the surgery and got voicemail that said they would call her back in 3-5 business days.  WHAT????  How do you run a business like that?? 

We thought we would take a look back at how far the kittens have come.  The first pic was taken when they got to the house on Sept. 19.  The second pic was taken 11-4 (thought Utah is missing from that one).