Monday, August 31, 2020

Sunday morning

 The rescue got in New kittens last week and try to get them into foster homes as quick as possible. Mom picked up a mom plus 3 kittens in Friday night.

*on a side note, this means the capital kittens have been loose in the house since then. Good grief....

 Well mom woke up Sunday morning and checked the foster camera to see this: kittens in the pen. Mom went to check and discovered the momma cat has pulled a towel out of a drawer and put the kittens inside. Scrolling back on the video feed, she did it some time around 5:15am. We have no idea why of course. Mom did worry about them being in there without their momma, but a different clip shows she can clearly fit in there with them (though it can't be comdortable). We will just have to see what happens.

Monday, August 24, 2020

ready to go

 Well, it's sort of that time. We've had a lot of kittens get to the same age at the same time. Since the kitten cages at the rescue are full, mom got the capital kittens showing online but they will be here for a little while. Let's be honest...not a hardship. 

(yes, his ears really are that big)


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

so you want to adopt a cat

**a post by the mom

With people being home more - for who knows how long - the rescue has noticed more people deciding to adopt. Some have experience, some do not. So I got thinking about what do you need to get started. The basics? The high end stuff?

 First is picking the cat. I always suggest going to a rescue and letting the cat pick you. Our rescue is still doing adoptions by appointment so people are seeing pictures. Which is great but may not tell you whether that cat likes you or not. Go in, sit down and play. See who decides you are their new person. And think about your lifestyle - are there kids, is there a lot of activity, is it fairly quiet? Ask questions - I promise that staff or volunteers will be happy to help you make a match.

Before you bring your new cat home, you need some basic supplies. Food, dishes, litter, litter box, scoop, scratcher and some toys. Start basic, see what you cat likes and go from there. There are good litter boxes, but I don't like the ones with the hoods. Think about odors getting trapped in there and your cat may stop using it. I actually use large storage containers with one end cut half out for entrance/exit. For dishes try to get ceramic or stainless steel. Some cats do react to plastics and end up with acne on their chins. A basic cardboard scratcher is a good place to start until you discover what your cat prefers.

make sure you have some good comfy beds too
(this is actually a baby bed)

There is a variety of cat furniture in this house. On the far left are Kitty Kasa boxes. Then a tall scratcher. There are now two here and they are both about 36 inches tall. The most important thing when I look at tall post scratching posts is the base - you have to make sure it is stable (see below). Some cats will run and hit it. Goldfish likes to hang off of ours. It has to be sturdy and heavy enough not to tip over. The stand that Goldfish is standing on above is made by Vesper. Of course there is also the ever popular cardboard box as well.

The ability to stand and scratch is an important feature for a post scratcher. Some have larger platforms on top for cats to sit on as well.

Another thing that I recommend is leaving your cat carrier out in your main room. I know - it may not go with your furniture. But...cats are pretty smart. If the only time the carrier comes out is when they go to the vet, they will disappear every time they see it. This creates stress for every vet visit plus if there is an emergency you will have to chase your cat. If it is out, they may actually use it as a den and it becomes comfortable. Our round Sleepypod is out on my coffee table all the time. There can be any cat in it at some point. While these carriers are expensive, they are crash tested and the great part with the round one is that the top zips off (which makes it great at the vet).

They do make shorter scratching posts. I use them for the kittens. My adults find them WAY too short. 

As for toys, start with a variety to see if you can find a favorite. Something round to be chased (Daiquiri loves foam balls), crinkly mylar toys (Goldfish loves these), spring toys to be bounced around, and a wand toy for chasing around (make sure these are put away when you aren't playing to avoid your cat chewing on the cord). There is a round trackball toy in the kitten room that I've seen Chanel play with as well. That one is more kitten sized but they do make larger ones. 

For home set up, I suggest kittens get their own room for at least a week. They have tiny brains and need a chance to learn where things are located and adjust to new surroundings and noises. As you let them have more space, just make sure you have "kitten proofed" your house. They can get into and under so many things. Keep doors closed if you don't want kittens in a space. 

Adults should adjust better but keep in mind their personality. If they are more shy, the new cat may appreciate a quiet space in while they adjust. Again make sure you check for escape or traps and keep doors closed for certain spaces. A TV or radio for noise will help too. But if you are home, leave their safe space available but let them out to explore as well.

I know it is exciting to get a new cat home, but also let them adjust at their own pace. Find some high value food or treats to make yourself more appealing. Some cats will walk into a new home and it will seem like they have always been there. Others will find a place to hide and come out on their own schedule. Have patience. 

More than anything, have fun. Enjoy your new companion. Make a life long commitment to their health with good food and vet care along with a safe space. You get back what you put into the relationship.

Monday, August 17, 2020

weekend report

 Good news: Napa and Savoy got ADOPTED together!!! The family has 3 kids and actually saw them online. Mom talked to them about giving the boys time to adjust and thinks this is a great match.


 Mom also rearranged some of the cat furniture in the living room. The cat ladder is now centered on one window (it was previously centered on both windows which meant it ran along the center line on the windows). This gives the girls a clearer view outside. Mom bought another tall scratcher too.

The capital kittens are doing well. They are goofy and active. Surgery is scheduled for Friday. We knew they were short term fosters but they've been fun. Juneau and Columbia are super friendly and outgoing. Bismarck and Albany are a little more cautious but warm up after a few minutes. They've been a fun group.

Friday, August 14, 2020

capital kittens

 Chirpy.....very very chirpy. About mid afternoon, Columbia (red collar) and Juneau (pink collar) decide that mom needs a full report on the day they are having and tell her all about it. Whether she wants to know or not. 

Those two are definitely the friendlier of the two. In fact Juneau has proven she has NO sense of personal space. haha Bismarck (blue collar) and Albany (not a panther) are coming around. Both of them have to be grabbed for loving but will purr after a few seconds. Bismarck will come back around for attention once he has been "captured and released".

Columbia and Juneau snoozing

Albany has found the drawers

 Isn't Bismarck dreamy??

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


 Guess who was adopted last week??? Yep, momma cat Ree. We wanted to wait to announce it to be sure it was working out. She is now living in Maryland with a new mom and dad, a 3 year old girl of her own and a 7 year old dog. Mom was told she traveled really well and walked out of her carrier like she had been there her entire life. She has settled right in. She isn't really sure about the dog yet but isn't afraid of her.

No applications on Napa and Savoy yet but they have adapted to living at the store better than mom expected so that is good. Hopefully we will have news soon.
And we couldn't resist sharing this picture. Columbia was waving at mom and she snapped a picture. It wasn't until she was editing that she realized that Bismarck was right behind him....

Monday, August 10, 2020

meet the newbies

 The new fosters have been with us a few days and need names. Mom decided to go with a state capital theme to be known as the #capitalkittens. She did get tired of not knowing who was who, so the black kittens got collars. The girl is in pink (the other girl is the tuxedo) and the boys are in red and blue.

The first picture is the girl, the middle two the boys. 

Names: tuxedo girl - Albany, black girl - Juneau, blue collar boy - Bismarck, red collar boy - Columbia.

Juneau and Columbia are both super friendly. Bismarck and Albany are a little unsure but we know they will come around in no time.

Friday, August 7, 2020

that didn't take too long

 We have newbies. Two boys and two girls, 3 black, 1 black and white. All pretty chill which will be nice. Healthy and just need a couple of weeks to weigh enough for surgery. They were being given away for free and FB and someone took them rather than risk something bad happening. The mom came in too but since the kittens are old enough, she was spayed yesterday.

They got here last night so mom is still getting to know them before they get names.