Monday, August 24, 2009

2 + 2 = oh geez....

So I moved Aida and the kittens to the kitchen on Saturday morning. I wanted to clean the bathroom and give the kittens a little more room to run around. Though I don't know why I bothered since they spent most of the day asleep in their bed.

However, Aida watched the crew check her out through the kitchen pass through and she figured it out. A couple of hours after moving everyone, I heard Spud hiss and looked down. Yep - Aida went sauntering by my chair...outside the kitchen. This wasn't really a trick I wanted her to learn. She spent most of the afternoon laying outside the gate - which of course drove the kittens nuts. They could see her, but couldn't get to her. A little hissing between her and Tommy & Spud, but nothing serious. Tim followed her down the hall and she must have felt cornered as she chased him back out, but other than that, nothing too bad.

Then there was this morning. I set up the gate like I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. I can leave the bathroom door open for them to have a little more space and some air. I turned around as I was getting ready to leave, and here she comes down the hall. Great - now she knows how to get OVER the gate too. I didn't want to lock her in the bathroom all day, so I can only hope things are OK when I get home.

Monday, August 17, 2009

marauding cacti

I spent some time last night laying on the floor of the bathroom entertaining the kittens. Minnie and Daisy spent the entire time running around and climbing all over me. Aida and I got to bond a little - she let me scratch her ears and rub on her a bit. At one point my hand was on the floor and she grabbed a finger with her teeth and then rubbed on me for some love. Mouse, as usual, was a little more timid. She and I played with fingers for a while until she warmed up. I would tap my fingers and she would bounce around and smack at them. She finally got into the game with her sisters. They were climbing up my arms and running all over me. My arms and legs look like I fell into a cactus. I was wearing shorts and a tank top - they would climb up and slide off mainly one shoulder, that that arm took the most damage. Baby toenails are dangerous.... Aida did get one in on Mouse. See, Mouse likes to run around and attack her mommy's tail. Mouse was bouncing around last night and Aida grabbed her by the tail. I had to laugh....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aida & the girls

So I took in this mom and kittens from the humane society. They were part of a hoarding case and the mom needs some dental work that the shelter can't provide. So I "adopted" them and will find them all good homes when the kittens are big enough and mom has her dental.
Aida (mom) is about 18 months old. The kittens (from top to bottom) are Mouse, Daisy & Minnie. All dilute calicos like their mommie. Mouse is a scaredy cat but Minnie & Daisy are very outgoing and ready for action. Aida is shy but coming around to liking me. Being from a hoarding home, she is obviously undersocialized, but we are working on it. Once the girls are weaned, she will be spayed & get her dental - she will lose one tooth to a lesion and get the rest cleaned.
It is fun having them in the house. Aida, Tommy & Spud are hissy with each other, but we are working on it. Tommy and Spud are usually hissy with a new foster group, so I am not surprised. And Aida will need to learn to get along with everyone. Right now they are in the bathroom with my pen set up in front of the door - it gives them some air and extra space.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fred's July adventure

This is my niece Lanah Rae (I call her Fred - and if you try to call her that, she will tell you that "only Aunt Jeanne can call me that"). She is 5 years old (we share a birthday). She spent the month of July staying with my parents (who live about 10 minutes from me - Lanah lives in Florida with her mom and dad [my younger brother]).
She had some adventures: Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay with Grandma and Grandpa, Columbus Zoo with Grandma and Aunt Jeanne. We had a tea party and she helped her Grandpa build her Barbies a beach cottage. She went to vacation bible school at Mom and Dad's church and took swimming lessons at the local pool (though she couldn't seem to remember what she had to do to pass the test when I asked her about it).
We weren't sure how she would do being away from her parents for a month. And she really did great. She called them daily, but didn't really ever seem too upset. She even told me she is looking forward to coming to visit next summer too.

Getting Started

Where to start....
The picture is from fall 2008. Since then, the big orange guy (Butterscotch) has crossed Rainbow Bridge and we have added Ivy and Spud. In order, it is Maestro, Mozart, Butterscotch, Tim and Tim (brothers).
Me? daughter, sister, aunt, sister-in-law, homeowner, animal shelter volunteer, bankruptcy paralegal, single lady, mid-30's
I have lived in MI, PA, OH and TX.
BA in Business 1995 from Grove City College (PA)