Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Quick update

 Boba is doing well. She seems to enjoy being out and about but also spent the weekend staring at the little kittens since the baby jail airlock was up and the foster room door open. 

The dessert kittens are doing well. Tiramisu and Zeppolli are almost to weight for surgery. Biscotti is running in 3rd and Gelato is way back at 1 pound 6 ounces (though for reference he weighed 1 pound 3 ounces a week ago). The head tilt seems the same but he is a happy boy and gets around well and loves to play with his siblings. Mom does wonder if it effected his hearing or response time cause he is a little slow to respond to noises sometimes. 

The boys are all friendly, Tiramisu still runs to avoid being caught but doesn't mind being held. 

The hot weather is back though so after a nice weekend with open windows and mom working on our balcony (hope she remembers to water those flowers), our windows are closed up and the cold air machine has been turned on.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Road trip and...

 Mom went to visit her family this past weekend. Since Gelato is on meds, she took him and not wanting him to be lonely, took Zeppolli too. They were pretty good on the car and also good in the play pen. 

The family, especially mom's niece (ie the kid) loved seeing them too. 

Gelato has a vet appointment tomorrow so hopefully an update on his head tilt and meds after that. But everyone is acting great and gaining weight so that is good news.

In other news, Boba is being spayed today and will then be available for adoption.

Plus Daiquiri and Chanel both have appointments for dental cleanings, so big vet week for several cats here.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Didnt need that

 Well the Italian dessert kittens are giving mom heartburn. Tiramisu - the only brown tabby and only girl - has been great. Couple days of goopy eyes but that cleared up pretty quickly. The main goal now is to get her more friendly.

Biscotti and Zeppolli are doing well. Biscotti got a bath last week and is holding a grudge about it. Zeppolli (he has the more visible white) is a typical orange - very friendly and outgoing. 

Gelato though. Geez he is giving mom a run for her money. Last Monday she fed them dinner and all was well. Two hours later he was barely able to stand and had a pretty serious head tilt. After a call to the rescue, they met up, had a chat and the head of the rescue took him to an urgent care vet. They diagnosed toxoplasmosis. He's 0n meds. The tilt is pretty noticible but he is doing really well. He's eating and actually playing with his sister.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Sort of sweet

 The Italian dessert kittens were kind of rough when they first got here. The only girl is Tiramisu and she's actually been great the entire time.

The boys had a tougher start. Fortunately sone meds and good food and they seem to be feeling better. Now on to stage 2 which is get them friendly. They weren't really handled much before they came here and it doesn't help that the first interaction with people was being medicated. 

Gelato is the darkest orange with no white. Lousy picture as he is friendly already and cones right over to mom.

Zeppolli (donut) is thinking about being friendly. He is very curious but also cautious. As you can see he is orange with a good amount of white.

Biscotti is pretty hesitant at the moment. He's got food on his face right now since mom wants to make everything positive for a while. He is orange and white with less white than Zeppolli.


Boba is loose in the house and has been very good. Though the adult cats no doubt find her very pesky...she can be pushy and bitey and is very independent.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Kitten season is springing

 Mochi has been spayed and is at our partner store to be adopted. Paws crossed she doesn't have to wait too long.

  Boba is here with us for a few more weeks. Not quite big enough to be spayed yet. She is quite the handful as she is displaying some "single kitten" behaviors - mostly she is very bitey. 

  And we have a group of newbies. The rescue is working with a lady caring for cats in her neighborhood. The momma cat of these kittens is feral, so she will be spayed and released. These 4 have pretty gunky eyes and some other things going on so mom is keeping a close eye on them. One girl a brown tabby and 3 boys - all orange or orange and white. Mom is going with Italian desserts: Tiramisu for the girl, the boys: Gelato, Biscotti and Zeppole.