Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Fridays

First, we published Bourbon's story here on the blog. Mom was working on it for something else but figured it should be here. Click the tab along the top of the page.

We got the REALLY colds here again. Sigh.....  we don't think spring is ever gonna get here. But it could be worse....some of our blogging friends have a TON of snow. Don't want that - no thank you!!

No real plans for the weekend. Mom is going to take Licorice up to the adoption center over the weekend and have her in the resale shop side in a condo. That way she can get her own food, there will be no other cats and she can be seen by the public. Cross your fingers and paws!!


And we got an update on Cumin (now Julius). He is doing very well and sleeping with his new boy. They haven't introduced him to the dogs yet, but he is out and about in his rooms and greeting the boy and the mom whenever they go in. Good job!!!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday - an adoption update

Most of you will remember that when Mom attended Blog Paws last year, she took Triscuit with her.
maybe 4 weeks old

"yep - I could get used to this hotel thing..."

"I think I hear some adoring fans"

Triscuit was a hit and while we aren't on Twitter, we understand she was all over it.

Well, the snack kittens turned a year old this month. Normally after the initial follow up, mom will leave contact up to the new families. Some keep mom updated and others we don't hear from. But... mom couldn't help herself and emailed Marissa and asked how things are going.

Triscuit is now Nala and has settled in wonderfully. She loves her big kitty sister and her mom and dad.

We don't think that sweet face has changed a bit.

Marissa - thanks for the pictures and the update and for adopting our girl.  :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mo the weather man

Geez - we are gonna have to fire the mom again.....missed another Gotcha Day lady!


Better late than never.....

Anyhow, Mozart has taken to sitting in front of the TV. Don't know if it is the warmth or what but it is his new favorite gets a little frustrated cause he sits in front of the little eye thingie - which means she can't turn it on/off or change the volume. MOL

Sitting on the console is one thing, but he sometimes decides to smack around whomever he finds on TV. Once it was a basketball player, a couple of weeks ago it was the local weather man who was predicting a high of 2 degrees that day (mom almost fell out of her chair laughing). But mom hasn't been able to get video....until now. Keep in mind this is a new thing....he has never really expressed much interest in the tv before.

But, Monday morning, Mo went after the weather guys again. Sorry Al....

(the video is about a minute but hang on, it will make you laugh)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Dagwood

Mom needed a cat to put up into the adoption cages at the Petco store. She contacted the rescue and picked up Dagwood last week. He is about 9 months old and super sweet. Apparently he was found as a tiny kitten but the person who found him wasn't caring for him properly and the rescue took him in last fall.

Mom was up at the store on Monday night to clean the cages. She took her harness and leash to give him to freedom and keep him out of her way. He was...ok with it. Then she looped the leash through a beltloop and next thing you know - presto and he was gone. Must have twisted just right and then took himself for a walk around the store. MOL  Good going Dagwood!!!

He is going to be a BIG house panther when he is done growing.....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend wrapup....

Well, another weekend, another hound....
Cash spent Saturday on the road going from short term foster in Ohio to long term foster in Canada. He is a BIG boy from what mom says and she almost had to lift him in the car for the leg after her....he sat down and decided he wasn't moving. MOL


Some bloggers have been talking about a rescue located just north us of called STOP (find them on facebook). We blogged about it too. They are a small group that also provides low cost spay/neuter and vet services. Then there was a fire....the building was destroyed and several cats lost their lives.

But - they have picked themselves back up. They found a building willing to rent to them short term until they can rebuild. They were having an open house on Saturday. Mom had planned to attend but then with Cash moving, she was going to be there anyhow - just earlier. So mom picked up some cleaning supplies (and chocolate) and stopped on her way home.

This cutie is Kennedy. She is there with 2 other kittens about her same age - they will be spayed/neutered on Tuesday and ready to go.

Hanging out in the front window.

They have a nice lobby and in the back several room - a kitchen, surgery room and 3 rooms to keep shyer cats. Mom got to talk to Diana the head of the rescue. She gave mom a tour. She said they normally have about 50 cats in their care and tend to take the most needy ones - needing physical repairs and time to rehab. They did lose some cats to the fire, but the survivors are recovering and some have been adopted (even a couple by the firefighters that showed up to fight the fire).

While insurance covers some things, they are still in need of money to rebuild and get back on their feet. If you can help, please click here. Mom was very impressed with the building, with the condition of the cats and with the people there helping out.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Fridays

Katniss update: She spent Monday night in the bathroom at Miss Emily's house singing (very loudly) the songs of her people. So Tuesday night she got an introduction to the outside enclosure. MOL It is a very nice set up with an insulated cat house and food and water in another enclosure. Plus the whole thing is enclosed so she can have a chance to adjust.
Mom did some of the "cat" laundry last weekend. It made it out of the dryer....and onto the coffee table.

No, it still hasn't been folded.  MOL

We gotted a new Drinkwell Fountain from Petsafe when they were on sale. Mo was the first to use it. Everyone has shown some interest except Saffron who seems afraid of it.

However, mom got home Wednesday night and the kitchen had a pond. Seems the gasket that protect the wiring is faulty and the bottom of the fountain has a leak. So mom is contacting the company about getting the gasket replaced. Thankfully our kitchen is tiled so no damage to the floor. But that would explain why mom seemed to be having to fill it a lot.
     PS - we got an email this am from the company and our replacement part is on the way!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Silly girl....

The other morning, Saffron woke up right before the alarm and jumped up on the bed with the red fuzzy toy. Mom got up, tossed the toy into the hall and before she could get out, Saff was back on the bed with the toy. Throw the toy, turn around, the kitten is back. Finally, mom grabbed Saffron in one hand and the toy in the other....and got growled at as she exited the room until she threw the toy down the hall. Goofy girl.

She was playing with the toy the other night was too dark in the living room to get video, but mom got some pictures.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Licorice is hanging out in the bathroom. She has taken to talking to mom and asking to get up in her lap. Mom opened the bathroom door over the weekend but there were no forays outside the room.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Saffron

A couple of quick updates:
1. Amelia aka the Dust Bunny was adopted on Friday!!!  She will be living with a new mom and dad and a 14 year old mancat. Mom got to see a picture of him and Amelia may just become mini-me. Mom already got an update and Amelia was settling in great. Considering how laid back she was here, we suspect the introductions went well.

2. Katniss is doing ok but is pretty unhappy being inside. So the outdoor enclosure will be cleaned out of snow and she will go out there probably today or tomorrow. Information we have read about relocations say it takes at least 14 days before they adjust, so she will be in there for a while but the enclosure is pretty big and has a nice house and food and water provided, so she is in good shape. Thanks for all your comments and mom said it was nice on Sunday when it started to snow to not have to worry about her.

Check out those thumbs

Yep - loving on Uncle Tim

Could she get a little cuter???

Saffron came here when she was pretty tiny and has grown up with us resident cats. But at just over 4 months old, it is past time for her to find her forever home. She is super sweet and gets along great with everyone here. She has seen a couple of dogs at the pet store and would probably be ok with slow introductions. Of course, mom would recommend that anyhow considering the names that Saff called Cumin when he showed up. MOL

Saffron loves to climb up to sit on mom's lap for attention and even sleeps with us at night. Since she is polydactyl, her new family will need to pay extra close attention to her nails to be sure they stay short, but that isn't such a big deal.

Monday, February 17, 2014

We got her.....

First - a statement from the management: mom volunteers for two different groups. The "shelter" is a limited admissions group. The "rescue" is no-kill, TNR based. The shelter is run by paid staff during the day and volunteers in the evening - and the same group that mom had issues with this summer with the space kittens. Some would tell mom to move on, but she like the volunteers she works with and helping the adopting public. So, while this is about a cat and that group, this isn't a referendum on mom continuing to work with them. She may not agree with the director, but since she doesn't have to work with her all the time, mom is willing to go with it.

This summer there was a young cat that showed up in the parking lot of the shelter. She was skittish but wouldn't run like a true feral. The admissions policy for the shelter is that the cat needs to be adoptable. This girl was going to require some serious work. So volunteers were concerned about her. However, the director decided to trap her, spay her and release her.

But....the director then sent an email that they "didn't want a feral colony and would not provide shelter/food for her". Mom - among others - wasn't happy about this. Mom asked for permission to trap her and move her....and didn't get an answer.

Mom spent some time thinking about this girl. We have our feral girl here so mom had some concerns. Allie has to be our first concern - what if she didn't like the new girl? If this new cat decided not to stick around, we live near some big roads and that made mom nervous.

Then our friend Miss Emily posted on facebook about her feral cat. Well Miss Emily lives about 20 minutes away and not near a big road and has some land. So mom emailed her and they went back and forth a few times. Miss Emily and her husband said they would take in this girl and they even had a shelter so she could be contained until she adjusted to her new environment.

On the sly, mom started trying to trap the cat. Mom caught a raccoon.....saw the girl often....fed her when she could. But could NOT get her into a live trap.

Last weekend mom was at the rescue talking and another volunteer mentioned that she had a drop trap and mom could borrow it.
Mom didn't get a picture of it set up cause she forgot the camera.

Saturday night mom went over to the shelter. The cat met her in the parking lot and even watched mom set up the trap. Mom put some food next to the trap to get her attention. And then it was wait. The girl ate the food next to the trap. She then walked in, sniffed the food...and walked back out. Don't move mom.....well the girl went back in and mom yanked the string. With a satisfying thunk, the trap dropped and the girl was caught inside.  WOOHOO!!!

Even better, Miss Emily was near our house at another event. So she stopped over last night and picked up our girl. She is going to try her out in the bathroom for a couple of days to check her temperment and see what happens. With any luck, she is shy and we can rehab her and find her a home inside with someone. If not, Miss Emily will take her out to the enclosure and let her adjust to her new surroundings before letting her live in their yard.

Either way, Katniss (after surviving the shelter hunger games) will be loved and cared for with food and shelter by Miss Emily. THANKS!!!! 

And we have to tell you, if you have never done TNR, mom says there is something seriously satisfying about trying to catch a cat that needs help and finally hearing the trap drop or close. Want to try it? We bet there is a group in your area that could use your help.  :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Random Fridays.....


we got nothin'

mom says her brains are gonna leak out of her ears after the week she has had.

so....stay safe, stay warm, stay outta the snow.

And Happy Valentine's Day.  :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today we are thankful for those shelter that help those that can't help matter what.

Oh geez....we got a new woofie relative.
Our grandma and grandpa got a dog.
Meet Izzo. Yes, after the head men's basketball coach at Michigan State.

He is a 2 year old corgi mix. Mom hasn't seen him yet - he just came home on Monday. He stands about 12 inches tall and weighs about 24 pounds. The shelter where they adopted him said he was a corgi mix. Mom asked if they had any background and grandpa said that the ladies at the shelter (who love this little dog) said the people came in, handed someone his leash and virtually ran out. So, no information. But he did test heartworm positive so he was treated by the shelter for that.

Grandma and grandpa say he is a little timid but mom said that she bets once he realizes how good he has it, he will settle right in. Heck, he is already allowed up on the furniture (that has NEVER happened with any other woofie).

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Licorice

Well, that tuxedo ladycat from last summer is back in the bathroom. She was scratching at her ears and mom got a call from the store manager saying she had a "huge gash" on her neck. It wasn't huge and it wasn't bleeding, but this guy has no cat skills and so mom picked her up and had the vet at the adoption center take a look at her. Nothing evident with her ears....

However, the manager is a....nevermind. He made it VERY clear that Licorice wasn't welcome back at the store. Mom got her back on Thursday and the head rescue lady spoke to the store manager. He tried to say it was the "health" issues but made enough comments that we are all sure it is more about the time she has been up there and not getting adopted. So.....Licorice is back at the house and won't be going back to the store at all. Mom put up a flyer there though.

Here's the thing....she is super sweet. She is a great lap cat - she has even come up to mom in the last couple of days and asked for some lap time. Licorice isn't fond of being picked up and carried around, but hey, most of us aren't either. She loves her toys and is hilarious to watch play. She has been around other cats and dogs and would be fine with slow introductions. Due to her itchiness, she is eating grain free and has done very well on it. So that is her only restriction. You can read about how she came to us here. And honestly, back at the house, she is living in the bathroom with limited mom time. We REALLY want her to find a home of her own and will arrange transport if you can provide her with her forever home.

She has come a long way baby.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

weekend wrap up

Mom decided to do a DIY project. She wants to recover our big tree but decided to start a little smaller with one of our other scratchers.

So a couple of things. Sisal is itchy (and smells funny at first). It is going to take WAY more sisal than mom originally thought to cover the big tree. It takes a little longer than she thought. That being said, it is WAY cheaper than a new tree and really didn't take that long. Now on the the big tree (you can see it in the background).

Good news:
Cumin was ADOPTED on Saturday. A woman came in Friday, brought back her 15 year old son that evening and filled out an application. Everything checked out and mom spoke to them at length about how to help Cumin socialize in his new home. No other cats and while mom suggested adopting two, that wasn't their plan right now (though the new mom was open to it at a later date if they think it will be better for Cumin). Cumin is basically for the son, so they are going to set up the kitten stuff in his room and he is going to be the main one responsible. We expect a good report. Oh - and his new name will be Julius. MOL

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Fridays

This was from the weekend. This would be Leroy....his butt was on the backseat, his front legs in the foot well and his head (with the cone) was jammed between the passenger seat and mom's elbow.

Speaking of bloodhounds, we have some sad news. Remember the pair that mom helped save a few weeks ago. Well mom got a call Monday night about the female, Summer. She was being fostered in our area and was due to move on Saturday to a long term foster that would help with her weight. Unfortunately her foster mom got home Monday night and Summer passed away. We know she had a heart murmur so that combined with her size we suspect is what caused her death. However, it is never easy losing a rescue and/or foster and our hearts break for the rescue and her foster mom. RIP Summer - safe journey over the Bridge.

Mom was off on Wednesday due to the weather. We got about 4 inches of snow and lots of ice and rather than risk it, the bosses closed her office. Our county was under a level two emergency which means stay off the roads if you can.


And speaking of cute, check out this article about a dog "working" at the Cincinnati Zoo helping raise baby animals that are rejected by their moms or need extra support.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NOT thankful Thursday....

Oh was that time of year again. The v-e-t showed up - AT THE HOUSE!!!

She comes twice a year and this time up was Tim, Tom and Ivy. Cod help us.

Tommy was weighed and vaccinated. He has lost over 1 1/2 pounds in a year which concerns the vet and mom. So the v-e-t did her vampire routine and we should have some results in a couple of days. Mom isn't too concerned as Tommy hasn't acted any different. Mom has cut back on food around here to help the Princess but has decided to put out a little more at meal time as everyone around here (except that darned Princess) doesn't need to loose weight.

Speaking of the Princess. She knew something was up and mom was unable to catch her to get her in the bathroom before the v-e-t arrived. She wedged herself behind the sofa. But the tech has some serious wrangling skills. So she grabbed the Ivy and wrapped her in a towel. There was some screaming (by the cat - not the mom or the tech) but she actually was pretty quiet in the bathroom (that's a first). And she lost.....  0.1 pounds. Mom just sighed.

Tim was caught too and was the first contestant. The v-e-t has some concerns about his front teeth (if you remember he lost most of his teeth 12/12 due to stomatitis.....his fangs look a little inflamed...but we are going to keep an eye on him for now.

Seems the number of the night was 12: Tim weighs 12 pounds, Tommy weighs 12.01 pounds (they checked twice cause that just seems wrong) and Ivy weighs 12 pounds also. Maestro was weighed too (though mom can't remember the number) and has lost some too....but that is more likely due to his age. Again....we see more breakfast and dinner in our futures (guess that makes up for the v-e-t).

Mozart was out wandering around. He rubbed on the v-e-t's coat and tried to knock stuff off the table. Amelia came out and supervised for a little bit. No one ever saw Junior, Spud, Cumin or Saffron. MOL

**update - the v-e-t called Wednesday afternoon (after mom wrote this). She said that most of the result of Tommy's blood work are good. But his albumen numbers are the low side of normal and his globulen numbers are high. Which to her indicates a gut issue. So she is sending a dose of panacur (start simple) and mom is gonna lock up Tommy and take a stool sample to be tested (the lab is local and mom can drop it off). In the meantime mom put out a little more food this am but while most of it was eaten, there was some leftovers (mid-morning snack). Mom asked Dr T about adding some canned food to our diet as well, so that will be coming. YAY!! (mom: cause my cat food budget needs that...I gotta find a friend with a card to Costco or Sam's) Dr T said it may end up being IBD and she would suggest starting with diet change and go from there. Mom needs to do some research and we need to wait for some more tests. But Dr T didn't seem seriously concerned. She said let's start with this, weigh him in a month and see what happens.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Junior the tuxedo

Beyond the rescue that we foster for, mom also spend a couple of nights every other week volunteering at a local shelter (limited admissions).

Well, they have a VERY handsome boy mom would like you to meet:

He is about 2 and 1/2 years old and super sweet. Mom has a soft spot for those big headed boys....and he certainly is a big headed boy. With a soft squeeky "meep" when he wants attention.

The shelter has lots of toys and when mom was volunteering last week, Junior was running around entertaining himself (and the volunteers) with several of them....batting the toys around and throwing them up in the air. He will come over for attention and is fine with the other cats at the shelter.

Monday, February 3, 2014

a tail of a hound....

Over three years ago a man (henceforth known as doofus) got a puppy.

The puppy was cute and wrinkly and adorable and loved. And then, as puppies tend to do, she grew. And she grew. And she became the bloodhound she was destined to become. Big and stubborn and loveable and slobbery.

And the doofus decided that she needed to live outside in the back yard.

Then over a year ago the doofus decided the hound was lonely. But, rather than bring her back inside to be a member of the family like she was promised, or finding a rescue willing to rehome her....  the doofus got another hound.

Fast forward to the beginning of January. The hounds were discovered by a couple who knew about a bloodhound rescue. They reached out to the rescue who agreed to take the dogs. Neither were spayed/neutered. Heaven knows the last time they had seen a vet. We were told the only reason there were no puppies was that the female refused to let the male anywhere near her when she was in heat. (fangs - the ultimate birth control)

So now Fergie and Leroy are safe....  Both dogs moved Saturday from a boarding kennel to foster homes. And in no time (we hope) these dogs will have wonderful homes of their own.

Where they will live INSIDE.
As part of the family.
Loved forever.
And we hope the doofus has learned his lesson and never gets another dog (or any other animal).

and really CAN fit two dogs in a Beetle  MOL