Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Comfort Zone [sponsored]

Mom had a chance to meet the makers of Comfort Zone when she was at Blog Paws in Kansas City. They actually sponsored a breakfast to talk about their product and mom took Chanel. After the food was served, a marketing person started to talk and suddenly Chanel decided she needed to be ON the table expressing her opinion about everything. 

We've never tried a diffuser like this in the house before, though we have certainly heard about them and actually seen them in other cat houses as well as at vet offices. Mom has been interested to give them a try but never actually did anything about it. So when Comfort Zone offered to send us some to try and review, mom was on board.
           **disclaimer: we got the diffusers at no charge to us in exchange for a free review. While we didn't pay for anything, receiving the product in no way affected our opinions. Everything here is our own opinion of the product (well ok - mom's opinion).

We put two of them up in the house. One of them in the kitten room (you can see it below behind Saporro) and the other in a main corner of the house. At that corner, the tile is the kitchen and the hall behind Ivy leads back to the bedrooms. The main space you see is the living room. The back bedroom is where the cat stuff is located and the water dishes are in the kitchen. This makes for a major traffic area.

As we have said before, Ivy and Junior have a rather tense relationship - he stalks her and she hates him with a passion. Mom is hoping the diffuser at the corner will help with anyone being stuck there.

The one in the foster room was mainly for Goldfish. The minute we got the box (about a month ago), mom put one in the foster room with her. As most of you know, Goldfish has been a work in progress. Mom would be able to touch her, but then have to do something (like medicate her or grab her to take her to get spayed) and all that trust would go out the window.

The nice part with two of them up now is that Goldfish still gets the exposure while leaving one in with the kittens to help with any stress there.

Mom knows this isn't a miracle product, but after a month, she will say that she is seeing Ivy be a little calmer, Junior be a little less jumpy...and Goldfish getting more relaxed. All things considered, we will count that as a success.

Thanks to Comfort Zone for allowing us to try their product. They make the calming formula and have now branched out to a multi-cat formula as well.


  1. Great review. I have always wondered whether they work or not. I am very lucky in that most of mine get along really well. Have a fantastic day.

  2. I've never had much success with the diffuser. Maybe I'm not patient enough. But I've used the spray many times and I think it helps quite a bit. Not with every cat but enough that I always keep it on hand.

    1. we have some of the spray too and we think it works a little better as it is more concentrated

  3. Great review ! We're glad it worked for you ! Purrs

  4. Adventures in Cat Fostering's comment above matches what my experience has been, except for the spray hasn't made any difference either. Angel is grumpy, and she doesn't like other cats, end of story! But, I'm glad you've had some improvement!

  5. How is the "Multi-Cat" formula different from what you have? Clearly you are using it - successfully - with multiple cats.

  6. We have diffusers all around the house. We’re not entirely sure if they do anything, but I’m hestitant to not use them...just in case.

  7. We’ve been using these for years and find they really do make a difference.

  8. I need something like this in my home. Why are they making a 'multi-cat formula' if there regular product does well with several cats?

  9. I use these to help Eli. It is really helping him feel better. I can tell when they run out and it is super annoying


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