Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Fridays....

Mom says she has a case of the "ughs" but we aren't sure what that means. So, starting Saturday afternoon we intend to pin her to her chair and see if some lap time won't cure that.

We posted on Tuesday about it being time for the Dust Bunny to get a home of her own.

Well apparently she can read cause she was back to being snotty when mom got home from work on Tuesday. So....don't tell anyone, but the plan is to take Cumin up there. Right now it is Licorice (can we get a home for that girl???) and a 5 month old kitten named Princess that we know Cumin will love. (OK - we know, he loves every cat....stalker-boy)  Plus being up there the clerks will love all over him and he will discover a love of people a little faster.

Sunday we have heard rumor of some big football game. Now, mom watches college football but doesn't so much care about professional football. But then we heard that....there is gonna be a KITTEN BOWL!!  And we had no idea there were kittens out there that knew how to bowl!
              ummmm guys - not THAT kind of bowl
Oh - there is gonna be TV with kittens playing on it. Wait - how did they get a camera in here??  MOL

maybe we should send Cumin there!!!

Hey - have you seen the ad Budweiser will be showing during the Super Bowl??

And mom wants to give a shout out to Melissa's Mochas Mysteries and Meows for posting about new books. Mom is always looking for something interesting to read and the post linked above was for an author Linda O. has now read two books from the Pet Rescue Series and loves them.

so that's how she does it.....

For the longest time, Ivy couldn't get up on the top of the cat tree.
Every other cat could. Spud doesn't like it up there (not enough cover),
but even the kittens could climb up there after a while.

Not Ivy....she was kind of gravity challenged.
She would put her front feet up there and try to shove herself, but no luck.
Until one day she figured it out.

"made it"

And gets to hang with Uncle Tim.....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

wordy Wednesday

Mom gets a little weird about body parts sometimes. She gets a little....fascinated.  MOL

The ear above belongs to Maestro. Somecat musta whacked him pretty good over the weekend. Mom said she was gonna call CSI when she found just one spot of blood on the floor in the kitchen on Saturday. It wasn't until later that afternoon that she found this on poor Maestro. Considering she was giving pawdicures last week, we can narrow it down to Junior, Spud or Ivy (who didn't get hers until Sunday).
Ivy ears

a one-eared Mozart  MOL

oooo - the ears of annoyance from Tim

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Amelia

Amelia - aka the Dust Bunny
photo taken January 26 - 5 months old

when she got here - about 6 weeks old

Yep - the cutie is still here. Mom was going to take her up to Petco on Sunday to be with another kitten about her age, but....the weather was yucky and mom didn't want to go out. So probably sometime this week mom will take Amelia up there. As mom says, she's not getting adopted running around the living room.

Amelia is sweet and sleeps right next to mom at night (cuddled up next to Maestro as well). We don't think she is going to be very big when she gets full grown either. And in a quiet house she would probably come up and ask for attention - here she just doesn't bother though she doesn't mind being loved on when mom catches her. (though she did give mom attitude the other day about getting a pawdicure)

Monday, January 27, 2014

weekend wrapup


Fortunately, Mom got moving Saturday morning and Blu was moved from kennel to his new foster home. So, in just about 10 days he went from living outside with nothing to rescue to foster. Good luck sweet boy. And his girlfriend Summer is doing well in her short term foster home and will be moving to her long term foster home next weekend.

And when we woke up to this on Sunday, we are glad that the transport was Saturday - it took a little while longer in snow and bad roads, but everyone drove slower and got there and home safe.

                                                            our balcony Sunday morning

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friends in need

A small shelter helping cats just north of us experienced a tragedy on Friday night.... fire. The thing that rescues (and us) live in fear of. According to the Mansfield News Journal, three cats died and several others have not been found. The rest are being treated for smoke exposure and may not survive. The shelter also had a low cost spay neuter clinic attached.....

There is a go fund me site set up to help them. You can also send donations direct to them:
Stop The Overpopulation of Pets
1152 Lexington Ave.
Mansfield, OH 44907 

We can't find a website, but they have a page on Petfinder.
 From what we understand, they are committed to taking in cats that are in greater need and have experienced abuse or been injured.

This handsome boy is Ollie is we found him on their petfinder site.....  If you can help in any way, please do so.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Fridays....

We got the REALLY colds here again. brrrrr  We even got a little snow and Tommy and Ivy were checking it out. No window whiffing here any time soon.

 It's the Dust Bunny.....yep Amelia is getting big. Kind of interesting to watch. As soon as a spot opens up at Petco, she and Saffron will be heading up there together.

 That is Tim and Ivy on the top of the cat tree. We have NO idea how that can be comfortable, but they were up there together for a while. (though Ivy does seem to have a minor spill over problem)

We hope all of you are safe and warm. Mom has seen Allie several times this week and it makes her feel better to see her. At least we know she is safe.....the last time mom got a pretty good look at her and watched her walk into the garage and she looks good.

Cumin was neutered on Thursday and home that night. He is very good with the other cats but still a little jumpy with mom. Hopefully being up at Petco (at some point) will help his social skills as well. Meantime mom can get him up on Petfinder.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

adoption updates

Anyone who fosters knows that getting the updates can be the best part. We raise them, get them ready to go and let them go to new homes. More often than not we don't hear much after that and have to just presume that everything is good. Sometimes you get lots of updates. And sometimes you get one or two. We don't care how many....but we love hearing happy stories. Today we have three:

Chex is now Griffin. Remember he was going home with a family that had 2 older dogs and another male kitty his age. No new pictures, but we got an email update. He got home, walked right out of his carrier and it was like he had been there his entire life. What a relief.....

Rosie (now Rosey) went home with her new mom and her new girl right before Christmas. They have an older cat who still thinks Rosey is a little weird. But we got SEVERAL pictures of Rosey and her girl and they are thick as thieves. Their mom says they are always together and it was a great decision. This picture made mom smile.

Basil is now Loki - seen here snuggling up with his new big brother Apollo. He has given his new mom a little heartburn with some eye issues (probably a flare up from the cold he had here) and some tummy troubles (possibly a food change) but he and his new brother are doing well and his mom says Loki has taken to recently following her around the house and having a need to know about EVERYTHING that is going on.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Willis

We want to introduce you to Willis Grove. He is a special needs kitty ALMOST available for adoption with our rescue Colony Cats. This little guy showed up pretty sick - and after some vet checks they discovered he has some vascular issues - the biggest problem being his esphogus was being restricted and it was affecting his ability to eat. It could be fixed with surgery, so they put his info up on their facebook page.

Well then a strange thing happened. Mom follows Oskar the Blind Cat on facebook. One afternoon, in her news feed, there was a picture of Willis with a link to the rescue asking for donations for his surgery. HOLY SMOKES!!!  Thanks to Oskar and Klaus and their followers, the donations to get Willis his surgery was made within 48 hours of if being posted.

We are lucky that we live in a city with a vet school attached to a large university, so off he went. Our friend Miss Beckie is his foster mom (and she is a nurse too so that helped) and she got him home all wrapped up and ready to recover. It took a little while, but he is getting close to being ready to go home. Mom got to meet him on Saturday as he raced around the resale shop attached to the rescue.

He still has a few vascular issues - the main one being that the blood flow to his back legs is a little restricted and it keeps him from jumping. It certainly doesn't keep him from running around. And his new family will have to keep track of his eating to make sure he doesn't eat too fast.

We know his special family is out there....and thanks for the rescue supporters and social media, Willis is going to grow into a very handsome mancat and make some family very happy!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

weekend wrapup

Good news - Cumin came over to mom on Saturday was was sniffing her fingers and stood up to see Mo and Tommy sitting with mom. He didn't get up in the chair but this was a good step forward.

Bad news - the boy had some SHARP toenails and stabbed mom's finger. So, before dinner and bedtime, Cumin got a pawdicure.  MOL

We have no idea why he seems to have such a snarky look on his face. He is super sweet with everyone here - though he does seem to have some minor stalker issues.  :)

And he is not a fan of the play pen at night - but mom just doesn't trust that he won't get in the bedroom at night and not come back out. So, sorry buddy, baby jail for you at night.

Yep - stalker boy. Mom couldn't find him the other day but saw Tim's ears in the cube - she got up and checked and there was Cumin curled up with Tim. They were being all cute but when he saw the camera, Tim got up to come over to mom.

Cumin is a nice boy. Even Saffron has decided he isn't so bad. Things are a little up in the air for the moment, but mom is hoping to be able to get him in to be neutered this week.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Fridays.....

Mom got an email from our contact with Ontario Bloodhound about two dogs about an hour away from us. Seems that they are left out back and basically ignored. The female is so big she won't fit in the doghouse and has been left to the elements. A local rescuer has been after the people to release them....which they finally did. And then loaded their motorcycles on a travel trailer behind their new truck and took off for Florida (before we even have the dogs). Grrrrrr

The female is in foster and the male is being boarded until he can be vetted and then will be moved to a foster home.

And of course, this is the mom we are talking about, there were two cats hanging out at the house too. Both pretty friendly. And mom had one carrier.... She was contemplating the drive back out there this weekend (cause when they got Blu out to get him in the car, the cats both scattered). However, the woman from the local basset rescue that was helping with the boarding kennel stopped by as mom was dropping him off. The lady is on the board of the local humane society...they know about the cats and someone is going out in the next couple of days to pick them both up and bring them to the shelter. thank cod....

Mom is still working with Cumin. He won't come looking for attention, but at least doesn't run away like mom has cooties or something. We still wish he had a friend, but it is early in the kitten season.

We did learn something interesting about him....when mom picked him up someone said his name was "fed ex". So not keeping that. But mom asked Miss Mona the other day what was up with the name. And it seems the a Fed Ex driver found him and asked at one of the Petco stores where we have adoptable cats about what to do with him and they took him and called the rescue. Cute....

And in a hilarious moment, mom pulled into the garage late after dropping off the dog on Wednesday night. As she parked, she looked up and.....there was Allie our feral girl. Mom has several spots set up for her to sleep, and now Allie is BUSTED since mom knows her spot.  :)  Oh, and it isn't the nice new shelter with the straw either. MOL

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Remember this guy:
Yep, that is Hobbes when he first got to our house.

Then he moved to the Petco store and was living with Impala (who had originally been fostered by Miss Beckie). And then they both caught the infamous snot from Oliver....but with everyone here and the holidays, Impala went back to Miss Beckie's house and Hobbes went to our friend Miss Karen. Both kittens were feeling better and went to another Petco store. That is a MUCH smaller store and the kittens were allowed out of their cage to run around the store and burn off some energy.

Well, a man came into the store and filled out an application for Impala. And when he came into the store on Saturday to finalize, she was out running around with Hobbes and they were found snuggled up together. The man didn't want to separate them, so he decided to adopt them both!! 

He lives alone with his kids part time (2 teenagers) and no other animals. We bet these two keep him laughing.

So, today we are thankful for....adopters...and cat guys!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Snapdragon

With Chex being adopted, there was an open cage at Petco. Mom conferred with Miss Beckie and they decided to help out our rescue vet and take this handsome mancat up to the store.

He is about a year old. Mom isn't sure about the entire story, but here is the part she has gotten.

A couple moved into a home in the country and this cat kept coming up to the house. When it was SO cold last week, they let him into the house. They also contacted another local rescue and was told to take him to the vet that both rescues use. The vet tested him (negative for both FeLV and FIV), vaccinated him and neutered/microchipped him. They have four cats (well now three after Saturday) living in the clinic. So Miss Beckie suggested that we help out and take him. So Friday after work mom picked him up from the vet and took him to Petco. He is a little scared and shy but likes people and we know the clerks at Petco will have him outgoing in no time.

Here's the strange part. Miss Beckie called mom on Saturday to ask about him. Apparently the lady who brought him in had called the vet clinic and wanted him back, but they were going to let him outside. The vet said that he is friendly and deserves an indoor forever home. If the couple wants a barn cat, the vet could put them in touch with a rescue. In the meantime she told the lady, our rescue had him and would try to find him a home. Not liking that answer, the lady called the rescue and left a message for the head of the rescue. Oops....Miss Beckie and mom kind of hadn't told Miss Mona about him yet.....  MOL

However, Miss Mona said the same thing - if you want a barn cat fine, but you can't have a nice friendly cat back if you are just going to toss him back outside. Besides, after leaving him at the vet, the lady sent the vet a text saying "you can keep him, we don't want him back". Works for a release for us. And gotta love the vet lady - she said if the woman gives her a hard time she can pay the vet bill first (and at about $500 for the test, surgery, vaccines, revolution and boarding, we suspect she won't want to pay).

So, Snapdragon is safe with us and looking for a loving forever home....with a nice warm bed for him.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend review.....

This is Gryff. He is one of four cats living at our rescue vet's office looking for homes. Well... Gryff got lucky and went home on Saturday!!  Good luck big guy....

Most of the weekend was spent helping Cumin adjust to the house. Mom opened the play pen on Saturday and let him come out on is own.

He finally braved up and checked out the living room. Mom was hoping he wouldn't spend most of his time under the sofa and on Saturday he never even went UNDER the sofa. He was under there for a little bit on Sunday, but came out on his own.

He has checked out everyone here. Saffron still is very sure he is evil and growls at him. Goofy girl....
Amelia doesn't seem to care about him one way or the other...even when he is bothering her nap on the lounger.

"Hey foster-mom-lady.....this cat tree is a pretty nice place to snooze"

This picture cracked us up. Junior likes to sleep on the top of the tree - the better to make sure no one sneaks up on him. Cumin can climb up to the middle shelf all by himself. 

And of course he spent some quality time with Uncle Tim. Tim was sleeping on the top shelf of the tree and mom put Cumin up there. He snuggled right up....

He still flinches a little when mom reaches for him too fast, but he is having a blast being out and running around. Saffron was warming up (a little) by Sunday afternoon. Apparently the new guy is fun to chase so long as he doesn't get too close. :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Fridays.....

We gotted an award from our friend Star at Celestial Kitties.....

Heaven knows we love us a good box....
Tim is happy on or in a good box

Basil and Saffron LOVED this box

Remember us telling you about the family of Sphynx cats that came into the rescue this summer?  Well, the kittens were adopted pretty quick but the mom and dad cats (King Tut and Cleopatra) took a little longer. But....they were adopted together a couple of weeks ago. YAY!!!

Mom plans to let Cumin out again this weekend and hopefully he will be a little braver and not hide under the sofa. Mom asked the rescue to help find him a friend (since Saffron thinks he is the spawn of satan and growls at him every time she sees him)....but it is a weird time of year for kittens so no luck. Maybe something will come in over the weekend, but if not, we will figure it out.

Update on our new cousin Scooby Doo - he had his first v-e-t- visit and did very well. And the v-e-t thinks he is actually 15 weeks old (which makes a LOT more sense).

It is supposed to be a little warmer here this weekend - not enough for window wiffin'....and rain. blahhhhh  Mom says she hopes it is a quiet weekend and she can just relax.

Thanks for the good wishes for Licorice - we hope her forever family shows up soon. :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

so after yesterday....

We have exciting news!!!

Chex went home last night.  :)  The Petco store will call and then fax the applications if mom is at work (otherwise she just picks them up). They faxed it over yesterday and she had enough time to check out the things she needs to check. Then she called the lady and they talked about the current animals in the house and about Chex. And as of 6pm last night.....our boy is in his new home. He will share it with 2 mom, a couple of older dogs and another male kitty about a year old (S says that Chex looks just like has visions of the second coming of the blues brothers).

Congrats big guy......
Oh....and mom put one of the Petco clerks to a challenge....see Christian suggested to one of his friends to adopt Maverick. Then he was the one to work with this couple on adopting Chex. So mom said his next challenge is to get Licorice adopted - and he will get a prize (mom isn't sure what prize he would get, but she will do something).