Friday, February 26, 2010

4:30 in the morning

Why is that all cats must be annoying so darned early in the morning???

I heard banging in the bedroom this morning. I had a bag hanging on the back of the closet door and Tommy decided he had to get into it (keep in mind that the bag has been on the door for over a month now). Banging on the door and being a general dork. I yelled at him and he stopped. For about 5 minutes. Threatened to get out of bed and he ran....and was back in another 10 minutes or so. After the 4th attack on the door, everyone got kicked out of the bedroom. WAY too early to deal with cat shenanigans.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ivy's new best friend

I got home last night and discovered the heat was off. Electricity was on, but no heat. And it was COLD!!! I called the company but no one could get out until this morning. So I ran to Home Depot and bought a space heater. Ivy decided it was her new best friend. She spent most of the early evening curled up right next to it - I was honestly expecting her whiskers to get fried. And yes, her front paws are UNDER the heater.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Foster update

Honey was cleared today and I left her at the shelter to find a new home. I am going to miss her but she will love being in a home getting all the attention for herself.

Of course, then I went to help Debbie process some cats. Two very nice big black males - both came back FeLV positive. I went home after that....knowing there is nothing I can do to save them sucked the wind right out of my day.

I would love to get to the day where we have space somewhere and these cats can be saved. I know the shelter will never get to that is just so frustrating.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

black cats and dark garages...

Poor Mozart…

I think he spent the night last night in the garage. I noticed I didn’t see much of him after I got home, but didn’t think much of it. However, I didn’t notice him in bed last night and that should probably have tipped me off.

I went to leave this morning and as the garage door started up, I heard him cry. I stopped the door and called his name. He called back but didn’t come out. I freaked out – what if he was caught under the car? I called some more and he finally came out from under the car. I picked him and tried to cuddle a little and check him out, but he was WAY more interested in getting back in the house.

Poor baby…

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey - it's dark in here...

I got an email from the foster coordinator last week saying the Honey (the girl from the last group) was snotty when they went to spay her. So, she is back with us for a couple of weeks to get over her cold.

Anyhow, she gets kind of whiny at night when she is put to bed in the bathroom and I get ready for bed. However, she settles in pretty well and things are quiet from there.

Except for Saturday night (OK - Sunday morning). I am lying in bed and I can hear her howling. I don't want to deal with it, but I roll out of bed and open the bathroom door - catching her as she runs out the door. And I think to myself - heck it is dark in here...and I know I just changed the bulb in the night lite. I reach back and flick the light switch - nothing happens. That explains it - the power it out.

I head into the kitchen with her tucked under my arm to find my cell phone. It is about 2am. So, I have two choices - put her back in a very dark bathroom by herself and listing to her howl about it, or leave her out.

I woke back up about 30 minutes later when the fan came on with the power. I was sleeping on my side and she was curled up on my hip. :)